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Xiaomi Mi A2 has a large display of about 5.99 inches and a resolution of 1080x2160 pixels. The device supports various networks including 2G, 3G, and 4G. This Android One phone is equipped with a powerful Snapdragon octa-core chipset and, comes with back and front cameras. On connectivity, Mi A2 offers 5.0 Bluetooth, FM radio, Wi-Fi, 2.0 USB, and GPS. hotukdeals collects all Xiaomi Mi A2 deals on a page, so that shoppers can get the best deal on their Xiaomi Mi A2 phone. Read more
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (5.84 inch) 32GB 12MP Smartphone (Blue) (Gold) £103.36 Delivered @ CCL online
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Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
Reduced Again, £103.36 with free delivery, not bad actually. https://m.cclonline.com/product/265311/MZB6396EN/Mobile-Phones/Xiaomi-Mi-A2-Lite-5-84-inch-32GB-12MP-Smartphone-Gold… Read more

Father has the 6X variant. Flashed the xiaomi.eu weekly rom updates and is very good value. Everything is good apart from the screen, it's LCD and barely visible in the sun. Comparing to modern LED displays, I got him an A70 and is stunned by how bright it is compared to this dim thing. Just something for people to consider but then again is it sunny most of the time here? Probably not. (y) Also about the headphone jack, you get an Type C dongle on the 6x so can only assume the same for this...


It does have a headphone socket according to this page. It's the non-Lite version that doesn't: https://www.androidcentral.com/xiaomi-mi-a2-mi-a2-lite Meanwhile the price has gone up to £108.24, making the Clove 64Mb version look better value: https://www.clove.co.uk/products/xiaomi-mi-a2-lite


Nice phone but no headphone socket that is just bad


Thanks, ordered. Gutted to have missed out on that Pocophone deal but this phone will do for a bit. Now £108.24 btw


Ordered (y)

Xiaomi Mi A2 lite Dual SIM 4GB RAM/64GB £119.99 @ Clove.co.uk
Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
Available in blue and gold colour

bought amazing phone, i just hate android stock keyboard, no spaces between keys means 24 7 typo'ing


@Ken Had a deep dig into settings and the router is running on both frequencies. Your diagnosis of a "poopy head" phone seems accurate today. Earlier this evening the phone dropped 2 viber calls, 1 whatsapp call and 2 proper phone calls (all from the same person) in the course of a 30 min conversation. Not sure how I can convince my friend that I wasn't just hanging up on him but this phones days are numbered! Regards, Ian


Thanks! Gone for this, should be a good jump from my IPhone SE


Have this, no issue with wifi , Andriod pie 9.0


This could just be a settings issue between the phone AND router. On the phone go into the WiFi settings and check to see what frequency the phone is set too, it should be set to "Automatic". The router should be set to transmit to both frequencies 2.5ghz and 5ghz. If both the phone and router are set that way and the problem still persists, then the phone is a poopy head and I don't play with poopy heads.

From 19th August through the app: Android One Xiaomi Mi A2 6GB RAM 128GB storage at mi.com pick of the day
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Another 24hrs deal on 19th, great price for 128gb version Buy through their App to get this price, otherwise it is £159

Mi 8, Mix 2s, Mix 3 can compare much better (they'll still likely fall behind a bit) Those can now can be picked for a pittance


I'd go note 7 personally, the battery in this is too much of a disappointment for me.


This or the redmi note 7? @MrSwitch


Only 2 days left to wait to nab one of these beauties for nothing money!!! Everyone ready!


Is the redmi note 6 pro a good deal for £109 on the day after? I'm going to buy this one but my son had his phone broken today so I need a cheap replacement for him

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 64GB Gold Only £110.27 /£120.70 Delivered 32GB For £105.15 @ UK Computers
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Excellent prices for UK dealers in my opinion, 64gb at £110 now oos, and the 32gb at £105, only 50 available of the 64GB. https://www.uk-computers.co.uk/product/15892_156_324513… Read more

Sorry mate!


64gb phone not being restocked. They cant get any more.


You're also failing to remember this too though, and that is that of this also, in that, the G5S Plus was a flagship phone at the time, don't forget?. A flagship phone that would easily have set you back £550+ at the time right? (IF purchased as SIM-free at the time, or whatever?). While the OP's phone's are barely stretching your pocket for one fifth of theat, yeh?, so ... For my £450 odd saving, I'd either cut my losses (figuratively speaking, only mind, lol), and run, hehehe. Or use that same far £450 odd saving to purchase either one of those funky Huawei Pro phone's, OR a DSLR camera instead, or whatever? (if 'camera' is actually that overly important to you, or something?). :-) Personally speaking mind, I'd take those huge savings, and run ... lol.


I agree with you. :-D But, not everyone understands how to do them kind of thing's though? (if we're honest with ourselves?). Do you happen to have a decent link for the same GCam?, but on the Xiaomi Note range of phone's, perhaps? (be it Note 4, 5, or 6 Pro?). Thanx.


Cool, thanx. I've also never heard of ballicom, are they any good too?, or ... thanx.

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Android One  6GB/128GB for £159 (£154 through the app) at mi.com
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Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Daily pick Xiaomi Mi A2 6GB/128 GB, in black or gold colours only (400 in stock). Every day one phone model from Xiaomi for special price. Get further £5 off using their app

Fake news, fact


Regardless, the 720p resolution is TOO LOW for PenTile AMOLED of that size. Fact.


Way cheaper. Not close to processing


No headphone jack?


Using a MI A1 now, it's been flawless and the best phone I've had.

a2 Shockproof battery charger case For Xiaomi Mi A2 Mi 6X 64gb External charger Cover £14.46 at AliExpress
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
I ordered one of these from Ali Express, took 12 days to arrive for the Mi A2, better than expected build quality and mah rating seems about right. I can only comment on the Mi A2 … Read more

That design is just asking for more trouble. A slight knock on the port & kiss goodbye to your nice shiny phone to the local repair shop for a while as you say. Too much of a risk if you ask me.


Great find. I've ordered the blue for my Mi A2 for £10.65 including a first user discount. (y) I probably won't use it all the time as my battery usually lasts all day but will use it if I know the phone is going to get a hammering.


- Just plug in and press the button to charge, never bother with USB C cables again. - Recharging with USB C cable too. ^made me chuckle reading the blurb


The only style I did consider are like this one, but if you knock them it will damage the usb port. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PSPM9N5/ref=twister_B07PQR966X?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


You can never have enough juice these days. Quite happy to sacrifice slimness for more juice if they do one for the A2 Lite.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (5.84 inch) 64GB 12MP Smartphone (Blue + Black) £138.17 Delivered @ CCL Computers
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Nice price again for a uk sourced one, 32GB is £123.29 if you prefer. https://m.cclonline.com/product/265311/MZB6396EN/Mobile-Phones/Xiaomi-Mi-A2-Lite-5-84-inch-32GB-12MP-Smartpho… Read more

So who wanted this phone cheap? There you go my friends! Mad price for it:)


Sold out. Procrastination got me again.


You are very welcome buddy :)


Ty Mr Switch, I bought the One Vision you posted a while back, enjoying Android One on it, thanks for that! My dad needs a new phone, I think this is the one for him.


I'd imagine so yes, Android one.

Xiaomi Mi A2 4GB/64GB black - £108.29 eGlobal Central
306° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
This model has featured in a few deals recently, not least from the Official Mi store a couple of weeks back. Obviously the warranty won't be as good, of even in existence, but for… Read more

Only via email I think, but yes, bargain.


It's a real shame. They have gimped it as far as I'm concerned. You can get the 9T for £240 though right now for the 128GB version on gearbest.


I stand corrected. I'd read that it started 3pm Spain time and thus 2pm UK time. Looks like Mi 9T is the one to go for :)


It was actually officially announced about 4 mins after your comment: https://twitter.com/XiaomiEspana/status/1151455558412709889 https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_a3_unveiled_with_720p_oled_screen_s665_chipset_250_price_tag-news-38177.php


Do you mean like this on eglobal? https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/xiaomi-mi-a3-dual-sim-4gb-64gb-blue.html?tduid=963db8b480d59715012e31daa817c846#/product/30095 It has contradictory info on spec and feature about the battery 3000mah/4030mah and it has no mention of it being Android One. The A3 was listed last week but was MIUI so was a CC9 or CC9e or whatever. My point is that it's not concrete enough evidence to shoot down other rumours yet. You might be right, not saying you're wrong, not at all, but we'll KNOW in about 2 hours :) It would be a really bad move to put 720p on the A3

EXDISPLAY Xiaomi Mi A2 at Ebuyer - £95.89 Delivered
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Morning Folks, was looking at one of the old Ebuyer ex-display deals and stumbled across this. Looks like a good price for the A2 and is covered by the Xiaomi UK 2 year warranty a… Read more
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Only a 90 day warranty though, not 2 years, so a bit too risky.


keep an eye out on the official xiaomi uk site - the a2 was £119 new - but if a refurb will do to save £25 then this will do


Good deal but sadly Expired.


Heat just for the fact you're still sticking to your Oneplus One - me too!


OOs, would have bought

Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB £119 (£114 W/App) | Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 32GB £109 @ Xiaomi UK
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Update, use the app to get a further £5 off the already fantastic £119, to pay £114 (unbelievable value) for a mi a2 64gb...WHILE STOCKS LAST :S ~App Linky ~ 4 weeks of deals,… Read more
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I'm still confused, I rang a different number 😁


What's Ripering? ;)


Ive just got off the phone. I'm getting a MI 8 life in black with a free power bank....well that's what they told me. Just got to wait for an email with instructions.....fingers crossed lol


We used the online chat, logging in with Account we used to purchase. Good luck and fingers crossed.


Yep, they deal with Xiaomi products, forget the EE part, it's SBE who handle it.

Xiaomi Mi A2 64Gb in Red £108.99 @ eGlobal Central
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Blue version, still at £108.99 https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/xiaomi-mi-a2-4gb-64gb-dual-sim-red.html#/product/24858 well regarded phone at a good price At eglobal, based in … Read more

They replaced in the end. Return courier was the trickiest part. All good.


I don't think its to do with sim in or out, it was the April update that broke on mine, many people got bootloop on the January update. Once I managed to boot it eventually, it said the update failed along with pinyin keyboard and another keyboard, I uninstalled both keyboards then updated the other apps then plugged it in and downloaded and installed all the updates up to July with no problems. I think it's pot luck but I'm never doing any updates when its not plugged in or if I'm without a backup phone. If you unlock the bootloader you can at least reflash any firmware, but with it locked you need to open the phone and short out the test points voiding the warranty if there is such a thing with Eglobal lol. All the info is here, thank god mines not bricked. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-a2/help/bootloop-recent-android-ota-update-t3892559


Mine's just done the July update with the SIM in no problem.


I have used them twice, both times devices arrived in about 10 days. I would point out that I just got my Mi a2 and it got stuck in a bootloop after updating. See here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/38140557


Exactly the same happened to me, but I dint't have a sim in mine so I don't think that is the fix. On xda forums they reckon unlocking the bootloader sorts it out in the future. I can't believe a proper Android one device needs all this messing about just to make it work, no wonder they are flogging them off cheap lol. Actually next update I might leave it plugged in fully charged, and also make sure all apps are updated before installing.

Xiaomi Mi A2 128GB 6GB Ram £179 @ Mi UK
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
12MP + 20MP dual camera large ƒ/1.75* aperture 20MP front camera AI-powered beautify Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 flagship-level processor 5.99'' FHD+ 18:9 Full screen display And… Read more
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Exactly. The op should've removed that from this post. I'd have expected that kind of stuff from aliexpress, Banggood etc but not directly from xiaomi. I gave up trying to reason with the member on this thread as none of their responses made any sense - much less frustrating to him the mute button and now all his comments vanish!


Never had that top level… false advertising…


I'm not holding my breath.


There's no chance Mi A3 will launch tomorrow. Xiaomi would have announced a launch event and date in advance. Example here<. The next launch event is 2nd July for the new "CC" series<.


I would snap up one of the others like the 9T or something, but I reaaaaaly hate MUI with a passion. The full screen display is super sexy but I can't get past MUI. Hopefully the A3 has the least intrusive tear drop notch.

Xiaomi Mi A2 5.99" 4GB 64GB Dual Sim Smartphone - Black - £131.99 delivered @ eBuyer eXpress
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Good price. Use code PURE20 at checkout Xiaomi Mi A2 5.99" 4GB 64GB Dual Sim Smartphone - BlackUltra-thin design 5.99" Screen size 20MP + 12MP Dual camera 4GB 64GB, Dual Sim… Read more

But mi a2


Pros and cons...worth going in a site like kilmovil to compare. I love pure android on mi A2 but miss large battery on redmi phones


So which is best?


I have both in the family and they're both great phones for £160 or less...


A few Xiaomi phones that come to around this price. Xiaomi Redmi 7, Note 6 Pro or this.

Xiaomi Mi A2 4GB/64GB red - £114.94 @ eGlobal Central
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Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Wow, great price for this excellent Android One phone. This price includes 5% off until 21st June. It's upgradeable to Pie now too. Snapdragon 660 - 4GB, 64GB - 5.99 inches IPS … Read more

I think there is a minimum spend though.


If you are a new customer, and willing to give your email address, you get an extra £5.99 off your order


ordered on the 21st, arrived today so id say that was pretty quick, perfectly packaged so no damage, just charging now before i test ok folks, charged it fully, did 5 updates, put on the wifes apps etc and hey presto its working great she came from the honor 9 lite which has never been the same since it paid a visit to the toilet, dont ask, and this mi a2 boots in a quarter of the time, photo app is instant unlike the honor, just seems very snappy compared and considering their both budget phones im impressed with the difference between them if your after a new el cheapo phone then this is great and contrary to the rumours, eglobal did a splendid job delivering this 6 days after my order in a very neat package although id still recommend using a credit card ;)


Hot! A lot of phone for not a lot of money (y)


Not every app's data is backed up by the cloud, though. Only if an app supports cloud backup. You'll get your apps back, but maybe not the data, so be careful

Global Version Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Mobile Phone 3GB RAM 32GB  £96.25 New User @ Hong Kong Goldway/Aliexpress
293° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Great price for a cracking budget phone, may be a chance of customs, and no warranty really, pay by credit card. In Blue Charger 5.84 Inch 19:9 Full Screen, 12MP+… Read more

As I've also indirectly reiterated also. Eg. those Xiaomi phone's don't have any adverts contained within them (irrespective of whether it's rocking MUI, or rocking Android altogether ... ) As for App with In-App purchases, well, none of us can account for such thing's though, can we?. Afterall, Apple's App Store is riddled with such thing's too right? (and that's iOS). :-D Has nowt all to do with the Actual OS itself etc?. Unlike that of Amazon Fire OS ofcourse? (which as we all know, is a whole different beast entirely?). :-) Edit: MUI has regular updates too.


Hehehehehehe, yep, I get confused.com about them 'stuffs' too like?. Xiaomi rocking MUI one minute, then Android One the next?. Huawei rocking Android one minute, then EMUI the next?. And ... What next?, Fire OS on a Google PIXEL phone instead perhaps?, looooooool. ;-) I don't know. :-D


I think you need to check what Android One is. It is stock Android with monthly updates for a minimum of 2 years. The only adverts are those that are in apps, there are none in the phone.


I believe you're perhaps purely thinking about Amazon Fire HD Tablet's instead, or something?. Whatever it is you're missing 2 separate beast's together ... Amazon Fire Tablet's have the (arguably) intrusive adverts to subsidise their Tablet product range, but Xiaomi does not. I'm not sure if you're directly suggesting that, in account of this Xiaomi phone having stock Android on it, that that therefore means that it's therefore adverts free or something?, lol. All I know is, the Xiaomi phone that I'm rocking has MUI on it instead, and there's blatantly no adverts pertaining to it there in any way. So it's more-or-less to do with the phone itself, and not necessarily purely down to it's engine alone. Don't get me wrong, I luvvvvvvvvv my Android, hehehehe, though I'm yet to try Android One though?. But either way, I'm currently preferring MUI still ... :-)


Ace phone. Moved on to a Pixel 3 from this (4GB, 64GN model) and I miss this for the great battery life and LED notification.

Xiaomi Mi A2 | 4GB 64GB Dual Sim Smartphone - Black | Unlocked £144.13 @ Ebuyer Express
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Comes with a 2 year warranty as well, cheapest price currently anywhere, apart from the HK sites. (y) Android One*** phones have the latest AI-powered innovations from Goog… Read more

Not heir clearance range, they sell everything ebuyer do, just at a minor inflated price. So yes I'd assume so.


Does that include eBuyer express? Which is assume is their clearance range?


Yes, ebuyer offer two year xiaomi warranty


Sorry to comment on an expired post @Mrswitch, but do you know if this phone comes with a UK warranty? I see that eBuyer are a UK company


https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/xiaomi-mi-a2-dual-sim-4gb-64gb-blue.html £115.89 for the Blue version..

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 32 GB Smartphone - Black, 32GB, Blue (DE/FR/IT Version) £124.28 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Get this for a really very good £119 by paying in euros with a starling etc, this is available in two colours, blua and black. Snap it up as it won't be there long :) 5.8… Read more

She's decided she wants 64GB blue one now :) Just looking for the best deal on that one...


Still there buddy https://www.amazon.de/gp/offer-listing/B07GFLC7NL/ref=mw_dp_olp?ie=UTF8&condition=all


Think missed the boat on this one now! Quicker next time!


The Nokia? So take it the xiaomi is looking like a better option then? Just got a starling card so might take a punt on this tonight if it's still going.


Stuck on download mode after security update as well.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Blue 128GB 6GB Smartphone £184 @ Amazon Spain
296° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Apart from that mis price at laptops direct last week, then this is a very cheap price for the big mamma 6gb/128GB. Pay at checkout in euros with a starling card etc to get this fo… Read more

Loving my Mi A2 in blue with 64GB and this is a great price for it's bigger brother with warranty.


Cracking price (y)


Nah. Don't worry. The MiA2 is a lovely phone; nippy, Android One, good camera etc. etc. but it ain't a patch on the Mate 10 and I owned both of them at the same time. The Mate 10's screen is an absolute joy compared to the MiA2's which isn't bad at all mind you, but the only advantage that the A2 has over the 10 is future Android upgrades (although it will still get security updates for the time being).


Yup Mr Switch. A big screen?


Confused with all the different xiaomi phones, want a big phone, ( made sure to write phone, so no jokes) Looking at Switches name I can now see it is Mr Switch, or am I wrong.

Xiaomi Mi A2 - (Dual SIM) With 4GB RAM 64GB, Black £132.50 @ Amazon Germany
616° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Get this for a cracking £127 by paying in euros with a fee free card at checkout :) Product Description D2S Mi A2 EN 4 GB RAM +64 ROM Black - MAIN CAMERA Dual 12 MP, f/1.8, … Read more

Tried to order but they have put the price up :(


It is. Not a fan of the notch and seems more budget than the A2. Ending getting a new Pixel 3a for ~£250. Still too big for my liking, but compromising for the camera.


Would go for this but battery is too low for my standards. 4000 or higher is good imo.


Which is why I'm looking for the Mi A2 lite. Quite a bit smaller I think


I tried gold but only gives 32gb option for me. I got my Son a note 5 plus a while back in gold and they do look good in gold

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 4G Global Version Phablet - Black 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM £100 @ Gearbest
843° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
This has just made it in to here wow £100 for this is excellent. Description: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite has a phablet features 5.84 inch display afford a vivid and different visual e… Read more
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The Redmi Note 7? Yes, that looks good!! thank you!


Yeah the redmi not 7 gets great reviews for an under £300 phone, especially in the camera department. Or you could go with an older flagship like the pixel line, guaranteed good quality cameras.


Thank you very much. I'm really looking for a good video/pic camera more than anything (plus big screen and at least matching specs of this s5 I have). Is there anything £200 or sub that is highly recommended in this sense? Thank you again for your help.


I've bought 2 phones from China and neither had any import charges. I did however get charged for a hoody I bought from the US lol Saying that- because we have Xiaomi phones over here now I would probably just wait for an offer from a UK seller. Think I paid £115 on Amazon for this a little while ago :)


Not as such but has a rapid charge feature.

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