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Updated 21st MayLast updated 21st May by JaxStorm
i recently bought 1 where the front lifts up which feel tight on the head but heard that your head shouldn't move around inside which it doesn't but i cant take it off my head with… Read more

it was 59cm i think but may have to send it back for another size, it feels real tight and my face feels like its being crushed. or maybe i can just go to a shop now and try on one which would be so much better if shops allow that now, i would have to find a good shop in manchester :)


Thanks alot guys that clears that up. Also I will check that link as well. Ty


It is entirely normal to put the Duke on and take it off with the front flipped up. Unlike a proper full face helmet it probably won’t come off with the front down.


Try this I have the Duke but never tried to remove it with the flip front down. If you have tried moving it and its not lose and twisting around and feels snug it should be okay. If you think it might be too tight try wearing it for an hour watching telly and see how you get on.


The general rule of thumb is, it should be snug but not uncomfortable. The pads should also touch your cheeks.

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Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by JaxStorm
New to these so wondering if anywhere sells some good gloves around this budget please?

Bought some and thought I got measurements right unless they are supposed be real tight I new to all this bike thing lol


Daughter just picked up a lovely leather pair from j&s motorcycles accessories £49.99 warm hands on frosty morning


I use Furygan Mercury all seasons glove. Warm enough in winter for me and cool enough in summer. Nicely made of goatskin. They are discontinued now but I think M&P still do them under 60.


These are good for summer - Mens Texpeed Leather Motorcycle Gloves - Blue Short - L QYDK03XJY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Updated 29th Sep 2020Last updated 29th Sep 2020 by airbus330
Can anyone help me find a motorcycle jacket?
Hi all, My Akito Sierra textile motorcycle jacket has finally died and I want to replace it with the exact item. Unfortunately, these were made about 10 years ago and although ther… Read more

Great effort and many thanks. Unfortunately the 2nd 2 don't have Large and I suspect the first one is an old web page, but I will fire off an email tomorrow. Ta agan.

zohan This one email if they ship to uk. Was bored so did a few google searches for you. Hope they help , good luck in finding your jacket.


That is extraordinally mean of you (y) Couldn't buy it even if you wanted to sell it, HUKD mods have already lifted my wanted posting (annoyed)


I can locate one right now in my garage, but you can't have it! (y)


Where did you see it last (confused) (flirt)

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Updated 14th Dec 2019Last updated 14th Dec 2019 by discozohan
Heated motorcycle gloves
I'm looking for a decent pair of heated motorcycle gloves from a decent brand. Do they even exist? I don't want any Amazon (Chinese) ones with descriptions that look like this: … Read more
zohan Decent pair owned these for years did a decent job in cold and wet weather. Combine with oxford heated grips and they’re a brilliant combination


Yeah, they seem reasonable. Don’t worry about the lack of a visor wipe - they are pointless. They have protection and the reviewer says they are warm and mostly water proof. I’ve yet to find a pair of gloves that are totally waterproof. It’s all personal choice - these seem fine, and reasonable at £70 for a mid range brand. Don’t trust sizes though, they differ from brand to brand. Either go for these or get him a voucher for your local bike shop so he can pop in and try some out for himself.


They've got heat holding gloves at Argos,don't know if it's any good they're a tenner , I'll keep me eye out


He's got some RST (I think) ones that he got free with the scooter about a year ago. He says they're wearing out and aren't waterproof at all. I was looking at these, any thoughts? They get pretty good reviews and I can get them for £70.


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Updated 14th Jun 2012Last updated 14th Jun 2012 by sepulchre
Win A Slayer Motorcycle Helmet @ MetalHammer
Slayer Competition: Win A Slayer Motorcycle Helmet! So this is pretty badass. To celebrate Slayer playing Reign In Blood in full at ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror this Friday - also fe… Read more

[image missing]


x <3




Sweet, thanks. Now I just need somebody to post a competition to win a motorbike :D