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Linx 12X64 -12.5" Full HD 2 in 1 Laptop Tablet with Keyboard, 4GB RAM, 64GB, Windows 10 £179.99 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Cheapest around that I could see for this particular 'laplet', and may be of interest to someone that maybe doesn't have the budget for the more expensive Surface line. Intel Atom… Read more

Had a note book with an atom processor 10 years ago, it's quite slow


I have 4 of these, CPU gets overwhelmed easily, driver support does not exist (WiFi drops and you have to disable\enable), and takes 6 to 8 hours to charge. Also you can manage to discharge it while plugged in. Other than that it's good for the price.


It’s true. I bought a potato and use it for all my PDF needs.


You can view pdf documents on any potato, but if you want something cheaper maybe try eglobal


Got the 10” it’s a good device to carry around as a backup. My 10” only has 32gb storage, so generally not enough room to download and install the larger windows updates. (Feature updates). I’ve managed to get all the drivers, and I use nlite to add them to a windows 10 bootable USB to reinstall the latest OS when updates won’t work. That combined with one drive for files makes this quite handy for my job! It’s not perfect, but it’s cheap and so far it’s reliable!

Linx 12X64 12.5 Inch 64GB Windows WiFi Tablet with Keyboard - Refurbished With a 12 Month £149.99 Argos Guarantee
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Linx 12X64 12.5 Inch 64GB Windows WiFi Tablet with Keyboard - BlackRefurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee Display: 12.5 inch screen. Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. IPS t… Read more

OP .. in case you're still interested?. Check this:


Fair enough, that's cool, no problem, thanx anyway. :-)


Sorry for the delay. I've only used Andy after reading lots of reviews


I'm yet to use Andy (though ironically, I've both downloaded and installed it a few times this Year, and last Year). I've used both BlueStacks, and NOX Android Emulator, and NOX Android Player a few times before though ... Have you used any Android Emulator's other than Andy yet?. And if so, how does/did Andy compare to either of them too?, or ... thanx. :-)


Very true, that. Edit. Just remembered, I've installed different Android Emulator's on different Window's 10 Laptop at some point last Year + the Year before (just to see how it worked upon different systems, etc?). And even though those Window's 10 Laptop's I tried it on at the time wee not 'touch-enabled', via the Laptop's track pad/mouse, I was able to initiate some of the Android Movie App's I put on it at the time (without any issues). So it is actually possible, just fiddly as hell though, lol. I'm using a different Window's 10 Laptop these Day's that's a bit more 'purpose-built' (so none of that matters again), but it's neither here nor there, as either of the 2 'options' are possible same way?. :-)

Linx 820 8 Inch 32GB Storage 2GB RAM Windows 10 Tablet - Black £94.99 @ Argos (Collection + Delivery)
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
The Linx 820 places the power of Windows 10 in the palm of your hand and lets you take your PC everywhere. Small, slim and light without lacking performance, the latest Intel Atom … Read more
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Well, yes, as they've been like £30 or less at Tesco Outlet for a Linx/Connect 7 for a while.


It’s a good tablet but this should be nearer £60 not £100. Windows tablets are pretty niche for what they’re useful for and I like mine but this is way too much money - that’s why it’s cold.


Everyone with Windows on a 3rd party tablet are prob better off switching Windows update off. If it works, then keep it as it is. It's also less hassle and waiting.


Daily I lament buying a Windows tablet instead of an Android. As others have noted, a full Windows 10 update on a tablet is absurd and I often spend ages waiting for even the smaller updates. When it is working it is definitely slower than any Android tablet I've had previously and I'm waiting for the happy day that mine breaks so I have an excuse to replace it!


It's resolvable but only by clearing it completely and then a lot of work reinstalling the operating system. Microsoft took out my intel compute stick 32gb and gemini TC10 64GB with the last big windows update. Both working now but the remedy is not for the casual user and this product is aimed at such users. Steer clear!

Linx 14” Full HD laptop £169 instore at Tesco Extra
LocalLocalFound 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Linx 14” UltraSlim Laptop - Full-HD IPS, Lightweight Aluminium, M.2 Slot, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Intel Pentium N4200, Silver/Gold £169 Instore @ Tesco Shettleston Picked one up to… Read more

I've just bought the Iota version of this laptop, installed a msata drive and the laptop can't see it. Have any of you Linx 14" ultraslim owners had the same issue?


Are there any stores that definitely have physical stock of this product? Tried three stores and they had display models but no stock; one store had tickets on display but still no stock.


Pentium version is £180 - 20% warehouse discount brings it down to £145.


N3350 Celeron vs Pentium here (not sure if that makes a diff) and also half the RAM unfortunately.


The panel is TN, there's an similar IPS laptop for sale £145 if you have amazon prime.

Linx Vision 8 Inch 32GB Windows WiFi Tablet £53.99 - Black Argos Ebay
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
5 available at time of posting

Just google or ebay search 8 inch screen protector that's what I did its a none specific one but fitted fine


OOS now


All gone folks


Ordered one of these on Amazon for my son only this morning! Will send that back and get one of these I reckon...


They are great, wont regret it.

Linx 12X64/BUN 12.5" 2-in-1 Laptop - Black £179
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
Key Features Rear camera - 2 megapixel for standard quality photos Up to 7 hours battery life Full HD screen - for a stunning, clear picture Runs Windows 10 64GB Storage - h… Read more

Bought this and took it back. Woeful user experience and heavy. Cannot recommend, bought a small HP instead, sooo much better.


It can't even cope with 1 day, let alone a fortnite...


Would this cope with playing fortnite?


Wrong thumbnail

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LINX 12X64 12.5" Tablet & Keyboard - 64 GB, Black £179.97 @ Currys
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Yes it isn't the fastest laptop/tablet ever, but it is good for simple social and browsing use. Top features: - Stay productive with reliable Intel® Atom performance - Full… Read more

I have the old version and its quite good, not as good as the surface pro but its not the price. We had a charger die. Talked to Sainsbury's and they said return it to store but contacted support and there was one delivered within 2 days. We also have one at school which is used regularly and its doeing well. Its a good buy for the money.


Will this be fine to play old school RuneScape with a mouse lol?


Personally i'd jump for a second hand surface pro 2 (3 if you're very lucky).





Linx Vision 8 Inch 32GB Windows WiFi Tablet  (Refurb) - Black - £59.99 @ Argos Ebay Store
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Great for retro gaming. Linx Vision 8 Inch 32GB Windows WiFi Tablet - BlackRefurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee The Linx Vision combines the power of Windows 10 with block… Read more



Can these connect to 5g networks?? Have another linx tablet and it can't which makes it rubbish for streaming games via steam.


An iPad is literally 4-5 times the price of this. Not really a realistic comparison point, though if you want good app support then an iPad is a decent option (if you can afford one) - for the same money as this tablet you are looking at an iPad 2, a 6-year old tablet, which only goes up to iOS 9 and has just 512MB RAM. For £60, some people are definitely expecting too much. You get a physical controller and a proper tablet for that money, it will be fine for older emulation and touch controls (on iPad or Android) are terrible for accuracy.


YES! YES! YES! Anything upuntil the 16 bit era without an issue. I have one with retroarch installed with a launchbox bigbox front end. Running final burn alpha, SNES, megadrive etc. All the neo Geo games run, cps3 not an issue. Just don't bother with PSone gen or later. I'm not a fan of the controller, I actually pair PS4 dualshocks with it and use it as a portable retro machine. It'll also run indie Steam games like hyper light drifter, mercenary kings etc. Lol it even runs Skyrim. I love this machine, just got to use it for what it's good at.

I really looked forward to this on release and sold my brilliant Linx 8 tablet in preparation. It was horrible - the tablet itself was chunky and sharp edges, not refined like the normal Linx 8. And the controller handles feel as awkward as they look. My Linx died after less than a week (stopped charging). I was glad to be rid of it, and get my money back.

Linx Vision 8 inch Tablet with Xbox Controller - Black+69 Clubcard points @ Tesco Direct sold by Laptop Outlet
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Stream Any Game From Your Xbox One Console8 Display With Pin-Sharp 1280x800 ResolutionFull Xbox Compatible Controls Linx Vision 8-Inch Tablet with Xbox Controller (Intel Atom x5-Z… Read more

Shame but thanks for letting me know.


I bought one of these last week. Fortnite does not run. It lets you download the Epic Games Launcher but them says that it cannot run on this OS.


Would this be any good for playing fortnight?


Answer its not ***!


I changed the price to match still 17% cheaper then RRP (embarrassed)

Linx 12V64 Windows 10 Tablet with Keyboard cover - 4GB RAM / 64GB Storage - £59 instore @ Sainsbury's (Hitchin)
LocalLocalFound 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Popped into Sainsburys Hitchin today and saw this tablet reduced to clear at £59. It's well over £200 anywhere else. There is a slightly newer model (12X64) that goes for over £200… Read more
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Let's hope they will be another great bargain on this tablet


Sainsbury's in Biggleswade


Thanx, your welcome.


Work From Home? I'll take a look at NOX thanks


What is "WFH access"?. Never heard of it, thanx.

Linx 12X64 Tablet with Keyboard cover - 4GB  / 64GB  + 1 Yr BullGuard Sub £189.97 / Lenovo Tab 3 with kids mode bundle £54.49 @ Laptop Outlet
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Not seen many offers on these recently, decent machine for the money. At 12.5" it's a quite a nice size with a 1080p res screen. Runs Windows 10 and comes with keyboard cover. Ther… Read more

V = 2gb of ram. X = 4gb of ram.


Thanx for that clarification at least. :-)


Does it?.


The X has more ram too.


The 12x64 is the one with a metal body and slightly faster cpu. It is a fair size tablet though and quite heavy, so I'd worry about the flexing on the plastic body version. I've only used the X, so it's a bit of conjecture on my part (regarding the flex on V).

Lenovo 2-in-1 Laptop £224.99 / Linx  KAZAM 8" Tablet  £69.97 **Linx Now Back in stock** @ Laptop Outlet
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
*Update* Linx KAZAM 8" now BACK IN STOCK Worth checking back, in case it returns - Here Thought this was reasonable, good for game streaming and such. Not mega high specs,… Read more

I hope you sent it back to the Shop at the time? (you can perhaps still do so I believe?). Your Tablets' 'fault' may not actually be the LINX Tablet's hardware, it may actually be purely a software one ... As (funnily enough), last Year on a different LINX Tablet Thread on here, similar 'issues' to which you describe was also was documented upon it?. Where it turned out that because of a then dodgy Window's update, it rendered their then new LINX Tablet's useless!! (there's a mad amount of third-party Forum's on the Internet apparently? - where many have cursed forth their grievances of such ... ) Microsoft was therefore obliged to sort it via follow up patches, etc? (but not before several thousands of Window's based LINX customers had already had their Tablet's almost totally totalled at that point. :-( And some Month's earlier I read of a similar 'occurance' thing too ... So may not be strictly a one-off? (so to speak?). I was fortunate enough in that regards when I did software updates of my one's at the time to Window's 10 (but one nice egg, out of a batch of more than 10000+ not so good one's at the time doesn't constitute a good batch? - especially as it doesn't even equate to 1%).


I'm in a similar frame of mind to you when it comes to the 'out of the box' usage usage of these sorts of thing's to be honest?, lol. But (also like yourself), every once in awhile, a brainwave hits me to perhaps maybe like 'recycle stuffs'?, and ... We've all been there (some obviously being more successful 'recycling' than that of others perhaps? - myself included, lol). :-)


"Recalbox Is a Simplified Game Emulator Operating System for the Raspberry Pi". I'm assuming that this is an OS in it's own right to which it boot's directly from right? (so effectively not a Window's based Raspberry Pi Emulator of sorts instead? - or am I mistaken?). So would in turn allow you to natively run Raspberry Pi 'stuffs' on this Window's based LINX Tablet, but within it's own Raspberry Pi OS environment, etc (if my interpretation of what I read above is correct in any way?). Where you able make your desired usb boot solution in the end for it?, or ... I know Raspberry Pi is not natively touchscreen enabled, but the LINX Tablet's natively are, so how does that fair? (or the OS pick's it up ok regardless?). I have both 10" and 8" of those LINX Tablet's. So wouldn't mind doing a bit of experimenting on too. :-) I already tried Emulating Android on one of them in the past, and was able to run an Android only based Movie App via it (which in itself I found fascinating - and even moreso as the touchscreen elements within it worked as if it was native Android on an Android Tablet ... yes, it did what it needed to do, but did it painful slow though, hehehe). But that was about 1 Year or so ago though, lol). What is RecalBox like in a similar real World usage scenario? (if I can call it that), if you know of any?. Also, where would I be able to get any Raspberries Pi ROM's from also?, thanx. :-)


Fair enough, and thanx for the useful info. :-) And I'll look into the infamous ROM options at some point, and see what's what, etc?. :-)


Best thing is to install retroarch. In regards to complete ROM sets, I'm not sure where you can easily get them these days as many of the sites are closed (emuparadise for example). Btw, the 8 inch tablet lags when connected to a TV but is fine to play by itself.

Linx 14” UltraSlim Laptop - Full-HD IPS, Lightweight Aluminium, M.2 Slot, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Intel Pentium N4200, Silver/Gold £199.99 @ Tesco Direct (Free C&C)
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Great reduction from £299, Was £250 back in December last year. Very good value and well lilked, check out the customers feedback. Colour Silver/Gold Dimensions (HWD)332 × 222 × 1… Read more

Not exactly the smartest move on their part there then, huh?. On the different form factor LINX Window's Tablet's I have (as/when required), I can at least differentiate the difference between all necessary parts concerned ... So I don't know what they therefore did there?.


I've just bought the Iota version of this laptop, installed a msata drive and the laptop can't see it. Have any of you Linx 14" ultraslim owners had the same issue?


Just picked one of these up - it's astonishing for the money. The screen is excellent, full HD IPS, and the trackpad is also great, far better than I've used on many much more expensive laptops. It's a Windows Precision Touchpad, with full gesture support. It looks to me like it's a rebranded Jumper EzBook 3 Pro. Even better - the full aluminium build. Think MacBook Air or Asus Zenbook, but for £199. Mind-boggling. A decent keyboard and m2 SSD expansion make this a complete no-brainer for anyone looking for an everyday computer. For, say, web browsing/Office/streaming it's an absolute steal.


The only way windows can boot you mean? If you flash the emmc to either a different bootloader or write over the windows partitions, then surely you can have native Linux? Doesn't matter anyway, I think I would prefer dual boot as I can always set the primary boot drive to usb, then if I remove the usb before turning on it goes to windows. Sounds fun!


Both seem to work about the same to me, I have to click right in the corner for both. You could perhaps try enabling tap to click? Then you don't have to go to a corner at all.

Linx 12X64  - 64GB Storage / 4GB RAM / Full HD / 12.5" - 2-in-1 Laptop £179 w/code @ AO
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Use code 20OFFLT I think this is the lowest I've seen this model for, it did drop to £199.99 around Christmas with a memory card included, and worked out better for students. Th… Read more

Good laptop for the price, I have 2. 1 is going back for return though, battery fault after 5 months use.


Large USB Flash drive will sort that problem out.



I beg to differ - most Uni students store their documents on the cloud anyway (much safer and you can access them from anywhere) and in terms of performance, al they run is Word or Excel. Unless you have very specialised software requirements (run simulations for experiments, statistical packages etc.) or are in media/Film studies and you need to do media editing, this is spot on for taking to lectures, the library and making notes or writing your essays. Plus when they phone you to say "my laptop was stolen", you don't have to write off £700 worth of a laptop (ask me how I know :-( ). But as others say, try it first at a shop - just in case.


So confused (embarrassed)

Linx 14” UltraSlim Full HD Lightweight Aluminium 4GB RAM 64GB Storage Intel Pentium Laptop Silver for £229 with code at Tesco Direct
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Full HD laptop reduced further with code TDX-WFGR to £229 at Tesco Direct Posted the Hp 14" laptop deal earlier as well but thought I would post this deal for all those who compl… Read more

I've just bought the Iota version of this laptop, installed a msata drive and the laptop can't see it. Have any of you Linx 14" ultraslim owners had the same issue?


Looks like the price has gone by up by £50 now. Thanks for pointing that out as I will expire it .


Hi, how do you get it for £229? The cheapest I can get it to is £279 with the £20 off code. Has it increased in price since posting?


Can anyone help me weigh up the pros and cons of this Linx 14 compared to the Acer Swift 1 for similar money?


I referring to the Jumper, I've only ever seen them with QWERTY keyboards and US layout.

[Steam] Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - £1.40 @ GamersGate - (Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux)
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
This newly remastered edition features updated graphics, full controller support AND is based on the uncut/uncensored international version of the game. With a rich multilayered n… Read more

Amazing game. Many heats 🔥🔥🔥🔥


This is a great game and a massively important milestone in gameplay. It set the bar for interactive storytelling for so many other games. Heat!


If you liked Heavy Rain, give this a shot. I quite liked it, played it a couple of years ago on Xbox 360.


It's probably worth 1.40 to get a laugh at the absolutely awful, cringe-worthy sex scene. Otherwise, it's a garbage game.


One of my all time favourites, thanks op!

Linx 14” UltraSlim Full HD Lightweight Aluminium 4GB RAM 64GB Storage Intel Pentium Laptop £229 @ Tesco
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
No doubt this will get shot down in flames and be as cold as a polar bears paws, but for £229 with the money off code (TDX-GRYK), I think it’s hard to beat for people on a budget t… Read more
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Definitely IPS, also confirmed by Linx themselves. My battery life is showing 8h 7m remaining at 99% - power mode "better performance" with the setting bar 3/4 of the way up. Agreed with Suvvey on the construction, its like a Macbook Air but with shiny chamfered edges like the iPad Mini 4 or something. Screen destroys the air too (obvs).


Thank you for posting back, if the panel has good off-angle viewing, solid blacks not washed out grey and the colours just pops then pretty certain is an IPS screen. As Stated on AOL website under key informaion. CLICK How's the battery lasting? Thanks again.


Hey just to let you know my initial impressions - Screen is nice. Could be ips but not sure how to check for sure. Colours don’t distort as the viewing angles narrow. Initial windows update took a long time but it’s all working well and the mouse pad still works. Aluminium body is very nice and is almost apple like. Machined edges give it an iPhone 5s finish. The gold version is very close to a rose gold finish. Startup and shutdown is very fast. Internet browsing and word ducuments work well (as they should). I’ve not tried any demanding programs but within reason I would think it could handle a fair workload. WiFi seems decent but I’ve not tested it by any standards. Overall worth every penny of £229. Best bang for your buck in terms of quality portability and price. Hopefully it’s reliable.


I already have the ezbook 3 pro version 4. I dont regret it at all, i use it mostly to watch video with some webbrowsing. On paper the n4200 is slightly better but in real world performance there is no difference at all. In fact after watching this video they were completely neck and neck until the n3450 finished encoding a video 30 seconds faster than the n4200.


It indeed does look similar but this has a UK keyboard layout, better processor and very importantly to me a UK warranty although the 3 pro has an IPS screen that this lacks. I would definitely avoid this laptop though and buy the Acer swift one from Argos that is currently £269 and much better quality.

Linx Vision 8 Tablet with controller - Refurbished - Argos/ebay £59.99
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Previously listed at £69.99 but now reduced to £59.99 Linx Vision 8 Inch LED 1.84 GHz 2GB WiFi Windows 10 Tablet - Black -From ArgosRefurbished Wi… Read more
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Fingers crossed then for a new one! Thanks.


I just found this thread for anyone who might be interested in playing PS4 by remote play on this:


Nice, to be fair I am just hoping for a like new tablet and controller, box and other accessories are a plus if good condition as well.


Listing said refurbished and was from Argos eBay.


Thank you, at that price it would be rude not to.

Linx vision 8 Inch LED 1.84 GHz 2GB Wi-Fi Windows 10 Tablet @ argos ebay outlet
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Don't know how many they have but good price for a new one. Stream any game from your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC with steam clientFull Xbox controls including backlit X… Read more

Now down to £79.99 (y)


My son broke the controller on day 2, any way I could get a spare controller


Just got one of these for Christmas and would be great to stream the PS4 to it so please post a guide when you get chance, thank you


Just a heads up for ps4 owners. Remote play works well using the inbuilt controller. I can write a how to on the linx tablet forum if anyone wants??


Agreed it's controller is poorly designed but I use mine as a regular tablet daily and for small pc work and other than the odd crash (which is the tablet and not windows for a change) it's fine. As for streaming games, due to the less than ideal controller I have tried using a xbox controller but as I say cannot hold and use both. I could stick it on a stand on a desk but that would defy the point. It streams perfectly well and as long as I don't play anything that requires fast reflexes on it (shooters) it works great as a portable unit. Gta online is ok exept tricky against some of the better players when it comes to death matches etc. I do wish the controller positioning and layout had been better but if I want to play an xbox game in any room in the house I can. It's not fantastic but it's a way to a means and if I wanted to use an xbox controller with it I could.

Linx 12X64 Tablet PC with Keyboard £196.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Linx 12X64 Tablet PC with Keyboard Intel Atom x5-Z8350 1.44GHz 4GB RAM + 64GB eMMC 12.5" Full HD Touchscreen WIFI + 2 Cameras Bluetooth + Windows 10 Home Features Windo… Read more
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Thank you I got my daughter a boss deal it's a Acer only a dual core but it's 4gb ram with 500gb HD with designated graphics with a printer mouse and laptop bag for £104 with postage :-) it plays minecraft and roblox and she loves it :-)


Soz if already posted... AO will price-match the MS £179.99 [if you prefer AO over MS as the retailer for this], just let them know it's on the MS UK site. If they can't find it > > Search for LINX <ENTER> > Then click on the LINX laptop picture to see the £179.99 offer They do try to up-sell with the £6/month care package/warranty, but you can opt for just the £179.99 LINX device with free delivery if that's all you need. Good luck !


As long as you aren't planning missions for NASA I find the battery fine. Probably wouldn't use it in direct sunlight too much as the brightness on 100% will drain the battery like a champ. But for most people's use I think it's great :)


Sorry for the delay in reply. My linx didn't come until late Friday and had bt here all weekend turning my Internet on and off while they done work. Took me forever to do windows updates! Argh. I just tried minecraft on the linx with settings turned down. It's unplayable! Haven't tried roadblox yet, need my son's login. I can't see the linx playing jack shit tho. It's great little thing. I bought it for general use, coding, watching some videos and surfing the net. For that it's absolutely perfect.


and put up with the Microsoft store's atrocious customer service? No, thank you

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