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Maldives - 14 Nights £378.98 Flights or £610.98pp for Hotel, Flight & Luggage - Total Price for 2 x Adults = £1221.96 or Return Flights £378.98pp@ Thomson/Alpharooms/Bookings
Found 10th Feb 2014Found 10th Feb 2014
Here I have taken 2 Flights departing from Gatwick on 16th February 2014 returning on 3rd March 2014. Each passenger is allowed only 5kg take on luggage so I have also included a … Read more
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Thank you very much for the info. Maldives is on our shortlist for honeymoon, although my personal preference is for bora bora/French Polynesia. Drawback with FP over Maldives is flight time and cost. Although I've also heard snorkelling can be better in maldives(not that its bad in FP).


I have been to the maldives 15 times, so you might realise how much I like it. Local islands dont appeal to me apart from the price. My favourite island was fesdu [now W' retreat] so I wont be back there. I have found the main reason I like an island is the reef. Fancy rooms dont matter, I would much rather go to Biyadhoo or Embudu as islands like Vilamendhoo which is like a boutique hotel. I liked Angaga but the price is now too much for me as I will only go december - march which is high season as I am not going all that way for rain. The prices just get dearer and dearer with the usual arradan - chaaya islands being the cheepest. I am on the internet most days looking for new sights to no avail. If anyone knows a good booking site please let me know, i'd be glad to help with island choice.


Sit on a beach for 2 weeks,nah.


Wish I could drop everything and do this!


The Island was called Komandoo, we went end of May (running into June) last year. It was a last minute thing and that was the best I could find at short notice, thankfully it was very good: Positives: - Relatively small (when we went most guests spent time in the communal areas, so didn't see many people outside those areas, making it really feel like your own island sometimes). - Excellent food (and they do reasonably priced FB/AI packages. The cocktails on AI were poor IMO, so if you will be drinking those heavily consider AI gold. Personally I would just go FB/AI and pay for the one or two drinks we had in the evening). The ala carte restaurant was also reasonably priced (equivalent prices to high street chain restaurants). - Large shallow lagoon with rays and small reef sharks. Good for poor swimmers. Also given the orientation of the island one side appears to stay calm, even if the other is rough. Just inside the protection wall, by the beach bar, we saw a large turtle every day around 4 (give it a try if you go, I assume he's "resident" lol). - You can get to the other side of the reef in about 5-10 mins swim, where theres a large drop off and its teaming with life. We dove and snorkelled both sides. Inhabited island side (more on this in negatives) had several turtles, some very large eels, reef was probably prettier, but the sea was rougher when we went. The other side was absolutely calm, still a nice reef, saw some larger reef sharks, but no turtles this side. Lots of schools of fish/etc. - All the rooms appeared to be nice, well appointed. Beach bungalows aren't too densely packed (although it seemed empty when we were there, as everyone hung around the infinity pool). Water villas were large, well appointed with nice decks, although most of them the sea was too rough to swim comfortably off the decks. - Staff and service was very good, with some really nice communal areas and they had entertainment most evenings if you fancied some noise. - Seemed to attract a lot of repeaters and generally seemed to attract a nice type of guest (friendly, prepared to chat, but also knew when to leave you alone). Negatives: - One side has an inhabited island in view. Ask for the other side when booking (may not bother you, but I'd rather not find out it does when you're there), or a water villa facing the other side. - When we were there on some days the sea was quite rough on the inhabited side. However, from speaking to the repeaters, reading reviews, at least one side will be sheltered due to the orientation of the island (and adjacent islands). So when we went the side facing the inhabited island was rough (but had the turtles so we ventured out whenever possible), while the other side was completely calm (like a different island). - From reading forums, the reef is average, density of sea life is average and your unlikely to see large sharks/rays here. (Average against some other places in the Maldives, so still excellent compared to other places you've likely been). We were impressed, but we haven't been to some of the other places I've read people advise (yet :)) and also perhaps we were lucky when we went. - Theres a stone wall about 15-20m out to protect the island from erosion. Depending on tide, one side it will pretty much be submerged (meaning you can't really see it and get the picture perfect view), but the other you will see it poking out. May ruin it for some, but it does mean it keeps a reasonable beach and the lagoon within the wall is calm. My overall impression was the place is excellent and i'd happily return (although so many islands to try). Having read forums, TA, etc I get the impression the inhabited island on one side holds the price down, otherwise given the quality of service/food/island/reef/lagoon/density of rooms it would probably be priced higher (not that its particularly cheap). IMO the four factors to consider when choosing an island are: Food/Service, Reef/Dive sites/sea life/lagoon, Island/proximity of other islands, quality of island itself and how densely it is packed (in terms of rooms). From my research if you want to tick all four 100%, your easily looking at £1200+/night (HB if you're lucky), probably a lot more in peak season. Hope that helps

*June 2014* Holidays to Faraway Places - 14 Nights All Inclusive (Cuba £864pp)(Dominican £854pp)(Kenya £911pp)(Maldives £1,438pp)(Sri Lanka £1,249pp)(Mexico £948pp) - At various Companies - (please dont expect winter or late deal prices Total price w
Found 4th Feb 2014Found 4th Feb 2014
Holidays to Faraway Places in June All Holidays are based on 2 Adults Sharing for 14 Nights All Inclusive. Do not expect winter or late deal prices here they are all June holiday… Read more
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can always do with a deal


yes please but 5*


Stacey plz help.. I'm trying to find a deal to Barbados beginning April for 10-14 days 3 adults self catering/ b&b......


Hi Stacey, we are looking for a 7 day holiday 28th Feb/1st Mar going to somewhere like Maldives, Barbados, Egypt,Cuba etc. Just wondering if you can keep an eye out when you are searching. Many thanks :)


also doing the cuba for same price going in December at co op travel popped in to day Im off back Love it ta so x

*UPDATED * Maldives 14 Nights Return Flights £378.98pp also 7 nights same price @ Thomson flying from Gatwick - New Dates added
Found 30th Jan 2014Found 30th Jan 2014
Return flights with Thomson to Maldives. 2nd - 10th Feb 2nd - 17th see pic below Note Thomson charge through the roof for luggage at £75 per case so purchase this wisely - do … Read more
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LOL Mr Stacey I like that I am going to call him that ha ha ha Nope the zips broke in the end here was no choice


I think you wanted the lime green ones but the man said no :D I rate Mr Stacey for putting his foot down on looking like the odd one at the airport, the only plus side of lime green is you can never forget your baggage on the carosel!! you can make the quick exist at the airport :p my black luggage tends to be picked up by 100 people before it comes to me LOL ;)


lol I had some lime green stripy ones that i got through a deal on here many years back but now we have a set of lightweight ones, they are like a black with a dark purple flower on - not to in your face but still quite pretty :) (Well the husband doesnt moan so much about them anyway )


Samsonite hard case like me ;) I have black I bet you have pink or yellow LOL :p


LOL I have a posh matching set - a worth while investment its used a lot :)

Thomson Late Deal Return Flights (Marrakech £78.98)(Barbados £278.98)(Jamaica £423.09)(Maldives £378.98)(Mexico £248.98)(Malta & Spain from £48.98) Plus Many More
Found 25th Jan 2014Found 25th Jan 2014
A great start to DIYing your own late deal Thomson Late Deal Flights: MALTA: Flying from Gatwick 28th Jan for 7 Nights £48.98pp MALAGA: Flying from Birmingham on 26th Jan 7 Nig… Read more
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You can use this thread for help with your own hols :)


Never anything from Scotland :(


Hello Stacey, please can you help me? I have spent the whole weekend looking for decent priced flights to Antalya Turkey. We have found the resort we are staying at but just can't seem to find any flights within our budget. I am aiming for £150 return from Birmingham. 2 adult, 1 child aged 4 and 1 baby 20 months. Once the flights are booked i can then go ahead and book rooms. As we can travel outside of school holidays we are flexible with dates but have been entering 2/3rd may- 9/10 may (7 nights). End of April would be fine too. I would be so grateful if you could help?


Cant beat barbados


Keifer2014- you can go to lake yards with the sun 9.50 hols. I have a friend who went and loved ot, she stayed at Bella Italia. Nay_Leeds - im in Leeds to and we just booked turkey, all in for 1100, for a family of 5, 4* hotel. It can be done, just depends on where U want to go. Alternatively there is Doncaster & manchester.

14 nights Maldives With Dreamliner return flights 3* accommodation with Breakfast included excellent tripadvisor reviews flying from Gatwick 2/2/14 for 623.98 pp @ Thomson 1247.96 for 2 adults
Found 24th Jan 2014Found 24th Jan 2014
Here is a late deal to the Magical island of the Maldives. Flying out from Gatwick on the 2/2/14 on board the DREAMLINER aircraft And returning on the 17/2/14 Price is £623.98 p… Read more
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I agree but, English has a capital 'E' and there should have been a comma placed after '...write English'. ;-)


I'll give you the error in "the idiot that posts" where "they" should have been "he/she" but not the fact that "posts" should be in the past tense. My reference to "posts" is a future tense so I stand by the rest of my sentence and the word "supposed" is used correctly - unless I hear to the contrary from Lynne Truss to whose greater knowledge I bow!




seems like 1200 odd other people disagree


You Fool! its 3 star for a reason - 4/5 min if you want a true Maldives experience.

Maldives on the cheap. @skyscanner @airbnb £1751.81 for 2 ppl 10 days
Found 20th Jan 2014Found 20th Jan 2014
Just looking at holidays to Maldives from manchester . Found cheap flights from manchester inc fees for 1151.81 for 2 people then a room for the same dates for £603 via air bnb … Read more

Which island/hotel is this for?


We went to the resort of viligandu cannot recommend it enough was magical but more for couples and honeymooners!


Maldives is a wonderful place. I go every year and the prices certainly haven't declined unfortunately! It's an outstanding place to visit, just beautiful. Meeru is a fab one!


The price of the Maldives has been tumbling as more and more people have gone there its reputation of paradise has suffered with lower cost facilities and hotels.


This is NOT a deal. I had flights for £200 return. Chartered flight. Thomson. Quick check right now gives a flight price of £438 pp Sunday 26 January 2014 Gatwick - Male Date Route Depart Arrive Flight No. Sun 26 Jan 14 Gatwick to Male 18:50 09:40 TOM054 Mon 3 Feb 14 Male to Gatwick 11:45 17:45 TOM055 £438.90 per person 7 Nights

2 Weeks in the Maldives in a 3* hotel with Breakfast 26/1/14 flying with thomson DREAMLINER from Gatwick price is for 2 adults - £1440.96
Found 15th Jan 2014Found 15th Jan 2014
Departing Gatwick on the 26/1/14 Departing Maldives on the 10/2/14 Both flights are on the DREAMLINER which isThomsons flagship plan An affordable way for pure paradise . 2 week… Read more
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As others have said, this is definitely not 'The Maldives' everyone has heard about. It's cheap for a reason ;) I've been to various resorts 4 times but wouldn't go to this one if you paid me.


would you recommend Israel?


... and at half hourly intervals throughout the flight. ... I think I'll wait for the A350, ta. :) But not colded - hot deal for the strong in heart (I'm a devout coward)


Its really beautiful here, but its very....artificial? How can I explain it, lovely location, warm, nice seas, you can have cabins that are perched out on the sea. But its all provided food, it doesn't really feel like a desert island. If anything its a lot like Las Vegas or Dubai in that the hype is perhaps a lot more then what it actually is. You scuba here safely, enjoy snorkelling moments from your accommodation. Worth visiting but probably not a top 10 destination, unless you only enjoy package style holidays. If anything I think its a bit too expensive! You will probably have a better time in the Caribbean, even if it seems less idyllic. No topless sunbathing here either, er just incase you were wondering. Dreamliner doesn't add anything to deal!


I think you will find either 3, 4 or 5 star island all have rats or tree hampsters as the locals call them, I have visited the Maldives 8 times now and most resorts have them as there is no natural predator, It depends how good the resort's are at managing the rat population. I have added heat but anyone who is interested be advise how close it is to the airport so you may hear a lot of noise. I always travel further afield.

Flights from Prague to Male, Maldives £221 or New Delhi, India £127 (how cheap?) with Turkish Airlines, posted on HolidayPirates
Found 29th Dec 2013Found 29th Dec 2013
Really cheap flights to the Maldives and Delhi from Prague, both Easyjet and Ryanair fly from UK airports to Prague. Book from 1st Jan for travel Jan - Dec 2014. Thanks to those lo… Read more
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Certainly not safe for women travelling alone


another of these deals that barely existed


I agree, pity that could of been a lovely holiday!


I think this deal needs to be expired as the new prices are totally different that what Turkish Airlines originally claimed Prague to Delhi now shows 12.3K CZK which equates to £373. This can be found here and Prague to Male, Maldives shows 17.1K CZK which equates to £520


It starts 1st Jan 2014

Holiday misprint Viceroy Maldives £1621 for two weeks @ Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Luxury Hotels
Found 3rd Sep 2013Found 3rd Sep 2013
Oh my word, was searching for a honeymoon in aug 14 and although I still cannot go to this resort I had to create an ac on here just so somebody gets this deal. It is supposed to b… Read more
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Did they honour the deal then?? x


Has anyone who booked had any other confirmation from the hotel, I got my Smith confirmation and haven't had a cancellation but i'm just a bit wary before booking my flights


Yay glad someone got it, still can't believe it. Somebody at Mr and Mrs is getting a telling off lol


Hope so for yr sake... Keep us updated!


I managed to book 7 nights from 27th July 2014 for £810.00. No cancellation email as yet, but do you think it will be honoured? Appears to be a 90% saving!!!!

Flights (multiple trip). DUBLIN to Sri Lanka, onto Maldives, then to abu Dabhi for £770 @ Tripadvisor
Found 12th Aug 2013Found 12th Aug 2013
Was looking for flights to Maldives.. Found flights to these destinations as a multiple trip. DUBLIN to Sri Lanka (combo) for around a few days. Then to Maldives for a few days the… Read more
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have some heat!


£100 should be the price for Sri Lanka to Maldives


Sri Lanka to the Maldives is £140 - wow. So cheap!


I'd look at Holiday Pirates, had some good deals on here. Use the Matrix search engine.


hey guys, how do you go about finding thses open jaw flights? Thanks

25% off flight (excluding taxes) on Qatar Airways to Maldives using voucher code @ Qatar Airways
LocalLocalFound 14th Feb 2013Found 14th Feb 2013
Poland to Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Tokyo & other destinations on Emirates From £304 @ Holiday Pirates
Found 30th Jan 2013Found 30th Jan 2013
Holiday Pirates link. Interesting deal. Emirates promoting their new Warsaw-Dubai flights with a promotion to the above places and others via Dubai. Flight leaves Warsaw daily at 1… Read more


Because we have users from all over Europe and the most countries have the Euro. If there is a deal only for the UK we use GBP. Btw Ireland has the Euro and they speak english as well.


What i want to know, is why holifay priates price this up in euros. You use and english word for your company name, you list the deal as english, and you post it on an english site. So why euros? Dont you realize the majority of brits dont like the euro, and a good reason considering the state of europe. Lets how have it pounds, shillings and pence me heartys


@Roame: Thanks for posting the deal here ;-)


ha! so now 500 000 English will invade Poland ;-)

3 day sale at Qatar Airways - cheap open-jaw to Asia, Seychelles, Maldives and many others
Found 4th Sep 2012Found 4th Sep 2012
Having seen the posts by HolidayPirates, I'm becoming quite a fan of Open-jaw flights (flying from one airport, returning to another). Anway, Qatar airlines has a 3 day sale starti… Read more

I have a nine hour overnight stopover at Doha. Hopeful that Qatar Airways are going to put me up for the night from what they say here but it only says that I may be eligible. Anyone have any experience of this programme?


yes :D


So sad I missed the deal .. any chance of it repeating soon?


expired now... but i was gutted that i saw the £176 flights to mumbai in the last few hours of the sale


Seriously good deal! Just booked Rome-Mumbai-Heathrow via Doha for £260 in Feb, awesome price considering the stopovers are just 2.5hrs going and 1.5 hours coming back. Used Avios to get BA from Heathrow-Rome, for £13.50 (+ ~£20 in tesco vouchers). So essentially less than £275! :)

London Gatwick to Maldives £338.98 @  thomsonfly
Found 17th Aug 2012Found 17th Aug 2012
London Gatwick to Maldives £338.98 @ thomsonfly Outbound Sun 19 Aug 12 Inbound Mon 03 Sep 12

5kg hand luggage & £55 for 15kg hold luggage is pretty extreme


:D on this Island you'll find he prison of the maledives.

bokul has many hotels. One below looks decent[0].numberOfAdults=2&roomno=1&validate=false&previousDateful=false&reviewOrder=date_newest_first




It's really difficult to find an Island which sells rooms online. The main island Male is not worth to visit! During August and September its raining sometimes very strong but only for a short moment. Edit: Found one Hotel Link: Thulusdhoo Island (Kaafu Atoll) double room from £1260 + 30min Speedboat transfer!

Maldives for £399 return @ Flight Centre
Found 13th Jun 2012Found 13th Jun 2012
Flight Centre have another flash sale starting at 10am today - 100 return flight to Maldives for £399. You'll need to phone the number to find out the applicable dates and which ai… Read more

Got 2 flights for Sept with Swiss airlines - less than 2hr waiting in Zurich both ways. Thanks edit: chartered a boat also, if anyone fancys a cheap(ish) liveaboard

Manchester to Male (Maldives) flight for £253.98 inc tax @ Thomson
Found 10th Mar 2012Found 10th Mar 2012
Manchester to Maldives, Male for 7 nights for £253.98 inc tax Outbound Tue 13 Mar 12 Inbound Wed 21 Mar 12

Been to the Maldives 3 times - fav place ever - just spotted this today or would have been on it! great find!


Check ur prices, 309 per room per night if i read it properly then taxes, speedboats...etc etc


Just noticed you can get 2 weeks for 2 adults at the 4* Chaaya island Dhonveli , including the flights, for just £454 pp!!


Great deal, I'd be booking right now were if. It for my wife being 37 wks pregnant. Bargain for divers wanting to book a liveaboard.


Forget about the hotels etc, just take the flight and come straight back :) Flying low over all the small islands is awesome, your holiday really does start there and then!

Manchester to Male (Maldives) RTN inc tax £373.98 @ Thomson
Found 28th Feb 2012Found 28th Feb 2012
Manchester to Male (Maldives) RTN inc tax £373.98 Outbound: Tue 6th March Return: Wed 14th March

For these dates I'm getting a basic return without luggage but inclusing taxes for only 273.98! One suitcase is 50 quid but that's an amazing price.


This is a fantastic price! HOT Plus Reethi Beach now do direct pricing including sea plane. Unfortunately I am not free to go otherwise I would be seriously tempted. Deffo hot from me


Might also want to consider Male is still 'off limits' due to civil unrest and is currently on the foreign office advice of essential travel only!!! If you are flying to the Maldives you will need to have accommodation booked on one of the resort islands (the airport is on a separate island from Male so you then have no reason to travel there) but the costs of staying in the resorts will make the air fare seem like a drop in the ocean ;)


Don't expect the tourist infrastructure you'd get @ most countries airports re booking digs when you get there.. Most who arrive are booked on boats/flights to the island resorts already. Not a lot to see/do in Male. Can't think if there was even a hotel there????? You really would need to have accomodation booked at one of the many island resorts before you go.


the link doesnt lead to the actual deal. It isn't in late deals tab either.

Glenryck Maldives Eco Friendly Tuna Chunks In Brine 185g. approved foods. 5 for a £1
Found 26th Jan 2012Found 26th Jan 2012
Glenryck Maldives Eco Friendly Tuna Chunks In Brine 185g. Best Before:30 Sep 2011 limted to 30 tins per person. del is £5.25 per 25 kilos of items shipped. they do have 5 bottle… Read more

there's a fondue set for £5.99 that give free delivery on entire order, not wort5h £6 alone but worth the 74p it effectively costs when standard postage knocked off!


Yeah! Got some, thanks. Does Approved Food often do deals like this?! I never used them before


Tuna wow bargain cheers!


dairy products I would avoid. any dried, jars, tins will be ok for years ordered lots thanks


condoms X)

Exclusive 5* Dubai & Maldives offer – save 63%
Found 15th Feb 2011Found 15th Feb 2011
Spend two nights at the brand new, five star Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, followed by seven nights at the luxurious Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives from only £1,4… Read more
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Cold cold cold 2 nights means one day! Too little too do Dubai on Also dates available means It's far too hot in Dubai And its the mid of rain season in Maldives Cold cold deal


Sorry this was me that created this, not sure how i managed to create a new account, though it was wierd when i tried to post it but not posted for over a year here (about 18 month). I DO NOT WORK FOR HAYES AND JARVIS i work for Thomson Reuters (legal publishers), I copied this from an e-mail they sent me.

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