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Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, £29.98 at Ebuyer (+£3.49 delivery)
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Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
Amazon's sold out, cheapest at the moment, great keyboard for the money. Top features: - Fast and responsive performance to give you the competitive edge - RGB lighting zones w… Read more

Ordered from amazon with estimated date 26th Oct, but now being delivered between 19th and 21st. £29.99


Just over £30.00 delivered at ebuyer ebay using code POPULAR20 but i have ordered from amazon(£29.99) which i prefer but a slight wait(26th October) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Logitech-G213-Prodigy-Gaming-Keyboard-RGB-Backlit-QWERTY-UK-Layout-/293154125502 and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-G213-Prodigy-Keyboard-Backlit/dp/B01L6L451Q/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Logitech+G213+Prodigy+Gaming+Keyboard&qid=1571249592&sr=8-2


I purchased this on prime day and I can vouch for the keyboard, it's a nice layout and while you can't change the lighting individually you can change it in 5 sections. Comfortable to type on, however I do wish the arm rest was softer. 9/10 Edit: another thing that is a slight disadvantage is that you can't adjust your screen brightness from the keyboard which is annoying.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout, Black £29.98 @ Amazon
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Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
back ordered. in stock 26th october
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Here (Link) from Ebuyer/Ebay for £30.14 using code "POPULAR20"


Managed to snag one. I usually miss these. Cheers Op


Tell me about it! Looks like a good deal though. Will keep an eye open in case it comes about again (y)


wow, that went quick.


Not seeing any £29.98 options from Amazon... You may have got the last one

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout, Black for £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
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Posted 10th OctPosted 10th Oct
Personalise five individual lighting zones from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colours on this RGB keyboard Full-sized gaming RGB keyboard designed for gaming and productivity; t… Read more

Mine arrived on Saturday, and had a good 4 hour session on Borderlands 3 yesterday, lovely for the price point (and still no RSI)


@Brutes A whole penny cheaper now! :D


every gaming post on HUKD have to have these "gaming snobs" with their "this is not for gamers cause it does not cost 10x the regular stuff, how can you call something for gaming if it's not good for professional athletes"


Not everyone is as lucky as you. I work with people who have developed RSI. Once you have it it becomes a lifelong condition which needs to be managed. A mechanical keyboard does not have to be noisy - ones with red and brown switches are silent or near silent. I work with both, I buy standard cheap ones for work - membrane keyboards. Where users complain I buy others - ie with scissor switches or other ergonomic membrane ones. If these still don't alleviate the problem then I purchase mechanical keyboards. The issue here is gaming - and if you want the best for gaming then that is definitely mechanical.


Well I have been using keyboards for 30 years, and only had a mechanical between 2011-2015 (sold my desktop and now game on laptop), and haven't suffered any RSI. Yes, typing on the mech was nicer (and noisier), but people really sensationalise how bad non-mech ones are. As for the deal, thinking of picking this up (moving back to a desktop in preperation for Cyberpunk 2077) as a mech would be too noisy and expensive for just 1 game.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch  Keyboard £17.99 Delivered @ Box
Posted 10th OctPosted 10th Oct
Really good and well reviewed keyboards for the cash. Amazon have them at £18.98 but you'll be waiting a while, as they're on back order "In stock on October 27, 2019" Also for tho… Read more

Do these have touch pad gestures? Two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom etc?


Reason why I bought this, works flawlessly


Can you use it in your TV?


Surely you can carry on using the wireless mouse in conjunction with this.


Great device, have this one and the older one. It's so handy especially if you quickly need a keyboard/trackpad to setup a computer or such. The Mrs uses the older one on her Surface Pro.

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Logitech K120 Business Keyboard QWERTY £8.98 Prime (£8.08 Student) / +£4.49 Non Prime
Posted 21st SepPosted 21st Sep
Logitech K120 Business Keyboard QWERTY UK Layout Windows / Linux Good price for a decent basic keyboard especially with the student discount for Prime holders.
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Yeah would need something more rugged for a work environment. Saying that I'm buying this as my own personal KB at work. I've had enough of the horrible, definitely disease ridden communal one at work. Requesting one to be provided will likely be a test of sanity so for £8 I'll just get my own.


Stopped buying these in work because the feet kept breaking off.

LOGITECH K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard - Dark Grey for £17.99 Delivered/Free C&C @ Currys
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Same Price on Amazon but as the Delivery is free for everyone, adds benefit to those who don't have Amazon Prime (y) Product features Up to 18 months battery life Touchpad Co… Read more

Would this work with an Xbox one?


I've had a few cheap wireless keyboards over the years for controlling my PC from the sofa and this is by far the best one I've bought for the price.


Would this work with Amazon fire TV?


Used a few of these in different places. Wouldn't want to use one for lots of typing as it's not a great typing experience, but for quick and easy wireless control of a TV or entertainment PC, or for occasional use works really well, and nice and light. Battery lasts for ages as others have noted.


just got the white one, looks really nice, was worried it looked cheap.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard for Windows, Android and Chrome -  White, £17.99 at Amazon (+£4.49 Non Prime)
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Great little keyboard at low price. Prime Student Members Get an Extra 10% Off.

Oh thank you! So one does exist! I will check it out :)




This will look great on my android stereo in my white Lamborghini (y)


Batteries last for so long on these keyboards (& trackpad) It's almost comical how long, I can't remember the last time I replaced mine and I use it every day (had it for a year and a half). Range is really good, my PC is miles away from me. I'd rather the F keys were default instead of media keys then you could get away with not having to install their software (logitech options). Use it for the odd game, even though I shouldn't, seems the input delay is negligible. Keys don't have the best feel tbh, I'd rather have normal scissor switch, I have mech keyboards too but scissor is alright. The return key seems to have that scissor switch style for some reason but other keys don't (you gain a quieter typing experience though). The k400 plus- Does the job, worth twice the price. Handy placement of the upper left button for left click mouse for when you hold it like a gamepad. I recall being worried that they sent it without the dongle for the wifi as it wasn't in the battery compartment or loose in the box, it's actually in the top/front of the box where you open it in a little slot.


Thank you. That is a Bluetooth keyboard of which there are 100s of models available, but my question was about a full-size keyboard and trackpad, like this device, that is Bluetooth. I wonder if they don’t exist due to some technical limitation of Bluetooth around having both keyboard and trackpad functionality on one device? Unless anyone has found one that is... :)

Logitech Advanced Combo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, UK Layout (USB Receiver) for £22.49 Student / £24.98 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
Compatible with PC Windows, Chrome OS) An instatantly familiar typing experiance - Type with comfort and precision on a full-size keyboard, the keys have been optimised for impr… Read more

So reliable you bought several...




Alright grandad, do you use one of them phones you have to wind up before you dial too, "hello, can you put me through to Bakerloo 452". Heat despite the luddites


Wired ones are more reliable. I bought several Tetext branded from B&M for £1.


You're thinking of the K400.

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for £44.99 Student Prime/£49.99 Prime/ +£4.49 NP @ Amazon UK
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Cracking deal, especially with the student discount. Works really well with an iPad, there aren't many decent iPad keyboards that work on the lap - I know because I brought it 5 da… Read more

Agreed a different price range so not fair to compare!


That looks way better than the Smart Keyboard. Still about £160 though :/


I bought a Apple Magic Keyboard as I like the feel of the keys and supported a kickstarter campaign for a case that brings together the two: https://touchtypecase.com/


Review here says it’s pretty good, though touch typists may take a little while to get used to it. The appeal for me is the built in stand, it’s great for occasional use on a lap and for moving around to different rooms. The Apple Smart Keyboard is the closest alternative but it’s £160 https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-bluetooth-keyboard/


Seriously though, is this any good for touch typists? looks like the round keys could be problematic.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Black for £16.19 Student Prime/£17.99 Prime/ +£4.49 NP @ Amazon UK
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Smart: Simplify your life; with the K380 wireless keyboard, type on and switch among any three Bluetooth devices Convenient: Compact, lightweight keyboard makes for easy use, anyw… Read more

Just received mine and wish I'd have seen it earlier. Have numerous keyboards (inc some pricey mechanicals) and this one is a pleasure to type on. As pointed out by @Brownstone it has a nice weight and quality feel. Certainly no issues for me coming from square keys. My only regret is the other keyboards that will gather dust! Thanks for sharing the deal @Brutes


Just bought it. Big thanks


I paid ~£30 I think, less than a year ago, and didn't feel robbed... I have one of these, and it's flippin brilliant. So good, I just bought another one. It's a solid, heavy little thing, and the keys are a joy to type on. There's no keypad or touchpad, obvs, but the function keys are great, as are the keys for switching between devices.


Thank you sir, price is more than I expected but I like good quality stuff and multi device support Will look into it for sure. Thank you again


I have one of these, and it's flippin brilliant. So good, I just bought another one. It's a solid, heavy little thing, and the keys are a joy to type on. There's no keypad or touchpad, obvs, but the function keys are great, as are the keys for switching between devices.

Logitech G513 Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Romer-G Linear Key Switches £89.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th SepPosted 6th Sep
The tactile one was posted a few days ago but the linear keys seems to far be the favourite on this board. Thought this was worth a mention, cheaper then anywhere else on the web … Read more



Can't really see what's terrible about the corsair icue software. The latest version is easy to use and I've made custom profiles without any difficulties. I like it.


On a basic level you can just plug it in and use it. but other features will still sometimes not work properly, like macro keys etc.


Dumb question incoming - if I don't care about the lights, is it not just a plug and play keyboard?


Great price, the linear doesn't tend to get reduced as much as the tactile from what I've seen. I've got the tactile one myslef and like it, but I know a lot of people prefer the linear.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Mouse £15.30 Delivered Student Prime / £17 / +£4.49 non @ Amazon UK
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Posted 4th SepPosted 4th Sep
10% discount applied @ Check out. Others can buy it from Sainsburys for £16.66 ((LINK)) Long-range wireless connection: The Logitech MK270 wireless keyboard and mouse comb… Read more

Have had this since building my pc a few months back, mouse is tremendously small. The keyboard in my eyes is lovely.


Depends how big your hand is


On a small side.


I've the same one. Mouse too small. Many times i accidentally press right or left click. Now it develop another issue. My num pad 0 don't work in Windows 10 but works in ubuntu. I was wondering if anyone knows the solution. Uninstall /install many times. But no change.


I sort of guessed it wasn't 3mm across.

Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Carbon £89.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
With Romer-G Tactile Key Switches (UK Layout) - Carbon. Recent price drop. High-performance RGB keyboard with customizable full spectrum colour lighting per key plus LightSync g… Read more
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G510 keyboard best for me. I fked it up by washing it haha. Was around 7 years old. Still working now. I bought G710 not a good feeling. You hear tap tap jesus. All new logitech keyboard feel cheap.


Thanks. You've confirmed my choice (y)


The ping sound was mentioned in a YouTube review. The guy said it was very annoying. It happened on both the linear and tactile switches. As you rightly say, it's the metal frame that's making the noise.


Corsair all day


Its not the mechanical mechanism of the key that makes the noise. I have the romer-g keys. Its the metal frame of the keyboard that echoes

Logitech K380 wireless Bluetooth keyboard £17.99 + £4.49 delivery Non Prime @ Amazon (dispatches within 1-2 months)
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Posted 29th AugPosted 29th Aug
Using student prime you can get extra 10% off (effectively £16.19 with prime student discount). Dispatches within 1-2 months (maybe out of stock?). Great price for this keyboar… Read more

Got it delivered today. Works fine although I still prefer my mechanical one. It is really quiet, just the round keys are a bit strange to begin with but eventually got it going. Hot for the price paid.


Keyboard alone is a keyboard. Besides, it connects via Bluetooth


Update the firmware when you get it. Logitech have made security patches available. Simple 2min job.


You are back again XD with the ignorance


No mouse or touchpad . Keyboard alone is nothing. Cold Waste another USB slot for mouse .

White Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard Windows, Android & Chrome £17.99 Prime / £16.19 Student Prime (+£4.49 non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
White Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard down to £17.99 or £16.19 with Student Prime. The white version is not discounted that often. Good reviews and comes with a 2 year m… Read more

I have this, it's nice but a Bluetooth keyboard is better as you can link it with more devices


Remember to patch the firmware to close the security loop holes. https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360025297893


I like a proper house to hold


I'm left handed Logitech, why do you hate me :( To be fair there are no keyboards in the form factor that have the touchpad on the left.


that was black, the white version only dropped today (also the black version is no longer £17.99 - is £18.99)

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Blue OOS (Bluetooth)/K400 PLUS (Wireless) Black,Keyboard for £16.19 Student P/£17.99 Prime/+£4.49 NP @ Amazon UK
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Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
K400 Plus (LINK) Product Description The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard brings the comfort and convenience of desktop typing to your smartphone, tablet and m… Read more

Beware of knobs in cafes fullstop. (skeptical)


I have the k400 plus and its reliable and conserves battery better than any other wireless keyboard I've used at the price. Still its got some downsides like pretty bendy and flimsy, awkward to use without table, would probably go smaller for my room media center. Doesn't seem to be many decent alternatives though.


Would k400 will work with smart TV?


Sorted, thanks. (y)


Nothing wrong with using a Bluetooth device. Just pair it for the first time in a secure environment such as home WiFi.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard - Blue £17.99 at Amazon Prime / £22.48 Non Prime
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Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Logitech K380 for £17.99, just ordered one, delivery time is slightly longer but seems like a good deal.
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Just ordered one sold by Amazon at this price by clicking on other sellers. They are on back order from Amazon for delivery before 28th Aug.


2,4GHz "unifier" dongle connectivity isnt really wifi but this is Bluetooth only. Unifier method is simpler and therefore better for PC (BIOS screens etc) and some TVs - so some dual mode KBs do exist


Expired by the looks of it.


Non available at that price


Specs suggest this model is Bluetooth only, not dual-connect.

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