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New - LG Electronics LG G7 - Platinum 64GB £429.97 @ Sold by CONNECTED247 (C247) and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Very good price for a new one if these, cheapest I've seen. (unless you do the 1 month or 12 month carphone contract) Features & details G7 ThinQ display boasts its brightest … Read more

Well you know what I meant by that. Any money spent on Chinese owned company products may go towards one more stab in the back. It may be used towards grabing land somewhere or some intellectual property theft.....everyone is different and some don't care such unethical corporate practice. Having said that I would suggest "Happen", if you really like realistic dating. ...


This is a deal website, not a dating agency. Think you need the similar named site HSKD..... ;)


I would go with South Korean.


I'd go with the P20 Pro


Had it, great phone loved it except for the battery life. UI isn't the best but it's serviceable and nova launcher quickly sorts that but just know the battery is akin to that on an s8/s9 or fine for most but not do great for power users

LG G7 ThinQ Black 64GB - Refurbished Good/Excellent From £329.99 @ 4Gadgets
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
More great prices from 4gadgets. What's included? 12 Months Warranty Free Next Day Delivery 4Gadgets Branded Secure Box Brand new genuine USB Lead Sim Removal Tool Excellent … Read more

I got the mate 20 pro in the end it’s coming Friday woo


Wow, excellent news so far, let's hope the rest is OK 8)


arrived, superbly packaged. Phone, usb lead, pin removal. Few micro scratches on back, thats all I can see wrong with it, so described very well. Currently setting it up :-)


No I have better things to do after work.. :) I also got a gaming PC at home.. :P


You go bed at 8?

3 Bargains - Honor 10 - LG G7 - £269.99(honor) & £364 (lg) Both Like New @ Techsave2006
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
3 deals from Techsave2006 on ebay all new other https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232944335879 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273498865834 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223149498783 Th… Read more

Sneaky buyers (ninja) ninjas


Its out of stock anyway but it was a good price for whoever bought it


Its working for me, sorry




Ok, own up, who got the G7?!

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Lg G7 ThinQ - 64GB - Single Sim - Platinum - £399 @ Wowcamera
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Brand new LG G7 ThinQ for under £400. One of the most underrated phones of the year and at this price an absolute steal. The Good: - Snapdragon 845 - 4GB RAM - 6.1" HDR10 1440p S… Read more
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Now £375!! At this rate it will be free in just over a year!!


Now £376!


Price drop now down to £380 :)


Sent this email yesterday "I'd like to place an order for an LG G7 with delivery to the UK. SKU#: LG11658E-BLK Before I place my order would you be able to let me know: 1) Where is the item in stock? UK or HK? 2) How long would it take to arrive? 3) Does it come with standard English Firmware that would be the same if bout from any UK highstreet or (like a HTC phone I ordered for my wife) un-deletable Chinese features and apps." Received this today... "Thanks for getting in touch. Our LG G7 are currently stocked in both Netherlands and Luxembourg so it’s likely your order would be dispatched from one of those. We have a Free Delivery saver option which translates to a 3-5 days dispatch time. The LG G7 comes with an English firmware. Since it an EU version, you may have to choose the English language on phone startup. It is sim-free so there won’t be any pre-loaded/undeletable apps. Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further queries."


Anyone know if the G7 has the same crappy Sim / SD card tray in the side? Reason for asking: I love my LG G6 bought new from JL last December. Biggest issue is the cheapo flimsy quite frankly crap Sim / SD tray that fits in the RH side. Had course to need to take the micro SD card that had been in the phone since I bought it. Stuck the pin tool in out it pops slightly. Pulled the tray out exactly as per the instructions. Part of the SD card side of the tray remained stuck in the phone. Took it to John Lewis and after a week they rang me to say LG were claiming it was damaged!. No sh*t Sherlock! I have checked online and I'm not the first to fall foul of the cheap design. Some of who have had the slot repaired under warranty. So I have since relayed this to JL who agreed and were going to go back to LG and have another go at them. Still waiting on an update. So be warned all. It's the same cheap flimsy plastic on the G5 and I believe the G7. The trays can be had for 2 quid on eBay. I wonder why so readily available? I think I might finally stop defending LG and move to another make. My 3rd LG and every one an issue and hassle getting them sorted.


Yep, I got the WiFi calling error but ignored it. In the end I just contacted the seller and they agreed to a full refund. I didn't want to faff around unlocking to receive 3G and 4G data. I did try but it wouldn't pick up the data signal. Didn't want to have to contact my network provider. Also have a suspicion that my phone is a refurb. Noticed some minor scuffs and scratches on the screen and the edges after I removed the plastic wrapping. All in all, I wasn't happy enough with the purchase and to be fair, the seller had just accepted my request for a refund without fuss. The phone itself is quite nice so it's a shame.


Great phone except for battery life only reason I didnt keep mine, just not enough for my (albeit heavy) use


Yeah I'm fully mobile data'd up here. The only error I came across was with WiFi calling which seems to require a t mobile sim, but I don't use that facility anyway. Have you got your APN settings entered in OK? Vodafone detect that you've put your sim in a new device and send their APN settings for mobile data and MMS through on 2 x sms text messages which install the settings when opened. If you haven't had anything like that through then you may need to either contact EE to have them send them to you or look up the settings and enter them manually.


Can you get mobile data to work on yours? I'm with EE and nothing works (3G or 4G). I suspect it's because it's a US model. I'm currently asking for a refund anyway from the seller. The phone was advertised as new and unlocked but after taking off the stickers, I noticed some minor scuffing associated with a refurbished phone. That and the T-Mobile bloatware was just too much so I'm now waiting on the seller getting back to me on this.


There is no excuse for a company so big as LG to refuse refunds for the phones being out of warranty when they admitted it was a hardware issue. I was very impressed with CEX though, phone was bought from them, because they agreed to give me a replacement. I had no expectation of that happening but I thought that is the last thing I can try before throwing the phone in the bin. Funny that a company so small as CEX could afford to take a loss on a phone but LG could not or did not want to.

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB Unlocked New Aurora Black £427 @ Wowcamera
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
LG G7 ThinQ 64GB (Unlocked for all UK networks) - New Aurora Black ✔ 2 Year Official LG UK Warranty ✔ Free Delivery Option Available ✔ 14 Day Money-back Guaran… Read more

OP, this is down to £399 now :D


I wish sony got rid of bezels in their phones and made phones more responsive . They may have latest software but unnecessary bezels and very slow unresponsive screen/phones. Their software is always full of bugs and no displayport alternate mode. It seems you are just buying the label and specs , not a properly working phone.


Ignoring the fact that neither LG or Sony make their phones in their home countries and make them in China or Vietnam or Malaysia won't make that fact go away nor ignoring the sudden rise of likes of Huawei into 2nd spot in phones sold world over will make your point any less ludicrous Sales are down for both and thats no accident Huawei overtakes Apple


I'm on a lg g6 currently, I like it but it's getting on now, battery could be better so I'm still unsure.


Stop talking about cheap Chinese phones - they are cheap because do not have proper warranty. I have computer but cannot find any great Xiaomi phone with proper 2 year UK warranty ??? My LG G6 is not the latest handset but is running Oreo...

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New - LG G7 ThinQ Aurora Black 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £449.97 (£441.97 with which trial) @ laptops direct
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Good price this one again from laptops. Use the cashback websites. Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp dual 16 Megapixel rear cameras &am… Read more

Great deal


We live in hope.


Think the people that won't do that to save £35 on here are rare as hot iPhone deals


Yup, my post. (but its £414.50 with first month I believe) But People need choice, not everyone wants to go through the hassle of cancelling a sim, and having a minor mark on your credit history. So this is why I post these kinds of deals.


399 on the one month anyway

LG G7 Thinq Only £359 (with 12 month O2 SIMO) @ CPW
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Cancel the sim within the first 14 days by ringing 02 to get the phone for £359. Also go through topcashback as most likely will track. I have bought a few phones using this 12 m… Read more
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Mate 20 pro would be the one.


After some research I'm waiting to see what the V40 and Mate 20 Pro have to offer. :)


You don't have to give a reason, but if asked you could say that you have found a better deal or that you have simply changed your mind.


What reason would you say anyway? I already have a contract so I'd like to cancel?


And you are fully able to cancel, so this deal would be fine for you. Sorry for my passion on this, it's just been falsely said so many times that it doesn't work when it does!

LG G7 ThinQ 64gb Black - Sim Free/Sim Only £399 + £14.50 (1 month) @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
First of all, go through either tcb or Quidco to earn £35-£10 cashback on this deal. Ring up on the day you get the sim/phone and tell them you want to cancel on the first day, t… Read more

How? Each iPhone priced differently. It’s about 50% you get back after 2 year


Look at any 2 year old iPhone, and that's about what it'll be worth.


Hot deal. Battery life is not great though 😪


I’ve had mine a year next month, I can sell it for £600-700 now. Cex selling them for £840 still. What would this phone be worth in 12 months?


The iPhone X has leady dropped a few hundred pounds since its launch, if you honestly believe that you could buy one now and sell it for 'well over £500—£600' in a year or 2, then................................... this is your lucky day, you have won the national African lottery, all I need to transfer your winnings to you is your bank account details and a small transaction fee ;)

LG G7 ThinQ 30GB Data on O2 24 Month - £30.50 per month (£732) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Note this is a cashback by redemption system On O2 with International roaming extra 27 countries inc the USA plus Euro data FREE (was £74.99) 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited… Read more

I hear you about the demo, I just feel guilty asking them to show me something I have no intention of buying in store. Instead I reckon I can sell the P20 Pro plus earbuds for £500 if I don't like it. I got it free on 30GB for £33 tariff, £44 cashback has tracked, so £792 less £500 less £44 is £248 or £13ish a month which is pretty good for 30GB.


Cheers mate, yeah think I need to hold one, I love most things about it, then watch a review that moans about it, then it kinda puts me off. It's a toss up between Lg G7, S9 or P20 pro.....


I would just go and demo one in a shop and compare it to others on your list and don't listen to the sales pitch. I did that after I decided to send the S9 back and before I got the P20 pro. The problem with technical reviews are they tend to be too technical and may not be relevant to the individual. All the tech reviews for my phone say turn the AI off for the camera. I leave mine on and pictures look perfect to me. I bought the G4 a few years back when the S6 was supposed to have the best camera but I beg to differ. I had no issues with my G4 on quality for pictures. If the G7 is as good or better quality, coupled with the speed of the S7 you will be well pleased. Individuals can also be too picky or not wanting to slag off their £600/£700 investment. I demoed the p20 pro, like it and bought it.


No problem. I always go for a phone that has a good camera. Even my old Samsung S4 took pictures that were good enough to have as wallpaper on my works monitor. I am really pleased with my P20 pro and sometimes it's nice to have something that is not Samsung or an iPhone. I don't like IOS and not too keen on the Samsung edge range and their apatation of android. LG had it spot on in their G4 in my opinion. It always take me a while to get used to a new phone to fully appreciate it and I wasn't overkeen on Huawei's EMUI so I just downloaded a different launcher from the play store. I tried a few but the one I like is Microsoft launcher as it does what I needed it to do. I am sure you will be very pleased with the P20 pro.


I'm due for an upgrade next month, and I'm seriously considering getting the G7. Does anyone have any feedback from owning one? For me, the Google assistant button is a plus for me, but I have watched numerous videos on YouTube about the camera quality compared to other flagships, and they have conflicting opinions. I currently have S7 edge, and want to know if the camera will be a big upgrade or not. Thanks.

SIM free LG G7 ThinQ In Black - £499 @ giffgaff
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Seems one of the best prices at the moment for this handset SIM free in the UK.

I had the S9 for two month exchanged for the G7.I must say the LG does better in all the way.


Try Google and see yourself. Lol


Knew or know?


I didn't knew that some people's world start from Google and finish at Google. Admin, pls shutdown HUKD as well.



LG G7 ThinQ Unlimited Mins & Txts 10GB Data  -  £160 AUTO CASHBACK makes £26 p/m (£33 / 24mths before) Total £631.92 at Fonehouse
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Not a bad deal especially with Auto Cashback, not many deals around for this phone. EE Unlimited Mins & Txts 10GB Data £160 AUTO CASHBACK makes £26 per month (£33 before cashba… Read more

The main P20 pro 40MP camera is still used, but it uses pixel binning to condense a 40MP picture into a 10MP one to get better results.


This Vs P20 pro? Camera wise? I heard that P20 40mp camera is not good. Everybody using second 10mp camera... Is this true?


£631.92 What a deal!

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Grey 128gb £299 / LG G7 £499 / Samsung Galaxy S9 £499 / Pixel 2 XL 128gb £449 / Huawei P20 pro £569 - 12 month sim only cancel sim only within 14 days and topcashback tracks 100% works @Carphonewarehouse
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Cancel the sim within the first 14 days by ringing 02 to get the phone and smart writing set for £299. Make sure you choose the one that includes the smart writing set. Topcashba… Read more
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in search of the cheap phone.. is it still working and what is the difference with 1 months contract ?


Not sure if its successful or not, called o2 to cancel and they asked if Carphone sent a handset with the sim. Not sure how long they will take to decide if they will ask for the phone back :)


So has anyone had any luck with this?


The link is not dead...


Think this deal is dead..

LG G7 - £33 a month, free phone, 30GB data, EE - £792 total @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Been looking out for a good price drop on this, as I'd like a phone with a headphone socket and can't stand Samsung's curved screens. Before this the next cheapest contract with a … Read more
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Now £30.50 per month on O2 with 30gb data


every LG ive owned has had the bootloop issue, over heating, random resets.


I’d like to add though that OLED for has proven itself to zap battery when showing white images/backgrounds like on webpages or inside apps. Its bad enough to the point where I actually believe top quality lcd panels are more power efficient. I had a note 5 which was supposed to perform really well but in truth needed charging after 8-10 hours in the day. Nothing drastically intensive outside WhatsApp, messaging and the odd bit of web browsing/social media apps. I’m going to say the battery between the two phones (G7 and S9) is going to be about the same. If not towards the G7.


Tbf the S9 is pretty horrendous too. I HATE, and I try to not use the word often, companies that refuse to put big batteries into their smaller flagships?


Personally wouldn't bother. LG phones plummet in prices so worth buying it outright in a couple of months time. Also I've had the LG G6 & the build quality is mediocre. The headphone jack went, SIM tray is flimsy and broke. Also experienced issues with the charging if the phone got wet. Reading on forums I wasn't alone. I'm not a Samsung fanboy, currently using the V20 & have been with LG since the G3. But definitely could improve the reliability. The performance is very good though.

LG G7 ThinQ LMG710EM 4G 64GB Black £539 @ currys ebay store with code
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
To get a price reduction like this when it has literally just come out is unheard of. £539 for a newly released phone, the LG G7 ThinQ LMG710EM 4G 64GB Black. Key Features The LG… Read more

I had bootloop issues. Got my G3 from amazon, so customer service was exceptional. Not sure what curry's is like. I love LG phones, I find little things about the UI really handy. Not many phones offering a quad dac and a wide angle lens, so I'm tempted.


And me.... Will never touch one of their phones again. 2 bootloop phones and theiry customer service is shocking.


I got stung twice with bootloop. Service from LG was trash.


Burnt me too. Never again.


Have fun with the bootloop!

LG G7 64GB Black £23 per month £145.00 upfront 4GB data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts on Vodafone @ Mobiles.co.uk
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
A really good price considering sim free from mobiles is £589, so paying just £108 for 24 months for 4gb (the sweet spot for me) making that essentially £4.50 per month. Factor in … Read more

Good price for a snapdragon 845 phone, but a 3000mah battery with a 6.1 inch screen is madness! Why on earth didnt they give it a bigger battery? What a waste


After issues with IPS screen on v20 I'd advise to stay clear of LG products .


Sharp makes phones?! WTH?


Sharp Aquos S2?


Iphones have had plenty of problems with there phones :p

LG G7 - Mobiles.co.uk, Vodafone 1 GB, Unlimited Mins/Txt, £175 upfront, £18 x 24 months: total £607
Found 28th MayFound 28th May
(I couldn't find this posted already yet at time of writing) This is really a deal only for those light users who are not tied to YouTube, Spotify and social media, and constant s… Read more

Deal might remain after today. I might be in error but I don't see the "Bank Holiday/Ends Tuesday" banner next to the deal. I assumed it was part of the bank holiday offer as it's priced relatively low for a flagship that's not even released yet.




I've got the V30 & have had no issues with the display.


And 4gb ram


I'm quite tempted by this. Almost bought a V30, but was put off by the poor screen plagued by blotches and uneven shading. If the Galaxy S8 or S9 had a flat screen, I'd get it, but one of the biggest con in my opinion by Samsung, is their "Infinity display". Sure, their AMOLED panels are great but I absolutely find their curved display completely pointless. You're in fact getting a smaller screen because you see less of the picture because it's curved, not towards, but away from you! The curved display isn't a feature, it is a fashion statement. I'd take the notch over a pointless curved screen any day.

LG G7 ThinQ 64GB (Black)  - SIM free  , Topcashback / Quidco tracked at £10.00  /  2 years Carphone Warehouse LG mobile warranty. - £599 @ CPW
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Order Now! - FREE delivery to you Delivery by 01 June 2018 The box contains Device Charger USB cable SIM card removal tool Headphones Quick Start Guide SIM … Read more
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I'm sure all your other file formats also sound much better with that lovely quad DAC!.. (y)


V20 still going strong. Built like a tank and with the pixel camera apk the camera is superb. If my g4 never had the bootloop i would still be using that. The wide angle is so useful for landscapes. Sound quality on the lg phones with quad dac is superb when you have some flac files. Keeping my v20 until the v40 comes out.


I think its difficult to justify the price tag in the current climate. Apple are top of the list with outrageous pricing... Then Samsung, and I think LG is looking for the 3rd position. I dont know how true it is, but I heard that an iPhone X costs under £300 to manufacture... and they sell them for a grand! Extortionate margins. I think the chinese manufacturers are really giving these top boys some competition.... Hopefully when they are mainstream, these top dogs will realise that you cant price at these levels.


yeah i was thinking about it and still shared my thoughts. S9 plus is the main competitor for g7 but is prices at over £800.


mine g5 was flawless.

LG G7 ThinQ  Black 64gb One month contract £559 @ carphone warehouse (plus possible cashback at £35)
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Looks like a really good phone. One month contract which you can cancel on arrival of the phone paying just £559 for it. These deals have been going on for a long time now, and @… Read more

Can't wait for LG G8 ThinQ s4per sayan X1 turb0. Bad rebranding to signal its from LG home electronics branch.


Just to differentiate as other brands are carrying the same name starting with g


What is thinQ ? Lg G7 thingQ, V30s thinQ,


The battery really lets this down


I was waiting for the LG G7 but not sure if to go for honor 10 now

LG G7 ThinQ Sim Free - Latest LG Flagship - Pre-order Now £594 @ Unlocked Mobiles
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Looks like a very good price for the latest flagship from LG. It's a pre-order and handset should be available on the 28th May. Model number is LMG710 so most likely a single SIM … Read more
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Available to order. Black version only at the moment.


Sure you did and whether the notch bothers you or not is irrelevant to what you originally replyed to me


How do you know what I paid for g6 and I what I sold it for. But for the record I bought for 326 sold it for 240. 10 months later. 86 pounds over 10 months is 8.60 a month. I am going to say it one more time and not reply anymore. My original point being the notch doesn't bother me.


Nothing you have listed requires a Flagship phone, The LG G6 lost more than 50% of its original value in a year i doubt the G7 will do much better so your actually going to buy a £600 phone and sell it for £250/300 in a years time. I am not telling you what phone to buy, The original point being the notch is unnecessary.


gumtree shpock, banking apps, music apps, camera, ebay, facebook, gas utuility apps. games, i have been doing this for last 3 years now, buy a phone for 500 to 600, keep for a year sell for around 400-500 phone has cost me effective #8 a month over a year. that is why I buy top end phones. not sure why you telling me to buy a cheaper phone. my initial point being the notch doesnt bother me.

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