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Madden NFL 18 - PS4   £15.99  PS Store
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Madden NFL 18 PS4 PSN download.
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I was going to get this but £59.99 now.


So tempted at this price, but I'll add it to the fund towards Madden 19 and Fifa 19.


I played years ago it's as easy n simple as Fifa is..... NAH its ridiculous hard a was good at Hail Mary's tho


F##k Tom Brady and the whole Patriots organisation.


I’ve not played madden since original on sega. Is it hard to play?

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Playstation PSN Asia Store LUNAR SALE Part 2 - Madden 18, Resident Evil, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Until Dawn, Killzone, Rainbow Six Siege, Samurai Shodown V and MORE from £2.36
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Following the recent 15 month PS+ deal from the Indonesian store, the sale prices are quotes in RP, where applicable the additonal PS+ discount price is stated too. Please note, th… Read more
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Thanks, man! I'm now wondering: just how trustworthy is this @joeydeacon ... he has a massive digital backlog ;)


Yeah - that's the case with me & my brother-in-law - his PS4 is my Primary and vice versa... As long as your account is secure (password on checkout, 2-step verification), you should be fairly safe, even with fairly casual friends. I don't take the chance - bestie or family for me. Most don't know about it... or don't trust their friends :p


If you have a reliable friend / family member, who is willing to contribute, has similar gaming tastes to you and has a similar hunger for new games, it will halve your spend (again ;) ) on PSN. I share with my brother-in-law - completely reliable but just doesn't game as much as me so I end up footing the full bill most of the time. There is a drawback - the non-primary PS4 (i.e. your PS4) has to be logged into PSN in order to play digital games... not a problem 99% of the time but if your Internet goes down, if you take your PS4 somewhere without reliable Internet or if PSN goes down (as it has a bit recently), your digital games become unplayable. I usually have a few physical games for those moments but it can upset you if you had your heart on a certain game... I have been known to tether my phone while on UK holidays (nerd) ...Leave the PS4 at home??? I think not!


While we've got you, BubaMan... XD Let's say I signed into your account on my PS4 and vice versa. If my PS4 was set as the primary console for BubaMan, I could play your digital games as silvercondor? And likewise, you'd be the primary for silvercondor, allowing you to play my games as BubaMan? I assume there's some trust element (e.g. payment details, buying games) or everyone would be at it.


Eh, that's what I said ;) Game sharing absolutely baffles me. I wonder if I'm missing out...

Madden NFL 18 XboxOne - £18.99 @ CDKeys
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
I noticed it for £22 @ Tesco Direct, so this is slightly cheaper for the download @ cdkeys.

They might not have announced it, but it works. My trial had expired, but I can now play it without the disc. I'm selling my physical copy today


Someone else mentioned this but all I see is a 10 hour trial?? 16 & 17 are in the vault.


Out of interest, has cdkeys stopped giving the discount for Apple Pay?


Just as heads up, but Madden 18 entered the EA Access vault on Tuesday. Assuming you can benefit from the other titles in there too, it may be beneficial to add that extra £1 and purchase a years subscription? Appreciate the post regardless :)

Madden NFL 18 Xbox One / PS4  £22 Del / C+C @ Tesco Direct
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
*First Post* Not bad price seeing 17 is selling at the same price on there to. Link to PS4 at same price HERE
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Thank you, strange how £20 a year for access to numerous titles is not value for money. It seems like a bargain to me. I’m guessing it’s not good value for Sony. Fingers crossed they have a change of heart in the near future (y)


you are and we have sony(EA went to them first) to thank for that as they fought it was not good value for money, but hey they gave us Now instead!


My apologies, well least the post is till valid for ps4 owners


It's in the vault. I thought I saw it went on after the super bowl


That is rite only Xbox

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Madden 18 GOAT superbowl edition ps4 - £19.99 @ PSN
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Madden 18 GOAT superbowl edition for the ps4 In the ps store
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Is there a part of the USA that doesn't have English as it's mother tongue? And no Florida, Texas, California and Nevada with their massive percentage of native Spanish speakers don't count because English is still the official language no matter how many none English speakers live there. You do realise people of many tongues from Europe moved to the 'new world' a few centuries ago don't you. Did the newly formed USA adopt French, German, Dutch, Spanish or even Gaelic to name just a few as it's official language when the founding fathers sat down to do their stuff? Have you ever even heard of the American revolution? Do you know why that club/franchise is called the Patriots? Do you know anything about Boston, don't you think there's a clue in what the basketball team is called? Seems you're a Chelsea fan and an old school Chelsea fan at that so you should be very aware of the close friendship you's have with Rangers, there's no hidden history or sinister message...just historical awareness.


And yet the Patriots speak English!! Check. Mate.


Yeah it's the full game plus you get loads of packs in MUT


Is this a full game? I was looking to purchase anyway as it’s £22 in Tesco Direct


It's rather ironic how so many English people like the 'Pats' because of the name of the region they're in when the club/franchise itself is built on a pathological contempt of everything English, talk about priceless ignorance (annoyed)

Madden N.F.L 18 G.O.A.T edition - Xbox store £19.80
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Available on the Xbox store it’s a really good price if you don’t mind a digital game and it’s the G.O.A.T Super Bowl edition so a few extras too. Madden NFL 18, is Madden like yo… Read more

good price, but it will be on Access in a few weeks, going by the past few years. given the superbowl is coming up. '16 was added Feb 2nd, and '17 was Feb 24th of their respective years.


Fantastic thank you


Buying from Argentina is a bit complex but easy once you know how and you can't use UK credit to buy from that store, there is a guide for this here - All Xbox One games are region free so you can buy from any of the available stores and play on your UK account


How do you do the Xbox/VPN method I have Xbox credit? If bought from Argentina can I play on UK region?


Oh boy... also, £11.89 from Argentina if using Xbox/VPN method... may just have to bite at this

NFL Madden 18 (Xbox one & PS4) - Amazon £21.99
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Amazon have got Madden 18 for £21.99 which is better than T.G.C deal that they have on and it’s also available on prime, not sure how long it will be at this price. Super Bowl fro… Read more

Goat Super Bowl edition Is 19.99 on ps store.


I'd get 17 its not worth the upgrade


They won't come opening Time


Cex are giving £28 in store voucher at the minute as well

NFL Madden 18 ( Xbox one & PS4 ) - £22.95 at TGC
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
The game collection has put madden on sale until the 1st of Feb for the up coming Super Bowl, best price around that I’ve seen. Could also be some discount codes around but not see… Read more

Ahhhh damn (:I , I prefer a physical copy any way, call me old school


Madden NFL 18: G.o.a.t. Super Bowl Edition is £19.80 on Xbox Live


Cheaper version on the ps store


Surely the most boring Madden yet - they're just going to kneel down for the whole game.

Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T. Super Bowl Edition £19.99 @ PSN
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Seems like a good price, been waiting for this version to appear however seems to be a few weeks early compared to previous years! Enjoy! :) Madden NFL 18, is Madden like y… Read more
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It'll be exactly the same as Fifa, so basically yes.


I would agree with the above totally, Longshot was short and sweet much better than the fifa alternative. Whilst this year isn't perfect (and never will be) from what I've played with friends it's definitely the best for the last 2/3 years


I noticed this earlier and thought it was an add-on, £20 is a great price, not long picked up Madden 17 annoyingly but it is physical so will get rid and buy this.


I really like it as did my son but it's only around 3-4 hours iirc and so not worth it just for that. If you've skipped a few then I'd say there's enough new changes to make it worth 19.99 on top of Longshot though


What's Longshot mode like? I've skipped Madden for the last few years as there hasn't ever seemed to be any noticeable changes other than a roster update, think this may be the first major addition to the series in a long while. Is it solely worth buying the game for?

Madden NFL 18 PS4 Digital Download @ PSN Store
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Been waiting for this to come down for weeks, came down to £36 @Tesco Direct as a physical copy on Black Friday, but not been near that price since. Next cheapest price I can find… Read more
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Ps i'm well aware of BB's influence on all things Giants. Class dismissed


So what your saying is that the Pat's missed the playoffs without Brady, the players/coaches are so good they can make up for losing the great player to a certain extent, the division is/was weak, Manning- Brock Osweiler took the Broncos to a Superbowl (did the hard work in the season), If Manning (Peyton not Eli) is the greatest how come Brock out performed him? System didn't suit Manning? Manning only beats up on regular season Defense's, Playoff record is? The Colts go 2-14 because they put all their eggs in one basket. Manning never let the second choice take snaps (practice or gametime), took all the money, Brady has never been the highest paid player, Team first attitude (previous comment


Heat added. Thank you sir


Tom Brady is the GOAT (and this is coming from an Arizona Cardinals fan!) Haven't picked up Madden 18 yet, tempted at this price but always prefer the physical versions of these games because you get some kind of resale value on them when you're bored of them...


Seeing as most analysts now say he is the GOAT, even the ones who disagreed prior to the Superbowl, you're also making casual fan comments.

Madden NFL 18 Xbox One £22.29 @ cdkeys Use 10% Discount Code: CDKEYSCYBER10
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
This is Madden like you’ve never seen it. Powered by the Frostbite engine, Madden NFL 18 introduces Longshot, a football redemption story you can play. Your decisions lead forgot… Read more
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Heat, but if anything like last years game wont be long before its on access, but good deal for those with out it


Same, never happens 😞


Quite tempted by this, but I've bought Madden in the past and never got round to playing them


Awh man wish there was a good deal for this on PS4!

Madden NFL 18 PS4 or XBOX1 preorder £42.85 @ Shopto
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
For all those American football fans out there. This price is £7 cheaper than the likes of amazon and game. I don't know if it comes with the pre order ultimate team bonus but pl… Read more
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Personally I don't follow NFL but enjoy watching the odd game and playing a bit Madden with a few beers. Good price if you're a fan and want the latest teams etc but if you just want to play it now and again you're probably best buying the older versions which are also available on EA access alongside FIFA and NHL games too.


Yes, thanks. Given the fairly niche UK market it usually holds it's price - I'm hoping to get it for sub-£40.


Lots of people play it but thanks for the input.


Does anyone play this?

[Xbox One] Madden 17 - £5 (Smyths in-store)
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Spotted in Leeds Crown Point this lunchtime (a couple of copies on the shelf). Appreciate this is now part of EA Access, but for people wanting to pick up a cheap game, especially … Read more

Your forgetting the scrumidge lad..


It's kinda neither, really ;) It's definitely changed a lot in 22 years - I find the Mega Drive versions unplayable, and I'm a massive fan of the sport!


​Is it football?




Throw ball, run, stop. Throw ball, run, stop. Throw ball, run, stop. Touchdown.

Madden NFL 17 ps4 £8.99 psn
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
seems like good price
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Good listing! I just came on here to list it myself, having just stumbled across it. I'd been looking to see if I wanted a cheaper 16 or forking out extra for 17. Now I didn't have to choose, since this was cheaper than either I'd seen before! Thanks!


Well i didnt see the "large PSN thread" but i saw this, so your point is invalid.


OK, I'll just create 50 new threads just in case PS4 owners cannot be bothered to check the large PSN thread.....


I'm always up for the stand-out deals to be highlighted in their own threads in addition to the full list threads. The former is searchable and brings attention to a game that might have been missed in a sea of up to 500 games (Easter sale) The latter is handy to scan through for anything you've been waiting to drop. Even though I put that list together, it was only after seeing this thread that I remembered that a friend was waiting for it to drop - Heated :)


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