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4% cashback at with Natwest Rewards
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Free cash Cash cash Cash init
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I've got two Nat West accounts and a credit card, what's 'rewards'? first I've heard of it, nothing shows on my account page


5% with a Santander, 8% on prime now too 8)


Offers are tailored to the account holder, 5% at Waitrose & Partners on mine. Nothing apart from the standard 1% for Morrisons.


How do you get it?

£125 for switching your account to the NatWest Select Current Account (Quidco Earn £40/£50 cashback as well)
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Key features: - No Monthly fee - Earn £125 for switching your current account held elsewhere to NatWest by the 3 December 2018. Use Current Account Switch Service, deposit £1,500… Read more

same no tracking


Same prob with me, no sign of tracking.... what a waste of time n effort


What about emailing Quidco directly? Jospeh one of the reps has always been very helpful.


Mine hasn't tracked yet. Can't see that NatWest cashback offer on Quidco any more. Can't make online claim too. Any solutions? Thanks.


Mine still not tracked since monday so Ive just submitted a quidco missing cashback claim but it wouldn't let me add £0 as a transaction amount so was forced to put £50. Let's see what happens!

No foreign transaction fees Ever on Natwest Credit Card
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
The NatWest Credit Card Representative 9.9% APR (variable). No annual fee Good for - low rates and saving money abroad No foreign transaction fees Low rates on purchases and bala… Read more
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Halifax Clarity has worked brilliantly for me for several years, highly recommended.


Same for halifax clarity, tandem, creation, barclaycard and othets. The other thing is on those cards there are no cash machine fees either. On natwest they charge you 3% so withdraw £200 and you oay £6 for the privilege. Also cash interest is 15.7% which is less than Clarity so thats good.


Yeah it looks like tandem pips clarity as long as you can get 18.9% APR. Cant find any info of withdrawal limit abroad


Would this card be any good for buying goods from the European union and delivered to the U.K. been using PayPal but their exchange rate isn't the best.


You are confusing the Post Office MasterCard credit card, and post office counters (cash) currency exchange service

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£125 to new and existing customers who switch their bank account @ NatWest
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
NatWest has just launched a switching offer which gives £125 to new and existing customers who switch their main account to the bank. The switching offer applies to all of NatWes… Read more

I had this issue despite checking their welcome letter saying I could now pay money in and out - I submitted a complaint and withdrew my money £250 a day via the app. Reminds me why I’m not with them in the first place!


Nope! The only way to access my money is to go to the local branch - remember those, yup, that's right, there aren't any - they were all closed! Turns out, if you choose to have a new card reader sent, you cant use ANY card reader till your new one comes through - I found that out through another wasted call to their cs. What a load of *&%$£££"!


If you have a card reader from another bank/building society, it should work.


Well that's great! I paid money in through an online banking transfer, left it in my NAtwest account for a few days and then figured I'd move the money back BUT I couldn't do it through the app so I tried online banking - nope! Turns out that you have to authorise new payee's via a card reader, THAT THEY DON'T SEND UNTIL YOU REQUEST IT! So if you're wanting to put the £1500 in with the idea that you'll move it out again, take this into consideration.


Yeah it seems that way. Thanks.

No foreign transaction fees Natwest Debit Card with Reward or packaged accounts
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
If you are a natwest customer and have one of their Reward or packaged accounts you will pay no foreign transaction fees on purchases. The offer runs till the end of August
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How do you get reward package ?


I have just left Natwest for Monzo after being ripped off for more than 20 years. Whenever there has been a problem Natwest have not been the slightest help.


Mirrors my experience, they see pound signs when financial adversity strikes customers, they have their own financial adversity to pay off so just make those that can least afford it pay. I was up front and honest from the moment I knew, first place I called was my bank, Royal Bull S*** you should do that like they ask. They took all my ESA out my account back then to pay the credit card that was in dispute and refused to return it even when I showed the branch the legislation they could not take charge of DWP money paid to me. Absolute nightmare of a banking group - and it’s common how many people tell me the same thing, one couple going through separation I know they took the same FULL amount of cash from two peoples single accounts to clear the joint account overdraft and it took months to get 50% each back, months! And not one of them closed the joint account with a signature in the first place it was just mentioned to telephone banking that they were separating when one of the parties wanted to know the procedure of that joint account - same day they swiped the FULL amount from both parties, leaving both them screwed for single account direct debits. Not even a apology just “we sorted it” months later.Terrible.


What they did was lend American banks a fortune who paid little of their even their federal bail outs back, this is the same as people who judge Scotland/independence is fruitless based on this bank - that bank is regulated by London, England not a Scottish government (or else they’d be some long proven professionals in there running it). I would not use them anyway (RBS Group) when I went off sick years ago they were absolutely willing to do nothing to help me - including a 18m old credit card transaction hitting my account and not giving me a £50 increase as I was off sick not on my full wage to avoid over limit fees, perfect history internal and external but no £50 limit rise. Be warned if your situation changes suddenly and you approach them ASAP they just see pound signs. At least Halifax throw compensation at you for mistakes. They just throw you to debt collection agencies, took a long time but they agreed they did not act in appropriate manner when I approached them, they even started chasing long term customer relatives for my debt they could have avoided. When I went in when it was all sorted to a branch at telephone banking request the manager refused to open me a new basic account as she had “better things to do at 4.30pm” & “why do you want this branch when the city one and X branch is closer to your address” I told her hers was the quietest and least queues so I came here. I called complaints in front of her and she was scathing angry listening to me lodge the complaint, when her landline rung and she was told open the account NOW, she then turned from Jekyll to Hyde and opened the account. Couldn’t even pay in cash to my dads own account same address at the counter for ‘money laundering reasons” when their online banking was down, let alone the melt downs their card systems had several times. Or their own computer system with both my old man and I as current customers (same name) different DOB needing extra checks by head office fraud team EVERYTIME even for a savings account LOL. You could not make a bank like that up, as bad as TSB of late. Terrible bank, I would never recommend it to anyone. Open a account for holidays if needs be if you can’t get a 0% fees credit card abroad, but close it down ASAP afterwards, and when applying accept no marketing in the sign up or prepare to be spammed by the bank and it’s Group and who they sell your info on.


Revolut’s weekend charge is ridiculously small and I bet even with the makeup the rate will still be better than high street banksters have. “At the weekend (Friday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59) we apply a small mark up on the spot rate as the Forex markets are closed. We take the rate from Friday 00:00 and apply a 0.5% mark up on major currencies and 1.0% on other currencies to protect the company from potential losses due to a large fluctuation in the rate. For illiquid currencies Russian Ruble and Thai Baht, there is 1.5% mark up on weekend.”

£100 to switch to Natwest current account + 2% cashback on bills
Refreshed 22nd MayRefreshed 22nd May
£100 to switch to Natwest current account + 2% cashback on bills
Want to grab some cash for switching you current account? Natwest has joined the mob of banks offering cash incentives to switch. But not for long though – you only have until … Read more
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I got £100 too! Can I switch to another company now? Is there any other offer?


I applied for the switch again this year, received the switch incentive in April, nothing so far this time.


Sharpharp. So did you get the £100? I tried a second application. This time for a JOINT account, No switching bonus received yet and August 10 has come and gone. Anyone had success contacting them please?


£100 is in. where to go from here any suggestions ?


Still waiting for mine (annoyed)

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Natwest Current Account Switch - £125 incentive
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Natwest are offering £125 to switch your current account to them, this must be done online and to qualify you must- complete a full switch, pay £1500 and log into either online or … Read more

maybe did what they did to be back in feb or was in jan, any ways a week or so after i appalled, natwest sent a letter stating that i need to go in brunch with some more id to prove i was me, to complete the switch, witch i did, and got paid on time, -- if nothing like that happened than i dunno, just one of they many ways to get out of it on other note i still get junk ppi calls and accident claim calls, daily from who ever they sold my mobile number to (used a new number with them like i do with everyone i have tons of sims, so i know it was them)


Been told I don't qualify as I only completed a partial switch, what does that even mean?!


didn't get paid yet 09:00 today


I was paid today.


I received a letter claiming I am not eligible because I didn't use the switching request. Except I did. I noted down the account which I was moving from (which was a first direct savings account), but it appears they messed it up during the transfer and just opened a new account. A lot of waiting for nothing basically. I might give them a call to complain, but not impressed with the service to be honest.

7% cashback at Jamie's Italian with Natwest Rewards
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
7% cashback at Jamie's Italian with Natwest Rewards
Spend 30 squids at Jamie's Italian and get 7% cashback with Natwest rewards 10% CASHBACK AT ASK -CAN BE US3D WITH ALL THE OTHER THOUSANDS OF ASK OFFERS - BONZA NATWEST CUSTOMER… Read more
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You should leave Natwest and RBS they are propped up by government money. RBS is largely to blame for the UK financial crisis and now they constantly receive fines. Where do you think the money comes from? They received another $5.5 billion penalty this month.


I have 10% cash back with my Halifax card. Worth checking if you have one.


Jamie is NOT Italian. I think he wishes he was though...

Natwest Savings Builder 1.5% Instant Access Saving Account
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
*Feeling brave, here goes...* I suspect this deal might go stone cold given that there aren't really any good savings deals at the moment, but this is the best and most flexible sa… Read more

I think I'll stick to the small savers lol. Next best thing I found was the post office online saver at 1.3%. Can put in however much money you like but after a year you only get 0.25% interest.


You can click the unexpire button just below the main post. I think a certain amount of people have to click it though before it becomes unexpired.


Based on your comments is there a way I can in-expire this deal? I don’t know why it expired in the first place 🤨


fundingcircle? depends on your appetite for risk.


I did. Its not a lot more interest in terms of percentage and/or money because they only let you put in peanuts. e.g. TSB is 2%, you can only put in £250 a month (so I'd still be left wondering where to put my other money) and I'd have the inconvenience of managing yet another current account. I already have the best ones that pay 5% (santander and nationwide). Was looking for a way to get a fair bit of interest on a larger amount.

10% rewards (max £10 back) at (Natwest Reward Credit Card)
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
I've just logged in to MyRewards on natwest and noticed they're offering 10% back (up to a max of £10) at If eligible, you should be able to get a £10 back on a £10… Read more

I'm sure if you ring the number on the back of your card they'll be able to share with you the colour of your card.


I don't see colour.


Agreed - other than the limited time special offers with some of the Amex cards this seems to be the best out there now that the Capital One card has taken away their 1% on everything. Was even better until the end of March with a bonus for using contactless


Agreed. Although it has lost a bit of its edge now that the extra 1% on contactless spending has gone, still for places that don't accept Amex it is brilliant. A no-brainer, along with the Rewards current account.


Well spotted OP! Here's a screengrab from the My Rewards site........ BTW This is about the best cashback card out there just now. I've had hundreds of pounds back from just my usual monthly spend. If you haven't got one already, I would seriously consider it.

Any Size Hot Drink Free at Cafe Nero with Scan Code on 'Top Tips For A Cracking Christmas' email from Natwest Bank (Easily Missed!) and valid til 31st December
Found 19th Dec 2016Found 19th Dec 2016
Any Size Hot Drink Free at Cafe Nero with Scan Code on 'Top Tips For A Cracking Christmas' email from Natwest Bank (Easily Missed!) and valid til 31st December
Received an email from Natwest today titled 'Top Tips For A Cracking Christmas', assuming its national if opted in for emails and offers. If you scroll down towards the bottom ther… Read more
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​glad it worked :)


I had the code on my email. the expiry is 31st December


Thanks for posting, Anyone know the expiry date


Worked for me this morning at about 0805h. So super thanks to Dan. The code itself is similar to the O2 codes and they only work once. However worth a try for someone else certainly. I asked the staff in my Nero to try the code first before they made my drink; I might suggest that to whoever tries it next.


let us know if someone uses it please

Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
Hey guys! I just checked my Natwest account turns out you can print off free tickets / family passes to and other extras like free parking to various national parks around the uk.… Read more

I wish there was a means to add extra cold. Ballers could then be ballers.


you dont actually work for natwest do you


It's not a freebie.


Ha! No. I have the iPhone's I can go on holidays, I didn't say it was the same car that kept breaking. Some of us have the sense to buy and sell multiple cars and bikes in the year. But sure jdbigguy if u wanna stick to the same whip (probably a Nissan micro or whatever) all year kool. Let us Baller be baller and u chill at home with a nice cup of coca in ur slippers. :)


this is not a freebie

Download & activate NatWest app and they will donate £2 to SPORTS RELIEF
Found 18th Mar 2016Found 18th Mar 2016
Download & activate NatWest app and they will donate £2 to SPORTS RELIEF
We're proud to be an official partner of Sport Relief. It's a fantastic chance to get active, raise money and change lives. Half the money they raise will be used to fund projects … Read more
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Good to see a bank owned by the tax payer giving away money to charity, no wonder we are never going to get the money back.


Probably does the job nicely, still using my Nokia X6, so ya know. Decent enough deal anyways, I'll install it on the missus' phone just to take advantage.


who has a 3gs its the 21st century


Just like a bank to try to gain a marketing advantage on the back of a charity, yet they want us to believe they have mended their ways. Right.


I would but my 3GS only goes up to v6 and the app requires v7 (can't go any further because the phone's hacked to have the carriers unlocked).

NatWest current rewards account £3 per month
Found 6th Mar 2016Found 6th Mar 2016
NatWest current rewards account £3 per month
Earn 3% on your household bills. Gas, electric, broadband, mobile phone, council tax etc. For most people council tax alone would outweigh the £3 charge.

RBS Reward Account:


pretty simple really for me was with RBS current paying direct debits = nothing back Same direct debits through Natwest rewards = £10+ per month back ( minus fee ofcourse )


This is rubbish, 0% interest on any savings


[quote=kpearsoncj][quote=itm2][quote=Coffee100][quote=kpearsoncj] Very amusing text from that link: "You may also be invited to web chat with us if we think you need assistance" So it's by invitation only. Natwest pushing back the frontiers of customer service and technology once again ;0)


3% back on Natwest rewards when you fill up at BP when you spend £30 or more
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
3% back on Natwest rewards when you fill up at BP when you spend £30 or more
3% back in rewards when you spend £30 or more on BP when you use your natwest debit card! Valid until 25th November

i will pay the monthly £3 fee next year to continue as i get more than this as cashback. i get something like £15 a month.


I'll be cancelling mine at the end of the year! Well it's free now plus you get bonus nectar points so I thought it was a good deal but, oh well!


you have a point there. depends on the bp station. ours used to be 3p more than our esso but i have noticed that bp price is getting closer to esso recently.


i voted Cold as bp is around 5p more than the cheapest place around my area for petrol and Diesel per litre and 15p more for lpg so its no Good


Ah okay. Thanks for info!! We have this account anyway so hot from me....thanks OP

New Natwest Reward Accounts
Found 13th Oct 2015Found 13th Oct 2015
New Natwest Reward Accounts
Natwest launched new Reward current accounts yesterday, with the basic one costing just £3 a month and giving you: - 3% cashback on household bills paid by direct debit. - 1% on c… Read more

I don't really understand why people have to post they are staying with Santander as they have £20K in their current accounts, good for them but bank customers with £20K in a current account must be in the minority. If you are already a NatWest customer it's a good deal as you are now getting money for doing nothing, if you aren't you need to just weigh up which current account is giving the best perks.


Not ok:, because I do not know how much effort do I need to put to hunt the treasure. How much money inside .... I wonder if anyone here in this HUKD does not have any concern about money. Is it not true, we are all here mainly for that reason and you have been in HUKD for sometimes now .... I have a proposal donate it to HUKD so they could serve us better to facilitate finding a bargain...... Email the Mod about your intention. How does it sound .......


Not sure why this is cold. For people relying on cashback from 1|2|3 Current Accounts these are a no brainer.


Ok I will leave it in a black bag behind the tree at the top of the street in the town of the county which is part of the country of the world where i left it. OK.


I'm getting about the same as you too, if you've already got a NatWest account its a no brainer :)

natwest offering 3% cash back on utilities paid from silver account via direct debit
Found 20th Jul 2015Found 20th Jul 2015
natwest offering 3% cash back on utilities paid from silver account via direct debit
Natwest offering 3% cash back on all utility bills that you pay by direct debit until the end of the year. Seems that this offer has no limit. Most utility companies included and a… Read more
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I'm looking forward to earning abit of cash back from my bills this runs up until the 31st December. If I've worked it out right and all the bills coming out this account are eligible I should get around £50 for this. Some of the trade up offers are good I'm currently saving what I have already earned I'm thinking of doubling it all up for currys/pcworld vouchers.


Terms and conditions look up around 14 and it gives the information it's quite hidden


Where's the info on 3% cashback ? I am sure there is user error, but I can't find it.


yes, yu will get an email within the next few days, you don't have to do anything :)


That's great, looks like it's all accounts but the basic that can qualify

Warwickshire Bears T20 Natwest Blast. £14 tickets no fees until 23rd April. Kids go FREE!!
Found 15th Apr 2015Found 15th Apr 2015
Warwickshire Bears T20 Natwest Blast. £14 tickets no fees until 23rd April. Kids go FREE!!
Early Bird tickets for the NatWest T20 Blast are NOW on sale priced at £14 (no booking fees) Purchase before midnight on April 23rd to take advantage of this offer. Under 16's are … Read more

Great stuff mate, nice to see kids interested in a great game like cricket....get em out having instead of sat behind a phone/console/pc!


I bought a ticket for myself and 6 kids tickets for free. Will be taking the kids and some of their mates in my 7 seater vs The Pears. £2 / person it works out. Can't beat that for a bargain.


Good deal to me, the game vs Notts Outlaws and a few beers stands out as a potential night out ; )

Notts Outlaws v Lancashire Lightning T20 Blast @ Trent Bridge on Fri 16/5. Adult tickets bought in advance are reduced to £10 (from £14)
Found 29th Apr 2014Found 29th Apr 2014
Notts Outlaws v Lancashire Lightning T20 Blast @ Trent Bridge on Fri 16/5. Adult tickets bought in advance are reduced to £10 (from £14)
NatWest T20 Blast gets underway at Trent Bridge (Nottingham) on Friday 16 May. The tournament opener will see Notts Outlaws pitched against Lancashire Lightning with all adult tick… Read more
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Natwest Cashback Plus - cashback on your regular spending
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
Natwest Cashback Plus - cashback on your regular spending
Natwest Cashback Plus offers cashback on your regular spending; in order to earn this cashback, you need to 'activate' your card. At the moment, you will earn the following rates … Read more


I wouldnt say it "sucks", I mean most people need to buy food and fuel. Depends who you're with I guess. I dont disagree Santander's is better overall however.


The range of places for cashback is so niche - agree with the comment of Santander offering cashback on things almost everyone needs to pay


Its been going a while, frankly i cant understand how this can be cold when its totally free? If your already with NatWest you may as well use it,


I would assume this is a start for Natwest, they will move on from here after feedback & research. Looking forward to the future of this, signed up.

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