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Matrix 4, Dune, Space Jam 2, Mortal Kombat, Suicide Squad 2 as part of HBO Max subs usa in 2021 same day as the cinema hbo-max-announcement-movie-business-1234845580/ so in the USA Warner Bros because of the Pandemic are streaming 17 of its biggest movies o… Read more

It did do relatively well


They didn't ask him, apparently. Guess the story doesn't involve Morpheus for some reason. Maybe he'll be in the next one...


I think the price for Mulan was too much. If there was a big uptake, that would have given them ideas. If that model is to work, then it needs to be cheaper. Like I said, given the choice, people will always choose the cinemas for the big budget movies. Cinemas will change but they won't die out.


I dont think Mulan did well at all on Disney+ as they are releasing the new Pixar movie Soul at no extra cost.


wonder if theres any official figures to how Mulan did? For HBO to do this, they must be confident of their numbers. I think for big budget movies, people will still go to the cinema. Im guessing if people ahve to pay an extra cost on top of their sub for the app, like D+ did with Mulan, then it will always be more expensive to stream than go to the cinema, not counting costs of food and drink of course. Im in favour as it gives people choice. Either pay under £10 for a ticket to the cinema, or pay £20+ for a home release but with the option of being able to have more than 1 person watching so swings and roundabouts I guess. Like I said, I think cinemas will become an experience, how it used to be with more emphasis on quality seating extra, better food etc. There will be a market for boutique smaller cinemas.

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Mortal Kombat 11 : Ultimate Edition Announced ( dlc = Rambo, Mileena & Rain) New Edition
Edit : there it is link to Ed Boons official Tweet Oh boy aren’t I glad I waited, Game has it Steelbook edition to pre-order for £49.99 here: MK 11 Ultimate Steelbook @… Read more

WOuld have prefered Weird Al doing the voice.... EDIT: How do you add a YouTube link so it's viewable without clicking through to YouTube itself?


Voiced by Stallone Himself.


Any good for flipping ? £

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Updated 1st Oct 2020Last updated 1st Oct 2020 by bermudaviper Tempted by the Street Fighter one, the prices on eBay are ridiculous Mortal Kombat: Classic upright "Cabinet" desig… Read more

I have a pandora 6D with 3000 games on including those and it cost about £109.


I'd love one with ghosts n goblins, star force, splatter House, 1942, 1943, r type, hyper sports track n field etc


Any pictures of your set up you can post please


Now this would be perfect!


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Edit - Sorted - Xbox 360 mortal kombat question
Wife wants to dig out the xbox 360 and instructed me to get a mortal kombat game. Are there any benefits in buying off the below link over buying it second hand, like are there an… Read more

No I don’t think there would be any difference mate just a used copy compared to a brand new disc ... hope you get sorted


Thanks, that will do (y)


Yeah, that's why I'm reluctant. Used on ebay for £7.40 but didn't know if I'd be missing anything extra that would be on new.


As above buy second hand or maybe get this £6.75


Id try eBay or Xbox live before you spend that much on amazon, seems a lot of money for an xbox 360 game imo

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Mortal Kombat X Kollector's Edition by Coarse (Xbox One) £43.22 Delivered
Posting in Misc mainly because the retailer is not approved on HUKD (it is in Netherland) but they are currently selling the CE of MK for 33EU for anyone interested. Pretty speedy … Read more

Fair enough... I am convinced.... Seems a legit reason ....... But, are you sure you are going to give this a miss? The cheapest I've ever seen it (was chasing it on Amazon since before Xmas) was £49.99+£5 delivery. This is still a tenner less. (Now, I am pulling your leg :p )


Well I bought X with the limited edition controller and never used it and been after getting the XL version for ages... (my excuse for not using X with the controller was to wait for the XL version... obviously... ha) so If I buy this itll be three version of a game I only have a passing interest... haha.. that statue though.....


I have this - Scorpion is one cool dude, or is that his bruh Sub Zero! Anyone remember Arnie in the Running Man when he dispatches the fat ice hockey dude and Arnie says, "Sub Zero, now plain Zero!" - I never got that one... :(


Must? ... or must not?


That is lovely that... but I must resist.

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Win a PS4 Console And Mortal Kombat X @ What Culture
We’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for a very exciting giveaway sure to get all Mortal Kombat fans’ hearts pounding. One lucky reader will … Read more





Thank you :)