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Car advice - Mazda 6 2014 2.2 Skyactiv-D
Hi there. Anyone own or used to own the above Mazda? Looking for a new car and this one popped up. Also looking at a Skoda Octavia 2014 Estate 2.0 Diesel with DSG. Any advice on … Read more

I had an Octavia diesel VRS and currently have a 2011 Mazda6 petrol I've had for a long time. I'm a big fan of the Mazda which is well specced, practical and been very reliable but the diesel Mazda6's (both mk2 and mk3) have known issues although it's difficult to tell how widespread they are since you'll see more negative comments online.


I had Mazda 6 2.2 diesel for 3 years never had a problem very impressed with mazda


Avoid Mazda 2.2 Diesels. They are well known for blocking the oil pickup and seizing the engine due to injector seals. Check Honest John. Personally, I would avoid the DSG (or any similar gearboxes). They need regular expensive services which often get skipped once the warranty has expired. What mileage and type of driving (city, motorway etc) do you do?


Avoid the Skoda with the DSG, its jerky at low speed, even worse when mixed with turbo diesel engine and add on stop start and its not worth the brain ache. The Mazda diesel will need some careful looking at the paperwork. They had an issue in first few years where the oil would rise when hot and leak out. Mazda eventually fixed it with new dipsticks and reprogramming of the ECU. Make sure your isnt an ex fleet that was sold straight off before the patch was applied!


I've been fortunate that my commute is motorway (pre covid 20,000+ miles pa) but it has been used for mostly small journeys for the last year but not noticed any issues. The auto definitely isn't as quick as the dsg gearbox (other half has a polo GTi) but the Mazda is smooth and quick enough if you need it to go :)

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Mazda 3
hi there, does anyone know anything about mazda 3 Bose head units of have access to mazda parts catalogue, thanks in advance

Basically the cds are jammed inside and I've not got the know how to open it up, take cds out and rebuild so I'k looking at trying to get a 2nd replacement unit but model number is bs4j 66 arx and there is only 1 on eBay and they want 250 quid for it, wondered if there were any more part numbers that would do the same job


What are you wanting to do with it?

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Mazda Deals?
Hi all, I am looking to purchase a Mazda 6 (Saloon, petrol, automatic) and have been reading that there are often deals around the bank holiday weekends. I just wanted to check if … Read more

The brokers are usually the best price. Have you considered leasing? Auto petrol saloon SE-L Nav+ around £290 a month on a 1+35 at first place I looked. Not the best deal you'll find, but not terrible either, I'd imagine you can find it a bit cheaper on or similar


Thanks, I have checked these websites and also others like new car discount. I was just waiting to see if there would be any deals/discounts around the bank holiday weekend and if not then will go with these online dealers. Will check motorpoint too, thanks


Have you tried Carwow or Drive The Deal? I wouldn't fall for the dealer promo event bs. Try the above links, they're competitive all year round. Also don't let dealers tell you they're imports / pre-registered or any of that nonsense. They're new cars supplied by UK franchised dealers. Alternatively if you're happy to buy used maybe try motorpoint.


Thanks, tried haggling but the dealership I went to were having none of it, “priced to sell and you’re wasting our time” lol


They usually do a significant (£2500) deposit contribution if buying new on a PCP and sometimes 0% finance, both of which are on the Mazda UK website. In addition you can haggle with the dealer but the best discounts tend to be for existing customers (eg Dealer VIP events or Mazda offered me £1K off in addition to any dealer / finance discount). I'm on my third 6 Estate - currently manual petrol. 1700 miles upto to Scotland and back recently, no sweat, extremely comfortable and economic.