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SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 32GB Mobile - Deep Indigo £99.95 @ Argos
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Next best o2 at £109 The Moto G6 Play has a massive battery designed to last up to 32 hours and TurboPower charging that gives you hours… Read more

What a shedload of marketing blurb in description, looks fit for a flagship Voted hot


Not the fastest but compared it to my s7 and that was just over 40mbps download Seems fast on the net though so can't grumble I blame the new latest bt homehub as the laptop is hit and miss as we're on infinity 2 so should have 78mbps download and since the new hub the laptop struggles to get 60mbps over wifi even with tweaked settings


How did the the speed test go mate?


Haven't unboxed ours yet First thing I'll do is speed test it Turned up 6.59 this morning and had to wait for the machine to register 7am Must have been first drop :D


That's from several side by side speed tests I ran on it to prove to Tesco they hadn't 'fixed' the problem, although that was easily the fastest it had ever been (sometimes <1mbps) There is no fix, it's just the phone apparently. Would love to hear others experiences on it.

New Motorola Moto G6 - Single Sim - Deep Indigo - 32GB, 3GB Ram - EU Version £109.97 @ Connected 247 / Amazon
329° Expired
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Excellent price (And cheapest ever) for a new model, the full fat G6, as opposed to the 'play' version :) Brand: Motorola Operating system: Android Screen size: 5.7 inches … Read more

Cheers I'll give it a go.


Try the mi drop app. Waaay quicker than Bluetooth (200 x times, apparently) and don't need a laptop or cables.


It's ok makes no difference what you do. It's always best to keep an air of mystery about who you really are because if ppl knew the real you they might not respect the advice you give them, especially if you turn out to be a serial killer who tracks deal hunters down through their online shopping history and lures them to their death with a phone deal that's too good to miss (ninja) . Your secrets safe with me and remember.... Before you go to bed at night..... You know the rest ;) (lol) (y) :D


I knew it!


You got it, I'm a banana eating, postie escort, bending bananas for the labour party (y)

Moto G6 UK Sim-Free Smartphone with 4GB RAM and 64GB - Deep Indigo only £139.99 amazon prime deal
235° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Just bought one for my wife. It seems a good deal for a smartphone with 4GB/64GB with NFC included. Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power charger … Read more

I bought one and found it shocking. Bought a Redmi Note 5 for £100 and it's so much better.


Yes and the SD450 seems a bit weak for this price range too. I expected it to be a tad cheaper as the G7 is out.


Yeah, it's a cracking phone which I bought on last year's Prime Day. I've bought another for 'er indoors, 'cos she's knack'ed her Smart Ultra by sticking (forcing) the micro USB charge cable in upside down waaay too many times. The G6 has fast charge USB-C, so the charging port on this one should be safe IMHO for the price, you will not get better. Just seen the Argos offer @ £130 but as it's only the 32GB version, so I'll stand by what I've already said. Same £140 price at John Lewis, if you're interested. Heat Added.


I have the g6 plus which is very slightly different. But I also had a g4. Overall these phones are fantastic value. Great screen. Good battery life imo. I charge once every two days.


old it should be cheaper. Moto G7 is selling well, especially the power model with a battery of 5000mAh

Motorola moto g6 5.7-Inch Android 8.0 Oreo Sim-Free Smartphone 4GB RAM 64GB Dual Sim Deep Indigo £101.65 @ Amazon Warehouse - Good Condition
300° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Prime Exclusive - 20% off at checkout Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power charger included providing hours of power in just minutes of charging (US… Read more

would it have worked better if it was more expensive ?!


There you go!


They weren't selling it for £69 though !


That's why I always buy from John Lewis


I had the g6 play and after 6 months it wouldn't connect to WiFi anymore. Known problem the fun of getting a refund from cpw now

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SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 5.7 Inch 8MP - £69.99 at Argos eBay (refurbished - 12 month warranty)
105° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Awesome deal, refurbished as new, awesome phone once updated to android 9.0 - back in stock

sold out


only 4 left in stock at 13:03



Can you please share the direct link. For some reason i am not going to the right page. Thanks in advance


Should put it’s a refurb in title op!!! (mad)

SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 5.7'' 32GB 3GB RAM Mobile Phone Refurb £69.99 / Sony Xperia L2 32GB 3GB 5.5'' £71.99 @ Argos ebay
357° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Please note that this mobile phone will always include the handset, battery and USB charging cable. Accessories are not included e.g. headphones, USB wall charger or screen protect… Read more

I've had this phone (g6 play) for a couple of years and it's awful. Constantly dropping WiFi and the screen freezes all the time. Maybe others will be luckier but I'm not surprised Argos has 'refurbs' of this phone, I bought this one from them too.


Gah. Missed out. Oos


much better than the new G7 play which has no NFC and small battery




Tiptop spot, if only Motorola had sold this variant of the g6 for this to start with, they would have sold millions worldwide, instead of 4! (cheeky)

Moto G6 as new at GiffGaff incl £10 top-up
88° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
£69 for GiffGaffers

Got one today for £69; arriving tomorrow thanks op


And literally just OOS again! Grabbed one a few minutes ago.


Looks like it keeps coming back into stock. One left now.


Soooo cross! (mad) (mad) (mad) I was in my account on giff gaff buying this, one of the three they had and all of a sudden it went out of stock! (confused) Then I get a notification from HUKD about the very phone I'm buying and now it makes sense. I love this site but sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me! (fierce) :3



SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 32GB Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo £129.95 @ Argos
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Another good moto reduction. With the new Moto G6 immerse yourself in photos and videos on the edge-to-edge, 5.7 Full HD+ Max Vision display. Create your own studio quality portr… Read more

It was the old version of Android running it's 🐌🐌🐌🐢


Was it ios before?! ;)


Awful phone since the update to android.


Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, but a lot better :)


Xiaomi range is SO complicated, what's the nearest model to the G6?

Motorola Moto G6 32GB Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo - Sim Free - Manufacturer Refurb £93.99 @ Argos ebay outlet
224° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
With the new Moto G6 immerse yourself in photos and videos on the edge-to-edge, 5.7 Full HD+ Max Vision display. Create your own studio quality portraits. With Moto Voice, simply t… Read more
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Not sure to be honest. Personally I think I would accept delivery and than return, that way you have' reason' for return.


Hi I received my Xiaomi Redimi Note 5 and want to keep it. My Moto G6 is being delivered tomorrow, shall I just refuse delivery? Or is it better to accept it and then do a returns?


Apparently it showed only 5 in stock when I ordered so surprised its lasted this long!


Have paid with PayPal. So hopefully just return to Argos. Thanks. Now let's hope Xiaomi turns up


Sadly now OOS @autocrazy - I've expired. Was a nice spot!

Moto G6 £93.99 | Honor 8X £149.99 | Huawei P20 Lite £137.99 | Honor 9 Lite £99.99 Refurbished @ Argos Ebay
310° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
G6 9 Lite… Read more

Probably the 8x


Which of these is better for gaming?


No problem


Thanks Mrswitch - finally bit and got a p20 lite for my daughter. Ordered around 10pm on Thursday night, arrived by 9am this morning - fantastic service from Argos. Phone is pristine, came in normal Huawei box with USB-C cable - no earphones or mains adapter (as stated in the listing). My daughter absolutely loves it. The Camera, processor speed, storage capacity all a massive leap from her old Moto G4 play. I've had a quick go whilst setting it up for her and I'm really impressed. Great deal thanks for posting.


Apologies, I normally clip them down, but I was feeling lazy yesterday (cheeky)

Moto G6 plus - grade A - £99.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
173° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
still a very decent performer which will tick a lot of peoples boxes, and moto software is very close to stock with some nice added extras
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Thanks wishihadadonkey, looks like I was lucky, got mine OK, went for the free delivery by 21st June and it came the next day.


Sorry guys :-(


Sound like my experience when buying a computer, item showed as in stock, paid, then told no stock and tried to upsell. Meanwhile the computer I wanted remaining available for sale for weeks after I got my refund.


laptops direct took payment for my phone. an hour later emailed to say there was a problem and i could speak to sales. I waited an hour to get through to them, the guy said he'd look for an alternate and i told him i didn't want a Hauwei phone. He went away and after 10 minutes offered me an honor!!! and when i said i didn't want a hauwei phone who offered me an alternate phone at £40.00 more (for £40.00 extra!!) when i told him i didn't want to pay the extra and wanted a refund he told ne it'll be 5-7 working days for the refund to appear back into my account. Barge pole and touch!


Sold out

Huawei P20 Lite £111.99 | Mate 20 Pro £384 | IPhone 6 £75.97 | S9 plus £287 | Moto G6 ply £67.99, [Good Condition /B/A] + More @ Ebay
265° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
So, instead of spamming the site with deal after deal, I thought I'd put all the massive bargains in one place for your perusal, and so you don't have to. Mainly in good conditio… Read more

HIGHLY recommend it mate. Only issues I can find are LG software is average but I use nova. Selfie cam sucks


Yeah, have been looking into buying a new one recently.


Really very impressed with this V30. Cosmetic condition is meh, but screen is splendid and it's fast and fluid and has every! Camera is also very very good! What a highly underrated phone


got the V30 - I paid extra for 24 hour delivery. Condition wise, there is a graze/scracth on one of the corners, and lots of hairline scracthes on the back (the type of material would make that difficult to prevent I reckon) screen seems all good. Obviously no idea about battery yet - will update when i do.. lovely looking device and much lighter than I imagined


6 really is getting too old and slow now, IMO.

SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 4000mah £69.99, Moto G6 £93.99 Refurbs at Argos Ebay
501° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 4000mah £69.99, Moto G6 £93.99 Refurbs at Argos Ebay
£69.99£129.9946%eBay Deals
Stocks updated. Moto G6 £93.99 Honor Play £169.99:… Read more
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The G6 play is such a good phone. Astonishing for under £70


Received the g6 play and it's as new, but box a bit knackered and no charger.


Incorrect price in title. 169.99 not 69.99.


I used G6 Play for short time and wasn't that bad. I think I'd buy Xiaomi instead though on a budget if I had another chance.


Changed from an s7 edge to a g6 play about 3 months ago and haven't been disappointed. Battery lasts forever, camera is more than good enough on a phone and it's got android pie. Happy days.

Moto G6 32GB- Deep Indigo (Dual-SIM) 3GB Ram / FHD screen £129.99 @ Lenovo UK
227° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Moto G6 32GB- Deep Indigo (Dual-SIM) 3GB Ram / FHD screen £129.99 @ Lenovo UK
£129.99£149.9913%Lenovo UK Deals
Thanks to msmyth, who's expired deal from March I came across with a different code. Looking at the feedback from that deal, the G6 has been upgraded to Android 9. Code MOTO4YO… Read more

Possibly one on the worse websites to give information about it's product :(


Good phones but poor support and updates that often introduce issues. Since Lenovo took the brand they've worked on the basis of shovelling out as many phone variants as possible to flood the market rather than concentrate on producing more reliable and fewer models. I liked Moto but Lenovo have lost their way. Xiaomi note 5 for me now...


Having had 2 previous Moto phones, with both there have been performance issues following an official upgrade.


I purchased this from Lenovo when the same offer was on at the end of March. Delivery was fast, and initially I was impressed with the phone when on Android Oreo, having come from a Moto G5 and MotoG 3rd Gen. I was considering a Nokia 7.1, but based on the discount on offer and the Dual Sim Functionality I was swayed by the G6. However, since it has updated to Android Pie the phone is prone to several glitches - the most annoying of which is freezing. Typically, the phone will freeze immediately when unlocking via fingerprint and the screen will be completely unresponsive, necessitating the power button to be pressed to turn the screen off and then unlocking again. This usually works but is a pain. The freezing has also occurred when receiving incoming calls - you try to accept the call by swiping the screen but it is frozen, so you end up missing the call. Also, the GPS has become a bit hit & miss, and call volume seems to randomly fluctuate, although I can't be 100% sure if this is the phone or the network I'm on. Looking online at Lenovo's forums, the freezing issue seems to be a common theme (amongst several other types of glitches): Moto G6 hangs and lagging after upgrading to pie Moto G6 crashing Moto G6 - Lag / Irresponsive - Post Pie Update Moto G6 Android 9 pie update: recommended? Lenovo's solution to the freezing issue is either to do a soft reset (i.e. holding down the power button until the phone restarts) or a factory reset. I've tried both but it hasn't changed anything. The common consensus is that a patch is needed to fix the software, but whether Lenovo / Motorola roll one out is another matter.... It's frustrating, because otherwise the phone is ideal for my needs and previous Motorola phones I've had have been glitch-free. I'm by no means a power user, gamer or serial Social Media user - I just want a phone to make calls, send/receive the odd e-mail, watch a bit of YouTube now & again and a bit of internet surfing. And when on Android Oreo, this phone completely fitted the brief. But since the update, the freezing issue has just become tiresome. So if you are thinking of buying, I'd do a little research first. You might get lucky and the phone you get is glitch-free - but just be aware that the chances are you may encounter similar issues.


Does that not refers to a LG G6? The model number quoted is PAAL0015GB.

Moto G6 sim-free £149.95 @ Argos, plus get £10 Argos voucher and free £20 worth VOXI sim
98° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Moto G6 sim-free £149.95 @ Argos, plus get £10 Argos voucher and free £20 worth VOXI sim
£149.95£169.9512%Argos Deals
Pricedrop, In dark blue only, claim £10 Argos voucher Receive a Free VOXI SIM worth £20 when bought with phone

G4 was the best value phone available, and earned a reputation. It's not the make its the model thats good. Unfortunately Lenovo own Moto now and the g6 and g7 are poor models. Xiaomi (or however you spell it) has a UK shop in London and UK warranty available so they have improved their service. The mi a2 is literally twice as fast and equal or better in all ways. Software, hardware and service.


Motorola might hold value better? I'm still on the G4 £75 from eBay last summer:-)


dark blue i wrote (highfive)


its deep indigo not blue (y)


any links Chris_Page-9a382.79943 & john.hickson? keen to see the Mi a2 and Moto G7 prices

Smartphone Coupon Reductions Including Moto G6 Play £119 / g7 Power £169 / g6 £159 / Nokia 5.1 £109 + More Below @ Amazon
212° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Smartphone Coupon Reductions Including Moto G6 Play £119 / g7 Power £169 / g6 £159 / Nokia 5.1 £109 + More Below @ Amazon
£119.95£129.958%Amazon Deals
Seems to be some Reductions going on at amazon on budget Smartphones making them the cheapest they've ever been. G6 play £5.05 off £124.95 motorola moto g6 Play 5.7-Inch Andro… Read more

super fast dispatch :1-2months :D


Hiya, I didn't add it in as I actually posted that as a separate deal a couple days ago, thank you though :)


@Mrswitch I think there is a £10 of G7 play too making it £119 I have just checked in app for me


No problem, we likes what we like, I wouldn't ever try and sway you away from a manufacturer you prefer.


You are the phone mister Mrswitch ;) Gonna stick with Motorola. had them for years and never been any bother (highfive) Though for the record had a nightmare with their web page/online shop when trying to order a phone from them. never again!

Motorola Moto G6 3GB Ram, 32GB, NFC Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo ( Refurbished) £93.99 at Argos ebay
303° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Motorola Moto G6 3GB Ram, 32GB, NFC Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo ( Refurbished) £93.99 at Argos ebay
£93.99£108.9914%eBay Deals
Motorola Moto G6 (Refurbished) £93.99 back in stock again at Argos eBay. Also have several other good deals on refurbished phones eg Honor 9 lite @ £99.99… Read more

Excellent. Just managed to get a G6. Cheaper than the price of many of these on ebay and also includes 12 month guarantee.


Back in stock, just managed to order one. Thanks very much


OOS already. Shame...

Dual Sim Motorola Moto G6 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage £179.99 @ Amazon
-121° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Dual Sim Motorola Moto G6 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage £179.99 @ Amazon
£179.99£199.9910%Amazon Deals
Dual Sim back down in price, one of the best reviewed phones of last year, though not the choice I'd make personally. Features & details Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,… Read more

Ok thanks


Yep. I'd avoid if I was you.


I'm glad I read this as I was going to buy one for my son,how annoying for you,are you still having problems with it


Its bad. I prefer the idea of the G7 power, with dual sim.


Only ever had problems since I bought mine. Inherent fault in g6 means that it keeps disconnecting from WiFi. Lots of complaints online.

Motorola Moto G6 3GB Ram, 32GB, NFC Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo ( Refurbished) + 12 Months Warranty £93.99 @ Argos/ebay
58° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Motorola Moto G6 3GB Ram, 32GB, NFC Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo ( Refurbished) + 12 Months Warranty £93.99 @ Argos/ebay
Back in Stock!!!! Great value for the money with 12 months warranty . With the new Moto G6 immerse yourself in photos and videos on the edge-to-edge, 5.7 Full HD+ Ma… Read more

thanks I've expired it now


out of stock


No, it's an inherent problem with the g6. Lots of complaints about it online.


I have the G6+ and had zero problems with either WiFi or Bluetooth. Could it be your router, or a WiFi configuration issue?


My G7 is temperamental with WiFi too.

Motorola Moto G6 - Deep Indigo (Dual-SIM) 32GB £129.99 With Code @ Lenovo
312° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Motorola Moto G6 - Deep Indigo (Dual-SIM) 32GB £129.99 With Code @ Lenovo
£129.99£17927%Lenovo UK Deals
Back again, unsure why @msmyth expired there's, but use the code again to get it for this price, ships in 1-2 days. specifications Max Vision display Enjoy edge-to-edge views o… Read more

Showing at £219 and Coupon code says is not valid for the current cart.


Thank you, ordered one for my niece :)


Got this for my son a few months ago, can't remember how much I paid but Amazon were doing a deal at the time. He loves it, especially the turbo charge since he's always forgetting to plug it in but the turbo gives him enough for most of his daily needs very quickly. :-) At this price it's a steal.


I purchased last week following previous post & took delivery on Friday. Extremely impressed so far, updated to Android 9.00 Pie & all seems good. Thanks OP (y)


Yep. Expired, and reposted, it's how this site works :) You should try it more (y)

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