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Life is Strange: Before The Storm (Limited Edition) PS4 @ GAME / Argos - £12.99
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Great price finally matched HMV deal a few days ago! Free delivery :) or can order from argos too Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Edition includes: The Complete Sea… Read more

Well worth it for £12.99, bought in-store tonight, got the digital version but wanted a physical copy and this is my biting price. Really enjoyed before the storm and would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoyed life is strange season 1.


It'll be on PSN+ in no time 😁


Touching and moving game


I enjoyed both. The first one had the pending doom and time control going for it. This one doesn't have anything as substantial we're not aware of already. It's really just about Chloe and Rachel. Obviously there's more to it than that but that's the focus. If you liked the first because of the character development and voice acting and visual style I think there's a real good chance you'll like this. It's worth playing. I forgot to add. The soundtrack is brilliant!


I certainly felt it was worth playing. I loved the first one, but also didn’t find myself comparing the two at all. I think this gets unfairly criticised. I bought it and sold it to Cex, so essentially played it for free anyway. Right now you could get £10 back, so for £3 it’s insane value for a game that will likely end up on Plus anyway...

[Steam] Life is Strange: Before the Storm - £6.99 - Steam Store
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Lowest ever price. The Deluxe Edition is also on sale in the link at £10.10 Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part; standalone adventure set three years befo… Read more
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Good price but u need deluxe version really. I am just playing Life is strange and really like it. Will defo buy this prequel.


I really enjoyed this. I think it got slightly unfairly criticised...


FYI if you like Life is Strange. On the 26th of June you can download Captain Spirit for free. Its a short story game from the same studio.




He is.

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Good deal, I have a feeling it'll be available on PS Plus in the next few months so I'll wait :)


Ready for the Mosh Pit, Shaka Brah.


Updated the title, now the price is in the picture, below the title (in red) and in the title (y) (lol)


No price in the title:( thought it was a free glitch deal!!


Hella good deal!

Life is Strange Before the Storm Limited Edition PS4/Xbox One £12.99 @ HMV
LocalLocalFound 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Yeah, it's me again, back with another Life is Strange deal. Spotted in Swansea, good stock on both formats. One Person Can Change Everything. Life is Strange: Before the Storm i… Read more

That's ok, all is forgotten. I'll check it out. I know I've not got the best taste (excited) . It is I won't disagree with that!


Didn't mean to be insulting, but I can see how it came across that way. My bad. Mean it with the recommendation though. Before The Storm is literally licensed fanfic.


Instead of insulting how about you just accept some people have a different opinion? Jesus attack on a comment... don't see me doing that to everyone who didn't like it. He asked a question and I answered with my view


Good price but it was never £47.99. Game had it for £35 pre order as that is where i got it from on preorder haha. They love to think you save loads, but at £12.99 I would say it is worth it for the disc copy indeed.


Gotta be honest. Before the Storm was a bit disappointing. I think Chloe as a character is at times a bit insufferable but that is not without reason given her situation. But the talkback mechanic she has is not enough of a game mechanic alone to replace the time rewind of the original. The time rewind work because it allows you as the player to work out to evaluate the potential outcomes and when it is taken away it enhances the importance of the decision that is made without it. Thus helping the narrative as well and acting as a gameplay mechanic Before the Storm is not without its moments (I loved the theatre play for instance) and although its clear the developers Deck Nine have a lot of affection for the original developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Overall it feels all too rushed compared to the original series and lacks the charm and the sense of incoming danger of the original

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So you're interpreting 2 experiences from numerous of years in education as a sign that educators push liberal agendas? Right. That's so ridiculous, I think the Mail would snap you up as a journo tomorrow. You have no idea the training, regulation and effort we go through to ensure students aren't manipulated. Especially at present with the current political, a religious climate. Students and staff are rightly entitled to their own beliefs and equality, but that's never forced. You're sprouting opinions off as facts, and you don't know what you're on about.


Maybe it's just American colleges but I am sure it happens here, I am saying it's a brainwashing machine that's crazy but I am saying they'll try to sneak in their politics Its not just college, I remember in my High school whilst learning about reproduction their was a abortion debate, my History teacher was talking about Karl Marx and Communism like it's a good thing which it isnt My English teacher once randomly started talking about Socialism and how she supports it


As someone that's worked in colleges and universities I'm curious where you've pulled this 'fact' from? Pretty sure you're clueless...


Not just Americans, most college kids, colleges push liberal agendas on their students


Decent. Just bought

(Xbox One) Life is Strange Before The Storm £7.99 - Just Cause 3 £5.99 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided £5.99 @ CD Keys
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Plus 5% discount with FB code Just Cause 3 link Deus Ex Mankind Divided link

If you're referring to this deal, then it is the regular edition. I never stated this had the bonus episode. When I checked on google, it said the limited edition includes the bonus episode.


How do you know this includes the bonus episode? The deluxe edition has the black background it seems, this seems the regular one


Ah, sorry, didn't even notice this was Xbox one...


Is humble bundle not for PC/steam?


Deus Ex: Mankind divided is cheaper at Humble Bundle at the moment. £2.99

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4) £15.29 / Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition (PS4) £17.09 / Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4) £12.59 / Knack II (PS4) £13.49 (New) Delivered @ Music Magpie
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
All prices include 10% discount added during checkout and are for new* items. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4) £12.59 Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Limited Editio… Read more

Amazon I payed an £1 extra for the new game just to remove a seal.


Where from, out of interest? Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm OOS now. :(


Good prices got Knack 2 for £5.62 and £6.62. one was new and the other used, The used one looked New. Only thing it was a german version.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PC) £6.71 @ GreenmanGaming - 8 hour deal!
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Deal only lasts 8 hours so grab it while you can. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part; standalone adventure set three years before the first game in the BAFTA aw… Read more

Out of stock now


You're not missing anything. It doesn't add anything to the original games story. And the ending was rushed like the last game.


Probably waiting for the summer sale to get this one. No time to play it until then anyway




He was so eager to post this amazing deal on this amazing game 8)

[Steam] Metro Redux Bundle - £3.75 / Life is Strange Before the Storm - £6.29 / Assassin's Creed Origins (uPlay) - £22.49 (Plus Free Mystery Gift) - GreenmanGaming
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
It's Greenman Gaming's 8 birthday and they currently have a 25% off voucher with various flash deals and deal of the day offers. Using the code displayed you can knock the Metro R… Read more

I got The Hunstman: The Orphanage. Looks pretty bad but hey it was free


Anyone bought and got the mystery gift? If so, what did you get?


Been thinking about getting LIS:BTS for a while, nice deal thanks.


£33.74 for AC: Origins Gold Edition! Think I'll finally buy it. Nearly got it when it was last on sale on uPlay. Think it was going for £45 then. £33 looks like a great price.


I'll bite on LIS:BTS ... very nice price :)

[Xbox One] Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Complete Season) - £7.50 / Deluxe Edition - £11.05 -
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Both versions are for a digital download. As always when purchasing from you'll need a US address in your Amazon account, I'd recommend Alaska as there is no VAT added t… Read more
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Available @ Game Now for £8.39 if anyone don’t want to change address.


Okay, so I've figured it out. I need to change the "deliver to..." Address in the Amazon nav, as well as changing my country settings, which would update my Kindle settings. Which I don't want to at the moment as I don't want to mess up my daughter's Kindle or her collection. Jesus, talk about jumping through hoops ;) Thank you for your time though, really do appreciate it


I've used my UK Mastercard in the above example, the payment method is irrelivant, just have a US address in your address book for the 'delivery' address :)


Ah it may be that I've got a delivery address, bit not a billing one... Sorry for the stupid questions, Did you have to create a new payment method for a US billing address to exist?


It's working for me using this address... Here's the order at pay...

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4) £16.99 @ Argos/Amazon
Refreshed 13th MayRefreshed 13th May
Amazon Good price, not as good as limited stock of £14.99 at Smyths. But not everyone has a Smyths nearby.

Great price, especially as you could easily sell it for about the same and have played the game for free/ a few pounds. (strong)




I think he meant they'll come free on psplus soon just as the first life is strange did. So probably worth waiting a tad longer


What? Beyond & Rayman are the games for May.


Free next month if you have Plus account on Playstation. (embarrassed)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm [PS4/XBox] £14.99 @ Smyths (Free C&C or £2.99 delivery)
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Choice and consequence driven narrative adventure. Multiple endings depending on the choices you make. 'Backtalk' - A risk/reward conversation mode that allows Chloe to use her b… Read more

omg lol.. its not AS GOOD as the first true... but its still awesome lol.


No. Unfortunately , it's crap compared to the first. Different dev. Better spend your ££ eslewhere


Is this one any good? Played the first one and loved it, for some reason I'm not as sold on this one having seen snippets


Is this definitely the Limited Edition? - I hope theyre aren't stupid enough to use the limited edition box art as a placeholder.


Nice, thanks OP

Life is Strange - Complete Season 1-5 (PC) £3.99 / £3.79 (fb code) @ CD keys
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Didn't think I'd enjoy this game, as I thought it would be a cheesy teenage drama. But it's actually a very good story with an interest game mechanic. Life is Strange is an award… Read more
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Ok thanks, think I'll wait a while, will probably go back & replay the original now, will hopefully become free to download by then, thanks again for the info.


Yes you need to. I bought the deluxe edition for PS4 which came with the farewell episode all along, so no idea how you can get it on Steam, but must be an option just to purchase only this episode. However, the episode itself is a half an hour quick episode where you play as 12yeard old "Young Max" and basically "sticks" the "Before the storm" story with the firs LiS one. You can buy it if you are a fan of the game, but if you played and didn't liked it (something I will never be able to understand), I'd probably not worry to pay the amount, unless is less than the average episode


Quick question, just finished episode 3, do I need the 'deluxe edition' to play the 'farewell' episode, as when I clicked on the bonus episode, it took me to steam client but there was no option to download it, apart from purchasing the deluxe edition?, thanks.


I just played "Before the storm" (the second part of this game which is a prequel) and although was developed by another company, is still so good that made me want to play this game again. Might look like the typical "teenager high school american history", but is actually one of the best scripts I've ever played on a game, taking all the usual cliches on our society and making with them something so... "unique". Definitely love it and would recommend it to anyone who didn't play it yet, whether you like to play video games or not.

Life is Strange Complete Season 1 Xbox One - £4.00 (Xbox Live Gold) @ Xbox Store
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
You guessed it, another Life is Strange deal from me. You could swear I only post deals surrounding Life is Strange ;) Life is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out… Read more

Went to buy this series but decided to download season 1 first for free to try it out. Thought it was a great game so went back to buy the series and now it's back to full price! (fierce) EXPIRED


there you go depends on your set up. point proven


You didn't give it much chance :p


Really didn't get into this game, American teen rubbish I thought. Could be an age thing but it felt like a slog from the get go. Did one episode and not been back since


You need to tamper with the paint bucket first thing, before the handyman is on his way to it. Then turn the sprinkler on the mean girls.

Life is Strange Before the Storm - £7.99 - PSN
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Cheapest it's been, doesn't include the bonus episode though. It's also an easy platinum.

Can you buy the bonus episode separately?


No, much poorer. Different dev who can't get story or pacing right - it's a snoozefest


You can read extensively about how your choices affect things here: Of course, the core story is the core story.


It's more of the same really. If you didn't like the first one you probably won't like this one


Is this better than the first one? Completed the first one but it felt like my choices didn't really have any effect on the story (skeptical)

Life is strange: Before the storm complete season - Digital - Xbox One £9.79 (£8.39 for gold members)
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Complete series £9.79 for non gold members, £8.39 for gold members. Deluxe edition also currently on sale to gold members for £11.99. Deluxe edition includes a bonus episode, cost… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Finally picked this up after the first one being excellent, just finished episode 1 and it's still hella good. Looking forward to the rest of it!


Played for about three hours and hated it :D


Great price


She's a Millenial, what do you expect? All that 'Hella' stuff can get annoying, but as others have said, it's definitely worth sticking with.


I’ve been waiting for this below a tenner. Thanks OP

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