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Updated 15th SepLast updated 15th Sep by phoenix72
UCS Millennium Falcon Coffee Table Display
Over the past 2 years there has been plenty deals posted on the UCS Falcon What I want to know, is if you have bought this set and placed it in either a display case or coffee tab… Read more

I ended up buying this from IKEA


I'm just about to order one of these I think




I’m guessing your wanting something like this.....


Bought loads from them, looking for something that will not attract dust, hence an enclosed coffee table type thing

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Updated 22nd AugLast updated 22nd Aug by Gumbon
Hi guys, first property only young and looking for some advice from people who likely have gone through this or work in the field who can tell me if its a waste of time. Kitchen a… Read more

Thanks it was my initial look on eBay all the first listings even though I typed dimmable cam up with non dimmable ones eBay crappy search I guess I found this one I like GU10 so good for dimming and I like the 4 direction Think going to give that a go :) Pricey but they look nice


There are plenty of dimmable LED E14 bulbs, I'm not sure why you're struggling to find them. There's a selection of 82 here, and that's just the candle shaped ones: LEDs, especially ones with converters to run off mains voltage, do vary quite a bit in efficiency so you need to be looking at light output rather than power draw. One 4W bulb can easily put out twice as much as another. Looking around it looks like a decently efficient dimmable 4W bulb is about 450 lumens so three of them is around 1350 lumens. That's a decently bright light and may be sufficient for a living room, especially if you don't use it for anything requiring lots of light. If it's not enough you could always swap them for brighter bulbs, I saw some 800 lumen 6-6.5W dimmable E14 ones. Brighter bulbs are at risk of shorter lifespans (more power = more heat, which LEDs dislike) but a triple E14 fitting is definitely something you could live with for the living room. For a 4mx3m kitchen I'd probably want more though, several thousand lumens in non-directional lighting. You could go for spotlights, they certainly give you the option of going for less overall illumination and light pollution because you can brightly light just the spots you need. Obviously their positioning is more sensitive, you have to be sure they can be angled to light the correct areas without you blocking the beam or them reflecting off any shiny chome knobs. If you do go for spotlights I'd look into the possibility of low voltage DC ones like MR16 rather than mains voltage GU10 as I suspect there's likely to be less dimming issues and so on with future bulb replacements.


Well I fitted something similar to this (shape is same) and they are super bright, light up the whole room. In larger rooms you might want two. My dads kitchen in Portugal had 2 blocks of triple floresant tubes which I replaced with two units similar to these and what a difference. You could actually see in the kitchen!


Do they look nice installed thats my question, is the light distributed well, like a 4 bulbs in 4 directions would doo, I feel the answer is no?


One of these? Smart LED Ceiling Light 24W 2400Lm, Tasmor WiFi Bedroom 2700-6500K Dimmable Ø40CM Ceiling Light with Remote and APP Control, Compatible with Alexa/Google Home, No Hub Required, for Lounge, Living Room

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Updated 3rd AugLast updated 3rd Aug by melted
I was going to buy some, but checked the back and all the 6 packs they had show the same Best Before date of 01/21. Whereas other packs (AA/AAA) showed the year as 28 or 30. The D… Read more

The last set of D cells I bought were for a set of Eveready bicycle lights, decades ago. My current ones take AAA and of course, I use rechargeable. :)


You can also get battery converter eg turn AAs to D like this Universal-Battery-Convertor Not sure how well they work


Amazon (if buying from Amazon directly eg not marketplace sellers).


Most likely a mistake, I.e. wrong date printed by Duracell, it can and does happen.


I can't remember the last time I had something use them. Probably before Li-ion. So it wouldn't surprise me if stock were that old. :D

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Updated 23rd JulLast updated 23rd Jul by Pricklerickle
hello I got a new sofa and person reclined and this come off, what is it and does it just stick back on

got them coming out, takes a month though, also ask them to check out firmness, I like it soft


thanks, I also found sofa a bit firm, my sofa it replaced was lazy boy made in 2008 leather recliner, very soft, this is a suade recliner so quite firm , hoping it softens in time, lol I am the kind who likes soft mattress


I would give them a ring. Emails can go unread, a call may give you a reference number to follow up with


cheers do you email or call them up


Yes this was DFS, they came and put the bolts in

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Updated 19th JulLast updated 19th Jul by marc2380
I'm looking for a King Size Divan base. Been looking on eBay but the reviews tend to be either it's amazing or they never turned up. Anyone bought one lately that's any good and is… Read more

Divan bed warehouse UK . Cheapest I’ve found and just purchased myself


Thank you. I'll see which the Mrs prefers


Try wayfair. Got my kingsize metal bed frame for about £130 brand new. Very solid. 30cm clearance under bed. Good for storage


Thank you, I'll have a shufty.


Bought a small double divan base from bed busters on eBay few months ago, delivery was pretty quick and the bed itself was great for the price

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Updated 8th JulLast updated 8th Jul by Maxim7750
Hi folks I had a g mail icon on the bottom of my chromebook on the shelf or tray or what ever it's called lol.Does anyone know how to get one on there again so I have a handy short… Read more

Thanks for your help,I did that and it's good now


Click/tap on it, and drag it down to shelf.