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portable mini fridge
I'm looking to try and get a portable mini fridge.would be wanting to use it for staying in hotel rooms for a few nights. must be cold enough to store milk,food safely but obviousl… Read more

I don't need an electric portable cooler, I have a cooler and I'm not even going to get to use it. I don't need an electric cooler 🙃🙃🙃


don't be disgusting


Except for the nasty taste (zombie)


Don't buy fresh milk. Get UHT milk, problem solved.


Picking one of them examples posted by tiktok This would plug into the mains and then will cool whatever is inside. If you put a bunch of cold stuff all in together at the same time (example, go shopping, buy food n drink, place all together in the box while cold) and plug in soon after then all will be good. If you have a few hours between putting the food in and plugging into power then it would be best to stick a couple of ice blocks in too. The above example is 12v and 240v so can be powered in a car and then from the mains in the hotel Ps these boxes when being powered will be cold enough for milk etc for days, just ensure you keep the lid on as much as possible.

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Russel hobbs mini fridge not working?
My mini fridge has stopped working. It clicks once when you first turn it on but doesn't get cold, anyone know what could be wrong? It went out of warranty in June It's a Russel Ho… Read more

Contact RH direct or from where you purchase the item, it's possible that you have some wiggle room due to the current virus.

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Mini Fridge help
My daughter wants a mini fridge for her room and she has mentioned this one below but cant find anywhere to buy it in this country. So hoping you great people :D know where I can… Read more

Cheers Ring will have a look (y)


Doubt it but she takes after me she can sleep through anything, I have an American style fridge freezer behind where I sleep and boom out like a light when I want to sleep, but I see what you mean maybe a non gas type one like ringfinger has suggested might be lot better.


Talk her into one of the 'non gas' types, they're silent though they don't chill as cool. They tend to cool to 5 -10°c below room temperature. Makes drinks cool, but not to cold. Curry's do them, where we got ours from, ours was a deal and we got it for about £60. Not as 'pretty' as the one you posted, but at least she will sleep.


That's adorable!



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HUSKY Mini Fridge - Adaptor
The fridge doesn't come with an adaptor, does anyone know which adaptor would be suitable please? I'm not sure which design it'll be yet but it's basically this sort of fridge (r… Read more

Quick update everyone - fridge arrived today and plug is already attached. Thank you for your help again everyone (y)


You can swap the fuse the same as in a 13 amp plug, the ones they have in pound shops that I have are 'Status' a well known UK brand , although the plug is probably made in China as would be many 13 amp UK type plugs.


I wasn’t naming adapters but they’re not all created equally Or able to deal with the same loads. The one you linked says fuse fitted, great what size? Can it operate at currents higher than the fitted fuse? What’s it’s max rating vs max draw of the fridge is what I’m getting at.


Yep definitely, I will when I order it later


Can you not put a link of the actual fridge you purchased so people arent confused if you've already ordered it then it'll clear any confusion (nerd)

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hi, my husky stella 50 litre fridge has stopped working, no noise at all. its model number DT1CN. opened up a box with spade connectors where the power cable goes in and a stick… Read more

Usually fridge compressor have cut outs. Could have over heated and then needed time to cool down. Before taking the fuse out did you check there was power coming into the compressor or down the lead.


Not rude just honest advice . If you don't understand electrics you shouldn't mess around with an electrical appliance (shock) ! By your outrage at any perceived "rudeness" I take it you are sympathetic to the "Snowflake " generation ? Anyway , honest or rude (confused) OP took advice and found fridge fault (blown fuse ) so jobs a good un :D .


Not sure on fuse ratings on this but surely the OP has checked like for like? Still dont excuse your rudeness on the other post Roger - the dodger!


I seem to remember a reset button at the back


I would hazard a guess to say the outside temp maybe affecting it. It may repair itself when it cools down a bit. Not scientific I know, I had one at Uni and it didn't like hot weather

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Win a Husky Rubik's Cube mini fridge @ Your Home
PRODUCT: a Husky Rubik's Cube mini fridge PERIOD: Once DETAILS: We have four Husky Rubik’s Cube mini fridges to give away to lucky Your Home readers. Enter your deta… Read more

I won one!




Thank You


x <3


Thank you!:)