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Lucozade Pineapple Punch (3 for £1) instore @ *Heron Foods*
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th MayLocalLocal
Usually £1 each (£1 marked price) Really nice flavour and one of the best tasting Lucozade Drinks Heron Foods have had these for quite a while. Seen them last week and thought it… Read more

This one has sugar. Had in my local (y)


Jamie Oliver’s fault....How’s he doing?#Karma


Be even nicer if they didn't take the sugar out


Never even knew this was a thing.sounds nice.shame there’s no Heron Foods near me

Lucozade 6 pack * 380ml £2 @ Tesco
04/06/2019Expires on 04/06/2019Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
These are always on and off offer but they have been £2.50 lately when on offer so thought it was worth a post.
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So, the horse had already bolted, then?


Congratulations 👏👏👏


What difference does aspartame make to a diabetic? (recently diagnosed) I think the Pink and orange zero taste pretty good for a zero drink imho I have switched to Lucozade Zero from 2 litres of Full fat coke a day and I feel it has contributed to a 2+ stone weight loss in 4 months along with a general change of diet and exercise.


Good deal....FYI B&M do a 8 pack for £3.50 and that’s a normal price.... just for the people who have this on there weekly shop.


No use for anyone, 2x1litre bottles of coke for £2 do a better job

X8 Lucozade Caribbean Crush 380ML , Now £1.75 @ Iceland ( In store )
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th AprLocalLocal
My local Iceland had this x8 pack of Caribbean Crush Lucozade for £1.75. ( E.Port Store ) Worth checking your nearest store if your there anyway and not out of date, possibly a dis… Read more
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@brisbrom Thx for confirming as not just a local deal, may help others ;) (highfive)


Just got these in Bromsgrove too.


thats bad (zombie)

2facedshanks local Iceland never has offers like this

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Tesco Lucozade £1 for 1 liter bottles or buy 2x500 ML for £2.50
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Saw this cracking deal at a Tesco's . £1 for a 1 liter bottle or 2 X 500 ml for £2.50 nearly 150 percent inflated. See the pics below.
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The glass bottles with the cellophane round in the 60/70s were a treat in our house when you were ill..


Yeah just had a bottle yesterday - spilt most of it on my damn yellow carpet as well - at least it doesnt stain like cherryade! Thats the only upside that damn Jamie olvier and his sugar crusade has destroyed all the good things we enjoyed as kids! lol (shock)


The new cherry is so bad


Yeah farmoods are the cheapest they even do two 1 litre Emerge Energy drinks for £1 - cheapest was Home Bargains always £0.59 but cant beat good old farmfoods! As for Lucozade 1 litre Been £1 in Asda for the last 12 months and 6 pack for the 500ml ones £2.50. Brings back those 1970's memories of being in bed ill with the measles or chicken pox and being rescued by a golden bottle fo the ever so expensive (back then) Luvverly Glucozade Lucozade! ;)


2 for £1.80 for 1ltr bottles at farmfoods if memory serves.

Lucozade 380ml 3 for £1 instore at Home Bargains
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th AprLocalLocal
Scanned 3 for £1
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I got them the other day, mine were dated May 2019


Great if you love sweetener. I can't drink this anymore. Sad.


Short-dated and always taste vile from HB :(


Is that a deal when the litre bottles are a quid in Asda? Heat anyway cos I love Lucozade!

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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th AprLocalLocal
3 X 380ml = 1140ml (1.14Ltr) Normally you can find a 1ltr bottle for £1 so you can get a little more of that sweet nectarine for the same price. Price comparison is original sing… Read more

Used to be my favourite drink but it's horrible with the reduced sugar..voted hot as it's a good deal anyway for those who like it.


I know it’s ironic right, I’m saying this on a money saving website... but I’d prefer to pay £1.70 a bottle for the sugary stuff than this crap. I’d be interested to see Ribena Suntory’s loss after 2017.


Well its that or we pay a higher price cause of the sugar tax.. (y)


This stuff tastes absolutely disgusting nowadays! Once they lowered the sugar level!

1 Litre of Lucozade Original Zero selling at 50p a bottle in Asda
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th MarLocalLocal
Lucozade original zero 50p a bottle (1 litre) Told its national

Which are not proven in doses applicable to humans


So we have a glucose drink with no glucose. Caffeine free coffee. Zero alcohol beer. And cant drive over 20 mph in our high powered cars. Ain't life grand.


Not to mention the effects of aspartame and other sweeteners...


good price but the world has gone mad with sweetner, what the point of lucozade without sugar when it suppose to give you energy after some work out.

Lucozade Sport Lite Orange 4X500ml @ Pounstretcher Instore £1.29
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th FebLocalLocal
found these in my local poundstretcher great yarmouth town centre,they had pallets full. Low calorie orange flavour fitness drink with added vitamins and calcium - with sugar and … Read more
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Low cal version any good?

Lucozade Zero Original 500 ML Instore @ Poundstretcher  £0.10
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th FebLocalLocal
found these in my local poundstretcher great yarmouth town centre.dated 02/2019 they also had drench orange for the same price.Find Your Flow with Lucozade Zero. Unmistakably aweso… Read more
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My thoughts exactly. If there is no sugar, then what's providing the 'energy'?


Zero? Surely the sugar hit is the reason to drink Lucozade in the first place




They should do, the same over here, Poundstretcher have rebranded most their stores to Bargain buys for some reason.


(embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)

Lucozade Sport 4x500ml - Rasberry, Mango & Passion Fruit - 4 pack - £2 @ Morrisons
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
Morrisons - Kirkby in Ashfield. Yellow sticker deal reduced from 3.52£ to 2£. 4x500ml - Rasberry and Mango & Passion fruit :)

Same in coop :0) great deal and thanks for posting (y)

Lucozade orange 8 pack £3 each or 2 packs for £4 Heron Foods
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th FebLocalLocal
Lucozade orange 8pk, £3 each or 2pks for £4 heron foods Ashton-in-Makerfield

Thank you just got the original ones in my local for this price heat added


(annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed)


Yeah blame the food and not yourself (annoyed) McDonalds doesn't make people fat, people make themselves fat, people like you need to stop blaming food and start taking responsibility for their own actions including the parents


Which is more likely then, someone drinking 10 pints or a bottle of vodka in one go or someone drinking 10 bottles of lucozade, plus last time I checked no one was fighting and injured in A&E after 10 lucozades but was after bottle of vodka.


They have less sugar than cola now, less caffeine too. Since they lowered the recipe they're not that bad.

Lucozade 6 pack (6 x 380ml) all varieties £2.00 @ Sainsburys Online/Instore
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Lucozade 6 pack (6 x 380ml) all varieties £2.00 @ Sainsburys Online/Instore
£2£3.7046%Sainsbury's Deals
Currently on offer at Sainsburys.

Dont they do lemon barley flavour anymore?


Yep don’t even pick these up anymore


Thanks nishu <3


Never understood why they didn’t keep the full sugar version and charge a higher rate similar to coke. There sales figures since have seriously dropped!


That deal should help you feel energised :D (party)

Lucozade Energy Drinks 6 x 380ml £2.00 A Pack At Tesco
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Lucozade Energy Drinks 6 x 380ml £2.00 A Pack At Tesco
Various Lucozade Energy drinks 6 packs on offer for £2, works out cheaper than the 1 litre bottles for £1 per ml.. Most places sell these 6 bpacks for £2.50 or more even when on of… Read more

Tesco is the same but they switch it about a bit 2 for £6 etc but always comes back to £2


This is regularly on offer at Asda. £3.80 for month 1 £2.50 month 2 and £2.00 month three. Then repeat. Hot though


Good find thanks, heat added for my weekend treat drink! Usually 39p each at Poundstretcher.

Lucozade Sport 4x500ml £1.75 @ Tesco
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Lucozade Sport 4x500ml £1.75 @ Tesco
Lucozade Sport 4x500ml, most places are £2 at the moment.
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As far as i know these have not changed , thank god, this to me is the best tasting drink in the sport range however i loved the lucozade fizzy lemon barley back in the day such a shame as a company they treat adults and diabetics like children and not giving us a choice to buy different versions of their famous lucozade fizzy drinks range


Don't forget to Pair These SPORT Drinks with these to gain the Maximum Benefits! Uhm wait wut?


Are these still tasty, or did they change for the sugar tax like the fizzy Lucozade?


Thanks! I have hyperemesis and struggle to keep fluids down, these are a great help and I’ve got an order coming tomorrow so I’ve added some on (y) 🏻


This is £1.75 quite often from Tesco. I quite like it, it's good for hangovers!

Lucozade Anthony Joshua Waterbottle £2 @ Tesco Perth
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Found at the Tesco Perth Edinburgh Rd Store In the Reduced Section on the BRAND OUTLET Aisle According To Other HUKD Users The Waterbottle can be purchased in other stores for … Read more
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There's crap in it? I assume that is their niche scat range?


Seaton, Devon


what store?


what store?


yes they were in that promo deal

Lucozade Orange 6pk £2.05 Tesco instore
Posted 7th Nov 2018Posted 7th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Lucozade Orange 6pk £2.05 Tesco instore
Tesco Express - Manchester Oxford Road
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These are £2 at Tesco at the moment, picked up some last night. Also £2 in Asda

Lucozade Energy orange fridge pack - £2 @ Asda
Posted 23rd Oct 2018Posted 23rd Oct 2018
Lucozade Energy orange fridge pack - £2 @ Asda
6 x 380
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I can't drink anything with these artificial sweeteners in - to me they are just bitter, not sweet. Plus, the aftertaste lasts for about 2 hours - no matter what else I drink I can't get rid of it. Obviously other people don't mind the taste or it doesn't have these effects on them. I've had to stop buying all sorts of stuff - sweets, cakes, desserts - to avoid feeling sick.



Still lots sugar inside to cause diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's , tooth decay and depression.

jhw 'since the reformulation to lower sugar in 2017 Lucozade Original contains the artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame K' -- another one bites the dust, not worth buying.


got some of the zero orange ones at tesco at the weekend, really like it ... but ... dunno if anybody has noticed yet but looks like theyre in the middle of rebranding lucosade to a new name ... Larazade. I thought when I first saw them in iceland a few weeks back they were some kind of euro version but they're now in morrisons and tesco ... its Brexit, just know it is ... its on their twitter page: cack !! its Lara Croft innit!!!

Lucozade Energy Orange 8 x 380ml @  B&M instore for £3
Posted 21st Oct 2018Posted 21st Oct 2018
Lucozade Energy Orange 8 x 380ml @ B&M instore for £3
£3£3.5014%B&M Retail Deals
Lucozade Energy Drink. Powered by glucose. Tasty orange flavour sports drink. 8 pack. Flavour: Orange Size: 8 x 380ml (Approx.)
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Unnecessary sugar (glucose). Diabetes, obesity , Alzheimer's and depression all caused by this unnecessary sugar solution. Destroying lives.


Great deal for 8


God this stuff tastes awful now since they reduced the sugar content!!! (mad)


6 for £2 in asda also. They seem to be clearing the tomb raider branded bottles


6 for £2 is a better deal.

Lucozade 4x500ml £2 plus free bottle £2 @ Tesco instore
Refreshed 22nd Oct 2018Refreshed 22nd Oct 2018LocalLocal
Tesco are doing buy 2 packs of 4x500ml lucozade sport for £4 plus get a free lucozade Anthony Joshua drinks bottle FREE 4 packs are usually £3.50 each and drinks bottles are norma… Read more
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Tesco Perth (Edinburgh Rd) the offer was BUY 2 Lucozade Sport 4pk for £4 PLUS FREE Waterbottle


They are £2 in small express stores


I saw these yesterday £3.50 at my local tesco I was tempted to buy it buto walked away I normally stock up when they are for £2.00 never seen them at £1.75


The bottle isn't free, they put the price up on the pack. You are paying for the bottle.


Sod the oceans, that fad was so last summer anyway, no one really give a sh1t now, back to poluting!

Lucozade 6 pack (6 x 380ml) all varieties in Tesco £2.00 per pack
Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018
Lucozade 6 pack (6 x 380ml) all varieties in Tesco £2.00 per pack
Lucozade 6 pack all varieties that Tesco sell including zero ones.
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I'd rather have full price lucozade with the old non-nanny state formula. It was my go-to, now it is vile.


Is this really a good price? I just bought a 1L bottle in Morrisons for £1 and two %00ml bottles were the same price.




I agree.Only drink it when I need it (diabetic) but it's completely different taste to it.Their sales has had to take a huge hit.


Good price but it now tastes absolutely vile! Suntory really screwed up Lucozade and Ribenaby lowering the sugar content they should have just put the price up! I bet if they ran both old and new recipes the old recipe would easily win even at a higher price!!

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