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Microsoft Office 365 Personal & Norton Security 1 Device - £39.99 @ Argos
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Just got s new laptop and this seems the cheapest around for a years personal subscription.

home user is £47.99 on amazon at mo


I am currently using office 365 personal license across 5 of my devices at home. The link to the news article


Good to know, where did you find this out ?


Good deal! Microsoft has changed how many devices these licenses can be used since october last year. Now this 1 user personal license and can be used up to 5 devices all logged on at the same time. Home license will give you 6 users with each logged on in 5 devices (that is total of 30 devices). However with the personal 1 user license you will just get 1TB of storage.


I just wait for them to pop up on here. Last was PCWorld iirc, I bought 3 years at £50 a year (came with an additional McAfee license i sold to get it down to £40 a year). Before that I had 4 years at £40 but cant remember the retailers. You can stack several years so I just load up when they come up cheap.

Office Home & Student 2019 download £12.99 via Electronic First
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Good price I thought considering its the full version, and not 365. Seems to be the cheapest around as far as I can see :) This product key is valid for 1 install only. A new ke… Read more

use open office


They want everybody to convert to a service model I expect. Recurring fees are better for their sustainable model. Luckily I have quite a few copies of office from various employee purchase plans. Having two work emails allows me to get 2 copies each time a new release comes out. 365 isn't a bad deal of you buy one of the deals for 6 licences and can share.


Totally agree with you. I think there are many cases like MSO-H&S where for some reason the organisation prefers to sell none at £120 rather than 2 at £60. I believe may would pay the latter.


If Microsoft knows this is go's on, Then why not stop it buy selling it legit at a reasonable price, It's Office Home and Student, Home and Student, So why dose it have to be £120, I also understand it's against there EULA, But know doubt if they wanted, They could say it was against there EULA for you to used it between the hours of 8 and 10pm on a Wednesday night while your dog is in your Favorited chair licking it's nut sack.


Yes, I got a similar deal in 2017; it down loaded, installed & worked beautifully. Every month MS would update it just like it would my regular retail 2010 version. So I had 2, 2016 blah and my old 2010. After about a year, MS disabled it, saying it was as your first sentence. So I think, if you buy this, it will work fine until MS catches up with you.

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee Total Protection 6 Device £49.99 Argos  1 year
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Just seen this in Argos and looks like the best deal available at the moment you get McAfee Total protection supports up to 6 devices including tablets & smartphones. Micros… Read more
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ack, (skeptical) missed this and my o365 subscription is nearly up. Been looking around but cant see any other deals ... anyone else seen anything ?


Expired, now costs £60. :(


I already have Office (one off payment version), but looking for somewhere to store my 2tb+ of photos & videos. I see from this deal, I would get six OneDrive 1TB storages. Is it simple for me to access all 6 from my phone and choose which one to upload to? Do I have to create a Outlook email for each one? Or can I still use Gmail? What happens after the year assuming I don't renew? Does all my data get deleted? Any better solutions (I already upload to Google Photos but that reduces the quality, so looking at full quality) I remember when I tried it before the OneDrive andriod app wasn't the best at uploading, has this been improved?


Get an extra 2 months for free by: 1. Waiing till a day before the renewal is due, then for some reason it gives you an extra month. Not sure why, but it did for me this morning. 2. Turning on automatic renewal. This then gives you a second month free. Then go into the settings and turn it off again. Bingo - 14 months for the price of 12.


Ah sneaky. You’d think they’d credit you the extra month, after you’ve been billed for the renewal lol. Good to know!

iMac (2019) 27" 5K,3.0GHz 6-core 8th-gen  i5, with FREE MS Office 365 Home,PLUS £30 back - £1569 (potentially  £1352.10 please read) @ Very
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Very seems to have reduced the prices on all their new and old iMacs,but also they are offering a further £30 back when you use code JUNE30 and to top it all off they are also givi… Read more

Where do I put code


Well if it's only helped you out then it's been worth posting the deal,and that's what it is all about.


I went through Quidco but it hasn't tracked (yet). If it does, it's a bonus. I've been using Apple kit for four decades. This *is* a deal, as it represents a good discount off the RRP, and I don't think there is currently a better discount than this. Anti-Apple people will point out you can spec up a PC with similar parts for cheaper - and they are right - but that isn't the point. Your deal represents a hot deal, for this item.


Glad to help mate.And despite the cold votes it does seem the best deal,especially if you can get the 10% off like you did. Did you remember to go through Quidco or topcashback ?


Thanks OP! I’ve gone for this. You can’t get the 10% first order discount AND the JUNE30 £30 discount together so went for the former. £1749 on Apple website Under £1400 here, once Office resold BARGAIN Beats Apple’s 10% student discount by some margin.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus (PC) at Electronic First for £13.95
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Product Details: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus. Platform: Windows PC Region: Worldwide Delivery: Digital Download via Emai
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thanks for the (magnetic) tip.


Forgot to hit quote! Also forgot to add that mine seem to be compatible with quick charge although maybe not QC3 maybe (I don't have anything compatible with QC3) but the mini 2 charges my Mate 20 pro at ridiculous speeds with the right charger so I think they're good for it.


Unfortunately it seems that HUKD is loosing its legitimacy


Go to the official wsken store on aliexpress. Mini 2 still expensive but I've been transitioning over to the X1/X2 cables which are the new ones and are reversible too. Wait for a deal and they can be had for under £3 a cable including the tip. Standard pricing isn't far off that though, I seem to remember.


I find that the Mini 2 cables are excellent. They are expensive at >£13 for a cable with two charging tips, but I've bought and destroyed so many cables that I thought were well priced, only to replace them again due to clumsy handling. Very useful for travelling around with minimal clutter and the adapter protects the port from detritus and repeat connect/disconnect stress. (Just wish they made one that was compatible with QuickCharge) "Come down in price to 2 or 3"? For Wsken cables? Where? The other magnetic cables are a bit meh in quality.

MCAFEE LiveSafe Premium 2019 for Unlimited Devices & Office 365 Home for 6 Users Bundle - 1 year @ Currys/PC World £39.99
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Saw the offer from Argos on this Post:… Read more
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The people who served you are idiots. If this was a pricing error it would have been dealt with by now. It has been this price on the website for a week now.


They said it was a pricing error and that the bundle would no way be that cheap. They did try and flog me a much more expensive bundle - they weren't the most friendly people to be honest. No idea if they are obliged to sell at that price if I have reserved it, but I told them to forget it and went back to the car and ordered for delivery online within 2 minutes :)


why did they refuse? what reason did they give?


My local Curry's refused to honour this even though I reserved it and showed them the deal on their web site. Just walked out and ordered for delivery instead which went through fine.


schuwebz - KUDOS (y) Great find! Got from from argos then it was out of stock regretted not buying another. So seen this thread for Curry/ PC World, grabbed another now I have 2 years plus the 2 months free, thanks spannerzone (y) swwwwtt Hope this it next year, get 2 years for the price of ! years (if brought direct from Microsoft, not worth it when you can buy 2 for the price of 1 subscription) Thanks All ;-)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 (PC) / Home & Business 2019 (MAC) £11.50 @ Microsoft HUP
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Eligible employees are allowed to purchase a single license of each product available according to the terms of their organisation's Software Assurance benefit. So if your organis… Read more
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Likewise, until you leave the company that is like myself.


There are a lot of changes under the new multimodal modes in office along with the WIP features in Windows. It’s designed to allow segregation of work and home content on the same device. But as I said it depends what an organisation has licences in their agreements and what they choose to deploy. Intune has a lot of endpoint management features but not all companies will buy or configure it in such a secure way


An organisation can only turn on or off the ability for users to download and install Office themselves. They could for example choose to make Office available for download and not Project, or turn off downloads altogether, but that's about the limit of the control. So they have no control over the way Office installs or is configured on non-organization owned devices. An organisation would normally use the Office Customization and Deployment tools, or use SCCM to deploy Office to their own PCs. That combined with the controls available through GPOs means an organization can control very well what they want within Office, but only on their own organization's PCs. On your home PC, your self-downloaded and installed Office is entirely within your own control and as I already mentioned, the only control the organization have is the ability to revoke the license.


When you sign in with Work Creds the activation of the Office install means it gets set of parameters sent to it. Its entirely possible an organisation can prevent local saving of documents so you can only use your Work One Drive to store data when you are signed in with work creds. Sign Out and use personal creds and the restriction is lifted (and they may mean office goes into unlicensed mode if you don't have a licence) . Your right they have no control of the PC itself, but they CAN control the way Office behaves when signed in with organisational credentials. As I said what control an organisation may implement depends on what features they have licenced and how worried they are about data loss.


So it looks like MS are changing the way they price this, dropping the one time £10 purchase in favour of a 30% discount on an annual subscription - yeah no thanks for that "deal". But if you set your location as US instead of UK, you find the new pricing hasn't been applied there, so you can still do the one time purchase for $15. It wants a US address, but since it ends with a digital download just google an address and give that.

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee 6 Device / 1TB Cloud Storage / 60 Mins Skype Per Month for PC / Mac now only £39.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Great offer. Reduced from £59.99. Get the installed applications you know and trust- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, across multiple devices w… Read more
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Genuine is debatable. I understand that these (office 365 for a few quid) vary from outright scams of software bought with stolen cards which risk being cancelled by MS when payment is cancelled, to resellers of corporate or student licences. Look out for warnings that you cannot subscribe with your own existing email but instead have to add it on afterwards. That should be an immediate red flag. Again you risk loss of the account and the potential that it could be accessed by the 'administrator'.


What's the best antivirus at the momen ? Cheers


Legally purchase Microsoft office 365 on eBay for £3.79. Genuine purchases with Microsoft support, use on 6 computers including Apple. Works perfectly!


Anyone who really wants to use the McAfee trash, feel free to PM for the key.


I just purchased it two days ago from Amazon for 52£. #feelsbadman

New or extend UK Microsoft Office 365 Home, up to 6 users for 1 year. PC, Mac & Mobile. £52.99 Instant download direct from Amazon UK
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Lowest price drop it's been recently for Office 365 Home (6 accounts, all getting Office + 1Tb OneDrive each). Direct from Amazon UK digital code so definitely valid & legal UK… Read more
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This deal now expired at Amazon, but even better deal (if you just chuck away McAfee) available as a bundle from Argos (if you can still find it near you)


lol the irony of this post... your ignorance buying apples SAYS IT ALL... must i repeat this? enjoy payng for stuff you dont have to jimmy


Nope yet again....a 12.9 iPad Pro needs an office 365 licence to share data etc in any office app. Your ignorance speaks volumes lol 🎤🖐 8)


Personally I'm actually buying this for the 6x 1Tb OneDrive cloud storage. I personally find OneDrive excellent and dependable main stream cloud storage, which now includes versioning on all file types (so giving you cloud backup, undo & ransomware protection on all your stored files) The fact that it comes with installs of the latest Office programs is a bonus to me, as yes without the OneDrive space I'd probably just get older specific Office version licensed cheaply via work. Unless I'm mistaken I don't think there's any more flexible mainstream cloud storage around the 1Tb range for this sort of price? Let alone for 5-6 x 1Tb this gives? (which you can effectively chain together for yourself with multiple secondary accounts + OneDrive shared folders method)


That all makes no sense at all. You can still buy Office, you don't have to pay a subscription. £104 for home users who don't need Outlook, £210 if you do require it. Single payment, same as it ever was and considerably cheaper than office used to be. Those people who like to always have the latest version of Office, then subscription makes sense. The single computer version costs around £49/year and gives your the complete package, including Outlook. If you have multiple computers at home you can either buy multiple copies of Office, prices as above, or subscript to the "multiple machine" subscription - RRP of £79/year, however as you can see here, usually available for a lot less. So, Microsoft are not stopping you purchasing Office as a one-off and are charging you less than they used to. They are not forcing you to ever update your version of office nor are they convincing you - instead they are giving you a range of options so that you can chose the solution that fits your needs best. If you're one of those scummy "world owes me a living" types, then you can go and download your pirate copy or pay someone on Ebay £15 - £20 to do it for you, nothing changed there - the scum still attracting the scum. If Office is overkill for you, and you're not into the whole "But I'll just steal what I like" scene, there are at least two completely free (donations greatly accepted) Offcie packages which are sufficient for home users and currently sit at around 95% Microsoft compatible.

Microsoft Office Free Courses (Word/ Excel / Powerpoint / Access) @ Microsoft Store
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
The suite of applications under Microsoft Office continue to be very popular and widely used, so its always good to pick up these skills (if you don't have em) or hone them (if you… Read more
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Thanks. Handy as a refresher course. :)




Why both? Aleik didn't missspell anything. (confused)


perfect :)


I was being ironical. I know how to spell "rudiculously".

Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | download - £55.49 @ Amazon
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | download - £55.49 @ Amazon
This is back, and I didn't see it posted. (Amazon 'Deal of the Day', limited time, 8hrs left). Has been down to £50 previously, but this seems the best price currently. Codes stack… Read more

Oh lol, like no SMB uses the cheap option because they dont need/cannot afford the Business or Enterprise options. The Chinese cloud gets back ups of photos etc, I also have copies of those photos& videos across 4 PCs and a NAS on two different sites (as well as the other clouds) I do need to sit down and tidy the archives up though, there is a lot of duplication between the English and Chinese language file titles. This is only a great offer to those how are brain-washed into thinking you need MicroGit to perform any PC task; I'll bet you use Adobe pdf reader as well. Dont bother answering, because I wont be reading.


It's Microsoft office HOME, nobody brought up companies/customers/GDPR until you did, which just serves to muddy the water and detract from what a great deal it was. Ah yes, out of the blue, in response to someone asking about libre office and cloud storage you said: "I hope you are meeting your GDPR requirements if this is customer data; MS will "help" you achieve it, but you still have to configure it yourself." I also love the fact you'll trust some Chinese social network with your data but not Microsoft. I'm not sure why I'm bothering though, haters gonna hate regardless.


Please reread, I said I hoped you DIDNT have customer data on there. EDIT. TBH, on reflection; I am not sure HOW much cloud storage I have; I dont really use it much, SWMBO uses more. One of the services is only in the GB range (I think, I havent checked the limit in a couple of years), another, that I thought was a Terrabyte size doesnt actually give a limit that I can see, but we have a few tens of GB on it; the third one has ~ 500GB on it, out of a possible 2TB. I realised we have another cloud service each via a Chinese social network, not got a clue what the storage is, but there is a daily limit of 2GB up/download; SWMBO uses it a lot, basically every media file she makes or receives on her phone or PC via this service has been auto backed up for over a decade, but I havent made any use of it in several years.


Regardless of your attempt to take us down a while new unpleasant track of discussion, I'm still not sure what the GDPR has to do with me storing my personal document, photos and music files in one drive, along with various phone and settings backups. Am I right you now claim to have 13Tb of free online cloud storage? Or will you actually admit you've got something pitiful in comparison?


I think after reading Yadiyada and Bilbob's well written responses, most would probably stop banging on about Microsoft but here we witness that sometimes rarely seen and beautiful stubbornness of someone that refuses to stand down regardless facts.

ASUS E406 14 Inch HD Cloudbook with Microsoft Office 365 (Intel Celeron N4000, 64 GB eMMC Storage, 4 GB Memory, Windows 10S) £209.99 Amazon
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Good price and spec for an entry laptop Most the HP cloudbooks are similar price with half the storage. ASUS looks to be the only people putting in 64GB eMMC in the market for the… Read more
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If I already have Office 365 then is there a way to activate the Office 365 on this laptop after my current one expires?


Thanks op, may be worth looking at this as well 2 year John lewis warranty and £10 less

Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | Download - £55 @ Amazon Deal of Day
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Microsoft Office 365 Home | up to 6 users | 1 year | PC/Mac | Download - £55 @ Amazon Deal of Day
£55£9944%Amazon Deals
Office 365, Real, Cheap and for 6 people!! What's Included Up to 5 household members can use one subscription, and each person will get 1 TB cloud storage and 60 monthly Skyp… Read more

That is correct ned? If you do not pay, you cannot play (highfive)

This is what I wanted to do and it's not allowed me to alerts all over the place saying won't work now until I pay Microsoft more money.

I had this though thinking I lose the office 365 after 3 years but then I will continue without the live services but no. after my subscription ran out I was no longer allowed to use it with constant popups and "this software will no longer function properly" alarms everywhere


Thanks for the info Singhsta :-)


I can confirm from my own experience that it is possible to stack codes

Office 365 Personal annual subscription £41.99 through eligible employers @ Microsoft Home Use Program
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Office 365 Personal annual subscription £41.99 through eligible employers @ Microsoft Home Use Program
If you work for a reasonably large employer and they use Microsoft Office, there's a good chance you'll be eligible for the Home Use Program (enter your work email address to verif… Read more

But that defeats the whole idea of the O365 subscription. Thanks for posting. I was about to renew at full price as I didn't realise MS's HUP included subscriptions. Saved me some ££.


Got this through eBay some time ago. Just don't sync to the net or use OneDrive and it will be fine


You obviously can't read you absoloute tool. I clearly stated any key I have ever bought has been a license key in which you login to YOUR OWN Microsoft account. So please enlighten me on how they can get any details from that? Learn to read next time.


Wow you really are clueless. Bet you've been scammed before. I've bought from Ebay before and sellers used to sell a licence key, which is fine. Now, few sellers do that as instead they provide you with a logo on which is associated to their business account. You have your own password, but I sure as hell wouldn't trust any seller that operates this way.


Exactly! And Royals knows what he's on about, his parents (in law) own 2 big London Restaurants and 2 big bars! (y)

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee Total Protection 6 Device at Argos for £59.99
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee Total Protection 6 Device at Argos for £59.99
Best deal I have found on Office Home 365. Original cost: £79.00 annual subscription, excluding anti-virus. A saving of 2 £20.00 About the product Get the installed application… Read more

Unsure why this is cold! A deal is a deal even if the product is poor or overpriced originally. 365 is 7.99 a month


Tried to thaw you out a bit. Whether you think office 365 is good value or not this is still a good price for the package.


I mainly want this for the Outlook and Word Licenses. With Outlook, when it's setup with my other 5 "family" members, can we share our calendars with each other (if we chose to do so) and even view each-others' appointments?


So just double checking, where can I buy this drive you speak of for free?


Which Synology NAS do you use out of interest? I’m looking at buying one too... but can’t seem to choose between ds218+ or ds218j

Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB storage free for students, teachers and schools
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB storage free for students, teachers and schools
I've recently been looking around for cheap online storage and came across this deal for students, schools and teachers where if you have an academic email address you can access a… Read more

Reposts after one month are fine. Read the rules For those saying you dont get outlook, use emclient. Much better than outlook and its free,


it was refreshed less than a month ago, it is good that people find out in any case but the people who run this place should have known that before posting your copy or at least acknowledge the OP in the description.


I wasn't aware it had been posted (I did check back several months), however more than 12 months on I think it's fine to repost now.


Your correct states the following: "The service includes Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), unlimited personal cloud storage, Yammer, and SharePoint sites. Some schools allow teachers and students to install the full Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs for free. If your school provides this additional benefit, you'll see the Install Office button on your Office 365 home page after you complete sign-up."


You don't get the desktop apps - it's just access to the web versions:

Free Office 365 2019 for students/teachers
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Free Office 365 2019 for students/teachers
This is quite an old deal however for those that don’t know if you have a valid college/university e-mail than you can get all the office applications for free such as word, PowerP… Read more

Cloud based one has few features and is bloody awful




So can I get this on my iPad ?


Well guess the it guys at my uni just allowed anyone with the uni email to access without a program code. I only needed to click on a link from an email to access the shop


Student/teacher versions aren't seriously impeded or cut down, except for not including Outlook or Access, which is of little consequence as those are generally only really used in business environments.

(Updated) Microsoft Excel Complete & Concise Course - Free @ Udemy
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
(Updated) Microsoft Excel Complete & Concise Course - Free @ Udemy
FREE£11.99Udemy Deals
Discount code updated The most comprehensive Excel course, covering important topics such as Pivots, Data visualization, Macros & Analytics and includes practice sheets for ha… Read more

Thanks for that information, I plan to do it at work on my break and they only have 2010 but I have the full version at home so I will do that bit then.


According to the description above, yes. Having said that, it also says you need a computer with any version of Excel, however there are lessons covering functions only available in the full 2016 version onwards which are not available in the free web version (or Excel 2007, which is what I was using). It is still quite a good course so far though (y)


It states that i does


I am wondering does this give you a certificate on completion?


I never said I couldn't understand him. I said if I didn't catch what was said, nobody hears everything everyone says every time. His English is a million times better than my Indian. And no, sometimes I can't understand people from Liverpool or Scotland or Newcastle if they have a particularly heavy accent, what's wrong with that? All I was trying to do was help people make a decision by offering facts, the course has subtitles - end of.

HP 14 Stream 14-ax000na 4GB 32GB Cloudbook with Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive Storage Aqua Blue ​ reduced to £159 at Tesco instore
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th JanLocalLocal
HP 14 Stream 14-ax000na 4GB 32GB Cloudbook with Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive Storage Aqua Blue ​ reduced to £159 at Tesco instore
HP 14 Stream 14-ax000na 4GB 32GB Cloudbook with Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive Storage Aqua Blue reduced to £159 at tesco instore
Get dealGet deal

Can it cope with Win 10 updates? Had an Asus Transformer with 32GB SDD and when had win 10 the update didnt have enought space to actually instal?


Lucky you. 99%+ will be fakes at that price. 512GB Micro SD cards have only recently launched, making those at 200GB and below more affordable.


I've checked the card and is 512Gb... not everyone posting is posting just for the sake of it ;)


Until you get past 500MB or whatever the real capacity is. £11 gets you a real 64GB. Run H2testw, this usually confirming fakes. With fakes files pretend to save but the whole of the file data is not there when it gets past its real capavity.


Ok, yes that would be the done thing, but you have still not answered nor updated your post.

Web hosting (100 GB), domain name and Office 365 email for 1 year £14.40 @ GoDaddy
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Web hosting (100 GB), domain name and Office 365 email for 1 year £14.40 @ GoDaddy
1 website 100 GB storage Free domain name Unmetered bandwidth Free Business Email - 1st year 24/7 support

Terrible host, I’ve had cancelled services with them for years and they still pester me constantly calling, emailing, despite me unsubscribing from everything. Nearly as bad as 1and1 🙈


Namecheap is fantastic. Great company.


Yep, they're very good. Including their live chat which you rarely get kept waiting, and they actually try to answer any queries, unlike godaddy who love to sell you trash products in live chat, that do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue you have.


I have used namecheap for about 10 years now. Full email on two account plus personal domain hosting costs me about £6 a year give or take


GoDaddy? No ta.

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