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Mercedes CLS 350 AMG Line £331.56 P/M x 24 Months @ Mad Sheep Leasing (£11,604.60 total)
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Mad Sheep have just posted this to their Facebook page, headline is 5000 miles but 10000 is £379 p/m on a 12+23 (full pricing below) We're currently paying £77 p/m more than their… Read more

Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


I don't know why it's getting voted cold. It's a pretty good saving on what is normally paid for this car


good luck


I can afford nothing nice. I just choose to buy anything nice that I can afford.


That's unfortunate, I reached over 350,000 miles in an Octavia before getting the Superb. Just changed oil every 6000 miles and replaced a water pump once and I think once I broke a coil spring.

21% off Airport Transfers with code @ Holiday Taxis
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Promocode: TAXI21 Valid: 11th of April - to 6th of May
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Strange 2 days ago I booked a transfer on a 15% code with Holiday taxis for £55,just checked using the 21% code and price is now £102 !!!!!not sure whats going on there,glad I booked and paid 2 days ago,so not voting either way,suprised as have had good prices in the past with HT


A discount in always good. However, checked for Reus airport to Cambrills Park, return 2 adults, 2 children, £92 without the discount. If I take one of the taxis at the airport, it will cost us about €35 each way, is only 8 miles away. Checked other sites, about £65 round trip...not voting.




Still more expensive than Zip Transfers even with the discount applied

Airport Parking - big discounts at Hays Travel - Newcastle airport 1 week £32.99
Found 11th AprFound 11th AprLocalLocal
I popped in to Hays Travel to ask about airport parking yesterday. The cheapest online option for me (1st - 9th May @ Newcastle airport) was £51.99. Hays Travel did it for £32.99. … Read more

Perhaps that's the deal they gave me then, except that I had to book an extra day.


I can confirm that this is on site, and not a 3rd party external car park.


Call 01912144341 and quote "Family and Friends" and its £29.99 for a week, on site, long stay. (Not my find, it's on here somewhere)


Coming to a muddy field near you !


Great price if it's actually one of the Airport car parks - cost me £52 for 10 days at Manchester Airport with Holidays Extra, could of got it cheaper with an off site park n ride. Hot

FYI - Tesco Clubcard Uber vouchers can be spent against Uber Eats
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Not sure if many people know/realise this but Uber credit (definitely the credit obtained when exchanging Tesco Clubcard points) can be used for Uber Eats orders. May be useful to … Read more

6 months I believe.


Some clarification required please....I thought once the credit is added to your Uber account then there is no expiry date (that was according to CS when I contacted them a few months ago). Shame that Clubcard boost is ending with Uber.


Just curious, any promotion to sign in for the Tesco Clubcard ?


Takeaway and taxis! This is the only good reward left on Clubcard, now it's going away I'm not happy.


I saw that too (annoyed) (poo) We got time. Surely there’s only so much take away one can eat?

New London ULEZ charge - check your vehicle
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Check your vehicle by entering your number plate for free at the transport for London website. Don't get caught out by an unexpected charge. The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) r… Read more
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How many more Taxes will people keep paying blindly! The poll tax never got off the ground twice, If you don't pay this rubbish it won't ever get off the ground and they will have to scrap it, but no the blind British public sheep will pay it!!!


It's stupid that a car like this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201807068176389 is exempt.


Not that I have any intention of driving into London but my LPG car apparently will cost £12.50 in the ULEZ area but free in the LEZ area. Is that the same for petrol only cars?


Other cities are introducing their own charges for congestion/emissions under 'clean air' schemes. Manchester for example is looking to charge £7.50 in the city centre and surrounding towns. Stoke-On-Trent is set to introduce a £8 minimum fee for the central dual carriage way connecting it's 6 towns... the same road that gets used when they divert traffic from the M6 when there is an accident. There are a few other cities that are set to introduce their own, and it makes you wonder what the true cost would be to travel the country at some point in the future. Probably cheaper just to get on a plane.


Certainly seems a little off. My old Kia sportage 2.0ltr, that's £240 tax a year is showing as free, as is my other car. Two of my old cars are showing as they would have been free too, one being an '97 Astra not even fuel injected.

Mazda MX-5 Convertible 1.5SE (132bhp) Lease. 6+35@£188.51=£7729. 3yr, 8,000mpa @ What Car? Leasing
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Great 2-seater fun car. It may be a basic model but with the roof down, heater on, who needs much more. Artic White only at this price - other colours available but you pay an extr… Read more
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I looked at this the other day. Comes out at £305 for 24 months. 48 months saying £299. Defo 2yr one I think The picture doesn't look like a Mégane RS though. Exhaust on RS is single straight down the middle. Don't see many of them on the roads either , well I haven't


https://www.whatcar.com/car-leasing/deals/personal/renault/megane-rs-hatchback/18-280-5dr/3424284/48508344/ - doesn't seem a bad price. Personally I'd rather go 3 years than 4 but not when 3 costs so much more!


Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


i wouldnt chance the LSD while driving


Sounds a lot for a sofa.

NCP Parking: 20% voucher code
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
If you need parking then this code is currently working. Useful if your visit a city like London and and want to pre-book your parking . I’ve found it’s often cheaper than just tur… Read more
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Heat added thanks for posting (y)


That would be silly... I suppose you are probably one of those that would rather pay those unenforceable parking charge notices...




(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) 👏👏👏👏


Whats your plan? Busting through the barrier, having a scrap with an attendant or calling the police and reading out a parliament bill about how you don't have to pay? Personally I have better things to do

SEAT Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra Lux 5Dr DSG 24mo 10kp/a £1821.60 + £202.40pm + £360 admin (£6836.80 total) IN STOCK @ KG vehicle solutions
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
A thread where its valid to moan about keyless entry ;) Seriously though unless I am missing something this is a crazy good deal, especially as says in stock. Think I will bite.… Read more

Well, there's at least 50 seats between them, and if the Land and Range Rovers have third row seating, then they're pushing up to 56 seats. (skeptical)


Your quote: "So it's easy and quicker to steal 10 cheap cars and sell than 1 top of the range car that takes time to get keys for it", my argument was cheap cars don't really get stolen for selling on. Your response was showing an article about stolen vehicles, yes it included Nissan, Ford & Honda, and then you've changed your description from cheap to AVG price cars. I mentioned a high spec VW as an example to highlight the fact that you are comparing vehicles from their brand name but not their model. If someone offers you a Nissan GTR or an Audi A1 are you going to take the Audi because its got some nice circles on the grill ? Lol


also you are missing My point, the op said no one steals cupra's, that they only steal high end BMW, mercs and Audi's. I said and proved that they do steal these types of cars along with Honda's, fords, Nissan's and Volkswagens AVG end cars which stated ST's and qashqai which are still cheaper than high end mercs BMW and Audi's. Then you just kept changing the story on everthing you posted. This was all about the cupra as a AVG priced car along with Nissan's, fords and so on AVG priced cars. No one even mentioned high end Volkswagens, just you.


VW Touareg top spec is way more expensive than a chunk of the BMW / Merc range. Mustang the same. You are comparing car value off the brand as opposed to individual models so it isn't a fair comparison, making your point invalid. You are being the troll by your inability to understand my point haha div


There you go again just picking up the one and not saying anything about the other 3 lol that was mentioned. Do you get of trolling, but yes Volkswagen are still cheaper that mercs, BMW as well. Sad. By.

Citroen C3 1.2 PureTech 82 Flair 5dr - Delivery Miles - £12,391.00 (Saving £4,459 - available from £99 Per Month) @ Evans Halshaw
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
5 Door Citroen C3 with good specification now with £4459 off retail. 1.2 petrol engine, alloys, elec windows, reverse camera, auto air con, cruise control, 7" touchscreen, hill sta… Read more
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Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


I always think these cars look bulletproof whenever I see one


hands down ugliest car of all time. The Fiat Multipla


My mistake, but we meant same car (y)


No, X-90

BMW X1 SDrive 20i M Sport 5dr Auto - lease £296.10pm x 36 Months (Initial payment of £1,776.60) @ What Car? Leasing
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
£296.10 incl VAT monthly rental £1,776.60 incl VAT initial rental Contract term 36 months Rental profile 6 + 36 Annual mileage 8000 Processing fee £200.00 includes sun protection… Read more

Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


cheaper here: https://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/car-leasing/bmw/x1/sdrive-20i-m-sport-step-auto-incl-sun-protection-glass with sun protection and metallic paint total £12,096, avg cost per month £336 over 36 months.


Your price doesn't include sun protection as that is a cost option. Metallic paint is the only free option.


Doesn't include metallic paint or sun protection glass so approx £12,700 with these options added.


Here on a 1+35 deal at £11,853.72 or £329.27/net/mth (or £486.37 less as a total price).

Mercedes-Benz CLA Class 200 Shooting Brake AMG Line Night Ed+ Auto 36m 10k Miles p/a £920 Dep £306.67pm, £200? Fee (£11853) SelectCarLeasing
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Saw a deal here for the manual shooting brake which has now gone but this is the auto including the night edition pack (lots more such as reversing camera, bluetooth, heated seats,… Read more

Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


Frank Ribery commenting on someone being ugly (lol)


Tiguan This just looks like it melted


Wonder what ugly car you’ve got on your drive... Just curious(ninja)


It's a "shooting brake" though, so must be really special and worth every penny... :D

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ 5dr DSG - 24 Mo - 10k miles p/a - £755.97 Deposit +  £251.99pm + no fee (£6551.74 total) @ Leasing Options
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
This was a really popular offer back at the start of the year, so i've been keeping my eye out on it dropping again, and sure enough it has happened :) Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupr… Read more

It does seem to be a bigger problem in certain parts of the country, however anyone who actually gets one of these I do recommend you look at your security, not trying to scare people but many on here think these kind of things just dont happen and whilst any vehicle can be stolen a vehicle like this does seem to quite often attract the wrong attention. There is an old thread on here that has just been commented on here regarding an attempted house break in after recently purchasing a new vehicle, the whole thread is worth a read even though the Cupra in standard guise does not have Keyless the Lux does. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/vehicle-security-tips-keyless-start-blocker-pouch-gps-tracker-or-full-coverage-steering-lock-995-sold-by-powr-ltd-fba-3100988#comments If you really want a car like this you just have to make your property less attractive than others, otherwise you get this and could get caught up in reports like these . There are a number of videos on youtube as well, here and here Stay safe!!


Sorry it had nothing to do with earning limits or affordability it was something so silly really as stupid as my occupation I put my full job title which ended "driver" basically a type of crane driver they saw the word driver and didn't like it put 2 and 2 together came up with 5 no questions asked just straight rejection, once they had confirmation that my job was working 90ft up in the air and their car didn't feature in it they rightly over turned their rejection but just goes to show one word they don't like makes things awkward, I could have done without it but I just laughed it off.


Yes I do mate but it had nothing to do with my application being rejected.


Had an email today mate think they are stacked up and behind at the finance company was still hoping too hear today but it never happened so my guess it will now be Monday.


Sorry, meant to quote the post you replyed to, but he;ll get the drift ;)

Great Spec Mercedes CLA 200 Amg line 4 year lease 10k miles per year at Select Car Leasing £248.92pm + £746.75, 2 and 3 year also available.
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
£12445 For 4 years total price, over 40mpg DRIVER CONVENIENCE 7" tablet style colour display Attention assist Bluetooth system Cruise control + speed limiter Direct steering Door… Read more

now about 15k


Looking at the headlights it's the current model that is about to be replaced if that makes sense. The CLA came out in February as stated but the Shooting Brake version has not been replaced yet. The spec states 7" tablet style screen, all new models have a minimum of 2 off 7" screens, bigger on the higher spec models.


I think you misunderstand my comment, Anyway in answer to your question a new Volvo V90 (well 12 months old now) and as for coping with a head on smash at speed, fortunately it has so many safety features it is pretty reluctant to get involved with any type of accident, such is the advancement of some modern day vehicles! MM


The website uses sliders so you can choose which ever term you want whilst on there, suppose the 3 year seems to suit more people by the sound of things, I'l remember that for next time it's my first lease deal (:I


You should have posted the three year deal as we vote and comment based on the deal you’ve posted. So, whilst I won’t vote cold, I can’t vote hot either, I’m afraid, although obviously I’m in the minority! ;)

Uber eats free delivery on three orders from selected restraunts
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Some people have tried the code "KEEPITCLEAN" without it working. I have been prompted to put the code "FREEONTOP" to get the promo. Well worth the try for those whose accounts did… Read more

Not sure but I have ordered in 4 different occasionally, I still get this message! Oops! You’re not eligible for this promotion, but the discount has been applied -£3.50


Why do they never reward loyal customers? Every time they have an offer its for new ones only. Bit of a shame.


Worked on my McDonald’s order....


Neither work for me.


I don't really think this is worth it, so I have physically when in to two of the restaurants this week and they are higher priced through uber eats then in the restaurants? So for example a burger in the restaurant costs 5.99 on uber eats its 7.49! And they are promoting free delivery, mabey it's just business not sure.

Uber Eats - Free Delivery on next 3 orders + extra bonus codes! (See Description)
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
Free delivery on your next three orders with voucher code: KEEPITCLEAN Add an extra bonus free delivery with code: MOREDELIVERYUK Alternative codes: DTIF (3 free deliveries) and G… Read more

new spam code DTIF (on 3 guessing not for those that got the last 1 or 2, as the one they spammed it for cant even use it lol) and MOREDELIVERYUK (only for 3 days after adding)


Thanks,I often microwave my hamburgers to give them a boost but nt sure how a big Mac would take to that with the salad in it


Food is usually lukewarm when it arrives. Chips look and taste the same as usual to be honest.


Hi thanks how did you find the temperature of the food and where the chips floppy?


McDonald's is around the same price for me via Uber Eats, no excessive markup like KFC. However, delivery costs £1 more at £3.50.

Liverpool Hotel Stay with upto 15 nights FREE Parking - £24.75pp (£49.50) based on 2 Adults @ Village Hotels
Refreshed 11th AprRefreshed 11th Apr
If you're heading off on your holidays or even just a mini break, you can get a hotel stay + Up to 15 days FREE Parking from as little as £24.75pp Click the link, select the dates… Read more
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Park locally to the airport and get it wrapped for free.


Heat OP Free Parking. Wheel free parking, more like! Lol (y) ;)


Good cockney impression ;)


Just as long as you are far away, everything will be fine :)


Near Eccleston Park train station :) I probably go The Goldstar fortnightly, it really is a good chippy.

Any 6" Subway Meat Feast / Nacho Chicken Salsa / Cheese & Onion Saver + drink - £3 @ Subway
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Full list of Participating outlets Meat feast Nacho chicken salsa Cheese & onion + Choice of drink from pic below:
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Hello, really random comment/post but i was just wondering if anyone's had their subway points stolen off them lately? I logged into my app this morning to find that 1000 points (same as a free footlong) had been taken off or used in 'Uk Holborn' on 05/03/19. It 100% was not me as I live in Yorkshire, was off work ill that day and didn't leave the house let alone buy a subway. I've emailed Subway but i expect the usual 'sorry we cannot help' type of thing. Just wondering whether anyone else has experienced the same thing lately???


Full list of Participating outlets


Full list of Participating outlets Deal Expires 16Apr19


I assume regional as none my way do this, just the £2.59 savers menu or a new £3 menu which is all the old £3/3.60 ones bar turkey and ham.


How long is this offer valid till?

Get £10 off your first order with Uber Eats when you spend £15 or more! Using discount code GDKEATS!
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Offer details:Get £10 off your first order with Uber Eats when you spend £15 or more! Using discount code GDKEATS! Participating Stores:West Ealing, Stratford, Slough , Shepherds … Read more

(y) Ok..got it ..thanks :)


That's cos the promotion is called FOMO, not the code itself. Its only for new customers, I had an email titled FOMO or something like that.


FOMO didn't work for me :(


I register a while back but haven't used it yet, recieved a new £10 off £15 code under a promotion called FOMO


You need a referral code for that, I think it gives you free delivery.

Free 5 Pound Ride With Uber (On Completion of a Short Survey) - Account Specific
Found 5th MarFound 5th MarLocalLocal
May be account specific but just received a short survey which gives you a free 5 pound ride with Uber. After completing survey you automatically get a code which you can then add … Read more

Do you have the link to survey? Thanks

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