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Updated 11th JunLast updated 11th Jun by Corkscrew
Can someone help me out with a Student Beans code for Logitech please? I will be forever grateful!

Ah okay. Thanks for checking


There is a limit on the codes so I'm not able to generate a new one for at least a week. Maybe another member could help?


Would I be able to bother you for a code as well?


Thank you so so much Russ!


Have sent you a code

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Updated 3rd MarLast updated 3rd Mar by Azureus
My experience of Logitech - be warned!
Short version - do not go anywhere near this company if you think you may need to return something for refund of repair. I ordered a webcam direct from them but two weeks after … Read more

Freelance work so money comes out of my pocket. No-one else had stock of the recommended, well reviewed model I wanted. The world was buying up webcams at that point, it seemed. I do not think asking for a return and refund in January and told to expect it in April at earliest is okay. Of course with hindsight it would have been better to buy an alternative from a different supplier, but I did not know how awful they were about this before I bought it. I cannot see the future. I shared my experience to help others avoid that mistake and not everyone is happy to wait 3 months or more for £100 to come back. Especially at this time.


People are quick to complain, they haven’t kept your money it’s just taking a while. As others have said you could of just bought elsewhere or even a different make elsewhere. companies are quick to take your money and slow to return it, is it right no, do people expect it yes. also if it was for work they should of supplied the equipment, or the money for it..


Most of this ^ general the products are so reliable you don't have to bother sorry about your experience however op. :(


they are great at replacing faulty prodcuts still within warrenty I have experienced


Also, just so you know, when the 'process the return' it takes another 3 weeks before your money appears in your account if its a credit card. Just saying as i had a similar experience last year, but wasn't too bothered as they seemed nice enough and were coping with limited staff etc.

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Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Ollyvica
Logitech LGT G29 from Currys Clearance eBay DAMAGED BOX £128 currys_clearance eBay
Well out of my comfort zone here - but looked like a good deal if as new: "A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging" Albeit packaging clearly … Read more

I see


should be fine from what I have read https://www.gtplanet.net/ps5-supports-ps4-driving-wheels-20200803/


The mods moved it


No dont think so, Logitech already had adverts for their new one for the ps5 (in line with GT7). :(


Gone now. No reason why you shouldn’t have posted it in deals though.

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Updated 26th JanLast updated 26th Jan by mikester
Student beans discount for logitech please???
and thank you :) :) :)

Hi, sorry to bump an old thread but rather than starting a new one thought I'd ask here. Could someone please PM me a student beans code for Logitech website please?




Anyone got another one for me please?


What are you guys buying from Logitech?


Anyone have another spare student beans code for Logitech? please 🙏

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Updated 28th Dec 2020Last updated 28th Dec 2020 by Rusty82
Logitech C920HD Webcam £89.99
The Logitech C920 HD webcam is currently in stock at Logitech for £89.99 including free delivery, which is cheaper than Amazon, who are currently selling for £139.99 This isn'… Read more

I paid £24.29 on 18th April 2019. It's a great quality camera but wouldn't be paying much more than I did. That price is ridiculous.


I think the £24.99 price would have been a one off promotional offer. It looks like at launch the C920 HD was $99. It's currently $79 on the US website, so it has fallen since launch. However, I haven't seen a huge promotional price drop for sometime now. I just checked and it's now sold out on the UK website so I guess they won't be lowering the price for a while.


Jesus... this was retailing at £24.99 only two years ago! Talk about inflation!

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Updated 3rd Nov 2020Last updated 3rd Nov 2020 by jacktaylorwood
IN STOCK AT A NORMAL PRICE! :) not really a deal but hard to find at the moment at a good price. The Pro version is also in stock on the logitech website. @ £169.99 X52 deli… Read more

Seems to have gone out of stock now. Thanks for this, would have missed it and been stick with the HORI that Amazon is sending my way later this week.


Good price. I wanted to upgrade my HOTAS, but my wife would shout at me :S


For any students there is a 25% off code through Studentbeans.


I have this and use it with a Quest 2 for Squadrons and it is just incredible, but Elite Dangerous is even better!


Good stick so ive seen. Yeah prices are nutts. I think we all need to adjust our strategy when it comes to online buying, especially in this Corvid climate. You see gamers sitting on the fence for Black Friday deals on 4k LG OLED's, hoping for a £100 discount, what they fail to realise is, with PC Gamers considering 4k OLED's over a new monitor, and the imminent release of the new consoles, anyone with half a brain will already have an OLED...not wait, and be depressed for not acting sooner. Enjoy your stick.