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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition (Game not Included) - £14.99 @ GAME online
Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th Jul
Game not included. Quidco £2.50 bonus available until 11.59 tonight as well. Free delivery In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you will experience the rise of Faith, a daring Runner who un… Read more
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That makes sense, but way not just include a code to claim for downloading the game on the specific platform you require?


I’m just looking at the deals you posted where we can find it complete, wait... what deals :/ “Hmmm. Nothing to see here.”


Why would buying an overall package containing the game and the additional items from this edition as two component parts be problematic, as compared to the game itself being in the same box? The end result is identical.


Millennial people, you will actually buy a gaming product without the game.. mind boggles.


Yeah I'll toss it in the loft, I'll probably never need it but if their is space I may aswell use it.

Pepper Festival - Generic
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collectors Edition (no game) £14.99 @ GAME
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Price reduced by 50%, doesn’t come with game but I did see Argos were selling it very cheap on eBay the other day. I know not for everybody but it’s a nice statue for fans of the … Read more
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Had mine delivered today, only ordered yesterday. Very happy with it, well worth the £15, now buying the game from Argos Ebay. Thanks OP, another collectors item to add to my collection.


Looks oos now so will expire (ninja)


Ordered cheers (y)


Nice find, ordered! Can't go wrong with a sweet looking steelbook and figure for only £15. Also welcome! Heat added. (highfive)


Thanks, ordered!

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Mid-Year Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US - 600+ games on sale *Mirrors Edge £3.79, NBA Live 18 £4.55, Need for Speed £3.79, The Last of Us Left Behind £3.79, The Order £3.03, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Ed £6.07, Until Dawn £3.79, Hidden Agenda £2.27
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Game / Sale Price (USD/GBP) / PS Plus Price (USD/GBP) 10 Second Ninja X $3.99 £3.03 $2.99 £2.27 101 Ways to Die $4.99 £3.79 $3.99 £3.03 A Bastard's Tale $1.99 £1.51 $1.49 £… Read more
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No worries. Nah I scanned the list and no vital games popped out at me. I didn't even buy Baja in the end as I didn't want to waste the PS+ trial on one game :).


Just seen your post sorry, but the sale ended within the last hour. Did you manage to pick up anything decent?


Crap I totally forgot about this sale. Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking for games that are the cheapest they've ever been, preferably non-indie platformer. Baja: Edge of Control HD is all I've found so far.


For some reason Until down Rush of blood has turned from the demo into the full game with trophy's and all, i just happen to fire up the demo i had downloaded some time ago to give it a go and it's the full game, never bought it, don't have any detail's to buy anything anyway, so i wonder is this a mistake or a free weekend, the info says valied until the 15/7....very strange, but i won't look a gift horse in the mouth.


Some seriously cheap deals on Canadian Store including Unravel for $6.49 works out around £3.50. If you’ve got the ps+ trick still up your sleeve it knocks another 50p off price. Can’t buy a decent pint for that (y)

(New) Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (Xbox One) £2.99 Delivered @ Argos eBay
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
PS4 version is oos and PC version is still £4.99 Didn't see it posted before (at this price) so apologies if it has already been posted.
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great price ordered


Poor compared to the original, but still at that price it's cheaper than a Big Mac and better than many a sequel.


Decent game. Definitely worth a pickup at that price, especially if you enjoyed the original.


Another to add to the collection.... thanks OP.


Haha (lol) Yep one sleep Thief is enough, would like slither one but the lack of sleep part ;( Mirrors Edge will get me through it!

PS+ Double Discounts at PSN Store Asia - Titanfall 2 £2.99 or Ultimate Edition £5.17, Mirrors Edge Catalyst £2.99, Battlefield Bundle £3.63, Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle £11.00, Rocket League £7.21, Ultra Street Fighter IV £8.64
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
GAME Non PS+ IRP GBP PS+ IRP GBP Assault Gunners HD Edition Complete Set PS4 146700 £7.78 130400 £6.91 Silence PS4 222750 £11.81 148500 £7.87 Assault Gunners HD Edition PS4… Read more
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Well you can play the games & get the trophies on your UK account..


Cheers mate, more titles have been added.


I've added more titles to the list, realised it was pulling in an incomplete list.


I've since updated the list, a number of games were missing.


Nothing much for me, but for the effort I've added heat

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(Xbox One - NEW) Mirrors Edge Catalyst £3.19 delivered @ Music Magpie
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Steal! 20% applied at checkout (£3.99 ---> £3.19)
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Well that escalated quickly...


Last email from them has an unsubscribe option?


And you can get added to their spam database and they’ll send you an unsolicited commercial email you didn’t sign up to. It will also not have an unsubscribe option (illegally) and when you check your account you’ll find you aren’t subscribed to their spam but they send the emails anyway illegally. Awful spamming company.


Possibly a re-seal but still worth this price I think!

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition (no game) £29.99 @ Game
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Had to use my Runner's vision to spot this deal. On release, this was £150, now it's £29.99. It doesn't come with the game, but someone posted on here a deal for the game new on A… Read more

For £30 it doesn't seem to bad, the figure looks well constructed. Might pick one up tomorrow. Have some heat OP!


To be fair when you put it like that it makes sense. At this price I have no quarrel and have ordered one myself. But at £150rrp you'd expect to have the game in there. My main issue is on release £150 + £40 for the is just a bit steep imo. Now you've explained the logic though I'm a bit more on board


It didn't come with the software in the box. These 'no game' editions have a space in the box for a game, and upon release most stores have a deal to buy the game and the collector's edition together for a set price. As someone who sold video games for years, this is actually great. With big giant special editions, you'd always end up selling out of one format and having piles of another left over. I don't get people's problem with it.


These no game collector editions need to F R O!


I tend to stay clear of these when they don’t include the game but this is one of my favourite figurine/statues in my collection.

[PS4] Mirror's Edge Catalyst - £3.99 - eBay/Argos (X1 & PC - £4.99)
Refreshed 26th JunRefreshed 26th Jun
Price drop on these on the Argos eBay store :) Brand New With a 12 Month Argos GuaranteeFollow Faith, a daring free runner, as she fights for freedom in the City of Glass… Read more
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thanks op, gone for it on xo


Have played this as part of EA Access and for those without that this is a great price. I was pleasantly surprised by the game, £4 is a bargain.


Never thought about that. Ea games are never on plus? Thanks,will prob buy this then,enjoyed the first one


Its ea so probably won't be on ps plus


A great game for the price and one of my favourite games this generation.

Mirrors edge catalyst £4.99 PS4 & PC. ~ Xbox one £5.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
I know its been cheaper recently at MM, but they went out of stock sharpish! Best price I could find currently. For an underrated game.

Now gone down a pound. Here


Maybe because these games were released pre Xbox One X. They aren’t going to over develop their games to support non-existent hardware are they? Whereas with PC they already know there is hardware capable of pushing the game to its limits. Plus how much of a big deal is downloading a patch?XD


The player base seems to be faulting a bit, but still stands strong. Waiting for the series extention.


Nice to see the PC version included, not all of us need to play on console.


Yeah thats another reason why Im avoiding buying a PS4 Pro and Xbox one X since the games need 'enhanced' patches whilst PC you can choose if you want to play on the worst graphics and resolution or the best graphics and resolution, more choose, I know some Pro Tournament FPS Gamers use the lowest graphics setting for smoothest gameplay and because it's easier to play with low graphics decent resolution

(Xbox One - NEW) Mirror's Edge Catalyst £3.59 delivered @ Music Magpie
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
I know this is on EA Access but £3.59 for a sealed copy is nuts! Usual.. 10% deducts at checkout. Thought I had a bargain at £4.95 from TGC but here we are again with another MM … Read more
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lol that's awesome, I also shared a similar experience with the game. I played it day 1 on XB1, and now I'm looking to do the whole thing again on PS4 :D. Truly underrated gem (and this is coming from someone who loves the first game/still plays it via backcompat) the gameplay improvements in catalyst is just so nice! It's a shame Catalyst wasn't future-proofed with a Pro/X patch, the game looks really stunning and it would be nice to revisit it on a next gen machine with all the bells and whistles blah blah. ME1 still looks beautiful, especially on an XB1X from the youtube footage i've seen (but i've only got the base model).


Cracking price would be rude not to! Thanks OP looks like another game for the pile of shame :D


Great, will give it a go just ordered cheers


Your welcome, enjoy bud :) Looking forward to replaying this on Xbox One.... I loved it on PS4, played it when my son was young so around the time I was sleep deprived (lol) something about this game... it was relaxing just running around everywhere, it looks stunning in my opinion. Quite challenging but a rewarding one to complete / attain all trophies/achievements. I don't think the scores on MetaCritic are high enough for this game but as with all its recommended to play it for yourself and judge.


BARGAIN, ordered! Thanks OP (y)

[PS4] Mirror's Edge Catalyst : NEW - £3.59 - Music Magpie (10% off at checkout)
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Punch people in the face and jump over stuff. Shows as £3.99 - but you get 10% off on checkout right now.
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Back in stock


nearly bought this then remembered I still didn't play the original! think i paid £3 for that at HMV many years ago thanks to this site... *out of stock now - I nearly did buy it! (embarrassed)


The first game is definitely better, but at this price it's a great choice. Plus, that churches song is superb.



[PS4/Xbox One] Mirror's Edge Catalyst - £4.95 - TheGameCollection
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Best price after the £6.85 at Base . Daily deal until midnight. Also available as part of EA Access, cracking price for anybody wanting physical. [ Xbox One Link ] Fo… Read more
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OOS now :(


Link showing up at 6.95....? Its reverting to the like new version 😥


Dammit... £4.95 out of my bank account (lol) Buzz, you can explain to the other half (popcorn) Love this game. Epic price for a sealed copy (Gone for XB1). Hopefully reminds me of the pleasant first time round on PS4.


Second that. Heard them on Fifa years back but they are epic.


Great band!

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Xbox One - £6.85 @ Base (Free P&P)
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Mirrors Edge Catalyst Xbox One - £6.85 @ Base (Free P&P) This is the cheapest I've seen it, other places are selling it for £11
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Im the kind of person that likes to own my games.


Pay £3 for EA access and play it. Don't buy it.


This was £5 on the shelf in Norwich Sainsburys.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition (no software) for £29.99 @ GAME
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Good for collector's or fans. Best price I've ever seen it.
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Wait...hold on a sec, no game? I’m out (y)


Contrasting view, I own it and it's just plastic. It is fairly nice but the detail actually isn't great on the faces and all of the weight seems to be from what's like a brick they've placed in the base. If you're a fan then it's worth the money but I feel the other person has talked it up a little too much compared to how it really is.


Don’t get me started on that...


It was really quite pretty. Faith was done really well.


I like the fact we now live on an age where you can buy a game with no game...

PS Plus Double Discount Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US and Canada * Over 230 titles on sale, examples Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Titanfall 2 £4.29 each with PS+ discount using 2 day trial trick
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
US PRICES LISTED - Note: Please check Canadian store prices also, prices of specific titles do vary and you may get more for your money there. Game Price % Off PS+ % Off 88 H… Read more
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I got to 6 accounts and feared things would become unmanageable!


You had to claim the code on the playstation blog site. There was actually two offers in quick succession, an MLB18 then a FarCry 5 promotion.


what did you have to do to get the 20% off code? I must have missed that


No Problem - happy shopping :) The only thing to be aware of is that if you buy DLC for a game, it must come from the same region that the game was bought from.


Thank You so much Bubaman, you're a legend! I'll defo be creating more accounts tonight (y)

Xbox One Mirrors Edge Catalyst £5.00 On Microsoft Store, If You Have Xbox Live Gold
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Xbox One Mirror Edge Catalyst £5.00 On Microsfot Store, If You Have Xbox Live Gold
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I remember they went big on announcing this like the sequel everyone been waiting for, then price just belly flopped which im assuming was a knee jerk reaction to sales. I played the first one excessively, couldn't get into this for free on access. Not saying its a bad game, i just didn't get into it, open world styley didn't help


Microsfot-new company?


I really enjoyed the first one. Thanks OP


It's a First Person Parkour game, if you're into that then it's a good game.


For 5 quid it's quite entertaining.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst [Origin] PC Code  £3.99 Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Cheapest it's been on PC I believe. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you will experience the rise of Faith, a daring Runner who uncovers a hidden truth within the walls of the city … Read more

Might as well spend £1 extra and get a month of Origin Access. That way you can play this game (it's not too long) and plenty of much better games (Titanfall 2, Furi etc.)

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Xbox one/PS4 New £7.99 Delivered Base
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you will experience the rise of Faith, a daring Runner who uncovers a hidden truth within the walls of the city of Glass. Through her journey, Faith will… Read more

Yeah it would be nice if I could find one of these in store deals, rarely ever do I find one. This is available to everyone and not the lucky few.


XB1 version is £5 in store at Sainsbury's.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition (No Software) £29.99 at GAME online
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Goes for over £60 on eBay.
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I can understand people not liking it - but objectively the price is good - even just for hawking on eBay if that is your thing! -27 degrees is a bit harsh!


got this a while ago since i loved the first game, it is massive


Its been this price for months, I got it before Xmas, it’s a great statue, heavy too, highly recommended.


Don't need it. ... Bought.


the statue is nice and the BOX Is HUGE

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