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Isn't 2.4k about normal for 10 days in June?


Good deal but hate the bit where you need to pay for hold luggage :(


No. They are definitely my pictures I took myself on holiday in the Maldives. I remember it vividly


Had a look at drink costs in TA reviews "Water - yes it do get 2 500ml bottles free everyday however we needed 1.5l bottle additional everyday at approx 5 usd with taxes." This was 2013 "most drinks were approx $5 - 7 which included the mixers so a Rum and Coke would cost you approx $10 but if a coke lasts two to three drinks then every other drink was $5. " Obviously much higher now, especially as Taxes have increased. For comparison magic of Maldives just sent me an email Eriyadu - 3* Flash sale for bookings made in May, stay until end October 7 nights All Inclusive from £1,494pp including flights from UK & transfers


Or its a sign you have do not have ublock origin running elsewhere on your internet / mobile signal and they are feeding you more junk to clog your devices up <3

Asia roundtrip £498 via Flynder [Sample date 5th April => 5th May, Visit: Maldives, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Lombok, Surabaya (east Java), Singapore & Frankfurt]
LocalLocalFound 4th MarFound 4th Mar
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Am particularly excited to visit Frankfurt...


The second leg is 35 hours long...


Trying in Langkawi is much easier than driving on UK roads - the roads there are a lot wider. Yeah, bag snatching still is a very big problem in KL. The problem there is petty crime is too random and can turn violent too often. Lots of night markets around Langkawi as well. This bakery is worth a visit - The Loaf. Good selection of buns that are very tasty.


Yes we were in KL last year for few days before we flew to Kuching. Going to hire a car this time for Langkawi as its just like uk roads. Missed the night market last year but did do the street markets in KL. fabulous smells and sights and no bother even though we were warned about bag snatching etc on mopeds. Need to do sky bridge in Langkawi.


Too bad you're not longer in KL to experience more food and shopping. Langkawi itself is a paradise for duty free stuff, particularly beer and chocolates. Thanks to the exchange rate, you're probably looking at 50p per can of beer and you can get stronger stuff than what;s available in the UK. Seafood is pretty much universally great there and you can get around the island fairly easily using cabs. Try the grilled fish - known as ikan bakar in Malaysia. Lots of tourists around most times of the year and the locals pretty much all speak English. Some locals are even British/European people that have settled in Langkawi to run their pub or restaurant.

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Anyone manage to book!?


sorry everyone did think there was high chance would be untrue but saw it and thought but was a worth a go, win some lose some eh :(


Unfortunately shoots up to the higher prices on the second page :(


I order whatever bblgoose is going to order :)


So whos going to the maldives


I will say this once (pavel76)I did not know about holiday pirates so thank op for posting some of us appreciate the effort made by people like op


Thanks for posting hot


Don't teach me mate...


Chill dude. You're behaving as if you own HUKD. If you don't like it here then set up your own rival website. I've never heard of holidaypirates and wouldn't have known about them if the OP hadn't shared this deal. Not everybody is as "aware" or "knowledgeable" as you. Live and let live as some would say.


Wow, over 30 comments, yet only a couple about the actual deal...


About Thoddoo Thoddoo is one of the inhabited islands of Ari Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. Ari Atoll is identified as the atoll consisting of the largest number of resorts in the Maldives. Thoddoo itself is surrounded by a vast number of resorts along with sand banks, uninhabited islands and Diving spots where tourists can enjoy themselves to the max. Thoddoo reef is identified as one of the top 10 places to fine manta rays in the Maldives. Moreover, Thoddoo can be identified as the largest producer of agricultural products in the Maldives and is mostly famous for its watermelons. In addition Thoddoo is a place gifted by natural beauty and a huge beach area. Therefore there are a lot of activities that tourists can enjoy during their vacation at Thoddoo. Thoddoo is approximately 67.29 km (41.81 ml) from male and has access to a much uncomplicated, trouble free and easy transportation route. It has a population of around 1800 people. The locals of Thoddoo are kind hearted peace loving friendly people who would welcome tourists with open hands. About Holiday Cottage Guesthouse Holiday Cottage Guesthouse is the ideal guesthouse for tourists who wish to spend their holidays at a peaceful, beautiful and adventurous environment. It is located in the Ari Atoll Thoddoo, which is surrounded by many resorts, uninhabited islands, sand banks and diving spots. Moreover, it is located near a huge beach area, where tourists can enjoy themselves with many activities. These are all the features that make Holiday cottage your ideal Vacation home. Consisting of 4 luxurious rooms, our guesthouse is fully furnished with attached bathrooms and our rooms have facilities like air conditioning, free wifi, cable, and all the facilities which you would require during your stay at Holiday Cottage. In addition to that, we have a restaurant providing you with both international and local cuisines which are cooked by a world class chef to the International standards. We have the most friendly staff who will be available at all times to provide you with all your needs and to help you when necessary.


For anyone interested the details of this cottage can be found here and as previously mentioned this is not a resort but a small family business. The reviews of the island itself suggest you can get meals at many of the restaurants for $4ish so not expensive at all. Some info about the cottage and island from their website:


I guess it's weighing up how much food and drink you can consume in a week and if this is worth it. Personally AI for a week wouldn't pay for me I couldn't consume enough food to pay for it or alcohol. I did look at AI options and it was a minimum of £1100 and this was called something like Equator Village and wasn't a small atoll like the deal above it was on an atoll with an airport and an hour flight from Male and didn't look as appealing at all. I guess it's weighing up whether you need AI or not and if you do paying a few hundred pounds extra pp for it.


if you're looking for the "real" Maldives, try staying a week in Male


Gotta agree we went last year and it's a place you don't do cheap. We went to Niyama for a week and jumeirah dhevanfushi for a week, it's heaven on earth if you choose the right resort

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Your logic is sound but that's not how airlines play this stuff sadly.


Says £301 cheapest now


Also, the price for this flight is £301 right now. Cant see any cheaper.


no flights available at this price


so what does the same flight from gatwick costs? omit the barcelona bit...?


Misleading voted cold



100% agree. You will be in for a shock if you booked this as you would be better of staying at home. Especially when knowing that all the other actual paradise islands are a boat ride or a sea plane away! That's how I felt when we did a day trip to male from the airport - the knowing that paradise is just found the corner! And that was after actually spending two weeks in paradise! Sigh-i write this as I look out my kitchen window, watching the rain fall in darkness...sigh again


Why is it bad


Rubbish deal. ;) Trust me if you're going to the Maldives you do not want to be staying in Male. Okay for a day trip and not a day longer.

Flights to the Maldives (from Milan) £287.95pp @ Budget Air
Found 24th Jul 2015Found 24th Jul 2015
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Hi, I sent you a private message.


rachelandgromit - did you have a chance to look for any deals for the South America? Unfortunately I can't find any for less than £800pp now so your help would be much appreciated, I intend to book this weekend. No problem if you are away and sorry for bothering you. Cheers DD96118


rachelandgromit, After losing in negotiations with my wife we have now decided to spend 3 weeks in South America rather than the USA. We'll be flying in/out of Cusco, Peru and Rio, Brazil same dates (departing 13th August, returning 3rd September). We don't mind which city we fly into and can fly out of anywhere in Europe. If you can help that would be great, the best price I can find is GBP700 exc flights from UK to the relevant European city (another GBP200). If you can help I would really appreciate it (when you are back). thanks!


Great, thank you so much!


I'm away at the moment but I will have a look at some point and PM you.


Sounds interesting.. Any overwater bungalow deals?


Enjoy the drunk Australians.


Maldives is awesome, I'd take this deal just to get back there whilst you still can. Enjoy the islands before they are submerged under rising sea levels :( it is a serious concern for the Maldivian people. we've been 4 times and it never gets boring...but we like snorkelling and chilling out in total tranquility :) Always check the quality of the coral before selecting an island, if most of the coral around the island resort is dead you won't get the rich variety of fish, rays, sharks and turtles you would on vibrant, live coral.


It's very safe as the only people there are staff. You can go on a trip to see how the locals live. It's our fav place and we've been to lots of Caribbean and South Pacific Islands. Although for some people it's very boring as there's not that much to do... Not for me though, I'm happy snorkelling all day :)


They live on the capital island Male plus a few others. Pretty sure there are no ex pats living there.


If you want a Maldives holiday it's got to be on the atolls , not on Male It's a bit grim on the main island


I'd recommend Biyadhoo wholeheartedly. beautiful island, incredible snorkelling and beaches which you can get for a brilliant price. Resort is charming, but unfussy. Not 5 star and you're not waited on hand and foot but the food and drink is great and the staff are very freindly. Went for our honeymoon and I'd go back in a heartbeat. We got two weeks all inclusive with all flights and transfers for £1089 each.


Isn't Maldives the same place where a female was publicly flogged after she was sexually abused/raped. Thats a no go country for me - I do not want to be supporting the people who do this


Staying on Male island will destroy all the desert island fantasies you've dreamed of. I've been to the Maldives a few times and definitely would not want to go to Male. Do yourself a favour and save up more for a nice resort island.


What's on offer, is not worth the money. Horrible part of the country and a Hotel that will leave you depressed.


I completely agree, just as I try to avoid holiday resorts full of embarrassing brits!


Yup, we honeymooned on Meedhaparu for 10 nights all inclusive - the most incredible experience. Promised we would go back in ten years then kids came along and all we managed was a long weekend in the Algarve for our tenth!


Went Maldives last October, stayed on giraavaru at the centara ras fushi hotel. You pay for what you get. Water villas are naturally more expensive than beach villas. Check out the weather that time of year- think the south is a better part to go to ^^ where we went is in the north male atoll. Overall the holiday can be cheap if you don't want extravagance however going all that way, once in a while is worth spending the extra £ IMO....


We did Maldives for our honeymoon, was 7 years ago, we loved medifushi and lol I can't remember the posy one. The post gives us a brilliant idea t go back on our 10 year anniversary :) we went full board. It was too much think half would have been better.


hi sunshine stacey i was wondering if u can help me find a good deal on tickets to disneyland paris for this autumn holiday for 2 adults and 3 kids aged 4,12,14 thank you


Not voted but if you are dealing with Opodo it's worth pointing out that after they were taken over a while back they have such a poor reputation they get their own thread as a permanent item on the Tripadvisor air travel forum.


*June/July 2015* 11 Nights in Maldives just £549 each !! Reading that I thought each night :) good that later it was clarified with 'couple'...


Hi We went to the Maldives on 14 June this year & the weather was perfect, we had a couple of bursts of heavy rain but they are over & done within 1/2 hour & you are back to clear blue skies again, it was hot & sunny, about 35 degrees every day & not much cooler at night. All the Maldive islands prohibit alcohol being taken in as it is a Muslim country however it is readily available in the resort bars & restaurants. We were AI & didn't need to spend any money at all, we were on a different Island so cant comment on Picnic Inn specifically but would highly recommend the Maldives especially at this price as it cost us a whole load more than £1099


when on my honey moon ask in UK if I could talk a bottle of cristal champagne over to celebrate in my room , told yes brought it got to Maldives they scanned every bag and took it off us . please be aware really **** me off


Damn, I was almost tempted to go... Just to walk in and see Lenny Henry having a picnic


Did anyone book it? Very jealous if u did :)


Yeah still available, just link doesn't work. Here it is:


Is this deal available? The link does not work! Thanks


I voted hot as it was a very good price - however the UK is made up of different people in different circumstances. Not a case of boasting or "arrogance". Similar to reasons why people prefer center parks to Butlins. Thanks for your comments however, good to know from two sentences that you know me inside out :) Good to know you already know in less than 24 hours ( you have been a member ) that you know.


Some people consider your 4 or 5 stars to be slumming it! Yet they, nor anybody here, cares for your arrogance / attempt at boasting. But thank you for letting everyone know you voted hot!


Thinking of going for this but any tips on accommodation and food? Or is it better to just go for a package?


have a look on the trip advisor forums because depending on which atoll (north/south) you want to visit you'll need to check the weather first. Most of the top rated hotels will already be booked though for then- I thin all the southern atolls have hot weather December to May


Kerala at the southern tip of India (close to Sri Lanka) is another place worth a visit


Not many Sri Lankans here it would seem!



Exactly my comment regarding expecting the rest of the world to live by our standards when we (as in the Anglo Saxon heritage and English speaking world) are a minority. Stop being insensitive to the cultural norms of the rest of the world.


Women are 2nd class citizens.


Wonderful place, went for our honeymoon although another island. My only thing for us was the boat trip to the island we stayed at took 6 hours for the Maldives airport. WORST boat trip ever, never been on such rough seas, people crying around us, being sick everywhere and was freezing cold. Arrived at the island at midnight and felt like we had just filmed The perfect storm 2. I know we just were unlucky but that tainted the whole holiday knowing we had to make the trip back . Turned out beautiful though on return, lcuk of the draw I guess . I would recommend the sea plane if your island is a long way from the airport if your not a fan of boats.


Or be respectful and adhere to the local laws, customs and requirements of the country you are visiting or in this case, risk being thrown in jail. This is a strict Muslim country. In some areas, women have to cover up, deal with it or fly to Spain instead. Perhaps you are the one that should remove your head from your backside.


I think when women go on holiday to a destination such as the one mentioned, they should be able to dress in whatever clothing they want, and to not be treated as a 2nd class citizen. Get your head out of your backside.


They are over £400 each at the moment but leave it till as late as possible middle of april ish and you should pick them up arounf the £250 mark pp


Hey Mark, Dom Rep or Cancun from Gatwick on 2nd May to 9th May. Thanks for the attempt.


Which destination are you after


This looks hot!! :) only problem... I cant seem to find it for that price :(


Thes are mostly last minute deals within the next couple of weeks, If you are prepared to wait till last minute you will save a fortune


just saw this. I'll pm you. It's about 6 pages word doc so probably better to email on attachment or I could cut and paste into body of email if you're worried about an attachment. It's been randomly updated and added to over the years because it started originally as an email to a friend so is a bit messy but reasonably up to date on prices and everything but I need to rewrite it properly and tidy it before slinging it up on squdoo with a link.


seaweed facial, maybe......leg wax? uh-uh! please send me a copy of your mini guide, I'm giving this serious consideration (such a good deal). I'm going to look at logistics tonight thanks!


I am absolutely gutted that I can't take advantage of this myself. If you're considering it I've got a whistle stop everything you need to know personal experience what to do/ where to stay /eat and transport infodocument I wrote. So many people asked me about Thailand because I had lived there that I wrote a mini guide. If you want I can PM it to you. Although the beauty salon stuff in Bangkok may not be your cup of tea if you're a bloke obviously. Although who am I to say you wouldn't like a half leg wax and seaweed facial?


If I wasn't already staying in Phuket for three months I'd've snapped this up!


you really got me thinking about this now.....


Like stacey says you have to factor in speedboat which can be £250 each return trip. Plus the accommodation is going to be very basic. Then there is food etc when on the island- because everything is imported you have pay extra as well as the local tax. Its hot if you wanted a very very basic trip to the Maldives though...


Like stacey says you have to factor in speedboat which can be £250 each return trip. Plus the accommodation is going to be very basic. Then there is food etc when on the island- because everything is imported you have pay extra as well as the local tax. Its hot if you wanted a very very basic trip to the Maldives though...


Like stacey says you have to factor in speedboat which can be £250 each return trip. Plus the accommodation is going to be very basic. Then there is food etc when on the island- because everything is imported you have pay extra as well as the local tax. Its hot if you wanted a very very basic trip to the Maldives though...


p.s Great deal. Amazing beautiful place Maldives


Hey don't know our slot machines...the seafront is going upmarket don't you know

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