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National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull - 2 Adults + Upto 3 Kids for £9.60 / 2 Adults £7.20 @ Groupon with code (Under 5s Free) Father's Day?
Updated 21st MayLast updated 21st May by dan_is_the_man01
Would make a great family day out especially since May Half Term is not far off or maybe a treat for Dad on Father's Day :) - has excellent reviews too. To get these reduced pri… Read more

Try coventry transport museum whilst it is still free to go in for now!


Few more pictures from November. Its in the NCC, less than 10 mins from Birmingham Airport. National Conference Centre Coventry Road Bickenhill B92 0EJ Solihull United Kingdom

Motorcycle Black Pro Range Wheel Chock (B5145) normally £42.99+ now £30.99 Delivered @ Ghost Bikes
Updated 11th MayLast updated 11th May by IrishRob
Bit niche but a fab price now - a really good deal anyway at £42,99 but has an extra 30% off at the moment making it just £30.99 delivered, it's got brilliant reviews on the GhostB… Read more
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Abba stand highly recommended, very handy if you need to get rear shock out.


My wallet isn't that confident it can afford a nw fairing. ... Was hoping the front stand would reach around the sides of this. Maybe not. Cheers for the info. I removed my centre stand so I could refit the original belly piece (busa) and put it back to standard... Looks nicer. .. Knew it was there for a reason... Thinking about an Abba stand now then


Ordered, thanks OP


Wouldn't work as you couldn't get the front chock out after rear stand. This is mainly for holding the bike vertical for (as mentioned) when strapping down in a van. Also useful for parking in the garage. If you are struggling to get up in a rear paddock stand then, if you have side crash bungs you can wedge an axel stand under one to hold the bike just off vertical which makes it much easier to hoist up onto rear stand. Ultimately getting it up on rear stand is all about confidence.


I was wondering the same question... also for a friend

SHOEI motorbike helmets from £149 @ J&S Accessories
Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by speedfire66
3 goods deals here from j&s I found whilst looking for my new skid lid. SHOEI - RAID > £150 SHOEI - RA… Read more
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Bless, you’re finding your feet behind the safety of a screen.


oh aren't you going go on about "how many deals have you posted and who do you think you are " la dee da da now shut it and jog on XD


No, what you care about is jumping on the troll wagon and exerting as little effort as possible.


Great price on the gt air. Not very visible colouring tho


good deal, thank you for posting, upgraded my lid for £150 inc postage - higher safety rating than my old one which was 7yrs so very pleased - thank you.

Up to 20% off Selected products at Halfords
Updated 3rd MayLast updated 3rd May by chris73
Halfords are offering up to 20% off on selected products! See below for the discount codes, as well as eligible items! Simply enter the discount code at checkout to get the discoun… Read more
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This is the same tracker streetwise rebadge it.


Unfortunately the category teams decide on where products sit and the streetwize gps sits in car security not tech, prob worth a chat on the website live chat to see if an exception would be honoured.


I have been considering buying a Streetwise GPS tracker, however it's not included within their 10% off All in car technology hmm ☹ it's either all or it's not!

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Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet £249.99 @ M&P Direct
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by speedfire66
Amazing helmet, at amazing price! Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it’… Read more
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Shark make some decent lids these days - Plenty around 120–50. AGV do some too and you can get a decent Bell helmet in the above bracket


I need a decent lid if anyone knows of any more recent deals


Shame it wasn't a darker one, I'm not a fan of the colour


I respect that. IAM membership is worth doing and I agree gear is over inflated in mark ups. That said, this is probably the best helmet you’ll get at its price point.


That's going to look odd..can't see wearing a skirt will help with the wind noise but it will make you stand out I suspect....

Aegis Motorcycle Back Protector V14 £39.99 @ planet-knox
Updated 7th AprLast updated 7th Apr by Skoot34
Multi activity back protector for riders of motorcycles and other sports, ski, mountain bike and snow board. Flexible sliding spine protection moving freely over the shock absorbi… Read more



Great for when I’m doing the Isle of Man TT this year, I will be invincible if I come off and hit a wall at 200mph.


U could make a sledge lol


Could I buy four of them and stick them together to make an adult back protector?


120/70/r17 Mitchelin pilot power  Motorcycle tyre £38.55 delivered with code at BlackCircles
Updated 22nd MarLast updated 22nd Mar by rickygosling7
120/70/r17 Mitchelin pilot power

shame been waiting on buying a new set but showing as £122.61 now


Great deal.


its 120 quid after discount now


cheap - just need a bike again now!


120/70 R17 W (58) Motorbike Tyre - Front Tyre £27.05 Michelin Pilot Power 160/60 R17 W (69 £44.91 Total inc delivery £83.46 cheap as chips

Metzeler M3 Sportec 190/50ZR17 Rear Motorcycle Tyre £69.99 @ M&P Direct
Updated 16th MarLast updated 16th Mar by robodan918
In addition its stylish and effective design makes your motorbike distinguish from the mass. Precise. Trajectory precision thanks to reduced oversteering when accelerating out of c… Read more
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great tyres


All I need now is someone who isn't going to use a hammer and chisel to remove the old boots!

Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring 180/55 Motorcycle Tyre (Demon Tweeks on eBay) - £60.54
Updated 2nd MarLast updated 2nd Mar by gtd65
Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring 180/55 (180/55/17) Rear ZR17 55W Motorcycle Tyre Brand new, half price for one of the best sport touring tyres you can get. Only 2 available at time … Read more

Pity that 18" tyres for my Zephyr are not usually this cheap.


I won't be buying these again. Not bad grip, but they've squared off a bit after a tour to Chimay. Other people with the Road Pilets suffered no such issues (my understanding is RP have a harder centre to compensate for long distances going in a straight line). Good price though.


Missed it darn!




Excellent price for a very good tyre. Heat added. (y)

Shoei NXR Marquez TC5 Digi - Large £199.99/X-Large £239.99 @ M&P (eBay)
Updated 28th FebLast updated 28th Feb by GetSchwifty
Best price I've ever seen for one of these lids. Tempted myself to dive in at this price. Use code PAYDAYFEB to get the £199.99 for large size. Helmet rating https://sharp.d… Read more
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Cheers OP, arrived today and absolutely love it 👌👌


Nice looking but I only choose fluorescent or hivis . Would buy if I wasn't a 🐈


Does seem a good price. Went hot the other day at £349.99, so not sure why it's being voted cold. Suppose it's the limiting sizes, but good buy for those who have larger noggins (y)


Beautiful lid. Shame there is no medium size.

Monimoto  Motorcycle Tracker Alarm - £111.96 (With Code) @ eBay / ghostbikes_uk
Updated 27th FebLast updated 27th Feb by libretto
A great bit of kit for any motorcycle owner, with a low monthly subscription (€3 per month). PAYDAYFEB saves you £28. Could be fitted to any vehicle, giving you extra peace of mind… Read more

I have one of these and am impressed by it. Thankfully I haven't yet had to find out if it's any use in event of theft, but it reliably notifies me when the garage move the bike round the back to work on it (having kept the Monimoto key in my pocket)! It also gives the occasional false alarm (failing to detect its key although it's in my pocket) - it spent 15 minutes trying to call me in the middle of a 150 mile journey last week. The £3/month subscription mentioned is only if you want to use the SIM that comes with it after the first 12 months (although I have never been charged!). You can put in another SIM, if you can find one that's cheaper.


Honda are including trackers in new models, even the monkey bike. Customers buying new Hondas after Monday, July 2 can have a Datatool TrakKING Adventure system fitted at no extra cost, which offers automatic theft monitoring and instant notification as well as a detailed journey history which can be accessed via a smartphone app. All the buyer will have to pay is the £10 a month subscription to the service. Existing Honda owners can also have a tracker fitted at a subsidised rate. Normally costing between £280 and £350 fitted, Honda are also offering owners who bought bikes between January 1 and July 1 this year the chance to have the TrakKING for just £70. Owners of any older Honda can have one fitted for £199.


You'd have thought that most new common motorcycles (not just top of the range models) and cars would have had similar to this inexpensive electronic device already built in. I know why motorcycle manufacturers prefer not to and that is solely for increased turnover. It's fairly easy for scroats to steal motorbikes and either damage to write off of strip down to ship overseas and that means motorcycle manufacturers get additional sales (increased profits). I guess for some cars there will be similarities. For me a brand new £7k motorcycle and I'd go for something permanently fitted like Automatrics MTrack more expensive but their service/backup seems to be amazing Yes if you've just purchased Gumtree's daily bargain secondhand for £2k (whether car or motorcycle) this will be fine. You can know that scroats are screaming through the estate on/in your "pride n joy" and you can make that 101 (because it isn't an emergency) call and wait 2 to 3 days for the local PCSO to visit and give you a crime number and tell you "We've had 30 similar incidents in the past week and we haven't got the resources to investigate" But because you know where the bike/car is you might get something done. Hey I'm not here to criticise - it seems to be a reasonable price for additional security - I just don't want people thinking this will be enough. Go check out Automatrics MTrack videos on youtube and see why there's is, more expensive


Thank you, being eyeing this up for a few months now on amazon, at that price it would be rude not to....cheers op


Great deal for a bike tracker. Ordered thanks OP (y)

Oxford BOSS 14mm disc lock / padlock with reminder cable and bracket £19.99 ebay / M&P
Updated 27th FebLast updated 27th Feb by sach7
Cheapest I've seen this for before was £22 at a bike show, and online is usually £30+. Possibly cause some controversy as to how to secure your bike and whether it's the best lock … Read more

I saw a video on YouTube of someone cutting through a Fahgetaboutit lock using a battery powered angle grinder. It's insane.


Unfortunately the days of picking are over, the thieves are using cordless handheld angle grinders that will cut through any disc lock in seconds.


Disc detainer locks work using metal discs spaced between wafers that rotate around a sidebar. They're really hard to pick compared to a standard lock as you need specialist kit, so that should be covered. Poundland used to do a bad disc detainer padlock, which is surprisingly good value. Anyway I'll stop talking about locks, heat added.


I actually had the alarm version for many many years and I only yesterday had a problem with the locking mechanism but I gave it a shake and it unlocked so i guess there is ball bearings or something in there.


Good deal, and much better than no security at all, but I've found with mine the locking mechanism is quite hard to get undone sometimes, which is a pain in the rear when out and about. Still well worth £20.

Ride 2 (PC Motorcycle Game) on Sale at £7.49 on Steam
Updated 27th FebLast updated 27th Feb by Rojo66
The fastest and most iconic bikes in the world's biggest digital garage!

I'm currently playing through RIDE 3. But I really enjoyed Ride 2 on release. Feels like the Gran Turismo of biking games.


Thanks (y)


Nice spot :)


If only this was in vr...


Special Edition for £21.13 also

Yamaha XSR900 £6999 @ Fowlers
Updated 25th FebLast updated 25th Feb by adrian.ramsay
Yamaha XSR900 £6999 @ Fowlers
After the Tracer deal went so hot I realised there are a lots of interest in motorbikes on this site so I decided to post this one too. Same as the Tracer 900, the XSR900 is bein… Read more

Any chance of another xsr900 deal like this??


Managed to test ride one of these today. Cracking engine, light and handles really well. Missed the Fowlers deal ;( but some good offers still out there.


Amazing bike


You're probably better off buying a used jap bike after your CBT. They hardly depreciate in value and are reliable.


Another ridiculous assumption and illogical comment, you're on a roll! I don't watch soaps, I watch things like GoT and the Walking Dead (not that it matters). What is it that I need to read more of? What do I also need to be looking at? Fairly typical comeback. No evidence to support your theory so you claim that the other person just doesn't understand the world around them like you do.

Black Pro Range [B5249] Folding Steel Motorcycle Ramp [1830mm x 220mm] £31.99 delivered @  eBay / ghostbikes_uk
Updated 25th FebLast updated 25th Feb by Hondo
Not quite as cheap as a few months ago, but still a decent offer either way. Use code PAYDAYFEB Which I am guessing you might have seen by now already :) Some good deals aro… Read more

wish i'd had one of these when i was a young lad when i used to have to lug my Garelli moped up 3 back steps into the kitchen for essential repairs mum used to love me for that..... ;)


So this is the ramp to recreate this sign :D


Is it because your payment method is set to Paypal pay after delivery? Codes don't work if you have Paypal pay after delivery as your payment method.


I have the same problem on different item. ;(


Tried on different devices even, probably something to do with my account...

CTEK MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic Battery Charger - Charges, Maintains Reconditions Car Motorcycle Batteries 12V, 5 Amp - UK Plug £58.59 @ Amazon
Updated 22nd FebLast updated 22nd Feb by valian
CTEKs are overwhelmingly positively reviewed chargers, I fancied one of these for a while as my car battery is getting close to discharged during colder days on winter when I have … Read more

It may “Look” similar but it doesn’t perform like it ....


I have one of these for a few years (5+?). It does a good job reviving old batteries but if voltage goes too far it doesn't trigger the charger. You will still need a dumb charger to juice it initially first if you completely flatten the battery...


If I rebrand it and sell it for £200 does it make it even better?


The thing is the 3.8 seems more geared towards motorcycles.. hmmm!


These are the best charges. Porsche rebrand these and sell at £100+

CTEK MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic Battery Charger Charges, Maintains Reconditions Car Motorcycle Batteries 12V, 5 Amp - UK Plug  £58.59 @ Amazon
Updated 17th FebLast updated 17th Feb by melted
Overwhelingly positively reviewed, I fancied one of these to replace the cheapie 'smart' charger I had that died but hesitated at the price. This is the best price I've seen by abo… Read more

Doh! repaired one a few years ago that was only 3 years old, could have sent it back to the manufacturer instead. (annoyed)


That’s correct, everything that comes from China is 100% genuine, that’s a relief, I was beginning to think my 10 pound cartier gold watch from China might not be the real thing, phew (:I


Try Bosch platinum batteries. My battery is 6 years old and can leave car for over a month and always starts ok. Famous last words 😏


I don't buy batteries in a link for new a £29 car battery.


What car are you driving?? (shock) Both our cars run AGM batteries which are £130+ and then need recoding at the dealers, that totals £295 per battery. Thes Cteks are brilliant. Had one for years

National Motorcycle Museum Solihull - 2 Adults + upto 3 Children for £9 (£1.80pp) / 2 Adults £6.75 @ Groupon w/code (Under 5s Free)
Refreshed 11th FebRefreshed 11th FebUpdated 12th FebLast updated 12th Feb by jsg1163
National Motorcycle Museum Solihull - 2 Adults + upto 3 Children for £9 (£1.80pp) / 2 Adults £6.75 @ Groupon w/code (Under 5s Free)
£9£25.9565%Groupon Deals
Would make a great family day out - half terms coming up too! Everyone loves motorbikes right? To get these reduced prices you need to use discount code: LOVE25 £9 for 2 ad… Read more

£7.20 for me... great find thank you, heat added.


That is is somewhat confusing, maybe the world "National" should be dropped from museums which charge? How about UK Independent Preservation motorcycle museum... There again, maybe not!

itchyone "The free admissions policy applies to national museums and collections that are funded directly by the central government of each UK nation. It is free to access the permanent collections in all national museums, though they may still charge for temporary exhibitions. Almost all university museums and a large number of local authority museums also operate a free admissions policy. Most - but not all - independent museums charge an entry fee." This museum is independent I guess, and choose to charge entry fees.


Or you can go to Resorts World for shopping/dining/movies or even spa


Everyone loves motorbikes right? They do here....

Alpinestars Celsius Motorcycle Heated Gloves £69.99 @ M&PDirect
Updated 12th FebLast updated 12th Feb by Shemale_obsession_XY_XX
Alpinestars Celsius Motorcycle Heated Gloves £69.99 @ M&PDirect
£69.99£149.9953%M&P Direct Deals
A highly durable and comfortable glove incorporating Alpinestars waterproof and breathable DRYSTAR® membrane, the Celsius Heated Glove is the ultimate in cold weather touring glove… Read more
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Useless for people with big junks. All sold out


Don't want to feel like I'm popping all over this, so maybe a fairer review here. Straight to summary of these gloves if you don't want to read the whole thing.


Maybe you can't go wrong for the price.. waterproof, offers protection, not bulky and you can expect it to be warm.. ISH (a few reviews online). I feel that windchill will cancel any warmness real quick this time of the year. For me any heated fear needs to have a controller to adjust settings, means it has more range. But that's only my personal preference.



Are these any good?

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