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32cm deep Cool Waterproof Mattress Protector
Getting a new king sized mattress (Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000) delivered next week and will need a new mattress protector that is breathable, waterproof and cool (I easily overh… Read more

I take it you never had one to many and wished you had a waterproof topper!


Soak and sleep website has cool max waterproof mattress protectors, I have them on all our beds, not tested how waterproof they are though. Hope this helps.


Most the waterproof ones aren’t breathable


Okey dokey, we clearly have different standards of banter :)


use the flip method :p

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11 replies
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Mattress topper
Hey guys, i hope you all are well. Last year i bought a new bed from bensons for beds. Although the bed looks pretty it's hard as a freaking rock. They offered me a softness ratin… Read more

That Impress Silentnight not hot at all, or I wouldn't be able to as I would rather be cold than hot at night.


Don’t know how you sleep on foam the heating side of it would kill me


You make a fair point! Never thought about it like that, i would just change the mattress but my bed is a ottoman and because the mattress is super heavy it holds the frame from swinging up. I also don't weigh much, 40kg, and i don't feel my mattress has been broken in (lol) think I'll order a soft mattress protector and just live with it (y) hope yours works out for you as well buddy


I'm in a similar situation having bought a bed that felt fine in the shop but has turned out to be not well padded enough at home. I initially thought it was too hard too, because it felt similar to resting on a hard surface but having now tried various things my current theory is that the padding on top is too soft for the spring unit underneath. Yours may be the same. How much do you sink into the mattress? I wouldn't expect it to be outright too hard unless you're perched on top and some of your body isn't even in contact with the mattress. It seems unlikely that something rated soft would be outright too hard unless you're really skinny. The first thing I started out with was a Lidl 5cm memory foam topper. Not bad when you initially lay on it but as the memory foam warms up it softens considerably and it because much more uncomfortable at that point. Then I tried a 7.5cm foam topper that didn't soften with heat (this one) which seems to be Reflex 240S foam judging from the weight (I bought it in december). That's similar to the room temperature memory foam, maybe a bit softer. It was an improvement, but still not great. Currently I'm using the Reflex 240S on top of the lidl memory foam (to insulate the memory foam a bit) which is the best combination and giving me an ok-ish night's sleep, but it's still too soft as I'm waking up with the odd ache and pain. Currently I'm eyeing up something thicker and firmer. This one at wayfair looks promising. I've contacted support and while they couldn't confirm the exact grade of foam used they did confirm it was 30kg/m³ and Reflex foam, and there's only one grade which matches that description, which is the next one up firmness-wise from 240S. The typical toppers all seemed to be aimed at improving mattresses that already have an acceptable comfort level. it seems like something with more firmness and depth is needed to fix an outright uncomfortable mattress.


Thankyou all for your help! I'll check them out :)