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Hi. I have an "Emma original double mattress" (bought it about 1.5 years ago) i am thinking of buying a mattress topper to increase its firmness but I wanted to buy a mattress topp… Read more

Ring Emma customer service, your mattress is still in warranty, tell them it is too soft and they will send you a topper to firm it up. For free (y)

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Mattress topper recommendations
Looking for a mattress topper for a super king size bed. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks

Yes it to try and soften a hard mattress will look at foam thanks


Ok thanks yes probably get some foam then I’ll have a look on eBay thanks


We got this, been great. Paid £79 2 years ago on offer.


Which one to go for depends on your reason for buying one in the first place. If you're trying to soften a hard mattress you'll want something fairly substantial but if you're just after one to act as a more luxurious mattress protector then the softer down and fibre ones are a better choice. If you've got a mattress that isn't providing enough support because it's too soft or too old then a topper won't help.


The foam it's self is pretty generic, just look around on eBay or Amazon . The one we have is 1" thick and originally had a cover but that stunk in the wash (lol) so the set up we have now is just the foam and a regular duvet style topper over that and it's really good. On the bed in our caravan we just have plain memory foam as a topper and that is comfortable as well.

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Mattress Topper
Hi looking for a good thick mattress topper, can anyone recommend one TIA

You need a good 2 or 3 inch not cm, think i paid around £40 on amazon for mine


Don't buy a mattress topper from Lidl as they are useless (annoyed)


Have a look around for 2 to 3 cm memory foam one. Just to add by themselves the toppers that are more like duvets aren't very good when used independently but on top of a foam one make our bed really comfortable.

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Any recommendations for a mattress topper
the memory foam on my mattress is shot, doesn't rebound as much as it used to and I'm waking in agony every morning from pain on my pressure points. I can't really afford a new mat… Read more

I have gone through the same problem. A topper doesn't really fix it long term, you are only postponing the inevitable.


It sounds painful , if you can stretch the budget IKEA do a great deal on their Morgedal mattress for £179 and will save you in the long run.


I've got this one which is nice and comfortable.


Just get a slab of foam lay it on top and put your cover on top. If not decent winter tog duvet will do the trick


4" memory foam around £40 works a treat especially for what you are describing

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Memory foam topper - Is my one faulty?
I just purchased a 3" Memory Foam topper from ebay and have had it laid out on my bed for 8 hours with the windows open, but there still seems to be bulge going through the mattres… Read more

I've contacted them asking them to collect it, as if pay to send it back to them it's going to be a hassle getting them to refund that postage cost


Whose paying for return postage though ?


lol Seriously though, the latter looks quite good, it is a visco memory foam topper, 6-7 firmness rating with a 65kg density. But hey, what do I know? :)


get the most crinkly one :thumbsup:


Good news, they've accepted my returns request so that will be going back Monday. In the mean time, I've found 2 other Memory Foam topper products on Ebay from Top Rates Sellers for £45. They are: ]110439056278 ]120291399487 Can any of you guys recommend which one I should get?