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Misfit Black & Silver Tone Smartwatch - £59.99 + free Click and Collect or £3.99 delivery at TK Maxx
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Posted 12th Oct 2019Posted 12th Oct 2019
Misfit Black & Silver Tone Smartwatch - £59.99 + free Click and Collect or £3.99 delivery at TK Maxx
Androidware smart watch in black and silver Silver bracelet version also available; https://www.tkmaxx.com/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/silver-tone-smartwatch/p/76549… Read more
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I got one Thursday as well lol - the watch is delivered with no charge in the battery so no playing with it when you first get it :-(. Once charged it took me ages to set it up (after an initial update to Google Wear) and learn about all the settings you have to change. Then Friday it decided to update Google wear again - twice more(!) - got stuck for a bit and then lost all the settings and the apps that I had installed. It won't update unless you are on the charger as any watch could brick if it runs out of power while updating. So spent Friday night setting it up again and I am happy to say its working great at the moment. Had to stop and then disable the Misfit App, the Misfit Fitness app and the Forecast app as I found they were real battery drainers on day one. You lose the Misfit watch faces (which I wasn't expecting, but the added battery life is sooo well worth it) so I used the remaining Google Wear faces to design my own. The only thing I would say to anyone thinking of purchasing this one is be prepared to play with it quite a bit to set it up - it isn't a ready-to-wear out of the box item. I was half expecting it, but the triple update to Google Wear OS 2.9 made it worse and was a bit of a pain. Used it loads today to monitor my paces and get the news updates, and its working really well so far! This morning I charged the watch to 100% at 11am and I still have 75% at 7pm so not too shabby. EDIT: Had it a week now and after the initial set up and multiple updates (same as any computer) it's pretty good. Been using it to monitor messages and emails and answer them verbally. Display clear and easy to read, and provided you take the time to set it up properly and disable "OK google" etc. its fine for most uses. It monitors my paces and heart rate just fine, responds to commands and you can even load Google maps onto it and use it to control the Google sat nav on your phone. Battery life is now OK but not great, but I only have to charge it once a day as expected. A lot of the issues that were reported don't seem to apply or be a problem. The charger could do with being a bit better but really isn't all that fiddly. You do have to make sure that its charging (obviously like any contact charger) and the screen display clearly indicates if its charging or not. The weird bit on the clasp that people said cuts into them, a watch bar release tab, does no such thing to me so maybe they altered the design. Tip: if you put the watch into low power mode overnight you will lose a lot less power. You can't do it if its on charge, but I charge mine to 100% and then put it in low power mode and I've taken to switching the screen off when I'm not using it and it seems to help preserve battery life a lot. The next morning it has 99% provided I ALSO switch the screen off manually. I also found that there are 3rd party charging stands on Amazon for about a tenner which look OK and would give me somewhere to hold the watch when needed. So overall a bit of a bargain for a first time smartwatch provided you are not too demanding a user and realise that this is 2017 technology not 2019. Links to the charging stand on Amazon are shown below. Chofit stand Tusita stand


Got one of those on Thursday, the watch software got stuck on 2.0 2017, it took all night to update to Wear 2.9, had to keep it on charger otherwise it did not go 8) Mixed feelings after samsung gear fit 2 pro, which was not great either... 8)


Hmm its definitely tempting for £60 even though its far from a perfect watch but that holds true for many watches that are £260. From what I can see in the reviews you have to know how to get the best from the watch, certainly battery life wise, but it's very stylish for a big watch and it looks a safer buy than many of the cheap Chinese models out there. There seem to be many positive reviews from satisfied customers but they can be difficult to find as for some reason Amazon UK and Amazon.com have very few. A few tips seem to be: * configure the watch carefully to get the best battery life: lower the brightness and don't use the native Misfit app - a REAL battery drainer- see Youtube video below as apparently it gives you 4hrs extra, use Google fit etc instead. * shut off all of the gestures, don't have the tilt features on (battery drainers and flaky response) * no GPS, just connected GPS through the phone. No onboard speaker. There is an onboard mic so you can answer txts verbally * the clasp on the supplied band rubs and will hurt - either change the strap or replace the bar on the strap * it also seems a bit hit and miss waterproof wise but personally I would never shower or swim with a watch on anyway so it wouldn't bother me. Similarly the lack of on board NFC on this model doesn't bother or affect me in any way, since I don't use payment apps of any sort. * this is primarily and Android watch, and although they say it supports IOS a lot of the bad reviews come from disappointed Apple users who can't get it to work reliably with their iPhone. * you need to position the watch on the charger carefully as its a bit fussy about connecting. If you aren't too demanding a user then you can expect to get away with charging the watch once a day for 1-2 hrs So all in all I guess if could be worth £60 for a first time smartwatch from a trusted UK shop, so should you want to try one out keep hold of the receipt as it will come in handy just in case you need to return it within the guarantee period. Lots of reviews on Google https://g.co/kgs/wMfZCr and plenty of demos on Youtube like this one : and it also has some good Q&A in the comments section.


Why? Any experience with that one? (skeptical)


advice, don't waste your money on this!

Misfit Vapor Gen 2 Smart Watch - Black Silicone £109.99 at Argos
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Posted 11th Aug 2019Posted 11th Aug 2019
Misfit Vapor Gen 2 Smart Watch - Black Silicone £109.99 at Argos
£109.99£119.998%Argos Deals
I have been looking for a sports smartwatch with a silicone strap with wearOS. This looks a little decent. Please don't be harsh as I am still a newbie for finding deals. Pros * G… Read more

I know


This one has built in GPS.


GPS is a must for me...nothing worse than having to carry a phone around while you’re out on a run! Each to their own.


Not a prob for me (y) Always have my phone whenever I wear my W1. Obviously, if you need GPS on your watch then go for it (y) (y) (y)


It is a Gen 3, and it doesn't have GPS.

Misfit Vapor 2, Google WearOS Smartwatch, £149.99 @ Argos
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Posted 31st Jan 2019Posted 31st Jan 2019
Misfit Vapor 2, Google WearOS Smartwatch, £149.99 @ Argos
£149.99£21530%Argos Deals
This is the larger 46mm model, comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU & 512MB RAM. AMOLED Touchscreen, up to 2 days battery life Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 NFC USB 3.0 Built… Read more
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First day nearly over, continuous heart rate on and including two cycle rides each lasting 35mins using GPS and heart rate sensor (which seems really accurate) and right now I still have 40% left. Great watch deserves more heat!


Yeah mine was the same, running updates etc.. takes up a lot of batter but after its setup and you start using it as a watch it is easy lasting me 2 days


I took the plunge, got it tonight. Maybe it's because I'm playing with it/setting things up but the battery seems to be draining really quickly... Went from 70% to 17% in about 2 hours. All the updates have applied so a fully test tomorrow including a cycle into work using the GPS will be a good test.


It's really good, certainly one of the nicest Smartwatches about in my opinion


Anyone get one? How is it?

Misfit Trackers - £8.99
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Refreshed 16th Oct 2018Refreshed 16th Oct 2018
Misfit Trackers - £8.99
£8.99£49.9982%Misfit Deals
Misfit have a sale on their website. Misfit Ray, Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Flare all on sale at £8.99. Great basic tracker without the need for continuous charging. Code no longer … Read more

Heads up for those who got in on this deal - if like me you've had one sat around sealed for a while, get it up on eBay! Mine is currently at £45 and rising. They seem to be going for £60-80 on Buy It Now! Looks like they're no longer sold in the UK so that might be why.


So I gifted all my misfits for Christmas and they went down really well - the social part is the best bit - everyone competes daily. I foolishly didn't keep one for myself as I have a proper smartwatch. But I got jealous of not being in the game so have now bought a secondhand one on eBay for me. (For more than the brand new ones!)


Top banter mate :{


Are Everton playing?



Misfit Ray fitness tracker - various colours £29.99
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Posted 1st Oct 2018Posted 1st Oct 2018
Misfit Ray fitness tracker - various colours £29.99
Seems like a the lowest price available, direct from Misfit with free shipping. Key Features: Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep Vibrat… Read more

Started off strong but the battery life only lasted me 4 months then had to change it, right now 2 months later it won't connect to my phone customer service won't give a refund out of warranty. Tough times. Stay clear in my opinion.

Misfit Ray fitness and sleep tracker now £24 with 20% off code + others styles
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Posted 22nd Jun 2018Posted 22nd Jun 2018
Misfit Ray fitness and sleep tracker now £24 with 20% off code + others styles
£24£49.9952%Misfit Deals
Thought this was a good deal. Was looking for a simple, easy to wear sleep tracker and this came recommended. Went to their official site to research and saw it was also reduced, a… Read more

Yep. Tried lots of places on the body, pockets, ankle. Same issue. I even made a necklace and tried it around my neck, still wrong. I had a Shine before and that was spot on. My next tracker will have GPS capabilities.


Misfit normally very good did u tell the app where it was on body ?


I have used one of these. My advice is to test the accuracy asap, mine was way off. It said am 8km run was 11k when it was on my wrist, and 10k when it was in my pocket. My other half has one and it's practically spot on. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to calibrate it so it had to go. Ymmv.

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BLACKHEAD MASK EXTRACTION PASTE- up to 4 free just pay postage = £3.99 @ misfit!
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Posted 24th Apr 2018Posted 24th Apr 2018
BLACKHEAD MASK EXTRACTION PASTE- up to 4 free just pay postage = £3.99 @ misfit!
£3.99£23.9983%Misfit Cosmetics Deals
Looks like the normal price is £18.99 each? Edit London’s Blackhead Mask Extraction Paste (50g) is a powerful peel-off mask composed of bamboo charcoal that purifies and polishes … Read more
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Well spotted.


“My nose is sometimes oily” “Ewww gross, TMI!” Jeez, how sheltered are you?


That's London pollution for you.


Its like glue that strips your face of a layer of skin. I’ll pass


I've not asked anyone to get it , I saw a good deal and posted here! No one HAS to buy it.

BLACKHEAD MASK EXTRACTION PASTE X 2 was £37.98 now £10 + £3.99 Del @ Misfit
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Posted 24th Feb 2018Posted 24th Feb 2018
BLACKHEAD MASK EXTRACTION PASTE X 2 was £37.98 now £10 + £3.99 Del @ Misfit
Normally £37.98 but now £10 plus £3.99 postage ONLINE As recommended by Holly Hagan BLACKHEAD MASKGet 2 Powerful Blackhead Extraction Pastes. Edit London’s Blackhead Extraction… Read more
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just rub some oil into your skin (lotus oil best) and it dissolves all the pore cheese


Just give them a squeeze :-) much more fun. (strong)


Tried it in the past, this stuff really doesn’t work!!

Misfit Ray £35 (using discount code)
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Posted 14th Jan 2018Posted 14th Jan 2018
Misfit Ray £35 (using discount code)
Usually £50 but £35 using code WINTER30. Other fitness trackers also available using the same code.

Yeah.. its been through the washer as well now :D and still works so is waterproof.


Was it the same model?


Weirdly never heard of these till a few days before Christmas, managed to get one at TK Maxx for one of the boys for £22.00 he says its good for step counting etc.


Actually got this on Friday, but never got around to posting it, decent deal!

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch £144.99 Sold by Luzern and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 12th Jan 2018Posted 12th Jan 2018
Misfit Vapor Smartwatch £144.99 Sold by Luzern and Fulfilled by Amazon.
£144.99Amazon Deals
If you missed the 30% off deal over the new year on the misfit website this seems to be the next best price. The watch is once again £185 from the misfit website but only £144.99 … Read more



Like the Apple watch no?


Can vary had 2 days out if you only use to check notifications


24 hr battery is poor isn't it

Misfit vapor smartwatch - £129.50 with code @ Misfit
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Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
Misfit vapor smartwatch - £129.50 with code @ Misfit
£129.50Misfit Deals
Misfit have 30% through their website using the code WINTER30. Discount applies to all misfit bands and accessories. This takes the price from £185 down to £129.50

Code does not seem to work with the vapour anymore. Still valid for other models though.


Can’t get the code to work. Shame I’d buy one at that price.


I was gonna post this deal myself yesterday but didn't get time. Dunno why it's cold, it's the cheapest android wear device you can buy at this price, plus it will get the Oreo update with it being one of the newer ones.


Had mine on today for large amount of day lost about 30 35 percent but only used as watch if you was to use all day and for music player aswell a day max Good watch though I love mine


Do you mind me asking how long you tend to get out of the battery? That's the one thing putting me getting one.

Misfit Shine 2 activity and sleep tracker £24.97 @ Amazon (temp oos / order from Amazon under other buying choices)
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Misfit Shine 2 activity and sleep tracker £24.97 @ Amazon (temp oos / order from Amazon under other buying choices)
It's a simple tracker and doesn't look too bad either Product Description Shine 2 is an elegantly designed fitness and sleep monitor that leverages the best of Shine's sleek aesth… Read more

Amazon were probably matching Currys PC World who still have them to buy & collect but not home delivery anymore for £24.97 http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/smart-tech/smart-tech/smart-watches-and-fitness/fitness-trackers/misfit-shine-2-activity-tracker-carbon-black-10140776-pdt.html


Also, now £37.99 on Amazon


The shine is great, simple to use and long battery life. However it is not water proof!!!!! I have had 3 (all replaced by Misfit) and water gets in if you wear it in water (shower, swimming etc).

Misfit Activity Trackers March Sale 20% off - Ray and Shine 2
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Posted 22nd Mar 2017Posted 22nd Mar 2017
Misfit Activity Trackers March Sale 20% off - Ray and Shine 2
I love my Misfit activity trackers(I owned 1 Shine2 and 1 Flash) and the mobile app is very easy to use. They are stylish and unlike other tracker look like sport watches. And best… Read more
Misfit Shine Activity Tracker at Lloyds Pharmacy £27.00 + £3.95 delivery
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
Misfit Shine Activity Tracker at Lloyds Pharmacy £27.00 + £3.95 delivery
I spotted this in my local Lloyds chemist and noticed that it's online as well. It's £27 for the black one. The Misfit Flash is also reduced at £17.00 Activity monitors and wear… Read more

Ahhh, I can see the C&C option greyed out now; sorry about that.


That's the Flash isn't it, or did you see something instore? Although, oddly, the Shine 2 is cheaper than the Shine on their site.


Use SAVENOW and WELCOME ( New Customer ) to get extra discounts. No Click and Collect available on these OP is wrong.


£25 at pc world


Better value if you get the Mi Band 2 below http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_362705.html?wid=21

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker Onyx A sleek, sporty fitness tracker that measures your activity and sleep, syncs with your smartphone and comes in a variety of colours. £12.00 Was £49.99 Save £37.99 In stock @ Lloyds Pharmacy
310° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2016Posted 18th Dec 2016
Misfit Flash Activity Tracker Onyx A sleek, sporty fitness tracker that measures your activity and sleep, syncs with your smartphone and comes in a variety of colours. £12.00 Was £49.99 Save £37.99 In stock @ Lloyds Pharmacy
bought one for my son as as first tracker, seems great price. need to spend 35 quid plus for free postage.....hope its a good stocking filler for somebody! some other deals on the… Read more
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The frost white version is now available for £17 but no c&c, delivery is £3.95 click here


You were extremely lucky, what colour were they, did they substitute a different colour?


I ordered two as presents and both were delivered to the store in time for Christmas, they are great and I wish I'd ordered one for myself!


Ordered an alternative, but it's on a show boat from China, but at least it wasn't a misprice :P


Spoke to them, not one was supplied due to pricing error! Expired

Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition fitness tracker £45 instead of £59
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Posted 29th Apr 2016Posted 29th Apr 2016
Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition fitness tracker £45 instead of £59
The misfit speedo shine fitness tracker has been reduced from £59 to £45 for a limited period of time (it's more expensive on amazon). The Speedo Shine is waterproof unlike the low… Read more
MISFIT Flash Fitness Activity Tracker for £14.99 @ Currys (C&C Only)
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Posted 24th Nov 2015Posted 24th Nov 2015
MISFIT Flash Fitness Activity Tracker for £14.99 @ Currys (C&C Only)
-Tracks activity & sleep quality -Compatible with iOS & Android -Up to 6 months battery life -Connection: Bluetooth The price was £39.99,now you just need to pay 14.99,see… Read more

none in Barrow in furness store or surrounding areas


none in or around derby




The straps on these are useless. Both mine and my wife's snapped after a few weeks.


I had one of these,'upgraded' to a fitbit charge.i do a lot of driving and the flash was far more accurate, fitbit will say ive done 50 flights of stairs whilst driving for a couple of hours which obviously messes up calories burnt for the day etc

Misfit Flash Fitness and Sleep Tracker (Various Colours) £19.99 Click & Collect @ Currys
30° Expired
Posted 10th Oct 2015Posted 10th Oct 2015
Misfit Flash Fitness and Sleep Tracker (Various Colours) £19.99 Click & Collect @ Currys
Found this at currys online and is available to reserve and collect. Quick search shows 6 out of 10 stores local to me for the black version and similar to other colours Frost Co… Read more

Mine broke after about 11 months. Misfit replaced it free, just had to pay postage from the states about £12 I think. Pretty good device, most complaints are about the strap, which I don't use as I just put it in my pocket


Had one ,awful strap broke and stopped syncing misses had the same trouble


Looks okay but the reviews are Amazon do not look to good.


I have one of these. works as well as OHs Up24. only issue is that strap and mounting are a little insecure. However that is more than offset by long battery life.


Same price on amazon for some of the colours here

Misfit Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor £30 @ Boots Free C&C
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Posted 31st Jul 2015Posted 31st Jul 2015
Misfit Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor £30 @ Boots Free C&C
Only Coral and Champagne left - be quick selling out fast.. RRP £79.99 STYLE IT. FOR EVERY OCCASION Track your activity and more Waterproof 50m No charging Watch function Steps, Di… Read more

Same price at Amazon, Ordered 1 hour ago :)


It does track how long you swim for as long as you tell it you are beginning. I bought one last week and I'm still not sure I'm happy with its fitness tracking.


Can it track swimming?


by 'watch function' do they mean the 12 dots. that doesn't look to be the most accurate or timekeeping devices?

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker (Chrome) £30.00 @ Amazon
77° Expired
Posted 27th Jul 2015Posted 27th Jul 2015
Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker (Chrome) £30.00 @ Amazon
I was looking for a fitness tracker that i could use for 5-a-side football. this one is well reviewed for football, and in general, and is also waterproof to 50m. Seems a good pr… Read more

Cheers again Haleluohao - that's really good to know. I'll have to investigate the best way to carry the shine on a daily basis.


I lost my one by walking...


Sorry it's £30 for chrome timmy




Thanks haleluohao - when i run or play football i will use a small pocket to store it in - rather than use it around the wrist. I've not done a web search yet - but I'd hope someone has designed a more secure strap for these......

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