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Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes Use code : BANK1020… Read more

If you're ultra safety conscious.. you'd better stop riding your bike .


Any good for kart racing


A 5 star helmet won't stop your head from coming off.


Only a three star rating, I'd rather spend a bit more and keep my head attached.

Black Optimus II Infinity Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet for £53.19 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
A lot of GhostBikes stuff at the moment, but it is putting out some proper bargains. A flip visor helmet for £53.19 including delivery seems crazy. To get this price, choose "No ad… Read more

This looks good for the price, might have to order


Cheapest and most realistic VR headset money can buy

Black Granite motoX goggles in various colours for £12.23 delivered @ GhostBikes
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Decent price for some googles for motocross or quadbikes, only £12.28 including fast free delivery. "The Black™ Splat Motocross Gloves are the latest addition to the Black™ MX … Read more

Naa, u want swimming goggles


If you're considering buying these, then I suggest you do the same.


I think you'd have to ask the store.


Trendy PPE will be all the rage winter 2020


What's the impact rating of the lense?

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5 star Sharp safety rated helmet - MT Revenge Zusa - White / Red £44.95 at SportsBikeShop
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
This cheap price might trigger some folk, but I wanted to find the cheapest 5 star Sharp rated helmet I could, and here it is! The price starts at £44.95 depending on colour and s… Read more


Despite the OP going to great lengths to pre-acknowledge and anticipate your concerns, no doubt fully aware of the trade off (as we all are) and referencing the exact scenario where someone would buy a cheap helmet - you can’t yourselves can you (lol) . When I was 17, using my 125 to get to work, I would have loved to have an Arai, but my first payslip barely covered food. I could only afford to be legal. When I could upgrade I did.


The difference with these helmets and say an aria for example is that the more expensive helmets use multiple density’s in the foam padding as well as selling different internals. These cheap helmets take advantage of sharp testing by producing them to suit mannequin heads. Everyone has a different head and that’s why trying on helmets is vital. A £800 helmet that isn’t snug won’t save you as well as a good fitting £300 helmet. Spend what you can afford and make sure you try out a few brands until you find one suited to your head


I have no clue about the circumstances of your accident but a test of 1 is not statistically significant. That's why we have proper test with certification. They measure forces during impact and to be honest I have no idea how you would change testing procedures to show that expensive helmets are better. My first helmet was MT and I was happy with it. Had a small crash and as you can see I'm still alive - does that prove anything? I don't think so. Now I'm riding in 6x more expensive Nolan. I love it for amazing intercom and brake light but I feel it is louder than fairly cheap MT. My point is that I understand better materials and craftsmanship but they should be visible in independent tests! If not then I will stay away since I don't need to show everyone around I can afford £900 lid.


Cold, doesn't cost 5 grand

Shox Sniper Evo Sharpe Motorcycle Helmet - £30.09 @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Shox have developed a fantastic range of Motorcycle helmets with a simple design brief, that good quality helmets should not cost the earth and should be available to every biker. … Read more

Just to confirm, this is not a £30 Helmet, it's a £89 Helmet with a 67% reduction (y)


Rated 3/5 on Sharps and no pinlock....Id much prefer to get a 5/5 rated regardless of the cost....Edited - Apologies, its pinlock ready


I have one of these Helmet's and I am very happy with it (y) 🛵


Puts into perspective how well prepared and "careful" they are.


The government are being forced to spend a lot more than this on a cloth PPE Mask at the moment.

Black thermal cotton balaclava in black for £3.49 delivered @ GhostBikes
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Cheap balaclava for motorcyclists, normally £4.99 but now only £3.49 including delivery. A bargain if you ask me. Not really much more to say other than it is thermal, made of cott… Read more

Ideal for “going equipped”


Soak it in anti bac gel and wear swimming goggles for food shopping


I would say other way.. better to have this after an attempt of haircut


Ordered thanks for posting.


Just remember never to leave it in your car boot!

Shox Assault Motorcycle Helmet - White - £31.44 with code @ Ghost Bikes
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Size S,M,L in stock :D Available at GhostBikes, the Shox Assault Motorcycle Helmet is ready for action! Featuring a stunning aerodynamic outer shell, fully vented for comfort… Read more

No those are the 50cc's those are the ones that sound like dying lawn mowers, popular with the "chavs". They are not proper riders, they're just out for a joyride and treat it like a toy with no care for their own or others safety.


Good for the NHS as whoever buys this and has a bad accident will be going straight to the morgue


On the same website you can get a Agrius Rage SV for between 30 and 50 pounds depending on exact model. A helmet that scores 4* on the Sharpe test


Stick with the brands that spend millions on R&D if you value the structural integrity of your skull.


Not voted hot or cold, but as my old man used to say when buying a helmet, ask youself how much your head is worth. Possibly a bit more than £31.44.

Agrius Rage SV Warp Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £25.49 Using Code Delivered @ Ghostbikes
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Use Code - 15MORE I'd suggest buying the best helmet that your budget allows. £25.49 is pretty cheap overall, considering it has plenty of good reviews and a 3 star SHARP rating.… Read more

No I meant nob... You haven't said why still... Even with all the people saying the same thing - THE PRICE IS IRRELEVANT as it has a 4 star safety rating. If it was a 1 star I would agree with you but you are so wrong. I don't need a lid, I have at least three and have been riding bikes for many years but get annoyed by people like you spouting nonsense.


Don't you mean kn*b ;( . There we are you stick your head in it. God forbid you have an accident in it at 70mph.


You really are a n*b aren't you... This has a 4 star sharp rating... Price is immaterial...


He has got a helmet, so he ain't a biker yet (highfive)


I feel asking why to your previous statement is a justified question. In fact, it would be the logical one! By answering his question it would have been “switching his brain on” - people have to start to learn somewhere. Thought Bikers were meant to look out for one another...

Agrius Rage SV Fusion Motorcycle Helmet Blue / Green / Purple / Red, £30.59 With Code & Free Delivery @ Ghostbikes
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Agrius Rage SV Fusion Motorcycle Helmet Blue / Green / Purple / Red , All sizes available at time of posting . Manufacturers suggested retail price £89.99 , Retail price £35.99 add… Read more

My wife bought me one of these back in January and for the money I'd say they're OK. They stand out so helpful for being seen better, not too heavy imo, and the sun visor works well. The big downside for me is this let's in ALOT of wind noise. As soon as I hit about 65 the wind comes streaming through and at higher speeds it has hurt my ears every time I've ridden it. Oddly too, tie right hand side legs in more wind than the left which feels quite annoying riding about.


I had one of these, best cheap dvs you can probably buy heat added


Is it worth going for a size up and then adding a layer of bubble wrap inside the helmet.. you know- belt and braces...


I would rather have a FIM Part 1-2/ Level 1-2 Certified rated helmet. That blows ECE & Sharp rating outta the water. These ratings are superior to all as theirs are tested on 6 degrees of Freedom for impact.. not just dropped , shot at speed a floors, walls, grass and generally things that have weird angles.. Fortnine on YouTube done a 2020 review on new helmets.... It's a interesting watch.


Also, if this is for use by anyone who likes riding outside of warm weather, get a pinlock insert. It is the only thing that will stop your visor misting up.

Shox Assault Solid Black Motorcycle Helmet Motorbike Full Face Inner Sun Visor Size S/M - £36.99 @ bike-helmets / eBay
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Advanced Aerodynamic Polycarbonate Shell Construction - Stylishly designed, the polycarbonate shell of the Assault helmet helps keep you safe on your journey Internal Sun Visor … Read more
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The more expensive lids have 3+ levels of protection. Outer shell, inner light impact foam then harder foam and then padding onto your head.


I I wouldn't be too disheartened I had a very nasty RTC on my Suzuki GS400E can't remember the brand of helmet but paid £49.99 11 years ago which equates to £67 after inflation 2020 Maybe I was lucky with the way I landed/impacted the ground at the end of the day buy the best you can budget. * I would like to add I am very greatful to have been able to survive the experience someone was looking out for me that day (angel)


Totally agree - it's the same with any old rubbish that we buy from ridiculously overpriced toiletries to clothes. However with safety gear, electricals etc I would still feel safer with known brands even though I know they are ripping me off (mad)


They probably spend an outrageous amount on advertising, branding and sponsoring top riders too which all adds to the price you pay.


Go into a shop wearing a helmet, and you'll probably be asked to remove it. Go in with a face mask and baseball cap on and they'll say nothing, even though your still hiding your face.

10% at SportsBikeShop
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
10% at SportsBikeShop
TENGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Email came through today, looks site wide. Good until 31st March
Read More

They should do, just confirmed a price beat for some Rukka gloves for me. They’ve also done the same in previous years on Black Friday deals (saved me a fortune on a Nivala suit). I’ve also found their customer service to be excellent


Great info! Reading Motorlegends T&C's, there's no doubt they'll beat any offer by 10%. Bearing in mind I was just about to spend £2,188.97, that's some hefty saving. Screen grab and email sent to them already! Thanks again. (highfive)


Actually, seems Motolegends are prepared to price beat (10%) any competitors item even when using this discount code. So if Motolegends gave anything SBS have, drop them a line and you should be able to get another 10% off. Edit: They also do a price match for FC Moto in Germany (who have insanely cheap prices and 15% off right now). Motolengends link


Sorry! Posted the deal as soon as the email landed. But you should try haggle, they usually knock 10% off (doubtful you’ll be able to get them lower though, they refused to do so on a price match for me). Alternatively wait until Black Friday if you can hold out, last 3 years running they’ve done a site wide 20% discount


Damm it.. I spent £179.** 10 days ago in their .. GRRRRRR... ******* **** !!!!!

EcoCom ECAS01 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communication System Headset £44.91 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
EcoCom ECAS01 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communication System Headset £44.91 delivered at Amazon
Bluetooth 3. 0 with long-lasting talk time (8 hours) and crystal-clear natural sound Features jog dial operation, LCD display, cutting-edge noise control, FM radio tuner, and voic… Read more

great ! Thank you mate !


Search for "BT HELMET HEADSET B35 " or "QTB35"


still alive ?




Will do, when I get finished mowing the lawn.

Sealey MS081 Motorcycle Helmet & Gear Tidy, Red £20.79 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Sealey MS081 Motorcycle Helmet & Gear Tidy, Red £20.79 delivered at Amazon
Powder coated steel construction, for added corrosion resistance. Wall mounting unit designed to organize the storage of gloves, clothing and helmet.

Great idea, wife loves a tidy helmet.


Love this idea, bike gear can take a lot of room when it’s drying out, on your sofa, hallway bench, etc. My favourite Is to stick my gloves on the backrest on dining room chairs, so they’re waving at everyone


Looks more like a kitchen drainer! :{


These are great - what that photo doesn't show is there is a bar down the middle for coat hanger so you can store your jacket and trousers too


Could be used for many purposes, not exclusively a motorcycle helmet holder. Would be useful in the garage or shed too

HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city
Boba Fett - best Star Wars character
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This is the way.....


I currently have this helmet (although not with the boba fett paint job) For those interested in it I can say it's more race focused than road. The ventilation is amazing, very good airflow. Comes with a clear and tinted visor as standard. Double D ring (as it should be for the track) It rather on the noisey side but nothing that cant be solved by a pair of ear plugs. The best feature of this helmet is the weight. At only 1.3kgs it barely feels like you have one on. Also has a narrow sporty profile so looks good on, less like a like a bobble head than some other brands. All in all I'd highly recommend it Also worth noting if you buy this helmet in the current colour schemes from most motorcycle suppliers it will cost well over £350 The monster decal edition is usually around the £400 mark so bearing in mind that is is the exact same helmet( just with different paint) it really shows how much of a bargain it is at this price


i dont ride a bike but if i did I would buy one :)


Needs matching riding suit boots n gloves. Also laser weapons for all those careless car drivers


I think Boba must have fallen off his bike (or Slave I) and scraped his head across the floor! Needs to be repainted.

HJC Spiderman motorcycle helmet £74.99 @ Sports bike shop
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
HJC Spiderman motorcycle helmet £74.99 @ Sports bike shop
£74.99£112.1933%SportsBikeShop Deals
Polycarbonate composite helmet with washable liner and unique Spiderman graphics, 4 Star Sharp rating, reduced from £150, all sizes available at time of posting. Nice looking Helme… Read more
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Like most bikers then


Large Medium


Needs matching riding suit boots n gloves. Also wrist mounted Web launchers to catch those girls at the traffic lights


It’s only small I wear a large and they don’t make them anymore but thanks


HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city

Troy Lee Designs Stage Stealth MIPS Full Face Helmet £137.50 at Merlin Cycles
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Troy Lee Designs Stage Stealth MIPS Full Face Helmet £137.50 at Merlin Cycles
First deal, hopefully some might find useful. Currently an extra 10% off, and free delivery. Came in at £123.75 for me. Troy Lee Designs Stage Stealth MIPS Full Face Enduro Helm… Read more

Good find OP.


Bargain is that (y) 🏻


Great deal op


Feels good to finally post a good deal, after having used this site for so long.


just needed a new helmet too - great find and thanks for posting mate :)

Shoei Neotec 2 Plain Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet With 5 Year Warranty £379.99 Using Code @ GhostBikes
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Posted 5th Dec 2019Posted 5th Dec 2019
Shoei Neotec 2 Plain Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet With 5 Year Warranty £379.99 Using Code @ GhostBikes
£379.99£467.9919%Ghost Bikes Deals
A very well rated brand and indeed model of helmet. Ghost Bikes already look to be the cheapest and then on top of that, there's another £20 off with code SR6 There's a sizing gu… Read more

Manager at my Sainsbury's used to say his shoei helmet is more expensive than my Honda cg 125, well he was right


Great price. I'd treat myself cause I'm in the market for a flipfront with comms but rhe comms lit at £260 seems pretty steep.


That’s a good price for one of these

Shark Spartan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet - Kitari £169.99 @ XLMoto
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Shark Spartan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet - Kitari £169.99 @ XLMoto
£169.99£27037%XL Moto Deals
Been looking for one of sharks carbon helmets for a reasonable price for a while, these usually sit in the 270-300 quid bracket, xlmoto currently have this helmet at 170 which is b… Read more
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Recieved this as Christmas present (the Mrs was pleased when she saw what she'd bought me (annoyed) lol ) not actually ridden in it yet but side by side with my last shark lid this is much lighter and a nice looking lid, would never buy another lid without pinlock, only negative about this is because it comes from outside the UK it doesn't carry the acu gold sticker on it, £5 from e bay had solved that for me, they do have the eu stitching on the chin strap but got a few £££ the gold sticker on the back is worth putting on, over all very pleased so far


My current is a shark and its done me very well though it's 5yrs old now and the visor is scratched to hell and for the cost of a visor and new pinlock is a third towards a new lid, and everyone loves carbon


Ordered, already have a shark helmet which was good for the money but not carbon so I've got the Mrs to get me this for Christmas


Open the pic it's the pinlock visor (a must imo)


Why I there a puddle of dog wee next to it??

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