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Xbox One - Life is Strange : Before The Storm Deluxe Edition £8 Microsoft Store
21/08/2018Expires on 21/08/2018Found 8 h, 55 m agoFound 8 h, 55 m ago
Life is Strange Before the Storm Deluxe Edition from Microsoft Xbox Store. None Deluxe Edition was £5.60 last week. I'm going to get a refund on that version and buy this one inste… Read more

It's more of a prequel than a Season 2. Season 2 will be out later and will hopefully be the full 5 episode version we would be expecting. This is 3 episodes and as far as I'm aware explains some of how we got to Season 1. If you like the first one I expect you'd still enjoy this prequel.


What you do with achievements?


Of course other people will disagree with my opinion but tbh I only played it to get the achievements which are easy.


Ive yet to finish first 1 about 2 hours in, but have 2nd one downloaded and also the new captain spirit thing gonna play them all this weekend... sad to hear 2nd isnt as good but most sequels like that i guess still worth playing?


I played this and found it quite boring. Not as good as the first one imho.

[Xbox One] Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season - £5.60 / Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration - £11.25 - Xbox Store
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Absolutely cracking price for this, and the lowest it's been to date. Price runs for the next 8 days as part of the weekly sale. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration … Read more
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My daughters Xbox still states £15.99 for Life is strange. For some reason even though she has Xbox live Gold?


It's been bulked out a bit more than needed for some reason and marketed as a Bethesda Spotlight Sale, even though all the Bethesda titles have been available in the Summer Sale since it kicked off and will expand into this week. Here's the list of new additions to this week's deals... Xbox One Bard's Gold - £1.60Beholder Complete Edition - £4.80Boom Ball 2 For Kinect - £4.79Boss 101 - £9.36Descenders - £17.99Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - £5.00Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition - £8.00Digerati Family Friendly Bundle - £3.60Fe - £7.20 (Soon to be added to EA Access)Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince - £3.35Forgotton Anne - £11.99Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass - £4.00Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island - £4.00Guns, Gore And Cannoli - £4.00Just Cause 3 - £5.00Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Complete Season - £5.60Mirror's Edge Catalyst - £8.00Poi - £4.00Rememoried - £6.24Reus - £3.75Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration - £11.25Stick It To The Man - £3.59Tour De France 2017 - £17.50TT Isle Of Man - £27.59WRC 5 Fia World Rally Championship - £9.00WRC 7 Fia World Rally Championship - £18.00WRC Collection Fia World Rally Championship - £30.00 Xbox One X Enhanced Descenders - £17.99 (Enhanced)Fe - £7.20 (4K)Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Complete Season - £5.60 (4K)TT Isle Of Man - £27.59 (4K)WRC 7 Fia World Rally Championship - £18.00 (4K)


I'm giong to wait for the Deluxe version but that's a great price - heat :) According to trueachievements, here's the full list: Games / Bundles Bard's Gold - £1.60 (60% off) Beholder Complete Edition - £4.80 (60% off) Boom Ball 2 for Kinect - £4.79 (40% off) Boss 101 - £9.36 (25% off) Descenders - £17.99 (10% off) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - £5 (80% off) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition - £8 (80% off) Digerati Family Friendly Bundle - £3.60 (75% off) Fallout 4 - £10 (50% off) Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition - £25 (50% off) Fe - £7.20 (60% off) Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince - £3.35 (60% off) Forgotton Anne - £11.99 (25% off) Guns, Gore & Cannoli - £4 (50% off) Just Cause 3 - £5 (80% off) Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season - £5.60 (60% off) Madden NFL 19: Hall of Fame Edition - £63.99 (trueachievements is wrong) Mirror's Edge Catalyst - £8 (60% off) Poi - £4 (75% off) Rememoried - £6.24 (50% off) REUS - £3.75 (75% off) Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration - £11.25 (75% off) Stick it To The Man - £3.59 (40% off) The Elder Scrolls Online - £7.50 (50% off) The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Collector's Edition - £29.99 (25% off) The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - £22.49 (25% off) Tour de France 2017 - £17.50 (50% off) TT Isle of Man - £27.59 (40% off) WRC 5 - £9 (80% off) WRC 7 - £18 (60% off) WRC Collection FIA World Rally Championship - £30 (60% off) DLC Automatron for Fallout 4 - £4.79 (40% off) Contraptions Workshop for Fallout 4 - £2.39 (40% off) Fallout 4 Season Pass - £20 (50% off) Far Harbor for Fallout 4 - £11.99 (40% off) Nuka-World for Fallout 4 - £8.99 (40% off) Vault-Tec Workshop for Fallout 4 - £2.39 (40% off) Wasteland Workshop for Fallout 4 - £2.39 (40% off) Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass for Forza Horizon 2 - £4 (80% off) Storm Island for Forza Horizon 2 - £4 (75% off)


No, normally the Digital Deluxe edition with this episode in goes on sale at the same time, but not this week.


Does this inlcude the bonus episode about Max Caufield?

Pepper Festival - Generic
PS+ Double Discounts and Totally Digital Sales at PlayStation PSN Store North America *FIFA 18 £13.67 Life is Strange Before the Storm £6.45 Saints Row Bundle £6.83 The Golf Club 2 £9.11 Jackbox Party Pack 4 £7.59 EA NHL 18 £9.11 SOMA £6.83
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
PS+ Double Discounts Game Price GBP % Off PS+ GBP % Off -KLAUS- $10.99 £8.35 45% $1.99 £1.51 90% 101 Ways to Die $6.99 £5.31 30% $3.99 £3.03 60% AER - Memories of Old $… Read more
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fair enough forums are fine if you deal with established members, make sure they have good trading feedback and exchange each others personal details. Never had a problem, mind you forums I use been member 10+ years


In my case I'm only spending the digital credit that I already have and then I'm done with PlayStation indefinitely. I also don't usually buy things from random people on forums etc. I used to buy the ocasional thing on here when BST was open but even then it was normally more hassle than it was worth tbh.


Is going for £28 for physical on AVF. with this type of game can't see myself playing more than once so at least you can sell on again.


That's actually a decent price for Detroit.


Heat - a couple of goodies squirrelled in there but I've not got around to playing last week's purchases yet (embarrassed)

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Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part; standalone adventure set three years before the first game in the BAFTA award-winning franchise. You play as sixteen-year old… Read more
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Bought this game on Steam recently. Loved the first game, but this one is a mess. You don't get to shape the character at all. You play as a rude, bratty teenage girl who hates everyone. You can't make her be nice. You're just there along for the ride. Often, I felt as though I was stood in a room with people arguing. It was very uncomfortable. At one point, very early in the first chapter, a boy asks my character out on a date or something, and the game gives me a choice whether or not to agree. The thing is, I had no idea who he was or if I should or not. Gamers should not be put in that situation. It was just bizarre. Poor design.


Prequel to the original game. This has 3 episodes


Is this the first of a 3 part series?

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Limited Edition) XB1/PS4 £12.99 @
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
I believe it’s been £12 elsewhere before, but £12.99 isn’t bad. Paid £27.99 on release for this. One of my favourite series and for £13 for all the content, can’t go wrong. PC vers… Read more


The one you've linked is Life is Strange 1, not beyond the storm (although it's also amazing, so if anyone hasn't played it, get it now)


15p cheaper at shopto


Getting the original on PS+ made me fall in love with it. Beautiful soundtrack. Will get the second in an instant if it comes out for the switch.


Same edition of the game but with a vinyl soundtrack. Kinda wish I’d gotten it but still, £70... ouch. Not sure how limited the limited edition of this is. Don’t even think there is a standard one. The OG limited edition is gone, really want that one.

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Life is Strange: Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) 75% OFF £3.97 @ gmg
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game that allows the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

I must say this video was really funny, thank you for sharing. It is a nice narrative parody on one of the better if.not the best story driven games out there. Only the best things get to parody. 90% of.things in video was complaining just for the sake of it.



While it might not be for everyone I would not say its boring.


What does not make sense?


So many plot holes. I enjoyed the game but once you finish it and think about the story it doesn't make sense.

FLASH SALE at PlayStation PSN Store US *Bastion £2.88 Arkham Knight £6.15 Hitman Go £1.84 Jak 3 £5.77 Just Cause 3 £4.61 Life Is Strange £3.07 Oxenfree £3.84 DMC4SE £6.92 Zombi £3.84 Shadow of War £15.39 Lego: The Hobbit £3.84 Lara Croft Go £1.92
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
.hack//G.U. Last Recode $24.99 £19.24 150,000 Source Crystals $34.99 £26.94 325,000 Source Crystals $69.99 £53.89 50,000 Source Crystals $13.99 £10.77 Accel World VS Sword Art … Read more
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The Telltale games (ie Back to The Future) are usually a decent bet. I don’t personally buy games solely for trophies if I’m honest, but I’ve got a platinum for every Telltale season I’ve played..


Any quick platinum trophies ?


Yeah same here, got dozens still unplayed but from all the sales I find the Flash Sales harder to resist and best value on the whole. I’m yet to finalise purchase (got so many games can’t remember if I’ve already purchased Resi 0, need to check when I get home) but I’m looking at 5 or 6 games for £20 from Canadian store, that value is hard to beat.


Cheers mate!


Unfortunately not - DLC has to be the same region as the main game unless the DLC is standalone (which it isn't in this case).

Life is Strange: Before The Storm £6.99 for Xbox One at CDKeys
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
£6.99 in current sale.
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No problem glad I could help. Good idea, I've seen it pop up a few times on sale on both stores :)


Excellent. Thank you so much. That does clear it up. I might get that GAME version then or wait for a digital sale on the "Deluxe" edition. Might as well get that last section even if no achievements (y)


Just checked the link, to me this looks like the standard edition without the bonus episode, the deluxe edition included the bonus episode and ironically the complete edition didn't which was very weird. Hope this helps, also the deluxe edition is at GAME for £12.99 on both Xbox one and PS4 if interested, bonus episode not on the disc though that is a digital code (fierce)


As far as I know this should be a season pass disc, not sure if anyone else can shed any light on possible excluded bonuses?


Thanks for the helpful response. Not new to gaming and if you mean DLC then this is a totally different thing for this game. Community on this app is just getting worse.

Life is Strange Before The Storm Limited Edition PS4 £11.86 (Use code weekend15) @ thegamecollection
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
(Use Code weekend15 to get it £11.86 ends sunday mindnight) thanks retroagf Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friend… Read more



Looks like the bonus episode is tied to the disc version, so if you play the disc version trade it in, you won’t be able to play the bonus episode in the future from the download version of before the storm. Unless someone knows more


Op needs to state that it doesn’t come with the figures!


This links to before the storm edition?

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Limited Edition) PS4/XB1 £12.85 @ ShopTo
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Even cheaper again for the limited edition (12.99 at GAME/Argos/Amazon)

Now £13.85


Same, I played through it all but still wasn't feeling it. The bonus Max episode was the best though and worth it just for that IMO


I will jump back in it, just didn't get that initial attachment.


It gets better (y)


I loved life is strange 1. Played 1 episode of this and wasn't feeling it......

Life is Strange: Before The Storm (Limited Edition) PS4 @ GAME / Argos - £12.99
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Great price finally matched HMV deal a few days ago! Free delivery :) or can order from argos too Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Edition includes: The Complete Sea… Read more

Well worth it for £12.99, bought in-store tonight, got the digital version but wanted a physical copy and this is my biting price. Really enjoyed before the storm and would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoyed life is strange season 1.


It'll be on PSN+ in no time 😁


Touching and moving game


I enjoyed both. The first one had the pending doom and time control going for it. This one doesn't have anything as substantial we're not aware of already. It's really just about Chloe and Rachel. Obviously there's more to it than that but that's the focus. If you liked the first because of the character development and voice acting and visual style I think there's a real good chance you'll like this. It's worth playing. I forgot to add. The soundtrack is brilliant!


I certainly felt it was worth playing. I loved the first one, but also didn’t find myself comparing the two at all. I think this gets unfairly criticised. I bought it and sold it to Cex, so essentially played it for free anyway. Right now you could get £10 back, so for £3 it’s insane value for a game that will likely end up on Plus anyway...

[Steam] Life is Strange: Before the Storm - £6.99 - Steam Store
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Lowest ever price. The Deluxe Edition is also on sale in the link at £10.10 Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part; standalone adventure set three years befo… Read more
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Good price but u need deluxe version really. I am just playing Life is strange and really like it. Will defo buy this prequel.


I really enjoyed this. I think it got slightly unfairly criticised...


FYI if you like Life is Strange. On the 26th of June you can download Captain Spirit for free. Its a short story game from the same studio.




He is.


Good deal, I have a feeling it'll be available on PS Plus in the next few months so I'll wait :)


Ready for the Mosh Pit, Shaka Brah.


Updated the title, now the price is in the picture, below the title (in red) and in the title (y) (lol)


No price in the title:( thought it was a free glitch deal!!


Hella good deal!

Life is Strange Before the Storm Limited Edition PS4/Xbox One £12.99 @ HMV
LocalLocalFound 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Yeah, it's me again, back with another Life is Strange deal. Spotted in Swansea, good stock on both formats. One Person Can Change Everything. Life is Strange: Before the Storm i… Read more

Sweet, not as good as the other bish story but she still dope, well worth the doe


That's ok, all is forgotten. I'll check it out. I know I've not got the best taste (excited) . It is I won't disagree with that!


Didn't mean to be insulting, but I can see how it came across that way. My bad. Mean it with the recommendation though. Before The Storm is literally licensed fanfic.


Instead of insulting how about you just accept some people have a different opinion? Jesus attack on a comment... don't see me doing that to everyone who didn't like it. He asked a question and I answered with my view


Good price but it was never £47.99. Game had it for £35 pre order as that is where i got it from on preorder haha. They love to think you save loads, but at £12.99 I would say it is worth it for the disc copy indeed.


So you're interpreting 2 experiences from numerous of years in education as a sign that educators push liberal agendas? Right. That's so ridiculous, I think the Mail would snap you up as a journo tomorrow. You have no idea the training, regulation and effort we go through to ensure students aren't manipulated. Especially at present with the current political, a religious climate. Students and staff are rightly entitled to their own beliefs and equality, but that's never forced. You're sprouting opinions off as facts, and you don't know what you're on about.


Maybe it's just American colleges but I am sure it happens here, I am saying it's a brainwashing machine that's crazy but I am saying they'll try to sneak in their politics Its not just college, I remember in my High school whilst learning about reproduction their was a abortion debate, my History teacher was talking about Karl Marx and Communism like it's a good thing which it isnt My English teacher once randomly started talking about Socialism and how she supports it


As someone that's worked in colleges and universities I'm curious where you've pulled this 'fact' from? Pretty sure you're clueless...


Not just Americans, most college kids, colleges push liberal agendas on their students


Decent. Just bought

(Xbox One) Life is Strange Before The Storm £7.99 - Just Cause 3 £5.99 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided £5.99 @ CD Keys
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Plus 5% discount with FB code Just Cause 3 link Deus Ex Mankind Divided link

If you're referring to this deal, then it is the regular edition. I never stated this had the bonus episode. When I checked on google, it said the limited edition includes the bonus episode.


How do you know this includes the bonus episode? The deluxe edition has the black background it seems, this seems the regular one


Ah, sorry, didn't even notice this was Xbox one...


Is humble bundle not for PC/steam?


Deus Ex: Mankind divided is cheaper at Humble Bundle at the moment. £2.99

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4) £15.29 / Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition (PS4) £17.09 / Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4) £12.59 / Knack II (PS4) £13.49 (New) Delivered @ Music Magpie
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
All prices include 10% discount added during checkout and are for new* items. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4) £12.59 Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Limited Editio… Read more

Amazon I payed an £1 extra for the new game just to remove a seal.


Where from, out of interest? Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm OOS now. :(


Good prices got Knack 2 for £5.62 and £6.62. one was new and the other used, The used one looked New. Only thing it was a german version.

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