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Samsung Galaxy S9 pristine £349.99 + £10 Off Sitewide @ 4Gadgets - S9 £319 Good - Honor 10 £170 Plus Loads More
Refreshed 4 h, 56 m agoRefreshed 4 h, 56 m ago
The user @k9plus1 has kindly given this £10 off code for 4Gadgets, so first come first served. 72nemYkR £10 Off Sitewide at 4gadgest currently. Before your purchase sign up t… Read more

That's a shame. Those accessories, including charger and headphones, are worth quite a bit too.


In my experience no, sorry


Do the pristine models come with accessories & Samsung box etc?


Oh guess I'll have to cancel that order then. Thanks!


http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/fourgadgets/_i.html?_fsub=4133015016&_sacat=fourgadgets&_sid=76703476 (y)

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Single SIM (Unlocked for all UK networks) - New Aurora Black - £329 @ Wowcamera
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
2 Year Official LG UK Warranty Free Delivery Option Available Technical Specification NETWORK Technology GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE 2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G bands… Read more
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Yes brand new and not a refurb. The G7 came with 2 pin charger in the box (not sealed) and a non branded 3 pin converter. Delivery took 5 days. Shipped within 2-3 days and tracking info available (UPS). I would use again based on my experience.


I'm close to purchasing off wowcamera just want some feedback off someone who's used them? I'm aware it's an eu model that works in the uk, is it definitely a new phone & not a re furb? Anything else I need to know? I'm assuming I'm expecting a brand new sealed phone with everything I need to use it in the uk & unlocked. Please tell me if I'm wrong ( gonna get huawei mate 20 pro)


I ordered this deal on Saturday and was delivered Thursday (from Luxembourg). Great phone, the sound is amazing.


At almost half of the original RRP this is a superb price. Just bought a G7 ThinQ for a bit more money than this to use as a DAP. Good find have some heat.


G8 first impressions

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Single SIM (Unlocked for all UK networks) - Moroccan Blue £332 @ Wow Camera
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
New price of £332 for the Moroccan blue, other colours available for a few pounds more. Wowcamera have excellent reviews unlike some others which require caution. Seems a lot of ph… Read more
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I'm close to purchasing off wowcamera just want some feedback off someone who's used them? I'm aware it's an eu model that works in the uk, is it definitely a new phone & not a re furb? Anything else I need to know? I'm assuming I'm expecting a brand new sealed phone with everything I need to use it in the uk & unlocked. Please tell me if I'm wrong ( gonna get huawei mate 20 pro)


Voted hot, good price, better than the DBag on the other thread who's attitude stinks!


Voted hot


✔ 2 Year Official LG UK Warranty Read the FAQs for further info.


EU warranty. Galaxy s9+ arrived from luxemburg


voted cold as not the best price and slow delivery from appliances direct, not a deal more a weird kind of personal shopping choice.Look elsewhere.


Agree with you, I had it for about 6 months. Still prefer my S9 PLUS.


Had one of these last year, still the very best screen on a smartphone made, used it outside in the bright sunlight and made the samsung outdoor mode, look like it was in a dark dingy basement!! The GA key (not everyone loves google assistant) is just brilliant and even better than the current Pixel XL squeeze features! A few knocked the battery life on this model, no idea why, as if you charge it to 80-82% each time, instead of fully charging it to 100% and leaving it plugged in, charging over night, it lasts all day and night easy! (party)


Sounds more like your feelings are hurt tbh (lol)


Will never buy LG mobiles again after LG G4 boot loop fiasco and the failure to upgrade Android - breaking all promises

Lg G7 refurb - Black 64gb unlocked - £269.99 @ tech-outlet-store1 eBay
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Great phone at a good price

My v30 doesnt and neither did my g5


Ouch. No warranty. 30 days return then you're on your own. Good luck. (shock) It might help to get something else (e.g. Poco F1) a vendor who offers 6 month RTB coverage at least. To think that PayPal will take your side if they don't mention the 6 month is ... possibly optimistic.


Mine was repaired as just about to get on a train at st pancras one minute fine next wouldnt turn off etc battery got hotter and hotter till i could barely hold the phone.Thank god i was able to take the battery out.Otherwise something really nasty could have happened.Since then no issues use it constantly for work.I have a spare battery but never used it.I do have a very powerful portable charger though and keep it topped up


Repaired in first few months of having it around 3 years ago. Was you ever repaired?. Bought a extended battery and lasts two days on normal to heavy use :)


Same here is yours new or had to go back to get repaired.

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Single SIM (Unlocked for all UK networks) - Moroccan Blue - £338 @ Wowcamera
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Cheapest I've seen the lg G7 brand new comes with 2 Year Official LG UK Warranty and has a 14 Day Money-back Guarantee. Some specs: - IP68 dust/water proof (up to 1.5m for 30 min… Read more
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Just got mine. Delivery was good (5 working days) from wowcamera


Sorry man my bad then, thx for the info btw (y)


I am talking about the retailer not LG


What you dont know what are you saying, i used only lg phones for the past 10 years and i think they are doing a good job for good prices.


Yes it does

Unlocked LG G7 ThinQ £349 on January sale at GiffGaff
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
The lowest price for LG G7 at the moment. Overall specifications: Internal memory: 64 GB Size: 153.2mm x 71.9mm x 7.9mm Weight: 162g Display: 6.1-inch QHD+ 19.5:9 FullVis… Read more

Don't buy it


Will this be locked to giffgaff?


I thought about it... For a nano second lol... Now have an honor View 10 that cost me 260. Better than my G6 by miles and by far the gest phone for the money and more.


And the other thing to think of is LG lack of updates. It does not come on android 9. You might expect later q1 oreo, with strong hopes in 2020 another update and i think that is it. If you are lucky to het such updates. If £350 fits the bill for the above then decent device


Considering some cash backs options on tcb or quidco this is decent. Might be had from £320 or so

LG G7+ ThinQ 6GB/128GB Dual Sim Sim Free/Unlocked - Moroccan Blue £378.72 @ eGLOBAL CENTRAL (CODE:XMAS2)
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
USE code: XMAS2 This is the dual sim 6GB 128 GB version non European stock. Warranty from eGblobal. Topcashback possible 2%. Posted another deal earlier for a similar priced G… Read more



Do a bit of reading here https://forum.xda-developers.com/g4 and you probably will be just fine. Ask the guys in the forum they will help. Good luck (ninja)


Not that old, 2015 flagship. Not familiar with flashing ROMs but it may now be only option left, due to LG's lack of product support. I like brand though, even if it lags Samsung's flagships by a good margin now - not so in 2015.


If LG sell their £400 - £500 phones for £1000 - £1200 instead then some of us guys (sure not all) will be very pleased and satisfy after spending that much money that they have bought a quality and premium device.


Don't have the G4 any more but its a 4-5 year old phone. Try a custom made ROM that is less heavy than the stock, if that doesn't work you may need to look for a new phone. The LG V30+ 4GB 128GB from eGlobal @ 316 with coupons is great value for money.

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Single SIM £379 @ Laptops Direct
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Further discounts if you get the Which! magazine and Topcashback can take price to around 362 pounds.

Maybe you got a dud or you use the thing more than most people. I use this and get great battery life. I am coming from a Huawei p9 with the same size battery nut now I have a much higher res and larger display I thought the battery would be terrible but it's much better.


These guys are from Spain ... send them an email asking a week ago... no reply.. has anybody used them.. plus there is additional fees if you use PayPal... Merry Xmas to all


Had one and V20


Do you have one?


Please buy iphone for £1200

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LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Moroccan Blue, O2 Used B Grade £300 A Grade £320 @ Cex
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Good price for a B grade, a grade at £320 here https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=slgg710em64gmbo2a&categoryName=phones-android&superCatName=phones&title=lg-g7-thin… Read more

Anyone knows other decent phones with wide angle lens as the LG flagships have? Would go for G7 and the phones look very good but my problems are updates. Currently on a G5 and i just can’t get the Android 8 update whatever I do. I think i got it on a O2 contract from Carphonewarehouse unlocked. Does not seem branded still no update... If any of these get so slow updates you have to change each 3 max years which is bad honestly...


I have this phone. Streaming tidal in mqa into decent headphones sounds incredible. Its the only phone that can do MQA so far. So for that its 10/10. If you love music this is the best phone out there. Factor in the screen as well and its a no brainer at that price. Ive had no lag on anything. It always updates okay.


Mi A2, Nokia 7+, Pixel 2 for a bit extra. Just avoid LG (pronounce, la-ggy), Samsung and Huawei if you want updates


Just get the Mi A2 will offer a slight performance bump and you'll still get the updates from Android one program


I own a mi a1. It does the job... Except I stood on it on Friday and broke the screen. I have insurance to repair it, but need to send it away wiped. I have lots on the phone I need to transfer to another phone before I wipe it... So I either buy a really cheap Android or a way better phone. Only problem is most of the way better phones don't get android updates like I do. So the only upgrade would be for a better camera and longer battery life as this is quick enough for everything I have thrown at it.

32GB LG G7 Fit- 4GB RAM / 6.1" 3120 x 1440 / Quad Core £329.99 @ Laptop Outlet
Refreshed 20th Dec 2018Refreshed 20th Dec 2018
20/12 Dropped in price by £17! Currently the best price I can see for a SIM Free model on this within the UK. Has a 6.1" 3120 x 1440 res screen and 4GB RAM - Thought was worth sha… Read more

got one going to send it back as ive had 4 restarts in 28days


I bought one on 3. Grade b. it was unlocked. But i paid £135 voucher which cost me about £105 cash. Great phone and good condition only thing is the charger was a basic one not fast charging or official


Did this myself a few days ago, B-Grade O2 one for £125, it arrived on Thursday and I can't believe how great the phone is for the money, just waiting on a (£4) unlock code so I can use my Sky sim in it.


Lg g6 bought it from cex £135 used if its old tech is it worth splashing the cash on old tech? Snap 821 and 4gb ram. Similar bit a third less.


Gr8 tvs, garbage mobiles

Grade A LG G7 ThinQ Aurora Black 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free - Handset Only. Which trial £9 off.
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Grade A LG G7 ThinQ Aurora Black 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free - Handset Only. Which trial £9 off.
Essential Info: Grade A Pristine Condition Generic Box, Handset Only No accessories Supplied Sim Free and Unlocked to all networks 90 days warranty (extended warranty avai… Read more
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From where ?


Brand new available for £325


Boot loops are fixed since the g5. Unless now you come and say "but uhhmm my g6 boot lopped" well then unlucky.

LG G7 ThinQ 6.1" QHD+ 64GB 16MP Android 8.0 Smartphone £399.99 @ BT Shop
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
LG G7 ThinQ 6.1" QHD+ 64GB 16MP Android 8.0 Smartphone £399.99 @ BT Shop
I know there has been a few deals posted for this phone recently. However I thing this is a good price for a brand new LG g7. Might just have to buy the bullet. I know the screen i… Read more

Still waiting for something to replace my s7 edge with (intermittent pink line on screen) Not sure how much of an upgrade this would be tho, I had a g2 and a g3 before jumping to Samsung


My mrs uses the s7 edge and i have had the s8 for a year now. Prior to that i had a lg g6 which i returned mainly due to camera quality and battery life. I swear, one year down the line the s7 edge, on the optional google launcher, runs smoother than my s8, has better sound and better battery life. Camera seems the same though im no expert. Keep your s7 edge, or go straight to s9 when you can. Dual speakers and smoother UI.


Im not sure about this but i got the G6 to replace my S7 Edge and the camera is absolutely rubbish compared to my Samsung. I honestly think that my S5 camera was better than the G6. Spec wise, this will be better than the S7 but you might find the camera isnt as good. Im away to sell my G6 and buy a refurbished S8


could this replace a s7 or is there not much difference spec wise


Mpd not great reviews so I’d prefer to buy from bt shop, heat, ordered

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Moroccan Blue/Black From £339.99 Refurbs Excellent /Good Locked @ Envirofone
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Moroccan Blue/Black From £339.99 Refurbs Excellent /Good Locked @ Envirofone
For @Pondlife ;) Good price for an excellent, in my preferred colour blue. £349 for excellent £339 for black. 64GB Colour Aurora Black Network EE Condition Refurbished Good

Also network locked!


I can't live with black (shock)


Though if you can live with black, 379 new is likely more tempting than good condition. https://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/sim-free-mobile-phones/lg-g7-thinq/sim-free-deals




Good colour choice

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Platinum - FREE - 80GB Data Unltd
mins & texts - (£37 / £21) Total £508 Before CB Vodafone + Spotify @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Platinum - FREE - 80GB Data Unltd mins & texts - (£37 / £21) Total £508 Before CB Vodafone + Spotify @ Mobile Phones Direct
Thought this seemed like a great deal for a total cost of just over £508 for this popular well reviewed phone (except for the battery) Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 80GB 4g Da… Read more

So with a credit score of 991 and Vodafone confirming no check has been done in my name I've mysteriously failed a credit check on an iPhone XR. I have a funny feeling I would have passed if it hadn't been a £750 iphone.


I've just been approved for the note 9 contract, I'd been waiting for a reply since Saturday. My credit score is only 352 also so I'm surprised its went through


Update - just got a mail saying I passed credit check by network and as soon as they have stock ( couple of days ) they will send my order. I did had some emotions about my credit check as I know like 2 years ago EE rejected me for £15 / month :)))..and that was a rolling contract. I think my credit score now is about 750-800...


Same with Buymobiles for a XR. Been stuck in pending network decision since Saturday. Apparently they've been telling people with 900+ credit scores they've failed credit checks.



LG G7 - 100GB £36 a month @ Buymobiles.net - Total cost £504
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
LG G7 - 100GB £36 a month @ Buymobiles.net - Total cost £504
LG G7 Black Unlimited Mins + Unlimited Texts + 100GB Data 24 contact £36 a month After 99 days £360 automatic cashback Works out to £504 Possible TCB - £31.50

Respect your opinion. I think I must have been luckier. Lots of choose out there thank god!


Hate LG! Had G3, G5 and then G6. Everyone of them had issues. G5 and G6 went back. Luckily bought one from Argos and other from John Lewis, so got full refunds. Never again.


I think this is a brilliant deal. And 100gb will even be enough for some people to not need a fixed line Internet line if they get a good data connection on their phone at home. Great spec and a bit underrated phone IMO. And they were doing the wide angle lens before Huwaei Mate 20 pro just introduced it. Also fantastic sound with headphones and the boombox feature! Hate cashback by redemption deals (because I'm not always most organised lol) but with the auto cashback on this deal it's a great spot. Good work, OP! (y) 🔥


Ordered this last night, phone is around £400 so this works out at around £4.30 per Month for 24 Months for Unlimited Mins + Unlimited Texts + 100GB Data after the automatic cashback.

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB 4GB Single SIM -  Aurora Black / Platinum Gray - £365 @ WOWCamera
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
LG G7 ThinQ 64GB 4GB Single SIM - Aurora Black / Platinum Gray - £365 @ WOWCamera
Best price i could find with 2y official UK warranty. Based to my past experience with LG phones you probably gonna need it.

Not sure about again from personal experience they covered me well beyond my first year. Had the common GPS problem with the LG G5. Apart from that good phone...


I work in the phone industry and this is 100% an import, LG will only provide 1 year warranty on euro stock, also issues with updates if software has a mirror image, beware!!


Generally good phones but slow updates.


For £14 more buy it here with no problems https://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/contract-mobile-phones/lg-g7-thinq-64gb-black?wgu=8497_116019_15422700658577_1ed02ab669&wgexpiry=1550046065&source=webgains&utm_source=digidip%20GmbH&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=116019&affiliateid=49483


OK well that may be better news than I expected. It was me who suggested using them so will share the information. Thanks

LG G7 ThinQ Sim Free  - £379 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Refreshed 15th Nov 2018Refreshed 15th Nov 2018
LG G7 ThinQ Sim Free - £379 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Aurora Black or Platinum Grey 6.1 Quad HD+ 19.5:9 FullVision Gorilla Glass Display Super fast Snapdragon 845 Octa Core Processor + 4GB of RAM Android 8.0 Oreo 64GB Storage + … Read more

Yeah that's why they're so tempting to me.


Hopefully not. I see the G7 is a longer narrower tray. So maybe LG realised their error.


Sadly with LG updates take so long to appear and their customer service isn't great either. Still got my LGG4 as a backup, never bootlooped either!


Yup G4 was the best phone I ever had even now 3 years on it's specs still rival a lot of new phones


Apparently It's only the UK versions as apart from one security update that was installed when I switched it on there hasn't been any more since I've owned it. On the flip side my 2 Year old S7Edge was getting updates every Month and as I wouldn't say I'm a heavy user (1 hour screen time per day with nearly all notifications off) a S9s smaller battery would be fine. Yep but Samsungs and Pixels also hold their value too. Oh and at the rate the Chinese are flooding the market phones like the Pocophone will be £100 in a Year, and we might even see a massive crash in the phone market.

LG G7 - £399 (£390 with Which? trial) @ Laptops Direct
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
LG G7 - £399 (£390 with Which? trial) @ Laptops Direct
LG G7 ThinQ Aurora Black 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free LMG710EM.AGBRBK Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp dual 16 Megapixel rear… Read more

I believe the G7 has the same crap cheap plastic Sim tray that the G5 and G6 have. Very poor design. Took mine out of my G6 for first time since buying the phone 9 months ago. Part of the tray broke off and remained inside the slot. Bought it from John Lewis on a price match. Love everything about the phone apart from this poor cheap design flaw. Followed the instructions to the letter. I do wonder if the plastic becomes brittle after so long with temp changes. John Lewis spoke to LG who quoted 50 quid to replace the Sim tray. Which can be had for 2 quid on fleabay. But also said that this issue can damage the Sim card pins inside which in turn are connected to the main motherboard. If so it's 250 quid! I complained to JL pointing to quite a few instances online where the same thing has happened to others with the G6. Some claiming LG fixed for free under warranty. After escalating my complaint they have now agreed to reimburse me whichever cost it ends up being. Phone has today landed with LG. I have already had to pay LG 250 quid. Now been without the phone since 1st October. Took JL 3 weeks just to come back to me with the quote before we argued over who's fault it was. I've had 3 LG phones but it will be my last. I don't know if the G7 Sim tray is the same crap design but it looks like it to me. Be warned. I'm also not impressed by the JL warranty and after care service. I was told at one point that the guy who was supposed to call me back forgot. And when you call the number given the person who called you is never available. And one last point. JL no longer sell any LG mobiles. I did ask why but JL refused to comment.


I don't think they have - camel camel says it's had only ever gone as low as £420 directly from Amazon


It's interesting that Amazon was sub £400 last week but they have put their prices up on everything this week. I guess they are creating fake discounts for Black Friday?


£379 at Mobile Phones Direct


Even though I had to RMA every LG phone once for some infamous issue, after that they were fine and support was fine...

LG G7 - £381.78 @ amazon.de
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
LG G7 - £381.78 @ amazon.de
Use fee free card to get this price. Snapdragon 845 processor 6.1" QHD+ display with adjustable notch Dual 16MP cameras with wide-angle lens Quad-DAC, Boombox speaker & DTS: X… Read more

Just returned this phone after 2 days. love my G4 but it's time to put it to bed. so went for the G7, wouldn't connect to work WiFi apps disappeared and reappeared and the camera was so disappointing. Farewell LG you were a good and trusted friend.


It's a Amazon makepeace seller and he does not deliver to the UK , if you translate the red text you would know that :)


You said Amazon don't deliver to UK





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