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5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage : (£995 Fee with £250 Cashback) 1.41% for 60% LTV | 1.6% for 75% LTV @ Natwest Group
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Looks like a pretty decent mortgage offer to me if you are in the market for one. Lock you rate in for 5 years provided you have a deposit to make the 60% LTV work. There is a … Read more
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I used my estate agents broker charged me £700 fee but some charge £400.


Which one did you use?


Can anyone suggest me a good mortgage advisor please for help to buy, first time buyer


Maybe I used the one that wasn’t biased?! As long as you know what they’re working with it’s fine. I found the best deal I could. Went to broker. When they found the same mortgage as the best deal I offered to split commission. They agreed. £350 cheaper than going direct. Your view on brokers is not the same as mine. I work with numbers everyday, but found the advise to be fair and valuable.


Don’t use a broker unless you are self employed or you have a complicated case. They are useless most of the time and if they are for free they are biased. Just my personal view.

0% balance transfer credit card for 20 months - no fee @ Natwest (existing customers)
05/09/2020Expires on 05/09/2020Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
There have been very limited 0% balance transfer credit card deals in recent months, however Natwest are still offering a 0% balance transfer credit card for 20 months with no b… Read more
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I did a soft check and got a zero chance of getting it. I've had an account with them for 30+ years. Used to have a CC account with them when I was a student (zero income). I'm in full time employment with a salary etc. £30K limit on a couple of other cards of which I'm using about £6K. I really don't get it.


(y) Nice one, car insurance is due on the 22nd. Good timing


I already have a 0% Natwest CC (balance transfer, same offer a year or two ago) and have just managed to open a second one to transfer a Sainsburys Bank balance over to. If that info helps anyone!


No. We don't have credit scoring in the UK like you do in the USA. We have credit reports provided by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The "scores" that these CRA's generate are not seen, used or otherwise by lenders as they use their own internal systems to "score" and match people to a product or service they are applying for.


Ah yes, of course, I forgot UK consumer credit scoring is done using either Callscore, Delphi or Wescore. Had my US work hat on by mistake. You could try to find out your Equifax Wescore rating. It's always tricky to know which scorecard a lender is using.

£50 cashback when you become an investor by 31st July and make regular payments with Natwest
343° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Take advantage of our cashback offer! Act now! Start with an initial investment of at least £100 between 1-31 July 2020 Set up regular monthly contributions by 31 August 2020 … Read more

What are the fees that you have to pay ie transtaction fees, platform fees


They are already valued as the Most 'Valuable' Car Company in the World despite delivering no where near the volume of Cars of the other manufacturers. The 165% increase since April could easily result in the share price dropping back to where it was in April. My overall point being is that it is a large punt of further increases. I sure hope so but I bought in at 700$ and wouldn't buy in again now.


Is it worth it, or just take a punt on tesla going up more than 20% over that 3 months? Theyre up 165% since April...


T&C for both banks do not seem to prevent that. Don't think you can have same ISA twice in one financial year so probably best to ISA invest via one bank and non-ISA t'other. I'm poised to do that....


Can we open with both banks to gain £100 bonus?

Beer52 subscription - 8 beers for £24 (possibly £-7.80 after TCB & NatWest Rewards) @ Beer52
-255° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Beer52 subscription - 8 beers for £24 (possibly £-7.80 after TCB & NatWest Rewards) @ Beer52
£24 Free P&P FreeBeer52 Deals
So here goes **YOU NEED A NATWEST ACCOUNT AND PAY WITH THE CARD LINKED FOR THIS TO FULLY WORK** NatWest 50% rewards (you can transfer back to your account) myrewards.natwest.… Read more
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Managed to cancel quite easily via email,


Voucher MSE11 apparently gets £11 off a £35 or more spend...


Very harsh cold temperature... I've had it before with wine deals, where I'd combined airtime rewards with Natwest. I'd assumed a lot of people had Natwest cashback cards in here as they had a bank transfer deal last year that was popular. Are people too lazy? I'm more interested in the beauty of stacking deals... Oh, and I've just cancelled one subscription via email, so it's not that hard? Maybe the minus in the title was too misleading... Should have been "get paid £7 to drink 8 beers"?


Mine worked too !


Natwest cashback (£14.50) tracked as well now - Thanks OP! A different email address is enough...paid £9.48 to drink beer (y)

Island Saver kids Game free from Natwest on all platforms Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC
733° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Island Saver kids Game free from Natwest on all platforms Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC
Game was released today and already paid for by Natwest bank making it free for all to download and play. Island SaverA group of amazing islands need your help! Horrid plastic was… Read more
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Steam link Island saver steam (clickme)


Is it me or you can't play this on PC?


Same has happened to me, twice now. For some reason the when you get the gorilla that’s it, looking at YouTube videos the bird should pop up saying climb the vines and arrows appear but nothing for me :(


Cheers OP, son playing on the Switch, really enjoying it. (y)


thanks op

NatWest 20mths 0%, no fee balance transfer card - EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY
434° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
NatWest 20mths 0%, no fee balance transfer card - EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY
Longest 0% period with no fee and the full 20mths if accepted. You need to have the bank’s current account, savings, credit card or mortgage to apply, though anyone can qualify b… Read more

I was a NatWest customer until they decided to close my account without any prior warning and deny access to my money for 28-60 days. During a global pandemic, with children and a wife to support.


There's a checker on their website although see my post above this.


There's an eligibility check on their website. I got 10/10 from it but then got rejected when I applied :/


I think they stopped doing the very long 0% deals the bank of england clamped down on it. probably just has well with the way things are now.


I did something similar the first time around to help me overpay my mortgage to get a better rate ;). Half of its now paid off interest free but 'll be coming to the end of that card soon. I think it was 26 months so this 20 month deal isn't as good even if its currently the best. Ideally I'd like a 36-48 month card which I think I have seen around over the years. I agree freeing up capital for a SIPP investment might be a good idea. Mine was sat liquid for years and I only just invested it as its certainly a good time to do that. In any case, if used smartly a very long period 0% transfer credit card can be used very effectively if its not used for frivolous purposes.

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NATWEST C/CARD 0% Balance Transfer for 20 months / NO FEES - Existing customers only
846° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
NATWEST C/CARD 0% Balance Transfer for 20 months / NO FEES - Existing customers only
EXISTING NAT WEST / RBS CUSTOMERS ONLY Available to customers who have a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with NatWest, and are UK residents, 18+ and earni… Read more



I only have a a mortgage account with them and for the life of me cannot work out how to apply....registering keeps asking me to enter bank account details and from my mortgage online banking i cannot apply....


Glad it was useful to you (y)


Thanks, got approved straight away and gives me a bit of breathing room to spread payments over the next 20 months (y)


No, Inter group transfers won't be permitted. You'd have to route through a third (mule) card, but that may/may not be pointless depending upon specifics.

Get £175 by switching your current account to NatWest Select Account
3895° Expired
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
Switch your bank account to NatWest. £175 when you Switch, No monthly fee. Our most popular account for day-to-day banking, with no monthly fee. Manage your account using our Mobi… Read more

And I assume you'll now be switching away? :) (I've done the full circle with these switching bonuses. The only bank I actually want to stick with is the one that didn't pay a bonus at all - Starling!)


I have now been paid after going through the formal complaints process


New customers must: (a) apply for, and complete the account opening process for a NatWest Select, Reward, Reward Silver, Reward Platinum, Premier Select, Premier Reward or Premier Reward Black account (‘eligible current account’) via, or through a branch, between 12th February 2020 and 2nd April 2020. As part of that application, you must transfer a non-NatWest current account to your new eligible current account (which includes closing your non-NatWest current account and moving all your payment instructions to your eligible current account) using the Current Account Switch Service online or through a branch; and (b) after your eligible current account is opened, you must also before 10th May 2020: (i) deposit £1,500 into your eligible current account; and (ii) log into our online or mobile banking service. Please note: • You won’t be eligible for this offer if you’ve already taken advantage of a cash offer from NatWest, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (‘RBS’) and/or Ulster Bank Limited (‘Ulster’) between October 2017 and 11th February 2020 for: (i) opening a new current account and switching to RBS/NatWest/Ulster or (ii) upgrading your existing NatWest current account. • Joint account holders will only be eligible for one payment. • You can only benefit from this offer once meaning that even if you apply, complete the account opening process, and meet the conditions of this offer for more than one eligible current account, you’ll only receive one payment.


Not been paid because "only a partial switch was done" apparently. Anyone got the t and cs?


Went through the formal complaint process and finally received my payment today!

Natwest - Balance Transfer credit card 0% for 20 months with no fee - Existing customers only (subject to eligibility)
1064° Expired
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Natwest - Balance Transfer credit card 0% for 20 months with no fee - Existing customers only (subject to eligibility)
0% for 20 months on balance transfers. Balances must be transferred within 3 months of account opening. Your 20 month 0% offer starts from account opening, thereafter standard rate… Read more
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good deal


Thanks, was looking for a 0% card to replace my Sainsbury's one that's coming to an end, all done and approved within a few minutes.


thanks gazza


You’ll have a statement date when your statement is produced followed by a payment due date. If the balance is there before the statement date then the balance will get statemented for that month and be payable by the due date, usually around 20-25 days after the statement date.


what do you mean statemented? basically if I pay it back within the first month it's ok??

Starling Business Banking - switch to starling and get £1500 bonus (RBS/NatWest)
606° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Updated - confirmed as RBS or NatWest only. Had been looking to switch to starling from RBS as they now support multiple directors and they give a £1000 incentive but had held off… Read more

Yeah, you would of thought so but I haven’t come across any at all and I do keep an eye out. I came across a beta account from HSBC yesterday if they chose you to test the account you get a £100 amazon gift card but no guarantee they will, that one can’t be your main account though as it’s still in the beta phase. Obviously not guarantee on getting picked for it though.


Thats disappointing - I would have thought given all the consumer current account switching bonuses that there would be some decent incentives to switch business bank accounts.


£1500 bonus just arrived. Top service! Thank you Mr & Mrs Tax payer. (cheeky)


Nothing as good as this, Im sure I saw in the Tide app that if I refer someone they can get £50 when they spend £500 on the account but its the only one Im aware of.


All transferred, now to just wait for the bonus. Thought I read somewhere its within 7 days of completion but I can't see it now.

Free Malwarebytes Premium until May 2022 for select Natwest customers
1553° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Free subscription to Malwarebytes Premium until May 2022 to select Natwest Personal and Premier customers. You should receive an email if you are opted in to receiving marketing … Read more
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This is still available with Natwest. Just activated my malwarebytes account today, allowed to have 10 devices


So I upgrade to premium as a family member is with RBS but wanted to give a heads up to those who are going from the basic to the premium Had the basic version for years and never had any issues , once I activated to premium I noticed that whenever I was doing anything network heavy like downloading torrents my cpu usage would go through the roof and cause my entire pc to lag to the point where I struggled to move the mouse, upon deactivating the premium features the lag instantly stopped , you could deactivate the features if you are doing such a workload but in the end I just put myself back to basic




In case it's of interest:


Thanks for that. Cheers :)

Get £150 by switching your current account to NatWest Select / Reward Account @ NatWest
1604° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
NatWest are now offering a £150 bank account switch incentive mirroring RBS, which some may prefer. You can get £150 for switching your current account to a NatWest select or rewar… Read more
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Got mine today :) felt like I was never going to get it.


Got mine just now. Don't think it matters if you message them via the app. I didn't. On another note - Is anyone else finding they can't log in to their accounts anymore using their PCs? I have been unable to log in for hours now - gives me a Natwest 'timeout' message. Won't even allow me to go to the Natwest homepage. Says: "As you have reached your maximum session time we’ve logged you out. We do this to help protect your details. If you were in the middle of doing something and didn't see a confirmation screen it's likely it's not gone through." I can only login using my phone at the moment. There was some big updates on Windows yesterday and ever since I'm having this problem... (Firefox browser)


Just got mine today!


Received mine today, if anyone hasn't yet try messaging them through the app. Amazing how mine appeared a day after messaging them.


Just got mine, yippee.

NatWest Rewards (Existing Customers) - 14 Craft Beers for £17 (£4.25 After Cashback and Reward) @ Beer52
-4° Expired
Posted 31st Aug 2019Posted 31st Aug 2019
NatWest Rewards (Existing Customers) - 14 Craft Beers for £17 (£4.25 After Cashback and Reward) @ Beer52
Ok so the 75% has been posted for two weeks. I combined it with a second offer. May well stack with a cash back e.g. TCB Money saving expert has a link to 14 beers + a snack for £… Read more
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Aye, seems a good price, just giving people options.


You could do that as a new customer, but this NatWest rewards deal covers existing customers too. It really is a cracking offer.


From the suckers that continue paying for the overpriced beer sub!


Almost makes you wonder where their money comes from!?



75% cashback rewards with Beer52 @ Natwest Rewards
229° Expired
Posted 15th Aug 2019Posted 15th Aug 2019
75% cashback rewards with Beer52 @ Natwest Rewards
Buy beer cheaper.
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Good, it's probably why they've cancelled the whole thing now!


I got the full 75% back from Natwest for all my orders and some were big :)


They coughed up for the 75% cashback for my 1 year beer subscription (12 boxes of beer) - I must have been quick off the mark.


Annoyed I used Beer52 now. Utterly incompetent. Delivery supposed to be next day, and to NI they state they use Royal Mail. But nope, mines being sent by Hermes so the chances of me getting it intact are slim. Ordered Wednesday morning as well and it is still showing that they're expecting it on the tracking.


Well for all those voting cold... I have 21 craft beers of my choice delivered at a final cost of around £15 after cash back.

Natwest - Balance Transfer credit card 0% apr for 23 months (0% fee). For existing customers only. You will be credit checked
351° Expired
Refreshed 17th Sep 2019Refreshed 17th Sep 2019
Natwest - Balance Transfer credit card 0% apr for 23 months (0% fee). For existing customers only. You will be credit checked
Update 1
0% balance transfer offer for 23 months with no fee is still available for existing NatWest customers. If you are not an existing customer, you could possibly open a cash ISA for £1.
Available to customers who have a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with NatWest, and are UK residents, 18+ and earning at least £10K per year. If you’re no… Read more

This is still on. I have around 1.5k on an internet free card coming to the end of its deal. May as well transfer on to this and earn 20 months of interest on 1.5k of savings.


Thanks, my wife is banking with them so I'll get her to check.


It’s still on.


Nice one op, accepted instantly.Nice way to spread some payments.


Any idea when this offer ends?

£50 cash back for NatWest Reward Customers (If you open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and invest at least £250)
762° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
£50 cash back for NatWest Reward Customers (If you open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and invest at least £250)
Just got this email from NatWest... We have a special offer for Reward current account customers that are new to NatWest Invest. Open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and i… Read more

Been paid my £50 bonus. £50 compensation. Natwest have apologised and informed credit reference agencies that I didn’t open a new current account.


I have the £50 bonus and just waiting for the investment money then I can close the account. NatWest have no chance of me being a customer in the future. No compensation mentioned to me.


Are you sorted now? Any compensation? I’ve had my investment and bonus back but no compensation yet.


I was told any payment cannot be done without a current account. Opened the account on Wednesday and gave them the details but still no sign of the payment.


You should get compensation, I was offered £50 too

5% Back @ Waitrose with Natwest Rewards
147° Expired
Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019LocalLocal
5% Back @ Waitrose with Natwest Rewards
It's been a while, but it's back! Please note you must be logged in to see the offer & to create an account you need a Natwest card. 🔥🔥🔥🔥… Read more

Maybe depends when you opened your account etc.


Must be random then. I've not had it since just after Xmas. Usually comes around a coue of times a year - one of the better ones if you actually go to waitrose...


Had this for months


Offer only started today


This is new?

10% Back at Nando's via Natwest Rewards (selected accounts)
328° Expired
Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019LocalLocal
10% Back at Nando's via Natwest Rewards (selected accounts)
I know a lot of you will be regulars at this place Natwest Rewards are offering 10% back on Eat In & Takeaway orders at Nandos from 20/06 until 03/07 Nando's Gift Card Purch… Read more

How do you opt in for Natwest rewards


Good, for, you


Costco discounted gift cards are pretty cool. I believe they still sell them.


Untrue. Nandos hand out large numbers of vouchers at Pride events, customers get purchase rewards, and they have a permanent 20% off scheme for NHS. Best of all, this deal is stackable, with the NHS discount (just ate there tonight and my lass is NHS), and you still collect rewards :) So, before rewards, this is (Inc NHS) a 27% discount :) #LoveTheNHS


I did, said there was no free option. Maybe there was before?. No worries anyway!.

Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers with No transfer fee (existing Natwest customers)
968° Expired
Posted 20th May 2019Posted 20th May 2019
Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers with No transfer fee (existing Natwest customers)
Both Natwest and RBS Credit card Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers and no transfer fee 0% for 23 months on balance transfers made in the first 3 months … Read more

I applied using the link, was approved but when you go to transfer a balance it shows as 19%?


Do they do a credit check even if you have an account with them?


Read what I said again... New credit-card customers but who already have other Natwest products... So a current account, for instance, but no credit card. (y)


So even though I've already got a Natwest platinum mastercard and am an existing customer could I do this? (confused) I understood it to be NEW credit card customers only. Unless they're happy to give you 2 credit cards.


New CC customers but must be existing customers of other products.

Get £175 when you switch and stay with NatWest [Pay in at least £1,500]
2158° Expired
Refreshed 14th May 2019Refreshed 14th May 2019
Get £175 when you switch and stay with NatWest [Pay in at least £1,500]
Everyday bank account - Select A simple bank account for your day-to-day banking £175 when you switch and stay Easy to use mobile banking app Contactless Visa Debit Card Also … Read more
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Yep. Got mine too :D



Yep can confirm I had a text about it! Like someone else said... starting to look for switch offers as of July


Ugh - I did not. I am on the phone to them now.


I got the text and so did my Mrs who definitely did not use her card every month

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