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Full Face Helmet + Lights Set + Free Delivery £25.48 @ jejamescycles
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
I have been looking for a full face helmet that fits my head comfortable and it isnt a cheap chinese piece of plastic of ebay. Ordered two from Amazon both had to be returned as t… Read more

Cool, gonna have another browse myself and see if its worth updating my order.


Just got this one for £30 as it is DOT Reduces the risk of dying in a motorcycle crash by 37%



All, Sorry about the messed up grammar, posted from my phone. I hope you can decrypt my writing :D


After you click on the amazon checkout button

SHOEI motorbike helmets from £149 @ J&S Accessories
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
3 goods deals here from j&s I found whilst looking for my new skid lid. SHOEI - RAID > £150 SHOEI - RA… Read more
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Bless, you’re finding your feet behind the safety of a screen.


oh aren't you going go on about "how many deals have you posted and who do you think you are " la dee da da now shut it and jog on XD


No, what you care about is jumping on the troll wagon and exerting as little effort as possible.


Great price on the gt air. Not very visible colouring tho


good deal, thank you for posting, upgraded my lid for £150 inc postage - higher safety rating than my old one which was 7yrs so very pleased - thank you.

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Shoei NXR Marquez TC5 Digi - Large £199.99/X-Large £239.99 @ M&P (eBay)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Best price I've ever seen for one of these lids. Tempted myself to dive in at this price. Use code PAYDAYFEB to get the £199.99 for large size. Helmet rating https://sharp.d… Read more
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Cheers OP, arrived today and absolutely love it 👌👌


Nice looking but I only choose fluorescent or hivis . Would buy if I wasn't a 🐈


Does seem a good price. Went hot the other day at £349.99, so not sure why it's being voted cold. Suppose it's the limiting sizes, but good buy for those who have larger noggins (y)


Beautiful lid. Shame there is no medium size.

Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet £249.99 @ M&P Direct
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Amazing helmet, at amazing price! Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it’… Read more
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Shark make some decent lids these days - Plenty around 120–50. AGV do some too and you can get a decent Bell helmet in the above bracket


I need a decent lid if anyone knows of any more recent deals


Shame it wasn't a darker one, I'm not a fan of the colour


I respect that. IAM membership is worth doing and I agree gear is over inflated in mark ups. That said, this is probably the best helmet you’ll get at its price point.


That's going to look odd..can't see wearing a skirt will help with the wind noise but it will make you stand out I suspect....

Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system - £349.99 @ SportsBikeShop
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system - £349.99 @ SportsBikeShop
£349.99£469.9926%SportsBikeShop Deals
Shoei NXR - Intense AIM shell Multiple density EPS liner EQRS security system Double D ring retention system 4 shell sizes 3D interior pads for comfort Optional ear pads to decrea… Read more
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Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet - £275 @ M&P Direct
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet - £275 @ M&P Direct
£275£509.9946%M&P Direct Deals
Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it’s perfect functions and features gi… Read more
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Yea it's a good lid but bit worried about it's rating, but i do find the sunvisor a great option to have given i wear normal glasses, think i will have to have a nose round the Gov site see if any others have 5* with a visor


It’s because of the built in sun visor, it adds a structural weak spot to these particular helmets sadly. Although weirdly the NXR is also 3 star I believe whereas it’s predecessor the XR1100 was 5


Heat given for the price but not particularly well rated on As mentioned before, that Sharp 3 star rating aint great though.


Got a GT air too and it's probably the best lid I've ever owned


I’ve got a Shoei shaped head. Heat from me.

Shark D-skwal Dharkov - £50 delivered @ M&P Direct
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Shark D-skwal Dharkov - £50 delivered @ M&P Direct
£50£169.9971%M&P Direct Deals
Very good one time offers on M&P at the min but this Shark helmet is by far the cheapest price around currently
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Wouldn't be to gutted about missing it, just had a sorry we made a mistake with the price email from them. Not honouring the price


Nice find. Gutted i missed it


very guttttted ;O(


Now out of stock. Double gutted (lol)


Will second this, once you add to the cart it still says full price but if you click to check the cart it updates to 50. Worth changing back to unexpired

Agrius Rage Solid Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £21.69 + £2.99 delivery @ Ghostbikes (Free del. over £25 spend)
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Agrius Rage Solid Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £21.69 + £2.99 delivery @ Ghostbikes (Free del. over £25 spend)
£24.68£32.4924%Ghost Bikes Deals
Fantastic price at £24.68 delivered - listed online at £21.69 + £2.99 P&P. Has a decent SHARP rating at 4 stars. Reviews are excellent - over a 100 independent reviews, 95 of… Read more
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I have the rage sv, great helmet and the first to not set off my Migraines. Would I keep it over a year or two, no. But then again I don't keep a helmet over that anyways or after the slightest drop or bang. I recommended this to a guy at work that insisted on riding with a skull cap, he was in a crash the week after he got it and it protected as needed. Been riding 30+ years and never will I overpay for a name again when the ratings are the same.


Is it just me or does Agrius Rage depict a connotation of aggression and anger? Two lethal combinations surely when it comes to biking? Just saying...


I have an obscenely large head, i found this out when i tried on a bike helmet for the first time. I would say more than anything its important to try a helmet on in a shop rather than buy online. By all means try one on and then buy the exact same one on line, but dont trust it without trying it on. As for price, a more expensive one might be lighter but the safety tests are the same (as mentioned before) Also fully removable inside pads is great as after a summer of riding the inside of a helmet will still smell like an old sock.


My brother always bought really good biker kit including his helmet he would never take a risk and lo and behold that helmet saved his life when he was hit by a car so please do your research before buying.


"Rage" is just the funniest product name, marketing shove it into anything they want to sell to young men. Even computer RAM. If there's one thing you want to associate with roads, it's rage, right? Or safety. Safety rage.

Shark Vancore Blank Helmet £92 @ M&P Direct
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Shark Vancore Blank Helmet £92 @ M&P Direct
£92£239.9962%M&P Direct Deals
A helmet with a high aesthetic appearance! Very compact with a maximum effect. This helmet offers the latest SHARK innovations: interior made of natural bamboo fibre, aggressive de… Read more
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It's both, to be fair :D


Description it’s from the website, so complains directly to them please ;)


Its yer nose not yer noggin thats the problem ...... (highfive)


A helmet with a high aesthetic appearance! Very compact with a maximum effect. This helmet offers the latest SHARK innovations: interior made of natural bamboo fibre, aggressive design and adjusted shell. This will probably upset - not the word I would have used - some but that description is rubbish. How about nice looking helmet? I have no idea why compact and maximum effect could be related -what maximum effect? Aggressive design - good for intimidating other road users? Adjusted shell - ?


And me..

Shoei RYD Plain Motorcycle Helmet £212.49 w/code incl delivery @ Ghostbikes (Sharp Rating 5 / 5-Year Warranty)
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Shoei RYD Plain Motorcycle Helmet £212.49 w/code incl delivery @ Ghostbikes (Sharp Rating 5 / 5-Year Warranty)
£212.49£256.1717%Ghost Bikes Deals
Okay, normally I look for helmets with a good SHARP rating and a budget price, this time I've found the Shoei RYD helmet on offer with code TOP15 Making it £212.49 delivered. It … Read more



Amazing helmet at a good price, sadly sold out of my size in the brighter colours. Gutted


great price for good helmet. Would prefer to try few sizes in the local shop, but for people that already have shoei helmet, they should not the size they need. Great find !


Quality lid at a good price, nice find

Scorpion helmet £64.99 @ Infinity Motorcycles
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Scorpion helmet £64.99 @ Infinity Motorcycles
£64.99£129.9950%infinity motorcycles Deals
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It comes with a 3yr warranty too from scorpion. Including a prepaid return to them if necessary.


Thx for highlighting and for sharing the video!


Under distance selling regs I think you can have a right to return if unsuitable, if it gives you hamster cheeks and your head moves when the helmet is turned thats a good start, always wear earplugs as no helmet is that quiet it will protect your hearing.


Just dropping a (decent) helmet won't damage it according to the arai guy on Jay Leno. You need your head to be in there too.


Good find - my personal preference is to buy a helmet in the shop. Helmets only last one big knock (e.g. drop off a table) and then need to be replaced, with online ordering you just don't know how well the helmet is being handled.

Agrius Rage SV Warp Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £28.49  w/code delivered @ Ghostbikes
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Agrius Rage SV Warp Motorcycle Helmet (Pinlock Ready) £28.49 w/code delivered @ Ghostbikes
£28.49£35.6820%Ghost Bikes Deals
Already a reasonable price at £29.99 delivered, but if you add code TMIX it knocks it down to £28.49. Has a decent SHARP rating at 4 stars. Reviews are also good. Available in B… Read more

There's never 'enough' to spend on a helmet..> Everyone will have a different opinion of 'enough'. You spend what you can afford. I'd rather this than a third hand shoei with a history I've no idea about that could have been dropped down the stairs 10 times and been used to swat flies against a wall. Would I buy one? No, I'm lucky I can afford more, but as I said, I'd buy this over another of unknown origin.


Most if not all the time you’ll be riding, not crashing, so fit, comfort, noise levels etc are as important as any crash test. Arai helmet testing is not based on the flawed sharp rating tests, hence the ratings they get. Anyway, no I wouldn’t buy any helmet I hadn’t tried on first, regardless of cost.


It's worth noting that the SHARP testing is only done at 19 mph so if you plan on going faster than that, might be worth investing a bit more :S . The fit can be one of the biggest features so it's worth trying in a shop beforehand. That said, it's a LOT of helmet for the price. Polycarb, sun visor, pinlock and removable liner are usually found north of £100. So it's either a really good deal or they cheaped out somewhere?


My point was that it is widely considered that arai (expensive) make good lids, but most (11 out of 14) do not achieve 5 stars. Other poster said only go for 5 stars as a minimum. So, either cost matters,or Sharp rating matters, but not both.


My agv k3 cost about £150 more and has the save rating, but it's a great fit for my head shape

Lazer Bayamo Z-Line Motorbike Helmet £50 @ adventurespec ebay
Found 15th Sep 2018Found 15th Sep 2018
Lazer Bayamo Z-Line Motorbike Helmet £50 @ adventurespec ebay
Motorbike Helmet, has plenty of features that more expensive helmets seem to be missing. Not the best features in the world mind but plenty considering its only £50. Pinlock Ready… Read more

You know what they say, £50 head, £50 lid. Not for me. As for decent gear, have a look for 2nd hand Dainese, Rukka etc. You can get some real bargains on top quality gear. BUT don't buy 2nd hand helmets.


No worries. I forgot to mention Oxford. They have a range of good quality and well priced clothing too. Probably about the same price range as Spada. Pistonoids is the UK distributor for Icon gear if you want to have a look at it.


Thanks for info, I’ll check it out.


If it is something reasonably priced check out Spada gear. British made and well priced and very decent quality. If you are looking to spend a bit more check out the Icon Raiden DKR jacket. It is outstanding. Expensive, not as bad as things like Klim, but it is absolutely outstanding and suitable for all weather riding in anything. I have had it for five constant days of torrential rain in January in Snowdownia and it didn’t miss a beat.


In need of a jacket for my son, anyone seen any good offers? Cheers

Caberg X-Trace Lux Dual Sport Helmet £59.99 @ M&P direct
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Caberg X-Trace Lux Dual Sport Helmet £59.99 @ M&P direct
One for all the Adventure Sport bikers out there. I personally like the Matt Black / Green. However apparantly the Red / White & Blue is a good match for the Honda Africa Twi… Read more

Ordered , thanks for find

Caberg Vox Full Face Helmets (3 designs 1 ladies) £49.99 @ M&P direct
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Caberg Vox Full Face Helmets (3 designs 1 ladies) £49.99 @ M&P direct
£49.99£74.9833%M&P Direct Deals
The RRP is £129.99 but they're on ebay for £74.99. You can't go wrong with a 5 star SHARP rated helmet at this price. Adjustable top ventilation with inner chann… Read more
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The only vendetta I have is against opinions / fake news I don't think I personally stated that cheap helmets were safer - as above what I'm against is the constant Apple Iphone type comments/voting. Yes paying premiums for less air resistance, less noise and the like (except branding) is always going to benefit most I agree with your comments about Sharp testing including the stuff about Chinese manufacturers - again I don't think I've stated otherwise... Sharp testing is just an added extra safety net. But the report also states in so many words there is little difference in cost v's protection Also, just to add, there is little difference between full face and modular when it comes to safety (having a dig at another member here sorry). Although there is a difference the statistics are skewed because of the volume of testing full face against the small number of modular. re the accident you saw and GRP it could be said that even with GRP on the same accident at a slightly different outcome could still potentially split As I stated above, I'm against opinion based criticism... give me facts and I'll STFU and I'm against the Apple Iphone supporters type comments. I agree totally with your comment "and I would recommend that everyone gets their first helmet fitted" Although I have criticism (from experience) of some retailers/stores who ignore or aren't interested in this.


Don't know what vendetta you're pushing philphil61, but the report you link to even makes the point: "are more expensive helmets more protective...overall yes". But the reports a lie anyway as most know that Sharp testing (which is all the report is correlating-not actual safety) is only a guide to how hard the manufacturer has been able to make a shell and that nearly all of the Chinese manufacturers can make a lid to pass the tests with flying colours by bulking out plastic on the test areas. Not necessarily safer. After see'ing a guy's jaw completely removed when his plastic helmet split in half, I won't wear any less than GRP as they stay together. ARAI and Shoei have been in the game long enough to make a safe helmet, and their test rigs are way beyond what sharp testing actually measures (such as deformation, deceleration), yet according to Sharp testing they score consistently less than plastic helmets, so other considerations obviously come into play. Plenty of experts advocate that Sharp testing is not a good measure of safety - I will admit that Sharps testing has raised the game of the Chinese manufacturers so you can get a Cheap lid that will offer good protection, but to say that it offers better protection than the likes of an Arai or Shoei would likely not be correct. Anyway, the most important consideration when buying a helmet is that it fits properly, and I would recommend that everyone gets their first helmet fitted as you will end up getting something too big otherwise.


Fantastic blog

philphil61 Written/produced by Ben Moore and no he's not a helmet specialist back in 2014 he analysed all the available data and produced this report without having to rely on opinions.


Helmets are not all created equal. You won't find too many polycarbonate (AKA plastic) offerings from the top manufacturers for a reason. Scooter and moped riders arguably need more protection than trackday racers. You can pick-up Shoei or Arai for as little as £200 albeit without a power rangers colour scheme.

Agrius Rage SV Solid Motorcycle Helmet & Visor £29.74 w/code @ Ghostbikes / eBay (Black or White)
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Agrius Rage SV Solid Motorcycle Helmet & Visor £29.74 w/code @ Ghostbikes / eBay (Black or White)
£29.74£34.9915%eBay Deals
Another Agrius helmet on offer - Scores well on SHARP tests, works out £29.74 with code. Black is a little more elswhere and the white even more than that. There's some good prices… Read more

I have one of these which I used to do my cbt then a couple of months on a 125 before completing my mod 1 mod 2 tests. Great value but a little heavy and ventilation isn't really the best my glasses was continually fogging up and having to open the lid at lights etc. Padding was also excessive felt like a grandma squeezing my cheeks together (calm down Rooney). Would I buy again probably not but it serves it purpose well for daily commuting in urban traffic.


I use an Arai helmet but would happily use something like this if it was comfortable. It's constructed to the relevant safety standards so don't see the need to equate low price to being unsuitable for use. Let's be honest, the vast majority of cost of a premium brand helmet is due to advertising and marketing. I agree that a premium brand helmet is likely to be more durable and have many other positives.


At least it will help stop acid from getting on your face....


What a load of rubbish, if you decide to put your head in this death trap then be my guest, you probably also don't wear any gear and winged about how much gravel rash hurts. That helmet will split in two the second it makes contact with anything other than the wind (which could still probably break this garbage)


Postage is more expensive from helmet 😝

Agrius motorcycle helmet £21.67 with code @ eBay / ghostbikes_uk
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Agrius motorcycle helmet £21.67 with code @ eBay / ghostbikes_uk
£21.67eBay Deals
Cheap motorcycle helmet, these helmets usually have a 4 - 5 star sharp rating !

Yeah...Trouble. I prefer to think of it as no more worries...ever.


At the end of the day if you come of your bike at 70mph smacking head first straight into a wall £30 helmet or £500 helmet, you’re gonna be introuble


Supposedly better.............RIDE magazine used to carry out regular tests for sharp, oblique twist impacts, grazing and blunt force - and budget helmets regularly used to beat high priced premium ones in the overall scores. So where is your proof on paper that your premium helmet is better than ALL of the budget ones? Don't get sucked into 'price perception' where you think there's a correlation between price and safety, the graph is nowhere near linear man...........


I’d say get the best everything you can afford for lid/jacket/trousers/boots. I personally prioritise helmet then boots then jacket then trousers. If this is the best helmet you can afford then buy it. Actually if I'm honest I prioritise bike first. If the could afford a ducati I'd ride it naked if I had to


Assuming a helmet conforms to UK/EUROPEAN standards and is not an Ebay special,fit is all important, a well fitting helmet will give you "hamster cheeks" and should not rotate or move around your head yet still be comfortable on when worn.

Uber Mugello ACU Gold approved Motorcycle helmet, was £74.99 now £28.21 @ demontweeksoutlet / eBay
Found 26th Jun 2018Found 26th Jun 2018
Uber Mugello ACU Gold approved Motorcycle helmet, was £74.99 now £28.21 @ demontweeksoutlet / eBay
£28.21£74.9962%eBay Deals
The latest range of motorcycle clothing from Uber is proof that 'affordable' doesn't always mean 'poor fit and low quality', by concentrating on their core values of quality,… Read more

I really feel if your putting your life in the hands of this thing you dont 'really' vaue your life; so why bother wearing a lid at all. Not for me I'll stick to brands that arnt just playing at it.


If you only value your head at around £30 there's something not right.




If you value your head at £25 then you should definitely buy this helmet and save the nation your benefits and dole money


I'm no brand snob and I'm also not stupid enough to think the higher the price the safer they are BUT this helmet doesn't appear to be on the list of helmets tested by so personally I would stay clear.

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