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[PS4/PS5] Metro Exodus - £8.74 @ PlayStation Store
29/09/2021Expires on 29/09/2021Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
DLC is also still on sale thanks @joeydeacon Expansion Pass - £4.19 (Includes the 2 items below) Sam's Story - £2.79 The Two Colonels - £2.02 Metro Exodus is an epic, sto… Read more

well john I don't care what you think either. I am just giving advice backed up by valid points to potential customers of this game which I consider to be the worst purchase of the PS4 era in my game collection, people should definitely listen to me so they don't repeat my mistake and buy this shoddy low budget mess. it was awful when I tried it a year ago on my ps4 pro and I tried it again with an open mind on the ps5 and it's equally awful now visually and gameplay wise. Adding dual sense support and a bit of ray and 3d audio doesn't change the awful core gameplay.


As I said, I don't care that you dislike the game, so I won't engage with you on that - continue on with your point-scoring. The game isn't identical visually (and neither is its audio or the controller experience, should you care about that), which is clear to anyone who looks at a side-by-side. I am just happy that Barkman has gone to look for himself instead of listening to you, as you can't seem to separate the gameplay from the upgrade. Take care now.


I bought the disk version for £20 in Asda and it's the best looking ps5 game I've played! Didn't start off the best but once you get into the open world it's beautiful


yes john you got me on the 1 "identical" word so with all my other valid points it's 10-1 to me


So not identical then? It is fine, I don't really care if you think it looks like your Pro version. I thought it right to let the guy you were misleading know that there is a lot more to it than you said there was.

Add-On / DLC Sale @ PlayStation PSN UK - Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps – Season Pass £7.99 Metro Exodus Expansion Pass £4.19 + More
22/09/2021Expires on 22/09/2021Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
1 Blue Orb £0.39 1000 Neverwinter Zen £7.19 11,000 Source Crystals £1.99 11000 Neverwinter Zen £63.99 150,000 Source Crystals £19.99 2 Blue Orbs £0.59 2,000 Source Crys… Read more

Watch Dogs Season Pass finally on sale again! Anyone know why it won't allow me to download the Bad Blood DLC after purchasing it, just says 'unavailable'.... EDIT - Looks like you have to do claim it within the game by going to the Download section. It'll then give you the option of 'Free' or '£11.99', very strange.


I understand your point about reduction over time, but unfortunately there's no 'should' about it, only - as with all things - 'it would be nice if it was bigger'. If we assume it still sells fine at RRP, and they receive a nice increase with a periodic fixed discount, why should a business discount more? To appease the fans perhaps? Not from the studio that charged full price for glorified DLC in Miles Morales, and kept the PS4 price almost as high as PS5. If the precedent was truly set that after three years all games are practically in the virtual bargain bin, then almost every interested buyer from year two would hold back there cash. And no respectable Dev, greedy or not, will devalue their brand like that. Also, I've got it, and it's just about worth the £8 imo.






It's now fully live, I have updated the link in the Deal description, will now go to the correct PSN store page.

Metro Exodus Complete Edition (Xbox One/Series X) £18.57 / (PS5) £21.12 delivered using code @ Boss Deals eBay
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Posted 1st SepPosted 1st Sep
Link to PS5 version: Order now to receive a FREE Metro Exodus Spartan Patch! Experience the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure and discove… Read more

I'm shooting my way through anyone I meet on this...I'll be getting the 'bad' ending then...


It's excellent. Do it.


Is this any good. Was thinking of picking up PS4 version and getting free upgrade to ps5


It's the same content as the Gold Edition which has plenty of digital codes knocking about already :) Complete is just nice for those who want physical. A must-have game for those on next-gen consoles imo. Heat added Joey

Levy2805 This one includes metro exodus gold edition which has the season pass too. Also there's a free next gen upgrade.

Metro Exodus Complete Edition Xbox Series X / PS5 £20 @ Asda
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Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
I know the game collection posted earlier is 15p cheaper, but this might be more convenient for people shopping in store, or ordering for home delivery / collection. Experience th… Read more

Got last one for PS5. Cheers for posting


Scientific studies show that face-palming lowers IQ.


......Series S has no disc drive. This deal is for a physical game


Its works on Xbox one and series X/S. Every works on X/S, you don't get one without the other. 🤦


Obviously correct, title corrected!

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[Xbox One/Series X] Metro Exodus Complete Edition - £19.85 delivered @ Simply Games
Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Experience the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure and discover a beautiful hostile world in this epic, first person shooter, now enhanced for Xbox Series X Metro Exodus Complete … Read more

Nice one. Thanks for sticking the deal on as well (y)


Working my way through the first 2 currently and I’m excited to play this! Hopefully drops even further by the time I get around to playing.


Definately same price on PS5 in Asda, can be seen online on grocery site if wanting to click and collect.


Hahaha no worries mate, will go and have a look (y)


I think it was both mate, but I can't remember for definite sorry as was dragging my daughter around at the same time.

Metro Exodus - Complete Edition (PS5 / Xbox Series X) £21.85 Delivered @ Shopto
Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
Experience the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure and discover a beautiful hostile world in this epic, first person shooter, now enhanced for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Metro … Read more

How are the load times on the Series X? I've not upgraded yet and I stopped playing this because of the awful load times


Assassin's creed Valhalla looks fabulous an boy it's lonnnnnggg


I found this game a borefest (ninja)


Never mind the visuals i thought this was the worst of the series, bored me to tears that i could not even finish it, but thankfully i got it via gamepass so at least i did not spend real money on it. lol


Yeah It looks great