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Updated 17th Feb 2020Last updated 17th Feb 2020 by styleg
Xbox Microsoft Points
Hi, hoping someone can help. We've been having a clear out at home and I came across two old boxes, still sealed Microsoft Points (4200). I know this got converted a few years ago … Read more

You can only redeem them if you have a XBOX 360 console if not try to see if you can get one from a friend or something. They are good to at least 2025 so.


I did open, there is no expiry date on this card. I called MS again and this time got someone more helpful, they opened a case took some details of the points package and will be calling me back today.


Open them up and there will be an expiry date in the back of the card


Thanks, may have to see if I can find a friend with a 360.


Google & Reddit to the rescue Unless you still have a 360 in the house, you appear to be stuffed. Bear in mind, that article is about 18 months old, so might be even that route has gone.

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Updated 15th May 2017Last updated 15th May 2017 by scaredpassengerLocalLocal
Microsoft points card
So just found a sealed Microsoft points card in my wardrobe, take it that it's now worth absolutely f all?!

Yup redeemed fine on the Xbox for the sum of £35.70 Kaching!! Today is a good day!! Thanks all!


Still valid, give it another whirl.


Firstly are you sure you entered it correctly. Have you succeeded in redeeming it yet, if so what value did you get.


If it was sealed I wouldn't give it to anyone else, try redeeming it on a 360