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Mazda CX-5 only £219.35 / 24 month, deposit £6,250.00 & 0% APR - Optional final payment £13,936.50 at Perrys
Posted 7th Jul 2020Posted 7th Jul 2020
Mazda CX-5 only £219.35 / 24 month, deposit £6,250.00 & 0% APR - Optional final payment £13,936.50 at Perrys£15,462.70 Free P&P FreePerrys Deals
Motability Finance Contact us MAZDA CX-5 2.0 Sport Nav 5dr Perrys price£29,399.00 or only £219.00 per month RRP £30,130.00 Saving £731.00 Request a brochure Book a test drive Ask … Read more

Does motability cover the monthly payments?


The initial deposit amount doesn't impact the final optional payment on PCP, also known as the "Guaranteed Minimum Future Value" (GMFV). Even if the car is worth less than the GMFV at the end of the agreement, the customer can hand the car back without paying anything more, so it's not in the finance company's interest for the GMFV to be more than the car is worth. If the deposit on this was lower, the monthly payments would be higher to counter it. The final payment would be the same either way.


We’re not in April again are we already?!


The description for this completely wrong, it's 42 monthly payments not 24. Deposit = £6,250 42 monthly payments of £219.35 = £9212.70 Optional final payment = £13,936.50 £15462.70 is the total you'll pay if you hand the car back after 42 months, equivalent to £368.16 per month If you pay the optional final payment to own the car, you'll pay £29,399.20 in total.


Yes I understand the initial depreciation on a new vehicle is vast, that’s why it’s usually more sensible to buy a low mileage 3/4 year old car when it’s reached the point where the depreciation levels out to around £500- £800 per year. My figures are based on buying and selling privately and experience.

Free - Virtual Tours of Car Museums (Mercedes Benz/ Honda/ Ferrari/ Toyota/ Corvette/ Mclaren/ Porsche/ Mazda + More)
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Posted 23rd Apr 2020Posted 23rd Apr 2020
Free - Virtual Tours of Car Museums (Mercedes Benz/ Honda/ Ferrari/ Toyota/ Corvette/ Mclaren/ Porsche/ Mazda + More)FREE£0.01Mercedes Benz Deals
This should appeal to the motor and auto enthusiasts here at HUKD, just because we are in isolation because of COVID-19 doesn't mean we can't enjoy a tour of our favourite car muse… Read more



Cool story....:{


A few that "i've" found. Did you really find them? I think not....


Cheers matwalaboy (y)


I've heard they're on MySpace.

New MAZDA 6 Estate 2.0 Sport Nav+ 5dr £21,533 @ New Car
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Posted 21st Oct 2019Posted 21st Oct 2019
New MAZDA 6 Estate 2.0 Sport Nav+ 5dr £21,533 @ New Car£21,533£27,38921% Deals
A friend has asked me to try & find a decent estate car, with plenty of spec that's not an AUDI, BMW etc but not a Ford or Vauxhall either. Something that stands out from the c… Read more

Volvo of course, Mazdas got own technology from 2019... Check review on yt.


these mazdas?


with citroen engines. sick


thinking again, might not be worth it ;)


I see. Was just looking at this GT 2.5 model and wondering if it's worth 3.5k extra? (GT has some extra features like 360 camera, heated back seats + the better BHP and acceleration but worse MPG about 2l/100km) any thoughts? maybe there are better cars available at this price point? P.S. won't be asking the wife ;)

New MAZDA 6 Estate(SAVE 24%) 2.0 SE-L Lux Nav+ 5dr £19848 @ New Car discount
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Posted 7th Apr 2019Posted 7th Apr 2019
New Mazda 6 sport tourer with 23% off list price. Free UK Delivery, 3yrs warranty & solid paint colour add £560 for metallic. Huge spec with SE-L LUX model with leather trim… Read more

Thanks... Have unexpired (y)


It is still available! ;)


Has anyone purchased from this company, if so any feedback would be appreciated.


It's been the case for years that Japanese and Korean cars are the most reliable, some people seem to have missed this and buy the likes of Vauxhalls with their exploding gearboxes and auto igniting systems for some reason (lol)


Is this the cash price?

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Brand new Mazda2 1.5 SE-L Nav+ 5dr 90bhp now  £11848 (saving 23%) via Drive the Deal
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Posted 19th Mar 2019Posted 19th Mar 2019
Brand new Mazda2 1.5 SE-L Nav+ 5dr 90bhp now £11848 (saving 23%) via Drive the Deal£11,848£15,30023% offDrive the Deal Deals
Brand new Mazda 2 1.5 SE-L Nav+ 5dr with cracking specs with 5 doors 1.5 engine 90bhp, alloys, climate control, cruise control, Lane departure system, sat nav via 7" touchscreen, … Read more

With 90BHP on tap if you cannot use that to overtake safely you need bitch slapping with a wet fish. (nerd)


So, Would I have to use Option 1-2-3 or 4 to get this for £11,848.


Also curious as to whether this deal is eligible for the Mazda scrapage scheme?


Can anyone tell me please if you buy the car from this website how you go about getting the scrappage scheme applied


No thanks, I don't want to look like a muppet.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40  PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40 PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term£4,876.80Mazda Store Deals
Mazda Holdcroft in Hanley You won't find this deal on their website but you'll have to contact them directly, it is a stock vehicle. I would've gone for it if I needed a car withi… Read more

just got one delivered last week, its not bad. Only con is that it has a bit of a lag and thats cause there's no turbo but apart from that its a nice car. The suspension is really good, it just glides over bumps an pot holes(small ones, I wouldn't dare risk the bigger ones lol).


You’re wrong. Leasing is sometimes the most cost efficient way to drive a new car. My lease is cheaper than buying. It’s not for poor people. It’s for anyone who wants the lowest cost way of driving a new car replaced every two or three years.


Great examples. Real life context.


Do agree in part, however the way I approach big ticket items is to lease anything that depreciates and purchase anything that appreciates, my current lease costing £5k over 2 years would of depreciated £8k over the same period had I purchased outright. My 2 properties on the other hand that cost £175k to purchase are now worth more than double, but I never go into any lease without knowing I could if needed pay off the outstanding. Agree there are those driving around in £30k vehicles who cannot afford to switch on the heating come winter.


This site is for talking about the savings that can be had with such a product. Even though we are all thankfully, welcome for our opinion of course but if leasing is cheaper than the decreciation of the vehicle in it's given time, then leasing is of a better option, if you want a new car every 2-3 years.