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Mira Atom ERD Thermostatic Bar Diverter Mixer Shower £199.98 @ Toolstation
Made hot 9th SepMade hot 9th Sep
Brought this earlier to replace our other shower & had it fitted within the hour. Like for like replacement for 150mm pipe centres. Product Details Chrome thermostatic exposed… Read more

Very good shower. I have one. Good pressure compared to most off a combi boiler where water pressure is generally low compared to a gravity system. Beware that the height of the overhead is fixed so make sure you measure to have at least 6 inches clearance above your tallest noggin, ottherwise you'll be showering on bended knee!


There is a Mira APT ERD for £137 on ebay. It is not the same as this Mira Atom, but from a glance online, they're fairly similar. I had bought from the ebay link, new but just a damaged box ebay.co.uk/itm/Mira-Thermostatic-Shower-Mixer-Apt-ERD-Diverter-Chrome-Rear-Fed-Exposed-/383902654129?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0


Delivers 12.14Ltr per minute at 0.5 bar • Minimum pressure: 0.1 bar • Maximum pressure: 10 bar Compatible with any water system or pressure My reading there is it’s for high pressure for expected shower performance but interesting as it does reference 0.1 bar but does not list the flow rate at that pressure. I have gravity hot around 0.1 bar (tank in loft) and mains cold in bathroom. Although the manual suggests would normally like a nominally balanced pressures I wonder if this thermostatic valve would cope?


Had this shower for about 4 years now, no dribbling, replaced head, hose and bracket for holding the shower in place, new replacement cheaper plastic compared to older model. Sure screw fix we’re selling them off last year for £100 thought about one for spares but never bothered


Had this fitted a couple of weeks ago. Very good power. Lots of cheap plastic fittings though.

Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome - 1.1901.002 - £258.50 @ Amazon
229° Expired
Made hot 24th JulMade hot 24th Jul
Amazon have price matched this to plumbworld. Seem to be going for about £350 to £400 on other retailer sites. https://www.mirashowers.co.uk/showers/mixer-showers/mira-honesty-erd… Read more

In this weather I shower at number 1 but cant use blue cause its ice (lol)


This shower was in our house when we bought it. It's a great shower but unfortunately for us, the thermo is stuck to hot and we apparently have to replace the full unit ;(


Hi, thanks for this. I just bought the house and the shower is designed to stop going too hot or too cold because the previous resident was elderly. I was looking at the reference to temperature control on this and was concerned it might operate in a similar fashion. My partner has a shower in her home that wouldn't be great at the lowest cold setting, but it has a specific cold shower option. As long as this gives me a proper cold shower I'm happy. Like the broad head too. 😁


?? These can be turned to go full cold. You sure your temp control has been placed correctly?


Does this have a proper cold shower setting at the low end? Temp control on my existing shower feels more tepid at cold end.

Mira Shower Sport Multi-Fit White With Riser Rail (New other) 9kW - £105.96 @ Ebay/iforce_marketzone
310° Expired
Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th Jul
Mira Shower Sport Multi-Fit White With Riser Rail (New other) 9kW - £105.96 @ Ebay/iforce_marketzone£105.96 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
7 available. Product Information The Mira Sport Multifit Shower features easy-to-clean rubber nozzles, which prevent build-up of limescale. With power and temperature controls, y… Read more

Hi bud yes, that would work and plus it should be cheaper to run toas gas is about four times cheaper than electric, at the moment anyway lol


If you read my comment to the end I do say I would fit a thermostatically controlled shower fitting. This would obviously mean I would have removed the electric shower first.


Thank you for posting. Just to let you know that your thread has been selected for our Highlights section (highfive)


Not sure you can do that I'm pretty sure they had to be cold fed for electric showers matey


Just moved into a house with two Mira showers, both useless with no power and v dodgy for kids that mess with dials (They can easily scald themselves or freeze to death). Luckily I should easily be able to fit a hot water pipe to have a shower fed directly from Combi Boiler, far more power and better control with a thermostatically controlled shower fitting.

Mira Go Electric Shower 10.8kW - £99.98 @ Toolstation
205° Expired
Made hot 20th JunMade hot 20th Jun
Mira Go Electric Shower 10.8kW - £99.98 @ Toolstation£99.98£139.9829% off Free P&P FreeToolstation Deals
Suitable for cold mains water only • Push button start / stop. Rotary control for 3-setting power selection • Delivers 2L per minute at 1.0 bar • Minimum Pressure: 1.0 bar • Maximu… Read more

You want Serge protection around your girlfriend too, apparently he's a right charmer ;-) - Seriously, excellent advice (y)


A breaker will cost about a fiver and 10mm t&e is about £3 a meter so about £20 mate (y)


Very helpful, thank you. Any idea what the upgrade could/should cost for say a 5m run from an under stair cupboard to a bathroom almost directly above?


Not cast in stone; 10mm T&E is approx 17mm 6mm is around 13.5mm dia.


This should get HOT! if not you've fitted it wrong (y)

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Mira Apt Rear-Fed Exposed Chrome Thermostatic Shower +5 year guarantee - £69.99 delivered @ Screwfix
797° Expired
Made hot 4th MayMade hot 4th May
Mira Apt Rear-Fed Exposed Chrome Thermostatic Shower +5 year guarantee - £69.99 delivered @ Screwfix£69.99 Free P&P FreeScrewfix Deals
-- Mixer shower with great performance and easy to fit features. Adds simple elegance to any bathroom. Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family. M… Read more

Similar problem up North... Plumbing not just expensive they are pretty hard to find good ones. I need a pump fitting in the loft and must say it's very hard to find someone. I do think plumbing is a hard job if it's done right so I think sometimes prices are justified. I refitted 2 bathrooms completely gutted and learnt from scratch. I soldered copper and used some push fits. I think it probably cost the same as getting the pro time I bought all the gear like grips, torch, gas etc and all the extra fittings I messed up. You might Bork at the prices but if you did it yourself I'd guarantee 90% of people would either mess it up or do it wrong without a lot of time and patience. I ended up doing a much better job than the plumber and the pipe work was very easy to change something in the future as I took my time. You do really need to plan though and be careful as plumbing isn't as easy as it looks. You need a lot of tools and know what to do when something didn't go right which it will.


It's really not easier, taking the valve cartridge out is pretty easy.


Thanks, I normally use oust descaler hopefully that’s fine, thanks again for the advice (y)


That’s lime scale causing it to get stiff, supposedly we are meant to take out the valve and descale it especially in hard water areas, I just asked someone the question if I could just take the whole mixer off and put it in a bucket with descaler as that seems to be a lot easier


Thanks I've checked and it looks like it's 150mm between pipe centres and also 1/2" pipes too currently. I've ordered this slightly more expensive one but which has levers to make it more comfortable to turn, The Bristan Zing I have in our holiday cottage has handles like this Mira and really not easy to to turn especially when you have wet hands! https://www.manomano.co.uk/p/triton-exe-lever-thermostatic-bar-mixer-shower-8455447 But 10% TCB (lol)

Mira Atom EV Rear-Fed Exposed Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower (325FR) £99.99 delivered @ Screwfix
500° Expired
Made hot 9th FebMade hot 9th Feb
Mira Atom EV Rear-Fed Exposed Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower (325FR) £99.99 delivered @ Screwfix£99Screwfix Deals
I saw the Grohe one on here and was going to buy this one. I went for this one anyway. I'm a plumber and I don't think there's not much between the brands. I've had a Mira one upst… Read more

These are normally standard fittings. If you have any different your plumber should be able to sort that out. Distance is usually standard too. As long as you’re not going from electric to this you be fine.


You should eb ok. To be sure measure center to center on the pipes at the wall, then go to the Mira website and find the technical spec and you will see the center to center of the shower pipes. From memory it is usually 150mm but Icheck it out.


The simple answer is no. You can buy plugs to stuff in the tank unions that will stop the water flow. Many plumbers just use a rag.


Also, I cannot find any isolation valves on any pipework in between the hot water tank and the shower. (new build cost skimping, grrr) Am I right in thinking that we'd need to turn off the main stopcock and then run all the hot water out of the tank to be able to do the replacement?


This is a total beginner question but the thermostatic shower we have needs replacing. It's a rear fed aqualisa bar, similar in looks to this, but don't know which model. Is this likely to fit with the existing pipe placement? I've no idea if the rear feed attachments are usually a standard width apart or if they vary. Need to replace shower without retiling!