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Shoei GT Air 2 Motorcycle Helmet £349.99 at infinity Motorcycles
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Heya, first deal for me, thought fellow riders who want a new helmet could bennefit. Excellent price, safe helmet with drop down sun visor and pinlock capable.

Never too expensive when it comes to safety paid well over 500 quid for my first one nearly 20 years ago.


Don't know why I'm looking at this because I'm never happy with a new helmet even though I have had to learn and relearn the lesson on too many occasions to try before you buy. Its not like you can try them for a week of so. Reviews never seem to help and I cling on to the same old helmets for far too long (dare not say how long). Might be an age thing because I cant remember it being a consideration when I was younger, if it fastened and didn't fly off when you were going faster than you ought to I was happy. I really need (not want) a new helmet, just going to have to grit my teeth and get on with it.


Afraid I’m gonna have to stop you there… lol


Do they do XXXL as I have the biggest melon head you have ever seen


I have the original GT Air, and basically most helmets were tight on my forehead specially Arai. It would possibly be a good fit for you. Its not a great time to go shopping and being indoors but the best thing to do is to go to a shop and try it on for 15 - 20 mins while walking around. My head is a round shape and the gt air was the only one I could use. Its a very personal thing so I wouldn't go on online advice, you have to try it on. It has to fit you right for it to be safe.

MYX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Fluro Yellow - £10 + free Click and Collect @ Halfords
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprLocalLocal
Bargain fluorescent yellow motorbike lid. Rated 4* on SHARP test. On clearance so grab it while stocks last. Free click and collect from your local Halfords.

You value ya head at a £ somethings you dont scrimp on and a lid is one


it's like when you see ppl sell helements second hand, I was told a few things, one is get right fitting one, not too tight or lose, once there get knocked, throw it away, and after 5/10 years there expire due to the materiel. I donated my old helmet to fire and ambulance as there used them to practice on


£10 for a helmet !!! What's it made off ..... Cheese or Egg Shells (lol)


For this price I don't know why people bother to comment about safety. It's 10quid. It will suit some but not others. I'd buy this for occasional pillion rider but yeh I wouldnt use this full time. Spend at least hundred minimum.


Picked my 2 up 2day in the off chance I buy a scooter and mopehead some where down the line


Lol thought for a moment it was a serious question as some helmets really mess your hair


It's thermoplastic so if your just planning to bump your head on the shed roof, you'll be fine.


I have this helmet and find it well vented even when closed which can be bad for colder rides . Great for summer though


Thanks for the feedback (y)


Shark are great helmets if you like a shower whilst riding... Back and forth with Shark about 4 times - god knows how many times it was smashed around during shipping. They say no problem yet I get wet every rain ride - doesn't happen with any other helmets. They look good on the surface but don't be fooled.

Caberg Duke II - Smart Black : Dual Homologated Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet With Drop Down Internal Sun Visor £111.98 at SportsBikeShop
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
The Caberg Duke II is the successor to the Duke with an upgraded visor. Made in Italy ensuring quality and reliability, the Duke has a dual EC homologation as both a full-face and … Read more

Same experience I had with it - there was an awful whistle from the visor at anything above about 30MPH. The fit and finish was also pretty bad, the thing would leak water in through the sides of the visor. Last time I bought a cheaper end helmet and has pretty much put me off the brand. Went for a Schuberth C3 Pro to replace it after a couple of months and then the AGV Sport Modular Carbon a few years later after the C3 was looking pretty worn out - both of which have been great, the C3 edges the AGV though as far as noise but then the weight of AGV is amazing for a flip up.


I have the original Duke and pinlock is a gamechanger. I would buy this if I was still riding. Bike has been parked outside rusting away since pre lockdown. Heat!


Can't comment on the lid but I've used sportsbikeshop a few times and they're spot on highly recommend the shop (y)


5 star SHARP rating


Wow, I didn't know it was single shell size, my other half would look like a bobble head with an XS

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Acerbis ECE 22.05 Helmet £21.54 @ Amazon
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Top adjustable vent and rear vents to increase the maximum ventilation. Incorporated Manuel sun visor. Adjustable and removable upper visor. Hypoallergenic interior, removable an… Read more

now if only I can get one at this price for a 60.5cm head on amazon as the free returns if the wrong size is ideal!


yeah seen these go for as high as £88 approx, got my eyes on one at £18 at the minute but the description says Large then lower down says medium. - I'm a 60.5cm head which according to their helmets is a large, however do not want them to send me the wrong one as the site I've spotted it on says you pay return postage and then they deduct the postage from the refund. Which is confusing as doesn't that mean you end up paying it


My Shoei NXR is 2XL, however, I *just* fit into this in XL. Great find.


Vice, chisel, hammer?


Blimey that's a lot of helmet for the £. Sadly my head doesn't come in M

AGV K6 - Minimal Aramid/Kevlar Motorcycle Helmet £199 @ Infinity Motorcycles
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
AGV K6 - Minimal Aramid/Kevlar Motorcycle Helmet £199 @ Infinity Motorcycles£199£319.9938% off Free P&P Freeinfinity motorcycles Deals
Crazy price for one of the lightest helmets around. Aramid/kevlar/carbon shell, 5 layers EPS foam, 5 different shell sizes, Pinlock 120... Only thing missing is the integrated shad… Read more

£399 now i was too late!


£399 now i was too late!


Mine just arrived today, 24h Parcel Force. (Free delivery) Perfect fit, mine is the MS (when the K3SV was a ML) So light and small its ridiculous! Comes with 2 bags (one is 100% cotton), pinlock 120 and a small bottle of lube for the visor springs. Very happy with the upgrade indeed. Not any different from my prwvious 550£ Airoh.


True. Unless you already know your size in AGV lids (they all vary) it’s perhaps not the best time to be looking for a new lid, unless you desperately need one.


Not sure if you've been out during the last year but, showrooms are closed and there is a viral respiratory pandemic, going around trying helmets probably isn't the right idea. Some people know their number too, not to mention there are free returns and swaps. Take care.