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Logitech - G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Black - £32 delivered @ Coolshop
Posted 17th OctPosted 17th Oct
In white https://www.coolshop.co.uk/product/logitech-g305-wireless-gaming-mouse-white/AC6P85/ Cheapest I could find. Amazon has it for 42.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-… Read more

Excellent Lightspeed Mouse, battery lasts well over several months, may I recommend again.. https://www.box.co.uk/Logitech-G-G413-Carbon-Mechanical-Gaming_2435654.html


The way I looked at it was is that the original RRP is £110 and this is selling at £60. Unless this is an end of line clearance because a new version is coming out (it's out of stock with Logitech direct) I suspect that this is very near the cost price. So there is a chance it is cheaper on Black Friday but I'll be surprised if it's that much cheaper. There's also the chance that it doesn't get this cheap again. Also the cheapest used one in Amazon warehouse is £55.75 so it's only a few quid more for a brand new one.


Had it in amazon wish list waiting for black Friday, reckon it will get lower than this by then ?


I got a wireless mouse because having the cord attached the mouse itself is annoying, rather than because I didn't like the look of a wire going across the desk. Though if the latter is your reason for doing so then sure this product doesn't make much sense for you. I still use a wired keyboard for example as the keyboard doesn't get moved around to the extent that a mouse does. I've also worn through mouse wires before due to the movement. This is still a bit on the pricier side for something I don't really need but I've got some Amazon vouchers that need to be spent on something. The charging of the mouse doesn't really bother me that much but I wouldn't be upset to not have to bother doing so any more.


Nice price grab one


Has a RGB logo (y) Place you mouse down on the mat, no need to charge overnight, no need to change batteries, no need to plug in cables, charges as you use it makes sense to me. Only real problem is there (poo) GHUB software. HOT for price.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac, Black £29.99 @ Amazon (10% off for students)
851° Expired
Posted 24th SepPosted 24th Sep
I've set the deal link to go to the offers page, but if that changes, make sure to go there to get this price (from Amazon direct) as the default price is a lot more from another s… Read more

Best mouse I’ve owned. Can store 3 Bluetooth settings so can switch between 3 different machines with a button under the mouse with ease. Software actually useful. I have right push on the wheel as the Windows+Tab view to quickly switch between open windows. Lots of customisations possible on a per app basis. Battery life is ridiculous. Owned it for a year, use it for 2-3 hours a day and charged it only a couple of times.


Logitech software allows you to reassign buttons. I have reassigned my side buttons to middle click as they are easier and quicker to press. So any multi button Logitech has middle click available. Including this one.


Had style this for years. The button just below the wheel is middle click if you set it up. Took a while to get used to but it's fine, If not better in my opinion. My works mouse is traditional middle under wheel and I flick between both types daily and don't even notice.


Great price. I tried this as my regular mouse but I didn't like it and went for a G403 wireless(which needs a dongle and ties up a USB port) I found it was too small for me but I imagine a great mouse for travel. (y)


Beware - this is smaller than the MX master... If you have big hands.

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse USB for PC Windows/Mac/Linux, Grey Ambidextrous Design for £7.55 Student P/£8.39 Prime/+£4.49NP @ Amazon UK
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th SepLocalLocal
Features & details Wireless connectivity: Enjoy the freedom of a wireless mouse with the reliability of a cord - no delays, no dropouts just seamless tracking Absolute compa… Read more

I have this and it worked great for years


Absolutely great mouse. You really feel the difference compared to other mice of a similar price.


Fantastic mouse with a extremely good build quality.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac, Black, £31.50 at Amazon/France
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Great mouse for the money. Features & details Darkfield laser tracking gives you flawless control virtually anywhere, including on glass* and high-gloss surfaces; *4 mm minim… Read more

Returned mine for the same reason. Need the click wheel!


Had one of these briefly, but returned it because you can't have the wheel act as a middle click, which you can on the MX Master. All clicking the wheel can do is switch between hyperscroll and "standard" scrolling - with a couple of exceptions, I use hyperscroll everywhere and never turn it off.


I have one of these, i can highly recommend it

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse  £40.79 / £39.31 With Fee Free Card @ Amazon France
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Not the lowest ever, but the lowest in recent days. Delivery for me is 3 days, so that's not bad. Poss £39.31 if you pay in Euros with a fee free payment card Multi-device… Read more

Good to use, but the price is not nice. This is how much I paid last year. Electronics should be cheaper after one year.


Ha ha me too. Thats why my G502 is loaded up with all the weights. Bring on the bulk (strong)


There isn't really any noticeable lag with wireless mice as they poll at the full rate that is supported (unless it's a terrible mouse). It's a bit of a placebo based on older tech! I also prefer a heavier mouse, light ones like those silly model o with all the speed holes would be pure hell for me!


Fair play.


I'd take the one with bluetooth and side scrolling.

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse - £59.99 @ Curry's
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Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Best price I found right now for a reliable wireless gaming mouse.

G703. I wouldn't worry what sensor your mouse uses you wont notice the difference.


I have the G903 and can highly recommend it


I prefer the 3366 over the Hero.


Changed the title


Beware this is old version without HERO sensory and better battery. The new version is still being sold at £75 on Currys

Logitech MX Master Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse with USB Unifying Receiver £44.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 5th SepPosted 5th Sep
Top mouse, low cash! Half the price of the MX Master 2s, but just as good! Multi-device pairing - pair up to three different devices to easily switch across computers with the tou… Read more

I wonder if the pricing has to do with https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/mx-master-3?


Where are the 8 buttons that can change? I want a few for gaming to do certain actions with certain buttons.


they are so well built. My first ever MX revolution is still working after 10+ years! It has been relegated for occasional office use at but they really worth every penny!


they are so well built. My first ever MX revolution is still working after 10+ years! It has been relegated for occasional office use at but they really worth every penny!


+1 on that, I actually prefer my MXM to my MXM2s, they are both good, but feels more solid and grip worthy!! 8)

Logitech G305 Wireless USB Optical Gaming Mouse - FREE Logitech G240 Mouse Pad and 10% off for student making it £39.99 at Amazon
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Posted 4th SepPosted 4th Sep
Mouse and Mouse Pad bundle without promotion (bundle) - 57.99 But with the promotion you can get both for £38.69! Promotion - *Free Mouse Mat which is selling for £14.99 individu… Read more

So much for "unifying" eh?


Am I right to think all these new gaming wireless mouse doesn’t use those unifying dongle anymore? Thanks...


I'd recommend https://www.box.co.uk/products/keywords/g413+carbon+mechanical+gaming+keyboard+red+backlit+uk+layout+g305+mouse+wireless+black+bundle/ex/true


What?? No. Each mouse is paired only to its own receiver and always will be. Best to look at the MX series, those let you switch between three devices using one mouse which makes a lot more sense. .


Cheaper to go for the EU version will bring price down to 38.69

Logitech Wireless Mouse - £2 - Found Instore @ Asda (Winsford)
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Posted 31st AugPosted 31st AugLocalLocal
Logitech wireless mouse

Not national


Cant find them in 2 Derby stores


After using it for a day the mouse clicks are perfect no noise but like micdee says the scroll wheel is loud but for £2 can't moan


Sold out In Winsford*


This is 'S I L E N T'

Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo MK270 + 3 Year Warranty - £16.66 @ Sainsbury
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Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Logitech® Wireless Combo MK270. The reliable wireless combo with a tiny Logitech plug-and-forget receiver. You get the reliability of a cord plus wireless convenience for up to 10 … Read more

FYI Still some left in stores


I don't like personal irrelevant comments


Use the other one then.


£16.66 is barley a deal for this. I picked this up from Amazon over a year ago for £19.99. And I didn't actually pay that I used a £20 Amazon voucher for it.


I don't like the enter key

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac, Black for £29.99 (Student Prime for £26.99) Delivered @ Amazon UK
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Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
Student Prime get automatic 10% off at checkout. Product Description The Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mouse/Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac provides high performance … Read more

Looks like an old Sinclair QL !! square keys, round indentations Bluetooth LE again, so no windows 7 support without using a usb port USB-C for charging, so hopefully it comes with a cable cause right now, many people havent switched over to usb c Too Expensive


Thanks for the info. Ended up ordering the K780 for £45 as wanted full size and it gets delivered today (10% student discount). Will see how I get on with it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Multi-Device-Wireless-Bluetooth-Keyboard/dp/B01GV6HP0E/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3OH4KU75S27S3&keywords=k780+multi-device+wireless+keyboard&qid=1568857986&s=computers&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&sprefix=k78%2Ccomputers%2C152&sr=1-3 Wish list item - Logitech just released what looks like the matching keyboard for MX range of mouses (mice? (confused) ). It's called the MX Keys. Looks the business but is it really better at that price range? Doubt it. Probably just me turning into a fanboy and falling for the marketing hype of a matching keyboard. (embarrassed) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Advanced-Wireless-Keyboard-Backlighting/dp/B07W6HXZ5J/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=mx+keys&qid=1568858599&s=computers&sr=1-1


you could try this one, not a bad price right now either https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Multi-Device-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Windows/dp/B013SL1YXO EDIT: Looks like it was posted here as a deal on the 16th https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/logitech-k380-multi-device-bluetooth-keyboard-for-windows-mac-chrome-android-black-for-1799-prime-449-np-at-amazon-uk-3294809 If your using a MAC then the equivelnt to the one i mentioned earlier that i use, is the K811


Thanks for that. Will look it up. I'm currently using my cheap old K270 and it does not get with my macbook pro. Lots of lag and ignored key presses. Used to think it was my cheap usb C hubs but the MX mouse works spot on so it must be the K270 keyboard and mouse combo which has issues with mac.


I have a Logitech K810 (uk) that is absolutely perfect for it, both being compact and Bluetooth, good luck finding one now though, as they replaced it with some cheap crap copy that uses bluetooth 4.0 LE (smart) that will only work with latest everything, so windows 7 users are screwed.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac, Black £26.99 Amazon Prime Excl
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Logitech MX anywhere two Format: Right-handed; motion sensor technology: Laser Device Interface: Wireless RF + Bluetooth Movement resolution: 1000 DPI Type of buttons: Push butt… Read more

I have the AMZ version and indeed the pushbutton is there. Really good mouse, bought it to replace my 1st gen MX Anywhere in order to use via BT and free up a USB port in my laptop. There is one really annoying drawback if you use it via Bluetooth. It has a very aggressive energy saving that drops the wireless connection too quickly, so you find often that you have to wiggle it a bit to wake-up and reconnect before the cursor moves. Sadly, there's no way to increase the timeout in the settings, even if you download Logitech's software.


The pics in the advert for the item point out the 3 connection switch so I would expect it to be there...


Yes....and some people say it has lower DPI and is missing the multi computer switch button. (Amazon questions rarely provides me with actual answers. Whereas HUKD often does; hence why I asked)


Amazon. It’s literally the first question in the q&As on the product page. The MX Master AMZ is an Amazon exclusive rebadge of the original model.


What does the AMZ refer to in the Anywhere 2 AMZ name...and is this any different to the normal (but more pricey) Anywhere 2? (I'm deciding whether to go for this, or for the older version of the Microsoft Arc mouse)

Logitech MX Master AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Graphite for £36.99 delivered @ Amazon
581° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Prime day deal. Great mouse (y) Multi-device pairing - pair up to three different devices to easily switch across computers with the touch of a button; the MX Master PC mo… Read more
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That's fair enough not too bad for that


If it’s still working fine after a week I reckon I’ll keep it for £19.


It's a shame there weren't any like new ones available, I always order that if I can or not at all, especially when the difference is only 2 or 3 pounds on the price.


I went for used very good as that’s all was left. It cost £29. It said it would have a couple of cosmetic marks I think (there doesn’t seem to be away to see the original listing) but I figured I would get a mouse that matched the serial number of the box. I contacted amazon to say numbers didn’t match and they have refunded me £10 so it’s cost me £19 so far. I’m going to keep it for a week to check battery etc then decide what to do.


Yeah mine came last night, depends on what condition you ordered... I selected Used - Like New and they were both pristine, didn't look to have been used at all. One box had the seal broken but the other one didn't - someone obviously ordered and sent back without even taking it out of the box. I ended up returning them both anyway, they weren't suitable... one was too big for my requirements and the other just too small, have ordered a Logitech M720 instead which is arriving tomorrow.

Logitech G G413 Carbon Mechanical Gaming Backlit Keyboard / USB Passthrough  + Logitech G305 Wireless Lightspeed mouse £74.99 @ Box
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Nice saving over buying individually, can't go wrong with a good wireless mouse and mech keyboard. No codes or anything and delivery is free Keyboard Specs Advan… Read more

Wanted a g305 and I don't mind the romer g switches of the g910 my friend has. This is great thanks

Logitech MX Master 2S Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse with USB Unifying Receiver+Rechargeable Battery  Graphite for £47.99 @ Amazon UK
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Logitech MX Master 2S Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse with USB Unifying Receiver+Rechargeable Battery Graphite for £47.99 @ Amazon UK
£47.99£59.9920%Amazon Deals
Flow-enabled Mouse: Control multiple computers with a Flow-enabled mouse and switch between them with a move of the cursor; seamlessly Flow text, images and files across computers … Read more

Yep, sort of. Look on Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. It's meant for a more on the go use and is smaller.


No "master", just MX Anywhere.


There's a smaller mouse that's called like the mx master anywhere i think.


Expired? Showing back up at £59.99 for me now?.. I keep missing this :(


Is there a smaller alternative to these? I bought and return them coz they are just too big for my size 7 little hand....

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse, Black £47.99 at John Lewis and partners (free c&c / £3.50 p&p)
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Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Great mouse and good price, 2 year guarantee included. Move between computers No need to email documents to yourself to get it from one computer to another or save them on a flash… Read more

There virtually isn't much difference, from a practical perspective.


Yeah, I got a 2s at work and loved it, so got an AMZ for home. To be honest, hard for a normal person to tell any difference and both great mice.




Fantastic mice - I've had several of the variants, going back 10 years to the original MX Revolution version, replacing with next iteration as the old one died (mostly down to the little copper spring inside the left-click mechanism eventually giving up the ghost. Can't really complain as they all got a *lot* of day-in day-out heavy use and all lasted *at least* double the warranty period.) Only problem I have with them is that the metal of the scroll wheel has high nickel content, which gives me a nasty contact dermatitis reaction every now and again. However ... the auto fast-scroll spin wheel is such a killer feature that any other mouse I use just feels ... incomplete, so I carefully paint the wheel with a layer of clear nail varnish. :D


good mouse for big hands

Logitech MX Master 2S Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Mouse £47.99 Amazon
492° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Cheapest its been: Box Contains 1 x Rechargeable wireless mouse Unifying receiver Micro-USB cable for recharging brunomcc: Possibly can get that for £37.99 on Amazon Prime N… Read more

I use this across 3 devices, it's great






I was able to get it for £17.99


Just use an Amex points card and pay partially with it and use code AMEX25OFF at checkout (angel) See LINK for more details

Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mat £139.48 Delivered @ Box
156° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mat £139.48 Delivered @ Box
£139.48£158.9412%Box.co.uk Deals
Box have the G903 / Powerplay mat bundle down in price again although this time even lower, although I'm not sure quite how long for. Works out at £69.74 per item if you want to lo… Read more

Don't really see the point in mat. Mouse lasts about 30 hours if you turn off the LED's. Easy to plug in with the supplied cable and use like wired mouse if needed, or just let it charge overnight every so often.


Oh, that's quite expensive compared to this deal then. I think I would rather have the old one and the Powerplay mat. The Hero sensor is a lot better on battery life if you don't want to use the Powerplay mat though.


Did we get a UK price on that? I saw the 150 USD RRP on an article this morning. Hopefully some nice offers on that in the UK. I don't need another mouse, but I do want one... Actually just saw £129.99 for UK


G903 HERO incoming boys.

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