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Updated 21st Nov 2016Last updated 21st Nov 2016 by Paul_3891
Mafia 3 Deluxe edition (best place to sell) **please don't offer to buy**
I bought Mafia 3 for £9.99 (thanks OP) as a gift, and it arrived today. However it turns out the person I was gonna give it to all ready has it. The game isn't my cup of tea so I… Read more

think mod needs to close topic


If I was scalping I would of bought as many as I could. But I only bought one as a present for my brother for his birthday...


apologies was just answering question will check with you before posting anything in future :)


Scalping, in the context of toy collecting, refers to the practice of deliberately buying multiples of the same (usually "rare" or "popular", oftentimes both) toy with the intention of creating an artificial scarcity. Subsequently, the scalper will sell the toys again (usually on eBay), for a price much higher than the original store price, knowing that the high demand, coupled with the rarity of the toy (which is at least in part due to the scalping), will result in buyers being desperate enough to pay the prices the scalper asks for


Interesting way of asking the best way to sell to try and make out you aren't a scalper buying for profit.