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Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr 2 yr lease £943.20 Intl payment and £157.20 monthly. Total cost - £4,558 @ What Car Leasing
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Winter is coming! And what better way to enjoy it than with the top down, sleet blowing through what's left of your hair, and kids tucked safely away in a nice cosy boot space. S… Read more
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Sounds sensible, could well be. Mine was a personal lease.


My first lease was a business lease as a sole trader and I was not allowed to buy the car my last lease was personal and I was given a purchase option, both direct with VW so maybe that is the difference?


It isnt a GT86 replacement, its is the Toyota Supra replacement. The Toyota variant will be a coupe, not a folding tin top. The Z4 will have a cloth roof for weight reasons, the last Z4 was criticised for its weight and lack of agility - the new Z4 is being pitched against the Boxster so it needs to up its game on those fronts.


It's about weight.


Excellent post.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40  PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Mazda Holdcroft in Hanley You won't find this deal on their website but you'll have to contact them directly, it is a stock vehicle. I would've gone for it if I needed a car withi… Read more

just got one delivered last week, its not bad. Only con is that it has a bit of a lag and thats cause there's no turbo but apart from that its a nice car. The suspension is really good, it just glides over bumps an pot holes(small ones, I wouldn't dare risk the bigger ones lol).


You’re wrong. Leasing is sometimes the most cost efficient way to drive a new car. My lease is cheaper than buying. It’s not for poor people. It’s for anyone who wants the lowest cost way of driving a new car replaced every two or three years.


Great examples. Real life context.


Do agree in part, however the way I approach big ticket items is to lease anything that depreciates and purchase anything that appreciates, my current lease costing £5k over 2 years would of depreciated £8k over the same period had I purchased outright. My 2 properties on the other hand that cost £175k to purchase are now worth more than double, but I never go into any lease without knowing I could if needed pay off the outstanding. Agree there are those driving around in £30k vehicles who cannot afford to switch on the heating come winter.


This site is for talking about the savings that can be had with such a product. Even though we are all thankfully, welcome for our opinion of course but if leasing is cheaper than the decreciation of the vehicle in it's given time, then leasing is of a better option, if you want a new car every 2-3 years.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 Sport Nav Car - 24 months - 8000 miles per annum - £150.21 a  month - and £1807 upfront @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
24 months 8000 miles per year £150.21 a month with 1,807.32 a month upfront + £198 processing fee = £5621 or £234 a month I know its quite a lot up front, but it works out cheaper… Read more
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The cost difference isn't huge between this & leasing the new car if you take several factors into account, e.g.: 2 year old Focus: - depreciation over next 2 years: £2200 - Warranty for second year: £450 - set of tyres: £250 - passing MOT: £80 - road tax: £80 or so - opportunity cost of £9k capital @ 5% per year: £922 - costs of reselling after 2 years: £100 total cost: £4,082 / £170. 08 per month Of course costs could be more or less if you're lucky or not, or changing assumptions, but for an extra £60 or so per month you could have a brand new car, with less hassle if anything goes wrong. For some that £60 is worth it, and with better lease deals it can end up as cheap or cheaper to lease than own a fairly new used car, especially if you have a good place to invest saved cash.




is anyone ordered one? if yes how long you have to wait for delivery?


Well you are using twice as much. So for every £10 you used to use you now use approx £20. If you have not noticed then you clearly don't do many miles. For me my trip to work is a 66 mile round trip. At 55mpg I get out the Mazda it costs me £6.70 a day. At 23mpg that's over £16. So that is £2200 a year just traveling to work. That is pretty noticeable to me. :) But I'm with you on smiles per gallon. I used to have a Boxster but sold it as didn't get used enough. My smiles now come from a 370z (part owned with brother). Don't notice fuel use so much but am on first name terms with the local tyre shop! XD


Smiles to the gallon over miles to the gallon for me these days. Last car was a 1.6 diesel getting 45mpg, now getting 23mpg on average from the petrol engine but I can honestly say I haven't noticed a huge increase in fuel costs.

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Mazda Mx-5 Convertible	1.5 SE 2dr - 24 Months Lease / 8000 p.a - £159.80pm / 23 months / £779.40 up front fee - total cost £4,454.80 @ Mazda (Loughborough)
LocalLocalFound 17th JunFound 17th Jun
In stock Sandicliffe Mazda Loughborough Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr £159.80/month Rental Profile 3+23 Annual Mileage 8k Miles p/a Initial Rental £479.40 Additional Fees … Read more

Picked up mine yesterday. Love it already. Yes features are basic by many rivals standards, and all the foibles are true, however the sheer fun and driving experience far outweigh any of the negatives (excited)


Just got mine today. Decent 50mpg on the motorway. Visibility is poor though and it's the basic model. So sparse inside. Will update again once I've been on some country roads giving it some hammer. Mine did have a key warning light which we will have to sort out. Dealer put it in writing that they will cover any costs if Mazda refuse warranty fix.


If you go for the rf model from then it has all the extras you'd want plus electric folding hood etc for 40quid a month more. It's still cheaper than the basic model from everyone else


Wow. No wonder it’s cheap. Basic.


Yes, if you want Bluetooth then get the model with it, simple.

MAZDA MX-5 - Discounted by over £3,000 at Perrys £15,848
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
I thought I'd post this after the £5,400 deal to lease it for 2 years/12,000 miles got so hot. Less than 3 times the hire cost to keep for life. Same model, which is 1.5 ltr SE. … Read more

Gone up to £15,999 now, so expired.


I agree. They probably drive a BMW 1series or a Ford Focus.


Always love it when people talk about MX5s being a hairdressers' car, nice to watch people show they don't actually know much about cars. The MX5 is one of the best handling cars you can buy at any price.


I ruined the cheapo huge bore exhaust that some previous owner had installed on my old GC8 after upgrading to BC coil overs and trying to clear a middle of lane speedbump (annoyed) Cornering speed was insane on her though 8)


Well maybe an exaggeration, but plenty certainly need to stop to go over speed bumps after the "sup-ing-up" done by their petrolheads :D

MX5 Race Car Experience only £15.20 with code (From midnight!) @ Buy A Gift
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Bit different! Would make a great gift for a race fan, or speed enthusiast :) Use code ' BLACK20AFF ' to get reduced price ( Live at midnight ) Make someone’s first drive tru… Read more

I can believe it... :p Pretty face, likes HUKD,a banging body and knows about power ratios of naturally aspirated engines. Your fella hit the lottery big time, no wonder he put a ring on it.



Agreed, they're brilliant motors. When it was first produced it was the most powerful NA engine in the world per litre until 2010. If you're going to scratch that itch do it pretty quickly because they're only increasing in value! PS I also have a banging body (lol)


Well he should be proud and show you off, your welcome sunshine (cheeky) . Yeah I like S2000's, always have since the Chinese guy in the first fast and furious had one, deffo the best looking 2 seater that isnt a super car. Then when I got into my 20's and understood what Vtec engines can actually do I wanted one. But for practical reasons I mentioned above I went off the idea. Maybe one day I will scratch that itch..


Yeah I suppose it is a lame reason, but I have a dog and needed to be able to at least put abit of shopping in it. I was 24 at the time in 2014 and had come in to abit of money, but I was so disapointed with the example I saw it put me off and I ended up buying a boring 2.0 litre Subaru Legacy Saloon for half the price in the end. I live near A57 Snake Pass so it would be nice to have as a second car, but then again I worry that I would of crashed it or got points. Now I am 27 with 10 years no claims and no points so I guess it paid off in that sense. But fair enough if you managed to not come off badly and enjoyed the s2000 experience, the exterior design is gorgeous, still looks fresh.

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Mazda 6 Diesel Saloon 2.2d SE-L Nav 4dr 2 year lease from Yes Lease for a total of £800.40
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Possible misprice, Mazda 6 Diesel Saloon 2.2d SE-L Nav 4dr for £165.60 + 23 payments of £27.60. There is no admin fee so the total over the two years is £800.40.

I found a similar deal on Lease Shop on Sunday. I messaged them over Facebook and got a response surprisingly in 10 mins. They said Mazda had put the details wrong in the system that then gets filtered down to the lease companies. A couple of months ago I found a Volvo V40 for something like £75 deposit and £23 a month on Yes Lease. I called them up and they said someone had got the decimal point in the wrong place. Happens quite often apparently


About 3 minutes unfortunately.


I don't blame the OP for posting it, as a deal is a deal and it is in black and white to be seen. However it's not one of those old HUKD 'got to be in it to win it' type things and while I do trust the company and don't think my details will be harvested, they will probably pester you a bit if you hand your details over - Tilsun Vehicle Contracts did this to me (I cancelled after they didn't disclose a 9-month wait for the car).


Less than 30 seconds 😝


Did we conclude this was just a mistake and no one rented the car for the amount quoted?

Bell MX5 motorcycle helmet 5 star sharp med large £89.99 Amazon 70% off
Found 15th Sep 2015Found 15th Sep 2015
A whole load of Bell motorcycle helmets on sale on amazon up to 70% off. This and the carbon fibre version probably the pick although £100 more. I really want the M6 carbon for £25… Read more
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ordered an xl yesterday fits great normally a large went to order an xxl for my mate and they jumped up in price to £122


Excellent price for bell helmet


Bell and helmet in the same sentence. Can't help but snigger! oO


Finally got chance to try on. Snug I would say. The cheek pads are tight but over all after 30 minutes I felt it quite comfortable.


I'm fairly certain Amazon let you exchange at no cost.

Mazda mx-5 car park for Forza Horizon 2, Xbox One
Found 18th Mar 2015Found 18th Mar 2015
Now available, store link.. Non clickable because I'm a noob. … Read more
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Still free, accidentally put a time ended date on the deal


Cheers OP :)


They're a LOT of fun in real life and in this game ;)


thanks, wonder why the whole pack has gone free and not just 1 car like normal


love this game, so much to do beyond just racing.

Mazda 3 2.2d SE on 10k pch 24 mth £5109.71 @ Leasing Options
Found 16th Mar 2015Found 16th Mar 2015
10k per annum £169.99 pm £1019.94 initial £180 fee



Is this 20k? In which currency?


Wrong. Leasing is probably what makes cars so expensive in the first place. Without leasing the manufacturers would have to bring cars down to a realistic price in order to sell them. My car was not a lease car. I've been buying new & nearly new cars for 40 years now way before leasing as we know it & back then you could get a better new bargain.


If the crazy people don't lease cars or at least made the leasing market viable, you'll have no 1 year old car to buy. If you run your business leasing can sometimes be a cheaper option.

Free Car! Mazda MazdaSpeed 3 (Forza Horizon 2 -  Xbox One)
Found 6th Jan 2015Found 6th Jan 2015
"The G-Shock Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One is available today for $5 in the Xbox Live store. Starting today, also available this month for free for all Xbox One player… Read more

Storm island shows up as £7.99 for me?


Likewise, I paid enough for the game, £16 is too much for DLC.


Comment Yeh, an upgrade to a new console.


Comment Thanks


Thanks, got it :)

New Ford, Nissan, Mazda Kia or Skoda at cost price + £1 at Sandicliffe
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Sandicliffe are doing a black Friday sales event starting today and rolling through the entire weekend. They’re selling all of their new cars at the price that they paid, plus £1.… Read more
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I've just rang sandicliffe about a clip that's broke on my parcel shelf. Said the clip isn't made on its own and needs a new shelf ordered under warrantee. However a different ford has lots of clips in stock and will fit a new one Thursday. Idiot boy at sandicliffe lol. I hope they get the right car for you when you 9rder it as their knowledge doesn't seem that good!!!


I've just rang sandicliffe about a clip that's broke on my parcel shelf. Said the clip isn't made on its own and needs a new shelf ordered under warrantee. However a different ford has lots of clips in stock and will fit a new one Thursday. Idiot boy at sandicliffe lol. I hope they get the right car for you when you 9rder it as their knowledge doesn't seem that good!!!


Years ago, I bought a Mitsubishi on a similar deal. The salesman showed me the invoice, but as mentioned earlier, their profit comes from the manufacturers bonus. They will be looking to shift a certain number before the end of December. There could be a good deal but always worth looking at the online brokers to compare.


True enough. I would have been interested to see what price Sandicliffe would be trying to shift them at.


there is no way to make sure what they claim to have paid is correct?

MAZDA MX-5 CONVERTIBLE1.8iSE2dr [Air Con] was £18470 now £14588 @ new car
Found 31st May 2014Found 31st May 2014
21% saving on list price. Recently had to get rid of mine as started a family. These cars are excellent and loved every minute of owning one. Will definitely get another one when… Read more
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Who asked you? If I had wanted to hear from an ass hole I would have farted. Another muppet to add to my ignore list.


Spod, personally I think you are the "pointless, vapid, arrogant little troll" and not Jewpons!


whats his name? im a big wrestling fan.


OK stylists - back to your chairs! Nothing to see here, move along :)


Great cars, had two of the Mk2 (facelifts) drove all around Europe meeting other clubs (it has great community and made great friends) my brother got the Mk3 as sold here and it is the best money for ever paid for fun. Very cheap to maintain, reliable as a swiss watch. Just kick a second gear in a bend, hit the pedal and drift away with it's sweet rear wheel drive. if you are a bachelor, this is the best purchase EVER!

Mazda MX5 1.8 se air con £15045 @ Drive the deal
Found 22nd May 2014Found 22nd May 2014
This deal is on condition you take finance pcp but it's 0% so it's win win . Keep cash in bank make some extra interest ! Very good price for this car

what about a screen shot and jpeg it?


Click here if you would like to get a free brochure or book a free test drive for this car All quotes include 12 months Road Tax, a 3 year manufacturer warranty, and free delivery anywhere in England. All vehicles are supplied by UK main dealers. You pay the dealer on delivery of your car. Drive The Deal Discounted Price: Your Saving: If you require any further information on the car you are looking at then please contact us on Tel 08456 26 26 26 or 01628 472276 Note: All quotes include VAT, Road Tax, the first Vehicle Registration Charge and Delivery in England. (E&OE) To continue, please select one of the following " have been in business since 1996 broking new car deals exclusively from UK main dealers, and consistently offer the most competitive deals across a very broad range of cars. Many of their savings regularly amaze me." -Chris Rees, Editor, Carbuyer 2002-2004. Extra Information The quoted prices include a £2,250 discount which is conditional upon you taking out PCP finance at 0% APR Representative over 24 to 42 months with no minimum deposit arranged by the dealer. If you do not wish to take out this finance then you will need to add £2,250 to the prices that we quote. Mazda are also marketing the following finance deals: 1. Hire Purchase finance at 0% APR Representative over 12 to 36 months with 30% minimum deposit. 2. Hire Purchase finance at 5.9% APR Representative over 12 to 60 months with no minimum deposit. However, there are costs associated with selecting any of the above two finance deals. Please telephone us to request a finance quote on Tel: 01628 472276 or 08456 262626. Mazda are also offering a 3 year servicing pack for just £549. If you wish to buy this pack then the dealer we put you in touch with will arrange it for you. NOTE: ALL MAZDA MODELS ORDERED WITH US WILL BE SUPPLIED BRAND NEW. YOU WILL BE THE FIRST REGISTERED KEEPER. SOME COMPANIES ARE OFFERING PRE-REGISTERED CARS. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT BUY ONE. PLEASE SEE THE NOTE ON OUR PRE-REGISTERED CARS PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Quotes and offers are for cars ordered after 1 April and registered by 30 June 2014. Brand New UK Cars from the Cheapest UK Main Dealers ©2000 DriveTheDeal™. drivethedeal™ and drive the deal™ are registered trademarks of The House Of Cars Limited. thats a very good idea I have tried to do that but for some reason I can't not sure why


maybe bowster could copy and paste the page to show the deal?


I think a lot of peoples problem with these posts is the link just goes to a home page, and whenever I have a look I can never find anything like what the OP Posts.


Drive the Deal have been around for years. Is not a 'rubbish' web site!

Brembo Rear Discs (Mazda 323/MX-5) £17.23 @ Amazon (free del)
Found 24th Mar 2014Found 24th Mar 2014
Brembo 08.6857.10 Brake DISCS - Pair Fits the following cars: MAZDA 323 C Mk IV (BG) MAZDA 323 F Mk IV (BG) MAZDA 323 S Mk IV (BG) MAZDA MX-3 (EC) MAZDA MX-5 (NA) MAZDA MX-5 Mk… Read more

Damn, shelling out tomorrow for discs for all 4 corners of my alfa 159 but no such luck with this seller.


spot on ordered some for my saab


Saab, Galaxy, Mitsubishi, MG TF.


Awsome deal shame there's none for a clio 200.Voting hot just for the unusual post that makes a change from the usual tat on here.


all gone 8)

Mazda 6 2.2 diesel Sport Nav 175bhp saloon latest model - £20535 OTR at
Found 25th Feb 2014Found 25th Feb 2014
Cracking price for this motor. £6K saving over dealer. Great alternative to the 3 series BMW or Audi a4


Seems so from what I've read both on here and elsewhere


So the site is legit then? I would actually consider getting a new car at these prices


They likely cut out the dealer and also get fleet car discount which they then pass some of it on


How is this website able to offer new cars cheaper than list price? I'm interested in the new mazda3 and this website sells it £3k cheaper than mazda do

Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv 145PS SE-L on a 42 month PCP for just £243.93pm, after £3k deposit
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
Mazda is offering its very impressive Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv 145PS SE-L for just £243.93pm on a 42 month PCP after a £3,000 deposit, with a final payment of £6,423.88 to keep the car… Read more

GFV will always go the right way. They're desperate to do a deal...


True depending if the GFV goes the right way etc, Just go crazy...... mmmmmmm


But you'll never own the car. At least with this deal, you have collateral to use to flip...


Just seen this.... Mazda 6 Saloon 2.0 SE-L 10k a year No deposit, 258 a month over 4 years. Surely a better deal due to you keeping your 3k in the bank? Only difference is maybe the car model is different? Leases are great at the moment and beating PCP by a mile, depending which makes you look at


They're dearer...

Mazda dealers price matching for Servicing
Found 24th Aug 2013Found 24th Aug 2013
Mazda are price matching independent garages for servicing. Just got a great deal on a 12,500 mile service at the Mazda dealers, £180 reduced to £120. £60 saving!

It's quite common practice in the VW, Audi group too. VW used to have it on the website, not sure if they still do but there is an ongoing radio campaign. The only proviso is that they use genuine parts and carry out all operations in the schedule.


Cost £245 for service on my last 6 Sport, independents up here wouldn't touch it because they couldn't update the DSR. Haven't got it anymore thankfully. Mazda dealers are awful.


£120? Is that the cheapest you could find at a local indie? That's main dealer Ford pricing around here!


Good deal, however, I agree with hornetsam. Just had my 75k done by my local independent garage at 1/3 the cost and it's brilliant. Much better than my local Mazda garage


Mazda dealer serviced my MX5... Front to rear tyre swap - failed to change tyre pressures (i discovered this the hard way exiting a motorway ramp). Oil leak at filter following service (tried to balme spillage and it would run off). As above at next service but worse Poorly fitted wiper blade. After calling to check car was ready to pickup following service, I arrive to be told car not ready yet it was being valeted and would be 15 minutes - car arrives 20 minutes later, filthy - never seen a drop of water. The service from the dealer when trying to buy the car was much worse than this.

Free #GAMECHANGER Mazda Avatar Top @ Xbox 360 Dashboard
Found 27th Jun 2013Found 27th Jun 2013
Keep refreshing the xbox 360 dashboard by pressing the Guide button on the controller and the xbox home until you get the Mazda and Metric advert. Click on it and click on the get … Read more





same here ;)


^ It showed up from powering on xbox 360 and signing in. Usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for them to show up on mine.



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