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Famously advertised by movie legend George Clooney, Nespresso machines allow coffee lovers to brew gourmet cappuccinos and espressos in the comfort of their own home. Simple to set up and use, Nespresso machines are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of Brits to perk them up in the morning. You’ll find every type of Nespresso at huge discounts by checking the Nespresso hotukdeals listings. Read more
Found 3rd Jul 2009Found 3rd Jul 2009
Currys instore have these on clearance. they had a few in St. Helens Merseyside today. Reduced from £263 down to only £69.98 which is a bargain. When I say clearance I dont mean … Read more
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I agree with the branding - it's almost embarassing, George Cluney is the "Nespresso ambassador". Every so often Nespresso send a magazine that's full of affluent and hip people drinking nespresso out of tiny glass cups. Articles about yachting and saving the Bongolian minotoad (or something like that). If you phone up customer services you are made to feel inferior by the snooty attitude of the reps (cos that's what they ultimately are). At the end of the day they sell little water heaters that push water through coffee powder. In fact, I've stopped using them because of customer service, totally patronising Having said all that, it makes an excellent cup of espresso - always fresh and consistently good. It also allows you to make individual coffes i.e. if you have 4 friends you can make one decaf, one weak, one strong and one in the middle. Without opening and grinding different coffee combinations and without mess.


so stick that in your pipe!!!!!!


It is indeed. Charlie Booker also wrote a piece in the Guardian headed: [SIZE=2]Nespresso isn't just coffee ... it's an aspirational lifestyle marketing exercise by desperate lunatics[/SIZE] The FT said: The trick is to make such goods alluring and to set a price that is steep but affordable. UK newspaper executives sometimes moan that consumers refuse to pay 50p for a newspaper when they spend £2 on a coffee at Starbucks, but a newspaper is not the same thing as a Starbucks espresso. A shot of Nespresso – essentially – is the same. People can have their own coffee shop at home. They save because, even though it is more expensive than drip coffee, it is still a third of the price of Starbucks,” says Jay Brewer, founder of, a website devoted entirely to, well, you get the idea. I suppose it depends on your point of view, and whether you're happy to pay Nestlé way over the odds in the hope that the Nespresso brand will impress people. It's the Coke (or maybe the McDonald's) of the coffee world. Some people like brands, some just think they're naff.


This is an interesting article on Nespresso. ]


Currys are such a pain if there's a problem

Krups Nespresso XN2001 (Possible £39.99?)
Found 20th May 2009Found 20th May 2009
Krups Nespresso XN2001 (Possible £39.99?)
Not sure if this is really a deal but I've been looking for a nespresso machine and this seems to be the cheapest. Please note this is listed as graded so I'm wondering if you can… Read more
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If it doesn't qualify, it's cheaper to buy new at John Lewis - would be great if someone could confirm these do qualify...


Yes there is hence the possible £39.99. But I wondered if this still qualifies as its graded? Has anyone ordered anything from choicebrand?


Is there a new £30 cash back deal? I think the one done at Christmas has long since ended.

nespresso coffee machine only 69.95 @ John Lewis
Found 19th May 2009Found 19th May 2009
nespresso coffee machine only 69.95 @ John Lewis
saw this on john lewis, originally it was 99.95, now you can claim 30 cashback. This isn't normal coffee machine. You need to get coffee capsules from NESPRESSO website. The capsul… Read more

Also please note that, in NERO, a medium cup of coffee costs about 1.5 pounds; in COSTA & starbucks even more. Using this coffee machine you make even higher quality coffee than those coffee shops with a price of 29P, what more do you want?


already told u, if you need a nice cup of coffee, but are lazy for buying beans, making powder, waiting long time to make coffee, you can choose this one. at least u don't have to clean the coffee machine. the quality of this coffee is of high class. If money is all you concern, OK. You wanna buy a cheaper coffee machine, you won't get the same taste as this one. buying an expensive one may do, but at the same time, you have to buy coffee beans and a blender for coffee beans, you don't wanna buy powder directly from coffee shop because they are not fresh after being blended for a couple of hours.That's why good coffee shops all have blender so that they can blend coffee beans and make fresh coffee. when you consider the price,please also consider the quality of the coffee. Or at least try the coffee before you make any post!


How much is the mandatory coffee for use with it, I guess it could be a bit like selling a cheaper Lexmark printer, where they make a killing from top up supplies. just went to nespresso, seems to cost 26p/29p per item of coffee, ie. per cup. Gawd and yikes -


Note: you can find it cheaper on Nespresso official site, but that one you have to pay delivery fee, in total 102 (72 after cashback). This one already includes delivery fee.

Siemens Nespresso TK911 £344 almost half price @ Amazon
Found 6th May 2009Found 6th May 2009
Siemens Nespresso TK911 £344 almost half price @ Amazon
Reduced from the mental price of £655 Cant find it cheaper elsewhere! Only 2 left though!

showing £655 for me.. Shame I would of had one.


Anyone for a mug of Siemens ? :-D


you must be been unlucky! ive had mine for 5 years and still going strong! I understand its more than most people want to pay for 'pod' coffee maker, however if i was just about to pay £700 in john lewis for one i would be grateful for seeing this deal!


They had a five year warranty ;-) Mine's still going strong nine years later. That's less than £10 a year. However this is stupidly expensive for a capsule coffee machine. I'd have a proper coffee machine for that kind of money.


In my experience those Porsche designed appliances are terrible, your just paying for the Porsche design. The kettles were £80 and didn't last more than a year or so.

Siemens Nespresso Coffee Machine - Was £269.99 Now £69.99 (£59.99 for new customers) inc of £30 Cashback @ CDiscount
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
Siemens Nespresso Coffee Machine - Was £269.99 Now £69.99 (£59.99 for new customers) inc of £30 Cashback @ CDiscount
£69.99CDiscount entertainment Deals
Use £10 off voucher for first customers, there's also another £30 redemption via manufacturer (thanks darklord). There's also another 6% cashback through quidco. Next cheapest seem… Read more

Out of stock.....pity!


What a bargain..... Ordered. £270 on the Nesspresso web site.


Great find Heat added


Thank you :) Just bought 2, one for me and one for the parents.


Well spotted :thumbsup:

Siemens TK30 Nespresso Machine for £45 @ Debenhams with £30 cashback from Nespresso
Found 18th Apr 2009Found 18th Apr 2009
Siemens TK30 Nespresso Machine for £45 @ Debenhams with £30 cashback from Nespresso
I just received my Siemens TK30 machine from Debenhams and sent off the £30 cashback voucher for it also. They still have a few of these machines reduced and knocking about. They… Read more
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Do these take the pods or grounds? Ignore the above, just been told its out of stock :(

Siemens TK50 Nespresso machine £104.99 @ House of Fraser
Found 19th Jan 2009Found 19th Jan 2009
Siemens TK50 Nespresso machine £104.99 @ House of Fraser
Siemens TK 50 Nespresso machine reduced to £134.99. If you claim the £30 back from Nespresso (for machines purchased upto 25/1/09 - see for details) this would ma… Read more

D'oh! Sorry. I didn't spot that. They might still have some in store. To be honset, like most of the best deals on here, it's such a good one I wouldn't be surprised if they'd had a run on them. A bit like Argos gold chains! Hey - ho! I tried!


"Temporarily unavailable "

Siemens Essenza Nespresso Coffee Machine £45 (after cashback) @ Debenhams in store
Found 19th Jan 2009Found 19th Jan 2009
Siemens Essenza Nespresso Coffee Machine £45 (after cashback) @ Debenhams in store
Hi First deal so go easy on me! Was looking out for a Nespresso machine, Debenhams had this Siemens TK30 Essenza Nespresso one for £75 and with the current £30 cashback promo (en… Read more
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I think they search by the item code which is 3250040122


also the barcode number is 8 5860 859 7 if thats helps


You can check through customer services on 08445616161. Don't bother if you're in the north east!


That one's out of stock too!


Does anyone know if this is in stock anywhere?

Nespresso Le Cube £88 at John Lewis (£58 after cashback, available only in white)
Found 25th Dec 2008Found 25th Dec 2008
Nespresso Le Cube £88 at John Lewis (£58 after cashback, available only in white)
Cheapest price I have found on a nespresso "le cube' machine - after the £30 cashback you get direct from nespresso this has to be a bargain! I have heard good things about this ma… Read more
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All gone now.


Nice deal, now thats bargain hunting!!


thats why we bpought a model up from this as you got the aerochinno as part of the boxset and with 10% we got off in store and the £30 cashback it only cost us £83 and the aeroccino is around £40 quid by itself I believe.


you buy the aeroccino that goes with it.


So how do you make a proper Latte when this model has no milk steamer.

Siemens Nespresso TK50 Automatic Coffee Maker (Titanium) £109.98 delivered @ Bennetts (after 10% code + cashback)
Found 13th Dec 2008Found 13th Dec 2008
Siemens Nespresso TK50 Automatic Coffee Maker (Titanium) £109.98 delivered @ Bennetts (after 10% code + cashback)
First post so be gentle. If youre in the market for a good quality espresso / coffee machine, this is worth a look, RRP was £269.00 once upon a time. Please be aware this machine… Read more

Mine arrived and doesn't work so it's going back. Not happy. :x


Just ordered. Voted hot. :) None left at House of Fraser - same price here delivered anyway. Cheers.


Excellent deal, voting hot. The only problem with Nespresso is that having got used to it you will be consistently disappointed when you have coffee out, even at the more expensive coffee houses and restaurants.


The coffee that these use is Premier Cru, sourced from the best plantations. Those that know about quality coffee use these machines, unless they are getting beans to grind, in which case you get inconsistencies in the quality. The controls used when making the capsules are very stringent. I love coffee and have drunk it made in a variety of ways - for the best and most consistent drink, this is easily the best system and certainly not to be confused with things like Senseo or Tassimo.


Thanks for the post. I voted cold because, to me, the way to make coffee is either with a proper filter, or a proper espresso maker... not a capsule. Good coffee is worth making properly IMHO. But - if you want to pay for convenience of capsules and a flashy machine, then it's probably a good deal.

Nespresso machine + Aeroccino milk frother £97.22 (+ cashback after purchase)
Found 12th Dec 2008Found 12th Dec 2008
Nespresso machine + Aeroccino milk frother £97.22 (+ cashback after purchase)
Nice discount on this particular pack of Nespresso machine plus the aeroccino milk frother for great cappucinos and lattes. Price is £67.22 after the £30 cashback direct from Nesp… Read more
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I love the flexibility of a normal espresso machine (have Pavoni at home and I roast my own batches of green beans) but it does get quite messy and takes time, both of which are incompatible with the office environment. Except for the more exotic (and expensive) Gaggia and Lavazza pod systems the Nespresso is the only clean way of having a good shot of the stuff at the office so at this price it was almost an impulse buy! No more starbucks for me yay :) It couldn't be cleaner you never even touch the spent pods. The lever releases the old spent pod and lets you put a new one in, you press the button and out comes the magical juice. The old spent pods drop into a box which you just throw away (or eventually recycle when it does come over here) The new pods are actually nice to look at so you can have them in a jar or in the fancy nespresso display cases. The 2nd best price I saw for this was at The Emporium for £112.55 delivered, so this is a nice discount. If you're looking to buy a clean, hassle free espresso machine and like the idea of making nice hot foamy milk for your cappucinos then go for it.


Good deal. Nespresso is the best of these types of machine. Would prefer a deal on one of the higher spec models though:)


Buy a machine that allows use of ground coffee too if you must have capsules. The pods are SO overpriced and offer little benefit, at least that way you can try out differnt blends and types.


no reason for cold, the aero is around £40 alone. the only downfall is the capsules have to be ordered off the net that what puts me off buying one,

£30 Cashback Nespresso Coffee Machines
Found 27th Nov 2008Found 27th Nov 2008
£30 Cashback Nespresso Coffee Machines
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Moved post to other thread...


already posted

Nespresso cashback offer
Found 20th Nov 2008Found 20th Nov 2008
Nespresso cashback offer
Hi- Nespresso are offering £30 on any machine purchased between now and 25th. Of January. I know that these machines are not to everyones taste (or budget) But £30 is £30 !!
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What is the "Classic" range? I can't find any makes with Classic in the title? Has anyone tried buying capsules on Ebay as they seem to sell loads on there. Not sure if the price is much better.


Hi n6600 I have sent you a private message. Bry


Hi Bry I just bought a machine from the classic range yesterday, may i know how to get 2 £50 vouchers? many thanks


Yeah its upto 25% so you can't buy this for £37.50 after discounts ! This has 10% off so its £90 less £30 so its still £60.


If you like coffee's based on espressos rather than filter or instant type coffee, then there really isn't a better system. The pods keep the coffee really fresh and make it simple to keep a range to suit your mood at the time. It isn't the cheapest at 25p a cup, but it is so easy and convenient. A good friend of mine raved about his Tassimo then was gutted when he tried the cortado I made him after dinner. My parents have a really expensive fully automatic AEG coffee machine (around £800 worth). It still doesn't do as good coffee, but is more conveniant (press button, wait for fresh espresso). £38-£60 is a silly cheap price.

Krups Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine - £45 or less
Found 16th Jan 2008Found 16th Jan 2008
Krups Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine - £45 or less
Currently Debenhams have this coffee machine at £100, which on its own is reasonble. However, factor in the 25% off code, free delivery code and also the fact that if you purchase … Read more

8g of ground coffee for generous! :?


The link is in the original post.


Its attached to the first post


i cant even find it on the site


Where do you get the 25% off

Nespresso Coffee maker £50 instead of £99 (voucher redemption)
Found 30th Nov 2007Found 30th Nov 2007
Nespresso Coffee maker £50 instead of £99 (voucher redemption)
This is a bit convoluted, Use telegraph £20 off a £100 spend voucher to buy either Magimix M100 Nespresso Coffee Maker, Blue or Krups Essenza Nespresso Coffee Maker, Slate (both £… Read more

Telegraph code thread is here: It seems to change regularly but some kind folk are updating the thread The one I used was: TEL258CCT200


JM whats the code from the telegraph


Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned the coffee capsules are expensive compared to other types of home coffee - however - the machines are very easy to clean (just press the button with no capsule in to run hot water through it) and there is no mess or fuss so we find we actually use the Nespresso instead of previous coffee machines sitting in a corner unused as its too much hassle to clean up afterwards. Must admit the coffee is so good I tend to justify it by comparing to starbucks etc prices, 23/24p per capsule plus postage of £4.95 on 50/100/150 capsules and 1/2 price postage on 200 capsules. Present for mother-in-law at £50 as she always has coffee at ours :santa:


Thank you, I ordered the one with the aeroccino for £129, then £109 and £79 when I get the cash back (well it is my Christmas present from my mum). I looked at them in Harrods and the sample coffee i had was one of the best ever, so glad I stumbled across this offer.


Great Coffee...I have one but the price of the Satchets are very dear. They are 23p each only if you order in bulk through the Nespresso Coffee Club..Dearer on Ebay and they have the patent until 2011..Worth mentioning I think

ENDS TOMORROW: Magimix M150 Nespresso System coffee maker or others £105.69 delivered (£100.93 after
Found 3rd May 2007Found 3rd May 2007
ENDS TOMORROW: Magimix M150 Nespresso System coffee maker or others £105.69 delivered (£100.93 after
£105.69Amazon Deals
I don't know much about Coffe Makers but i've selected this one because it is the cheapest Coffee Maker that still offers the additional £63.50 worth of additional cashback and dis… Read more
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Hi, on the cash back form it advises ' if you selected the cash-back, and your application is validated, a cheque will be sent to you within 4 weeks '. I am thinking about getting a Magimix Nespresso coffee machine for my other half. He is after the Cube one - is this the one you have? Any suggestions much appreciated.


Anyone know how long the 'cashback' takes to come? I love my little Magimix Nespresso machine, but I would love it more if it was £20 instead of £60!! Makes a lovely cup of expensive coffee Yorkie!


No its not exclusive. The cashback is on ANY Nespresso machine purchased anywhere. Full details here: SirHugo :thumbsup:


Thanks for the info but isn't the £40 cashback offer exclusive to Amazon? That's a great price as well but everyone should bare in mind that there are a dozen other models as well to suit everyones taste but also make sure to checkout everywhere that SirHugo suggested. :)


Yeh I managed to bag three of these last week.

PINK NESPRESSO ESSENZA - £60 (Originally £100 then £75) £20 with cash Back and Free Del with Voucher
Found 9th Apr 2007Found 9th Apr 2007
PINK NESPRESSO ESSENZA - £60 (Originally £100 then £75) £20 with cash Back and Free Del with Voucher
Ordered this funky little coffee machine last night. (Only the purple colour left, so may not appeal to everyone!). Use code SHA1 to get free delivery. (I couldn't get any othe… Read more
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Just wanted to bump this - my machine arrived today. Box was battered but the machine new. BTW anyone should drink the sample capsules quickly - they expire in 2 weeks! Very chuffed overall! Thanks again OP!


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i hope they get some more!


Nooooo- its sold out! Would have made a fantastic present!


Is this like a tassimo?


Do you need to use the capsules that they sell or can you buy normal ground coffee and use that in the machine?

£40 cashback to claim on the purchase of any NESPRESSO machine to 3rd June 2007!
Found 25th Mar 2007Found 25th Mar 2007
£40 cashback to claim on the purchase of any NESPRESSO machine to 3rd June 2007!
Click the link to see the attached form to claim £40 cashback from Nespresso when you purchase any of their machines up to the 3rd of June 2007. The voucher came from the John Lewi… Read more

Hi, my other half is after a Nespresso machine - great time to buy one with this deal! Those that have these machines - are there any recommendations for the best one / type - in your opinion? Many thanks.


is there a nespresso machine that looks like/nothing like a dog ith its tongue out. probs another make? *goes of to find images of it Edit: found it is a different make Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine by Krups.


Mmmm, been drinking Nespresso for several years now. Tasty:p


Yes. You not seeing it?


Is the link supposed to open a pdf file?

Get £40 Cashback when you purchase any of the Nespresso machines
Found 29th Dec 2006Found 29th Dec 2006
Get £40 Cashback when you purchase any of the Nespresso machines
Get voucher

ps it's maybe worth mentioning that the £40 cashback is available on Nespresso machines from any retailer - Comet, john Lewis, Nespresso, Amazon etc etc and not exclusive to Amazon :thumbsup:


I have bought two of these machines since the offer has been on (one was a present! :thumbsup: ) and both of them through Comet. Both have been eligible for the £40 cashback. looking at the cashback voucher from Nespresso i cannot see any of the models that are not eligible (even though it says 'classic' it lists them all and you just tick one). And for you cynics out there Nespresso accepted the 20% discount that comet were doing with their £40 cashback so the machines were a right bargain! Nespresso are very helpful and if you are unsure if the machine you fancy will be eligible just ask them! i did! I can't recommend these machines highly enough - they're FAB!!!:-D


look at this thread might help.....


which items will this discount work on please im a bit confused thanks


Thanks for the pointer and noted the offer ends 15th January :)

nespresso coffee machine for £40!!!
Found 24th Nov 2006Found 24th Nov 2006
nespresso coffee machine for £40!!!
use the comet 20% discount (20coffee)on the £99 nespresso machine. then go to and print off their £40 cash back coupon and claim back another £40! have read the terms… Read more

umm, link resolves as... http://http// :?


just in case you ever wondered - it did work and i got my £40 cash back for both the machines i ordered! sweet:thumbsup:


Good Luck with this.


[SIZE=3]Just noticed there's another 3.5% through Quidco :)[/SIZE]


I noticed the bit about "classic system" in the T&C's, but can't seem to find any machine that's called a 'classic' :? It does state on the banner about the £40 rebate that it's on ANY Nespresso machine? On the T&C's there is a number you can call for more info if anyone feels so inclined? [COLOR=red]For further information regarding this offer, please contact the Nespresso Club on freephone 0800 442 442.[/COLOR] Can't see why this wouldn't work. Nice find OP :thumbsup:

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