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Updated 25th SepLast updated 25th Sep by jazzuk777
I love these LG G5 phones, they still perform well and have the bonus of being able to swap out the battery, sadly they only support 4G. I would like to replace them with Huawei P30 Pros, bu…
Avatar aLV426
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Updated 18th Jan 2020Last updated 18th Jan 2020 by Mr_Gus
LG smartphone recommendations
I have an old iPhone which is an iPhone 6 I’ve had since 2016 It’s 64gb memory because I have a lot of photos But I’ve been told that because it’s an old phone it won’t be long before it …
Avatar Gemma5194A
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Updated 3rd Apr 2019Last updated 3rd Apr 2019 by Bigfootpete
upgrading from a LG G6 to a Huawei P20 Pro?
just need some advice guys if anyone has changed phones from the LG to the p20 pro people talk about the cameras but cant see much difference on youtube reviews. one thing in the favour Lg …
Avatar darrenshelly1
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Updated 20th Feb 2019Last updated 20th Feb 2019 by lamboo
New budget phone vs LG G4
I had a Moto G4 3 or so years ago and the slow performance was so frustrating that I got rid after a month and ended up getting a LG G4. The LG G4 has been brilliant but after 3 year is beg…
Avatar lohel
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Updated 1st Dec 2018Last updated 1st Dec 2018 by napior
LG G4 upgrade.
So I'm looking for new phone to replace my LG G4. Phones I consider are: Huawei P20 lite, Moto G6, Xiaomi Mi8 lite. My budget is £250. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar seb85a
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Updated 4th Nov 2018Last updated 4th Nov 2018 by Jhefin_cube
LG G6 - Is the G6 still worth it in 2018/19????
Hi, What's everyone's opinion on the LG G6, my partner needs a new phone, she would like a good camera but apart from that nothing too intensive will be used. I've seen it for around £23-24…
Avatar Jhefin_cube