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Marmite Houmous 200G - £1.50 instore & online @ Tesco
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th JulLocalLocal
Brought this today from Tesco as it’s new £1.50 Newton abbot
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When I was 14, 50 years ago, I won a lifetime supply of Marmite in a poetry competition. 1 jar. Still got it :-)


> KarisCommunity support > 7 h, 34 m ago > Pack size: 0.2G> Is that a portion for a fly so it won't bother you during a dinner?


Even as a huge Marmite fan, I gotta say, they're going too far ;(


Hoping I can get my son liking houmous from this too... XD


I have the marmite peanut butter its good :) It converted me to loving peanut butter

Lynx Africa and Marmite bodywash 250ml - £1 or deodorant 150ml can - £2 instore at Morrisons (Tewkesbury )
258° Expired
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
New fragrance to celebrate 25 years of the Lynx brand apparently. Spotted in store earlier in Morrisons. Couldn’t see online at Was located on a Lynx cardbo… Read more

I’d love to have been in the meeting when this was agreed as a good idea. Were they all stoned?!? (confused)


WTF IS THIS!!!! Oi lynx! you gone to far with this one (annoyed)


There are only 2 countries on earth I can think of where a company would dare sell a product like this. Here and the US, but the US one would probably be Axe with Hersheys instead of Marmite.


Good price. Revolting smell


it may taste better on toast then actual marmite

Pack of 8 Marmite Smooth (Rich in B Vitamins, No Added Sugar) Peanut Butter 225g £14.97 (£14.22 with S&S / + £4.49 NP) at Amazon
-118° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury's £2.50 a jar Morrisons £2 a jar Reviews state Best Before Date of around Nov / Dec Marmite is the UK's one of the favourite yeast extract and it's be… Read more
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Love it. Heat from me.


Me too. 8 x disgusting lol


Yes. Hence why I shared mine. :)



The crunchy version was £1.50 a jar in B&M last week (nerd)

Marmite Yeast Extract Vegan Spread, 600g Tub - £7.20 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime at Amazon
371° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Say's dispatched within a week to 3 weeks but recently ordered and it arrived within a week Sainsburys £2.90 (250g) Asda £2.70 (250g) Tesco (Unavailable online) A nutritious, ye… Read more
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11.30 now


I enjoy marmite. Not sure so much when it’s called yeast extract. Sounds awful.


eeeee hehe


Tried marmite cheese cake ?


We add it to peanut butter and have it on home made crumpets. Yummy!

Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter 225g - Pack of 8 £2.50 (+£4.49 non-prime) Amazon
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter 225g - Pack of 8 £2.50 (+£4.49 non-prime) Amazon
Please shop responsibly. As Coronavirus uncertainty develops, we are seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please do consider others - we all need to work to… Read more
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If anyone is interested, I found these for 20p in B&M’s (larkhall)today with a 7/7/20 date on them, I bought a couple to try. Bit of oil separation but a little stir and it’s fine. First impressions are that it tastes like dry roasted peanuts, I quite like it - might get more (lol) . Incidentally, it didn’t go through the till at that price, so need to double check that it is reduced in your store.


If anyone doesn't like it and wants to sell their remaining jars cheap please send me a pm


My husband is also addicted to the stuff! Let’s hope it comes back up as a deal again!


I am hopeful that it comes back on, I have 3 jars left


I love marmite and I love peanut butter. I did NOT know that I love marmite peanut butter. OP thanks you are a star. Great deal. Glad I grabbed it at the time. However the only problem now is I am stuck. It’s like one of those first fix is (near) free cons. Love love love it. Took a jar of eating it to be sure. If it’s ever on deal again pls post!

Marmite 500g for 99p instore at Tesco
1320° Expired
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th AprLocalLocal
Marmite 500g for 99p instore at Tesco
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more
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Marmite with marmalade - yum!


Probably hasn't been two consecutive days where I haven't eaten it. Highlights for me is atop cheese on toast. Winner! Heat.


.....with peanut butter on toast - half marmite and the other half honey.....HEAVEN


If this is true, then absolute bargain, stuff lasts years as well - voted hot


Burns your mouth real nice

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500g Marmite (Biggest Jar) £4.49 instore @ Home Bargains Swindon
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Posted 9th MarPosted 9th MarLocalLocal
500g Marmite (Biggest Jar) £4.49 instore @ Home Bargains Swindon
£4.75 everywhere else
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225g Marmite Peanut Butter £2 @ Morrisons - SMOOTH ONLY
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
225g Marmite Peanut Butter £2 @ Morrisons - SMOOTH ONLY
£2£2.5020%Morrisons Deals
Morrisons have just started stocking it but only sell the smooth version of this and now they put it on special offer for just £2. the crunchy version was introduced a year ago an… Read more
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Just why


I like to have this on toast with my crushed tonsil stones spread across


Crunchy too in-store


Person that invented this needs a large promotion. Although Smooth peanut butter, wtf?


oh good lord no! (lol) my nephew loves this but the thought makes me gag

250g Marmite XO £2.79 or Marmite Reduced salt £2.16 @ Tesco - Clubcard only
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
250g Marmite XO £2.79 or Marmite Reduced salt £2.16 @ Tesco - Clubcard only
Use your clubcard and get the XO version for just £2.79. That is just 9p more than normal Marmite. The reduced salt version is also on clubcard offer for £2.16
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So you can choose to consume less salt and not even notice. Sounds like a win to me.


Whenever I try old, low salt, Guinness etc Marmite it always tastes the same. Good to have a choice of packaging though.


HATE for me.


The reduced salt Marmite actually tastes better, it has more flavour, you'll only notice how the standard one tastes of salt once you try the low salt.


Have some heat OP......but I still hate it

Walkers Marmite Crisps 3 x 6 packs for £3.50 @ ASDA
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Posted 28th Oct 2019Posted 28th Oct 2019
Walkers Marmite Crisps 3 x 6 packs for £3.50 @ ASDA
Some may like them some may not but I really like them on offer at the moment 3 packs for £3.50
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Love these but don't come across them now! I have to buy twig let's as they are the nearest thing!


Used to be £3 for this a few months back



2x4 packs £1 at heron


They are always on offer at this price with mix and match with other multipack crisps also available.

225g Marmite Peanut Butter jar - £2.39 Instore @ B&M (Swindon)
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Posted 26th Sep 2019Posted 26th Sep 2019LocalLocal
225g Marmite Peanut Butter jar - £2.39 Instore @ B&M (Swindon)
Spotted these in Swindon - so you save 10p on each 1. But also notifying hukdealers that it is now available from b&m cannot upload a pic but you all know what it looks like … Read more
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It's nice but expensive, so why not just mix your own - a 250 gram jar of Marmite is enough to mix with about a dozen jars of your favourite peanut butter. Or just do as I do - slather one side of a sandwich with peanut butter and the other side with Marmite.


This stuff is so good, they must have been smoking something, what's next prawn Nutella?


Dry roasted peanuts are flavoured with Marmite. That's basically what this flavour is, stop thinking it's so weird.


That would be Sainburys in the 1980s which introduced an own brand of this (Savoury Peanut butter). They stopped doing it and I have been mixing my own even since, though I don't suggest doing it with Meridian as that is far too sticky (really destroyed an American visitor who didn't know about my pre-mix!).


I bet this tastes as rank as I think it'd have to pay me to try it ! (zombie)

Marmite Cheddar Cheese Bites 100g (5 pieces) only £1 @ Sainsbury’s
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019
Marmite Cheddar Cheese Bites 100g (5 pieces) only £1 @ Sainsbury’s
£1£1.3023%Sainsbury's Deals
Marmite Cheddar Cheese Bites 100g (5 pieces) only £1 @ Sainsbury’s

Just bought some marmite crackers from morrisons.... hope they deliver the promise ;)


Poor you.....


not enough marmite in em...

Marmite 250g - £1.35 instore @ Tesco
530° Expired
Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019LocalLocal
Marmite 250g - £1.35 instore @ Tesco
£1.35£2.7050%Tesco Deals
Found this solitary jar of Marmite marked up at £1.35, bombed it up the road to the Tesco Extra and there was a loads mixed in with the regular jars marked full price but scanning … Read more

Anyone except OP managed to find these? I forgot to have a look even though I went to a big Tesco twice today (lol) Went back for a third go, no rainbow jar marmite at West Durrington Tesco Extra (lol)


I think it's the Vitamin B12. I take B complex tablets daily when fishing midge/mosquito infected waters like northern Sweden at this time of year.


Never seen it in tubs :{


Love it.. Yummy


Not only is it delicious, but it also helps keep the midges away, as the smell oozes through your pores and the little buggers hate it!! Not strong enough for humans to notice though.

Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter 225G @ Tesco - £2.50
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Posted 9th Jul 2019Posted 9th Jul 2019
Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter 225G @ Tesco - £2.50
Peanut butter with yeast extract fortified with B vitamins. unique and delicious breakfast spread which will add a new twist to your taste buds!! Marmite Peanut Butter Crunchy is… Read more
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I like both but not together makes it to salty


Amazing mixed together cant stop eating it.


Love Marmite and peanut butter sandwiches - Marmite on one side, peanut butter on the other. Don't know what this tastes like, but it's a small jar, 225 grams compared to the standard 340 gram peanut butter jar, so I don't think it's really good value, compared to making your own.


Anyone actually like this? I don't want to pay £2.50 if it tastes like crap.


This coffe tastes like (poo)

Personalised Marmite Jar 250g at £5.49 + £3.60 postage @ Marmite Shop
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Posted 9th Jul 2019Posted 9th Jul 2019
Personalised Marmite Jar 250g at £5.49 + £3.60 postage @ Marmite Shop
Love it or hate it .. I love it :) Buy a personalised Marmite jar direct from Marmite

Put it in the gaming category and it will be voted hot .


Wouldn't it be a better idea if they just printed a label of your choice and posted it in an envelope to you so you can paste it on your own jar.


Got two in the cupboard courtesy of snatch


Maybe to promote a place or even an hotel. I agree it isn't very cheap ... but a bit of fun (maybe !)



Marmite XO relaunched £3.99 @ Tesco
461° Expired
Refreshed 8th Jul 2019Refreshed 8th Jul 2019
Marmite XO relaunched £3.99 @ Tesco ''Marmite lovers are in for a treat as an extra strong version of t… Read more



Actually, award winning!


Tbh I think the own brand supermarket versions have a stronger taste. I prefer those these days myself.


No problem wongy, unfortunately my gif got deleted as it was inappropriate :(


Marmite never goes ‘off’ unless you keep dipping the mucky knife back into the pot when you spread. It only has a Best Before, not a date of expiry - the high salt content isn’t conducive to the growth of bacteria. Had a giant pot of Marmite Gold in the cupboard since 2014, using a clean implement to serve, I’ve yet to succumb to any lurgie... Even thinking about it, my mum probably has jars old enough to drive a car. (She hates the stuff, I left home donkeys ago, like all good mums - she doesn’t throw anything away.)

500g BIGGEST JAR of Marmite £4.50 @ Morrisons
44° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2019Posted 8th Jun 2019
500g BIGGEST JAR of Marmite £4.50 @ Morrisons
£4.50£4.755%Morrisons Deals
Whilst every other supermarket and even Iceland has put the price of Marmite up Morrisons stick it at £4.50
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Same as Morrisons though 500g, no more.


Yup, £5.09


Blimey that would last me at least twenty years


I love it.....


600g catering size (y)

Marmite 250g jar £2 in B&M
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Posted 7th May 2019Posted 7th May 2019
Marmite 250g jar £2 in B&M
£2£2.3515%B&M Retail Deals
Just been in to my local B&M and they had 250g jars of Marmite for £2. Showing online so should be national. It has been this price before but here is another chance to stock… Read more
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Brilliant price for a life-time's supply! XD


Farm foods do a 2 for £4 on this size Marmite too

You either love or hate this deal - 12 pack of Marmite (250g each) - £15.03 on Amazon prime delivered
Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019
You either love or hate this deal - 12 pack of Marmite (250g each) - £15.03 on Amazon prime delivered
As per title, works out as £1.26 per pot

Beyond gutted that I missed this 😩😩😩


What happened to this deal?

️Marmite peanut butter 225g £2.50 @ Sainsburys instore
246° Expired
Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019LocalLocal
️Marmite peanut butter 225g £2.50 @ Sainsburys instore
Marmite peanut butter has launched in sainsburys be quick to get it
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Yes. We used to have it when the Bovril ran out.


You tried hot marmite drink?


They have it with jelly, which is what they call jam.... Jello is what they call jelly.


Always mixed my peanut butter on toast with a spread of marmite (y), much better than the yanks jello!


And Amazon. It's wrong really :( Picked mine up in the local larger Sainsburys.

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