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Updated 18th MarLast updated 18th Mar by u664541
I found this deal on Motorola website for thier G10 phone. The specs are amazingly good. Qualcom processor, great camera, NFC, 6.5" display. I had G4 previously which lasted 4 year… Read more

The G10 seems to be worse in terms of processor than its predecessors the G8 and G9 (or so I see it). Weird. And it's out of stock :/


This is MSRP isn't it, not a deal

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Updated 28th JanLast updated 28th Jan by adamey19
Looking motorola discount (Student)
Hi, I am looking to buy a phone from Motorola and was wondering if anyone can give me a discount code like student discount (my student account for uniday expired few days ago :( … Read more

Aww, thanks for checking :)


Nah nothing on either I’m afraid!


If there is one on UNiDAYS/student beans I’ll PM you - not sure though!

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Updated 3rd Dec 2020Last updated 3rd Dec 2020 by radioagogo
Motorola Phones and Vodafone UK Compatibility
I'd be grateful for help here. Anyone know if the latest Motorola phones - I'm thinking Edge in particular - work ok for WiFi Calling on Vodafone UK? They're not on the official V… Read more
radioagogo case it helps others...Voda UK WiFi Calling doesn't work on the Motorola Edge. Tried every which way but no luck. Voda says it will work one day soon when Motorola update software. Mmmmmmm....not sure I believe that one.


managed to get it working on the oneplus8pro but not via custoemer services, had to downgrade something and dit a setting. I now have ht option availbe to me and from what i can tell it works


Yeah, lots of Voda CS just deactivate and reactivate WiFi Calling on your account. Mostly, that doesn't work. Keep calling or chatting and you'll eventually find one that will actually send the provisioning. Sometimes they have to do it a couple of times for it to work. As for my original question...I've ordered the Motorola Edge, so I'll find out for myself soon if I can get it working :S


I specifically ask them to send the WiFi provisioning to my sim, not just click settings on my Vodafone account online/the app which you can do perfectly fine without them. Like radioagogo says, you have to keep trying. I ended checking that dialer code loads until one day after like the 10th call it was finally done.


I will give them a go, not in any immediate need to do so. It was activated on my account, disabled it then re enabled it but that did not work.

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Updated 3rd Nov 2020Last updated 3rd Nov 2020 by bigwheels
Unlocking motorola e6 plus?
Hi all, does anyone know if it is possible to unlock a motorola e6 plus please? Its new but comes with ee payg sim. Thanks Zee

Ebay for £1.50 -£1.99.

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Updated 16th Oct 2020Last updated 16th Oct 2020 by ank238
Motorola Moto g 5g plus pricematch via currys
Claim Pricematch in JL with the Currys link below and get from johnlewis as well. Worked for me… Read more

No stock at currys to price match

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Updated 16th Sep 2020Last updated 16th Sep 2020 by KYMERA
New Motorola G9 Plus Smartphone 6.8inch SD730G - available to order at Amazon £259
Browsing Amazon and this popped up? But no pictures - odd (confused) Looks like it is being released soon and c… Read more

Should i buy this or wait for the Motorola G9 Power? but only if it a 6000 mAh battery.


I was set to buy this phone till I found out Motorola has removed the compass in this years model when the G8 Plus had it, other than that it's pretty much a perfect large screened stock Android based phone, they also removed the dual speaker setup of the G8 Plus too but I personally didn't care about that