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Nakd bars for 47p a bar!!! £24.78 @ Amazon
15/09/2018Expires on 15/09/2018Found 18 h, 40 m agoFound 18 h, 40 m ago
Just seen this on Amazon! Never tried these bars before but at this price I took the jump for my kids lunchboxes. looks like there’s other flavours at this price too

They're still high in sugar because they're around half dates, but yeah, cretainly a better alternative to traditional snack bars and I agree with the rest.


49p in home bargains 2 for £1 in Asda and Tesco I'd rather get a variety from these other places than bulk buy one flavour


Heat added. They're not protein bars and don't try to be so voting cold because of that is (annoyed) They're actually a good alternative to sugar-laden bars for when you want something sweet. They have no added sugar or dodgy stuff. That's all they are and they do the job IMO.


That's even worse value... 70p a bar with the delivery charge Did you even check the price before posting your comment???


These aren't protein bars - so that's a moot point. They're very tasty But you can often get these for 50 pence in the supermarket, and it's a ridiculous quantity.

Nakd Blueberry Muffin Bar, 35 g, Pack of 18 - £9.54 (Prime) £14.04 (Prime) @ Amazon
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Works out 53p a bar!!
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No duping involved. They don't make any health claims etc. The branding is about no crap added, which is true. And they're quite clear about the high date content - which anyone should know is high in sugar. I personally found the bakewell tart one very tasty. Peanut one is good too, and chocolate wasn't bad. Dairy milk is disgusting sugary fat with milk powder added. There's no trade off really. It's about personal taste. You can't just munch on bars with abandon regardless of how healthy they are. They're always likely going to be calorie dense and fairly quickly assimilated. I've always viewed these as something you eat when you're out hiking or something. Had one when mountain biking. Like Tribe energise bars etc. but cheaper.


Sugar filled fun.... njoy the betes


Errr.... I think your getting your wires crossed. I know the health issues behind it. Others don't like hearing it. Go for it if you want


25% nuts (good ones at that - almonds and cashew), good fat, vitamins, minerals. ~150 calories per par, almost 15g of sugar sure, but ~5g of protein, 7.5g of healthy fat. There are far worse things you can eat. People need to stop thinking it's just about macros, it really isn't. Dairy milk tastes foul to me, is no where near as nice to me (or likely anyone with a taste for decent chocolate or decent food), and is cleary far less healthy. The macros in dairy milk are likely far worse, processed, refined sugar and ingredients, and seriously lacking in micro nutrients. Combining fat and sugar isn't a great idea if you want to lose weight, but the fat in this should help prevent blood sugar spikes. "Sugar is sugar" is a ridiculously overly simplistic and reductionist mantra that ignores the clear differences here. This isn't bad for you really, while a dairy milk clearly is. /rant


I think Turret is on your side. As I interpreted it, Turret is saying (to me) don't bother trying to explain the whole sugar thing, as people wont listen.

Nakd bars for £9.39 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal) lightning deal
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Works out 53p a bar. Can’t find it cheaper anywhere
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I think the key here is "when compared to". Everything has to be in moderation when you're a diabetic. We have a Type 1 in the household. Simply assuming that sugars from fruit does not raise your glucose level is naive to say the least. Why do you think fruit juices and smoothies are now classified as junk food even when made fresh?


This is not supported by, who say the following: "The concern has been that because fruits contain sugar, it makes your blood glucose go up. In fact, most fruits have low to medium glycaemic index, so they do not lead to a sharp rise in your blood glucose levels compared to other carbohydrate containing foods like white or wholemeal bread."


Afraid that there's no such thing as an offset if you are diabetic. Glucose is glucose no matter what the source is. Talk to any Type 1s. The next meal depends on the measurement of the blood glucose level just before the meal. You cannot offset the measurement with fibre or vitamins ;-) The measurement also tells one how much insulin to inject.


My point was never about weight gain, and if you are equating something being "unhealthy" with being related to whether or not they can help you lose weight then we are not talking about the same thing. I don't personally eat these bars, but the original post was questioning how they can be a healthy snack, since they have "an awful lot of sugar in them". Most fruit has 'an awful lot of sugar' in, and are clearly healthy snacks. A fruit as a whole food contains fibre and other nutrients which offset the bad effects of the sugar. I would be interested to here your take on the article I posted above, as well as this: I get the impression we are both getting rather bored with this discussion however (lol)


The issue is that there really is no healthy sugar. Sugar is the worst thing you can really have because its the hardest to work off, Vitamins from fruit are great, but your also getting the negatives from the sugar. Don't get me wrong if you have fruit as a balanced diet and are active, its not a problem. If your struggling to lose weight, then its not going to help you. Your better off eating protien bars which only have 1-3 grams of sugar as a snack. But each to there own, i wouldn't touch these. Id rather buy and eat that banana.

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Nakd Yummy Mix 24 Bars in Three Flavours £3.99 with code new customers @ Groupon
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
A 24 pack costs £12 plus the £1.99 delivery fee but if you type in the promo code 'save10' at the checkout section it brings the total down to £3.99 NOT SURE IF ITS FOR NEW USER… Read more

Same as you they are nice enjoy.


Mines expired September 2018 and I have the coco, berry and cashew, sounds like you got a better deal with the bake well tart


I thought it was meant to be : Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Orange ???? Which ones you got?


Thats what i got its ok was meant to be a mixed box.


Only checked the ones eaten...Feb 2019.

Nakd Bars - Apple Danish, Berry Bliss, Cocoa Twist £0.29 / Berry Delight, Cocoa Orange, Cashew Cookie £0.49 at Home Bargains
Refreshed 24th MayRefreshed 24th MayLocalLocal
6 different types of Nakd bar available cheap in Home Bargains. The Apple Danish, Cocoa Twist and Berry Bliss ones are 29p as they are short dated (20/06 or 27/06) but the others a… Read more
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You must’ve missed this far better deal?


Any in Gloucester?


Already posted.


Superb price - but so small(nerd)


Great price

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Nakd cocoa crunch bars - 49p @ Holland & Barrett £8.82 for a box of 18! Plus points too!
LocalLocalFound 31st MarFound 31st Mar
In store and online! Much cheaper than amazon too! Found in-store in stock on Oxford street.
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24 for £8 if you have a Heron near you. (3 for £1 offer) different varieties too.


Yes very true about the points! Although I think the crunch range is generally more expensive when you’re buying a multi-pack certainly on amazon!


74p each or 2 for £1 at Asda on whatever range they stock. Works out much the same should you want the cocoa ones and you get points at H&B I think?

Nakd Peanut Delight Bar 35 g (Pack of 18) Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Natural - £9 @ Amazon Prime
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Seems a pretty good deal, grabbed some the last time they were around this price and are great as a healthy snack.
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They are made with dates. Lots of sugar in dates.


Personally this was my favourite out of the range. Didnt taste over sweet and fills you up


Very tasty and moreish so not great for the diet....... won't be buying them again for that reason. If they're in the house, it's hard to say no!!


These were so gross lol, gave them to the birds.


Soooo much sugar!

nakd bars for £9.91 for 18 pack - subscribe and save / £10.43 prime exclusive @ Amazon
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
I guys I’m new to this forum and just spotted these Love these bars hoooottt

50p a bar is good deal for these. As the 4 packs are on offer reasonably often for £2. At 55p this is OK/meh.

The cherry bakewell ones are lovely.


Think I'll keep my clothes on thanks. :)


Heat added welcome to the site


Thanks Cdeano. Not a bad price. Heat added

Nakd Bakewell Tart Bar Gluten Free, 35g x 18 £2.75 @ Amazon / Sold by Innox trading
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Excellent price, probably a misprice, free delivery for all.
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Contacted Amazon and got 2 £3 vouchers !! Must be best deal I've had £2.56 profit ! Contacted seller too. See what he says next. :D


Here is what happened to me. I took a screenshot of my order, which indicated "pack of 18". Yesterday, I received the package with only 1 bar. I emailed the seller via Amazon. This morning they offered £3 amazon voucher. Two emails and you get the bar for free, even just one. Can't complain too much~~Hope this helps~~


Contacted them as well got a voucher £3


My feelings too! They offered the same. So 25p + a bar up. Can't grumble.


Fair play to Innox Trading - they've given me a £3 Amazon voucher, too. They also said I could keep the bar, too! I'll have that for me brekky tomorrow morning :D

Nakd Bars loads of choices £1 for 3 at Heron's plus Trek bars
LocalLocalFound 26th FebFound 26th Feb
39p each or £1 for 3. Loads flavours available. Trek bars too on offer same prices. Not tried these before but just eaten 3 since coming back in off school run. Loads decent othe… Read more
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I loved the Bakewell Tart one.


Check back another day. I'm lucky we have 2 their shops where I live.


Went in, nothing :(


Normally £1 each in some shops. Good price


Got some of these the other day! My local had a sign up saying 3 for £1 so I bought six, and then when I went to pay he said they were actually 4 for £1 and told me to go get two more (highfive)

Amazon Nakd Cocoa Mint 35g Bar- Multi Pack Case of 48 Bars £15.35 delivered by Superfood Market (equivalent 32p per bar)
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Lot of these 48 packs at the £21 or so mark but this is considerably cheaper at £15.35. delivery included in price. Equates to 32p per bar or £1.28 per 4 pack (vs usual price of a… Read more
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Expired :( Awesome deal though


Expired. Only showing as 22.99 from Amazon for me.


22.99 for me also


Says £22.99 for me.


Cheers op...just ordered ta.

Nakd Peanut delight @ Amazon - £9.05 S&S for 18!! Or One-Time Purchase: £9.54 Prime / £14.29 non-Prime
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Love these bars! Been trying various types for months with my weight loss plan. Peanut is by far my fav! Had to share! Hoooooooooooooottttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥… Read more
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To be fair part of the problem is that people think they can eat processed "fruit bars" like this as part of their 5 a day... The "fruit" in bars like this is certainly not on par with fresh fruit. This bar is pretty much peanuts and dried prunes, neither are a good food for weight loss diets, though they do have their health merits compared to other snack foods.


It makes sense. Thanks (y)


145k Per bar is not good for dieting


It's a fruit bar. Bit like saying I'll avoid fruit on a diet as it's too high in sugar. Noone would do that, would they. :) It's added sugar you want to avoid. Look out for the total amount of sugar you eat in a day and avoid things like sugary drinks and adding sugar to cups of tea or jam to porridge, that sort of thing with added sugar. It's the 'ultra processed refined foods' that have no inherent nutritional value and are turning this country obese you want to look out for like eg Mr Kipling, Cadbury's, Crisps, Kelloggs cereals, Haribo...


super (pirate)

Amazon Nakd Bars Apricot Crunch Pack of 18 - £7.99  delivered on S&S
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Decent price and nice flavour £7.99 delivered, cancel "subscription" after dispatch email. Would also come down to £7.14 if you have 5+ subs in one month.
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I love this flavour


The Cherry Bakewell flavour is very nice I must say, shame it hasn't been reduced.


These are disgusting. Voted hot.


Good price, however I never pay more than £9 (£7.65 S&S) anyway, so not a great saving. Not voting either way.

Nakd fruit & nut bar 35g 50p @ Waitrose
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Was £0.75. With PYO £0.40. All flavours.
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Prefer to buy fresh dates and flavour them myself with chopped nuts or cocoa or use them in granola bars. Works out much cheaper than the stale dates used in these overpriced snacks.


That's what I thought but I bought 3 and with PYO came to £1.20


35p with PYO, discount applies on the original price.

Nakd Berry Cheeky Bars 4 x 30g 100% natural Vegan bars - £1 @ Morrisons
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Deliciously oatie snack bars, made with just raw fruits, oats, nuts and spices smooshed together! Naturally delicious, filling and satisfying, to help keep hunger at bay.
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It's out of stock now lol. Hope they restock so that I can buy it again on my next shop


Lol, just have 2 (lol) The Trek bars would be slightly more filling.


'to help keep hunger at bay'; bit small to really keep hunger at bay but nice bars and a very good price....

Nakd Peanut Delight Bar 35 g (Pack of 18) Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Natural - £9 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
Works out at 50p a bar. Not too bad for a costly brand
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If you say so. I was actually referring to the shooting people down who might like the convenience of bars like these - or the amount of space they save.


Liking proper exciting food is the opposite of a bore.


Christ, you're a bore.


I guess it depends what you prefer. I don't like raisins or dates but I like the Nakd bars, especially Cherry Bakewell and Lemon Drizzle :) They are expensive though.


My point is, if a bit of cheating is what I'm looking for, then processed crap (or even protein bars) are a much much better choice for your mouth than these. At least they are not a modern torture device. And on the other hand, if it is healthy food I'm after, then I simply get the healthy food. As in raisins, dates and cashews in their original much-better-tasting form. Squashing them together into a rectangle doesn't do anything aside from making them taste awful.

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