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Apple Mac Mini (2020) PC, M1 Chip 8 Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, £577 Delivered with Code @ AO via eBay (UK Mainland)
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Made hot 20th SepMade hot 20th Sep
Good price for the mac mini with the code PURCHASE4LESS Description The Apple M1 chip takes Mac mini, the most versatile, do-it-all Mac desktop, to a whole new level of perfor… Read more

oos :(


I have never heard it make a sound at all. I have never heard a fan sound. Nothing.


When you say virtually silent, what do you mean? A great deal would've been the AMEX £50 Apple cashback, and apple educaitonal pricing mac mini, you get a pair of airpods too works out to £579 or so. Then again I've got loads of earphones wired and wireless and I never even use them couldve sold them though oh well


I've recently been using mine for retroarch, it is an absolute beast, I've been playing games upscaled to 4k resolutions without a hiccup. I use it primarily as a plex server and it's never topped out yet. Again it's a little beast. It's virtually silent whatever it is doing, never gets warm. 8GB ram sounds like little compared to my desktop i7 pc with 32GB I suppose it is... but it still runs rings around it with 8GB so apple have done some impressive tweaking. Anyone holding back should just get one, they are very impressive.


does this thing have a speaker jack? i have some old dre beats touch 2 that i use with my mbp

(512GB Storage) - Apple Mac Mini 2020 - Apple M1 Chip - 8GB RAM – Silver (Used / Customer Return) £610 @ElekDirect (AO Outlet Store)
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Made hot 5th SepMade hot 5th Sep
ElekDirect is AO Outlet. My Mac Mini from here was unsealed Box, with red “Sold” Tape. Computer itself was untouched. 12 Month Warranty provided by ElekDirect. The Apple M1 c… Read more

Think I just got the last one of these- very good deal I think, thanks. Hopefully will be in good nick when it arrives




Although it says 12 month warranty from ElekDirect, wouldn't Apple honour their warranty anyway?

£60 Off Various Condition M1 Macs - Mac Mini £639, MacBook Air £721.38, MacBook Air £815.90 - @ CurrysClearance ebay (UK Mainland)
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Made hot 2nd SepMade hot 2nd Sep
Not as good as Amazon Warehouse, but good from a reputable UK Seller. Various Conditions, please look at my previous posts for reviews/feedback. Mac Mini - £639 MacBook Air Sp… Read more

Officially you need to take a charger and cable, however my local store didn’t check. Note that any charger and cable should do, doesn’t have to be the original.


Just iPad. (y)


Do you need to bring the accessories with you to trade in? i got an ipad but not sure where the charger is


You can also trade in an old phone to get a minimum of £150. I traded an old iPhone 4s. I’ve never been happier to be a hoarder of old tech.


@Al18 Currys trade in offer is available till 28th of September. Just walkin to one of the stores or you can do it online as well.

Apple Mac Mini (M1, 2020) 8-Core CPU And 8-Core GPU 256Gb 8Gb RAM £699 (£599 -12m BNPL Rep 39.9% APR variable) free Click & Collect @ Very
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Made hot 31st AugMade hot 31st Aug
If you use the code to BNPL 12 months, you get £100 credit back into your credit account. To get this deal you must have a credit account. Pay off the balance before the end of 12 … Read more

I run Windows 10 on my M1 Mac Mini every day.


Indeed. The rumours seem to place the M1X Mac Mini further up the price scale, but no different to with the Intel variants I suppose.


For those working with a limited budget, it’s worth noting the base line model of the next versions may be a much higher price bracket, depending on how Apple go about phasing in their silicon chips and Intel out.


Nope. My current MacBook Pro is 5 years old, only upgraded my iPhone 2 years ago after 4 years, and had my Apple Watch for a couple of years. Loads of old Mac hardware going back to the original iMac, and through the generations of most models that I've picked up for peanuts. I wait a long time to upgrade, so am of the opinion I can wait to see what the next big thing is, and if it's not good enough for me then I don't buy it and wait for the next upgrade to come around. I'll leave the annual upgrading to those with more money than sense, and the YouTube "content creators".


Well done falling for the marketing hype XD

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Apple Mac Mini (2020) PC, M1 Chip 8 Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD - £602 with code at AO
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Made hot 29th AugMade hot 29th Aug
£50 off with code, decent offer. Key Features Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU and machine learning performance 8-core CPU packs up to 3x faster performance… Read more

It was on amazon warehouse sale few days back but probably finished now


Do you have a link for the £408 one? Thanks


M2 will probably come next year and will be more powerful than m1 but less powerful than m1x. The only area it needs more power it gpu !


Depends what you’re upgrading from. The M1 doesn’t tempt me away from an i7 7700K iMac but if a M2 can be significantly faster then I’m not so sure…


> 2020 > 256GB SSD (annoyed)

2020 Apple Mac mini with Apple M1 Chip (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) £408.81 used very good at Amazon Warehouse
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Made hot 26th AugMade hot 26th Aug
Used very good. Minor cosmetic marks and slightly damaged packaging . Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance 8-core CPU packs up to … Read more

Delivered today. Almost brand new. No scratches etc and power lead is packed like new. 5 months apple warranty left.




M1 iMac 256GB Very good for £924 -‑core-ports-512GB/dp/B0932WH66M/ref=pd_rhf_ee_s_bmx_gp_q56etfqo_7/257-7737870-6515254?pd_rd_w=TlsZ0&pf_rd_p=d704f238-b4c1-4e6f-99f5-6bf530ac940f&pf_rd_r=56BE1E3P9ZWBJPNANHKT&pd_rd_r=d50c6f68-cf79-4669-938b-49840170ce24&pd_rd_wg=PJxug&pd_rd_i=B0932VRDDZ&th=1 Maybe can help anyone (y)


I believe Apple do not honour it. Somewhere read on Amazon warehouse site. Amazon has a 30 day return policy.


I have had one of these since release M1 chip is great, especially as more and more software gets developed for it. Highly recommend at this price