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GOOGLE Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £130.15 with code @ Currys / eBay
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Now slightly cheaper at Currys eBay. Credit to @Chanchi32 for the earlier post. The code PROMO5OFF will need to be used at checkout. Top features: - HD video streaming during… Read more

Thanks for posting. Currys had it on their site for £137 too Ihad just bought it from Google 2 weeks ago and they price matched it and have refunded the differance Would never of thought to look without this post


Sold out now


Don't forget bell wire or speaker wire. Paid £9 at b&q only to find it for a couple pounds in selco across the road a few weeks later. By the in the bell had already been installed. You will surprised how much goes on infront of you door


You gonna need the 24v transformer if you don't have it already most likely not, can pick one up for £8.95 at screw fix


I'm looking to get one of these for my house which is being renovated currently. Gonna look to fit it at the end of the year. Is it worth waiting. Or shall I bite?

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £137 @ Currys PC World
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
£70 reduction on the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell and comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee. Next best price based on electrical showroom. Good reviews - techradar review… Read more

This is a misleading product... If it doesn't say hello at the the doorstep it's counted as deception ;)


I've had one of these for almost 2 years now. It's been great, but the subscription is quite annoying. I do question my sanity for subscribing to a doorbell. If you get a load of Google CCTV it is more easily justified though. I'd definitely consider the Eufy as an alternative. The thing is with doorbells is most people don't buy multiple and can honestly compare them. From what I've seen of Ring, they quality just isn't anywhere near as good. My friends with the cheap ones don't tend to rave about them. The higher end ones are worth considering though, but again, need to account for subscription.


Thanks. Ended up getting the eufy as new house doesn't have wiring nearby and easier to have battery for now until I can be bothered. Appreciate your comments. Might change my mind later but 119 with free nest speaker was good.


Thanks. I tried this yesterday and they wouldn’t price match at first as they thought they were selling theirs at same price but it was £207 at the time. After I corrected them, they agreed to price match it, and managed to get the free Nest Audio too! (y)


Back in stock in many more stores now guys thanks Chanchi, your a Don! :{

Google Nest Hello Video doorbell - £164 delivered @ B&Q
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Just noticed this clearance from B&Q and was able to order online with free delivery. Currently this is more expensive elsewhere at UK stores.

dont forget you may need a transformer for the fuse box! i have this door bell its excellent! better than rings


Ah my bad I didn't realise the other nest cams upload 24/7, I thought they were similar to my logi cams which are event based (but still use heaps of upload) I've seen the nest software and it's great. Nevertheless when you have to use your footage 'in anger' and the authorities say it's just not clear enough, it's worse than having no footage. I think nest outdoor don't use 5ghz in the UK because of homologation, but if you have good outdoor WiFi... Yes the nest outdoor 4k is expensive, it's also only zooming into the scene for 1080p upload. I am hoping that installing PoE cabling means I can more easily swap out in future... That's the idea, best intentions and all that :) Also when I got my first cloud cams I swiftly followed with (wired) mesh wifi, because it's needed!


I struggled for 2 weeks to make a choice that was right for me (my needs and the shape, size, walls, loft of my house). In the end it was this 24/7 recording doorbell AND its reduced price that dragged me into the Nest ecosystem... and I hate Google and don't trust them to shut this project down in a couple of years. Oh also I was up against a deadline of ~10 days to get it all installed! Nest might not be right for you but it does offer 24/7 recording with 10 days storage. I really hope they one day increase the number of days without increasing the subscription price.. but I doubt it - Oh and they do have a 4K camera but it's STUPIDLY expensive - - thankfully I don't need it. I'm going to be on the look for 2nd hand cameras.


I'm still going with a 4k PoE NVR system for exterior, the nest cams won't record 24/7 or with enough definition to see plates etc.....I'm undecided on the nest sub, I currently have a logi circle sub for £60 a year but I could be swayed if the nest software is good!


I just tried to post this myself. Phenomenal reduction. I need a complete camera system ASAP and was ready to buy a Eufy Bell and Reolink 4 camera system, fit it all myself, buy cable pullers, network cable crimpers, etc, crawl around the loft, up ladders etc I saw this and bought it within minutes. I know it ties me in to £100 a year for the subscription but it's going to be a lot less hassle to set up, I won't have a DVR/NVR box to manage and this was also the only 24/7 doorbell recorder that I could find. I'm really not interested or worried about a new version coming out. This does everything I need. I was so close to paying £229 on Google's site this morning... Now I just need to look for reductions on the outdoor cameras.

Google Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell, Black - £164.99 delivered @ Screwfix
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Google Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell, Black - £164.99 delivered @ Screwfix£164.99 Free P&P FreeScrewfix Deals
Good discount, and good availability at time of posting - click and collect or delivery.

I have the Nest Hello and highly rate it. As with any video doorbell the most important part is the quality of your WiFi. Poor WiFi is the cause of most issues on Ring and Nest forums.


You can buy a ‘power source’ from Amazon that makes the installation a bit less painless and plug-in (assuming you have a socket reasonably close). I’ve been waiting for a deal to buy one so kinda knew what to buy, but think I’ll wait for the newer model.


Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm quoting YouTube reviews referring to the fact that the video feed doesn't appear on nest hub devices automatically when using doorbells other than Hello. I'm sure it appears on phones. I went with a nest Hello for this reason myself. I don't have personal experience with the Eufy. Apologies for the miscommunication.


That does sound frustrating. Just to be clear so you mean it doesn’t appear automatically on the screen of your phone? Does it matter if that’s an iPhone or Android though?


I connected mine with a power adapter from Amazon rather than wiring in to a doorbell transformer. Easy to unplug when you move house, though you still have to drill a hole for the cable. Link below if you want to have a look, works great for me. Link

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Nest Hello Doorbell + Nest mini £165 @ Toolstation
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Nest Hello Doorbell + Nest mini £165 @ Toolstation£165 Free P&P FreeToolstation Deals
Seems like a decent deal for one of the better rated video doorbells, best price I could find new with a reputable retailer. Google store has them on offer currently for £179 on it… Read more

Looks like they are no longer offering the free nest mini


Is this deal still available can't see it on Toolstation site ?


Hi, not sure if you’re aware, but you can just buy the transformer as per my above post link and then use the google nest mini to act as an indoor chime. Just in case you have a plug near to where you want to install.


Thanks 🙌🤙 Just ordered and collected, will try to sell the speaker as already have 3 + 1 nest audio speaker Also ordered a low voltage transformer from Screwfix as I do not already have a door bell/chime in


Thanks ordered was waiting for a sub £150 price but with the free nest mini I can sell this and get it down to that price. Just got to fit it now!

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £143.99 @ City Plumbing
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £143.99 @ City Plumbing£143.99 Free P&P FreeCity plumbing Deals
Product Information 2 Year Guarantee [1] HD Talk And Listen. Using The Nest App, Hear Visitors Loud And Clear And Have A Conversation. Or Use Quick Responses – Choose From A Lis… Read more

Back up to £227.99 ;(


JL just price matched for me! Heat!


Yep, the hubs play a short chime and then announce 'someone's at the front door' or whatever you've named it and will show you the camera feed. I haven't found a way to make a chime sound only. In terms of the transformer, I opted to buy a plug in one like this one below, rather than having to find a suitable mounting point for the one you linked to. It's much easier than messing around with the consumer unit or getting someone in to do it. It's then just a matter of routing the low voltage wires to the doorbell.


I do have a Google Nest Hub & Nest Hub Max so could use those, am I right in thinking that if the doorbell is rung, they can only verbally announce as opposed to playing a chime? If I don't have an existing wired doorbell infrastructure, is something like this all I would need to be installed prior to getting the Nest Hello?


If you don't mind having Google in your home, you can just buy a Google nest mini and it will tell you when someone has rang the bell. You can also mute the mic on it, if you prefer to have it only for announcements. You can generally pick them up for around £20 in the various sales