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Nest® Hello Video Doorbell & Google Home Mini - Coral Bundle - £184.99 Delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Decent bundle. Characteristics: Motion Detector Feature: 1080p HD Camera Function: Hello Video Doorbell & Home Mini Power: Mains Powered Know who's at the door Google … Read more

Really bad with notification delays. To the point of being key useless. I usually with the motion alerts but often when doorbell pressed too. Massive pain in the... Neck when you find someone has left by the time you hear the delayed notification and go to a window to look out. I don't even try to use the app because it takes even longer to start up and connect so you can interact with the visitor. Tried a few things, they even sent me a replacement unit free of charge but its so bad I'm still looking at Nest. Google home "integration" is laughable IMO because AFAIK users (in the U. S.? ) have been promised better Google home features arriving in decent 2019. (annoyed)


Keep an eye on CEX for a grade B Nest Hello. They go for £145. Currently out of stock but they do come and go. The grade A is £160


I think it is 1st gen


Is this the first generation Google home mini or the second generation nest home mini? Hoping for a typo on their website but assuming it's first gen? (:I


I bought mine for £145- from toolstation anout year ago with their discount code. Before anyone comes back with the time machine comments, this is for reference only. You might be lucky and get one under £150-

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £161.98 delivered at City Plumbing
954° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Video doorbell from Google. Works with Google assistant. Free click and collect also available.
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I can't remember where I read it, but don't think there is a way to exclude them other than to put them into do not disturb.


Does anyone happen to know if you can choose the devices that are notified when the doorbell rings? I.e. we have a few google home minis around and there's a couple close to the kids rooms that Id prefer not to go off. Thanks in advance!


lucky you that get WIFI for free at home


You’re very welcome. My order took ages to arrive. It ended up being around 6 or 7 weeks. I chased them up a couple of time and in fairness they were always helpful & quite apologetic. They stated that the delay was to do with their supplier and was Covid related. I’ve never ordered from them before so I’ve no idea what the delay is usually like. I was happy to wait as the price was so much cheaper than elsewhere.


Thanks! That's more helpful than any of the reviews I've found. Final question how was your experience with squizzas? They seem to have the best deals but the reviews are god awful in terms of stuff arriving within a reasonable time.

Nest® Hello Video Doorbell - £174.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
77° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Google Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a visitor or a parcel. It can tell the difference between a person and something else, and then alert you. Using t… Read more

So many apps don't work with huawei. When I had one fitbit and android auto never worked. Same issues, the phone stopped the apps.


I got rid of my Huawei after 18 months of suffering with apps not working because of the battery optimisation. All the apps that stopped working properly when I got a Huawei phone now work fine again. Some apps work OK on Huawei if you configure them under app launch, and battery optimisation in settings but some still don't work even then.


Yes i have Huawei but i gave all permissions to the app and checked battery optimisation.


It will be your phone causing issues with notifications, probably due to battery optimisation not letting the app run in the background. Do you have a Huawei phone by any chance?


Yeah I agree. Best way is just to insure under home insurance.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £175 at Toolstation
-74° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Video doorbell from Google. Works with Google assistant. Also this price on their eBay store. Was selling for around £200 before today.
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I agree you should


I appreciate that if you’re in shielding, you may have a lot of free time to kill, but HUKD is about finding great prices for any given product. This is currently a good (not the best) price for arguable the best product in its category. If that whole category isn’t something that interests you, maybe move on? Better price here:


Or while your on holiday watch a burglar break in, that’s really gonna make your holiday when your thousands of miles away.


£100/yr for one camera is expensive, I agree. But it’s the same cost for 10 cameras... at which point it looks quite reasonable. Imagine how much storage 60 days of 1080p takes up, multiply that by the no of cameras you have..!


As per my comment, I've ordered the transformer already.

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Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell NC5100GB £174 with code at Toolstation
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
£174 at Toolstation with code LONDON50

Got mine for £185 from Toolstation, already had a hard wired chime. But has to swap out the AC transformer as it is was only 8V. Replaced with a 12V AC transformer. Took me 30 mins probably to fit everything. Only thing left to do is to hide the nest chime connector attached to my chime


Just got my dispatch confirmation from sqizzas which was kind of unexpected but welcome


Thanks buddy, I did exactly this but went with the option of ordering and getting refund difference so also managed to get a free nest mini out of it due to AO current promotion! Working on getting my refund with Squizzas now


Hi @Jack_t I've added some additional information to your opening and checking there is still stock available for delivery at this offer price. Thanks for sharing (y)


I’m not sure, but the chances are they will ask you to buy through them first and claim after. AO agreed the price match on the online chat, 5 mins later someone called me and took the payment over the phone. Very simple process.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £179.99 @ City plumbing
289° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Google Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. It replaces your existing wired doorbell, and delivers HD video and bright, crisp images, even at night. … Read more

I’ve cancelled the squizzas order too, ordered the electrical showroom offer with the nest mini for £185 last night and has already been dispatched this morning.


Contact PayPal then.


I just got a refund in the end, paid me back with an echeque, which put another week on it, more hassle then it was worth.


Paid with PayPal, I want the items but I'm not sure I can even trust them to not have been tampered with now...


Contact the bank who issued your card. Have them perform a chargeback.

Google Nest Hello (+ two year guarantee) £179 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Google Nest Hello (+ two year guarantee) £179 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
£179 Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis & Partners Deals
A decent discount on this it’s also the Same price at other main retailers (Argos, curry’s) but JL give the two year guarantee - John Lewis currently offering £5 e-voucher for new … Read more
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Old subscription that I’m on is 5 days of 24/7 recording for £4 per month for one camera. New subscription is £5 per month for 30 days of event recording for unlimited cameras. You can pay an annual fee for £50 if you want a saving. I have recently had a Nest Hello installed at a family members house. That is on the new event based recording. They have and additional camera for the back garden so the £5 per month is a saving over 2 x old subscription pricing. What I would add is that the Nest Hello picks up enough motion in terms of lighting changes etc to be recording a lot of the time. This is on a property where the door faces a driveway and not a road. If I get a camera for the back of the house I will switch to the new event based recording. I suspect that with my house facing the road my Nest Hello will be recording almost all day. Remember the camera sees an ‘event’ as any motion within its sight, not just motion within your zones.

Old subscription not available anymore so I’m not going to bother price used to be £48 with 24/7 recording. Now the price has gone up to £60 with event record not 24/7. That was one of the main reasons I went for the nest over the ring.


Yah I noticed that timeline feature it’s easier to see thing with the colour getting more intense, Sorry I don’t understand the old subscription to the new one...can I get the old subscription? And which ones better? Yeah I was think about getting the nest cam or can iq when on offer or buy used , hard to find used so will be good resale on it That’s cool sunshade I made a temporary one (y) Only problem is you see it in the recording and there no way hiding it, you can push it all the way back then it won’t block the sun , worth the compromise then have direct sun


Another way to view your recorded footage is to click the 3 vertical lines next the filter icon. This will show your recording with a time line on the left hand side of the screen. The colours represent movement. On mine grey is any movement it sees outside of my set zone and orange is within. The more intense movement is represented by a deeper colour. I’m on the old subscription package which gives me 5 days of 24/7 recording for £4 per month (instead of 30 days of event only recording) so this screen is quite useful for me. I may add an additional nest camera for my back garden so I will then move over to the event recording subscription. I’m thinking that my doorbell camera will probably be recording almost 24/7 even on event based recording due to the movement in the road etc that it faces. I found a sunshade on ebay that might be useful.


Ahhhhh thank you so much all this time I have been flicking through a million things just to see somthing when all along I could of filtered it Yeah this is much better now!!! I just need to figure out these rings issue it’s not a big problem it’s just annoying to see it at night , I don’t want to take it all down for a replacement. Oh by the way I noticed around 1pm the sun is blasting on the front lens for a few hours , have you thought about making a sun flap above it to protect it from sun and rain?

Nest® Hello Video Doorbell - £164.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
188° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Nest® Hello Video Doorbell - £164.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
Description Google Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a visitor or a parcel. It can tell the difference between a person and something else, and then alert… Read more

Anyone signed up to nest aware via the usa site ?


AO refused to price match for me, but they did price match for £10 more AO was claiming that any website saying "Covid-19 we can't guarantee delivery on the option you select" that means you might not get it for weeks so it doesn't "match" with AO's guaranteed delivery still so won't price match. I suspect The Electrical Showroom is going bust as I tried to reach out to them myself after reading some of the reviews of the site and no luck.


Yep just got it price matched from AO :) Cant wait (y)


Yeah but better option would be to contact AO and give them the link. They'll price match it.


is this site legit? never ordered from them before lol

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Bundle for £105 @ Curry s PC World
363° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Bundle for £105 @ Curry s PC World
£105£138.9824%Currys PC World Deals
Good saving on this bundle. :) Only available at this price with the Chalk mini. Other colours are more expensive. Free delivery or click and collect. Create your ideal smar… Read more
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Yeah got email this morning with code


Did anyone else still get the 6 months free Spotify code? At least I got something out of it!


Anyone who got the nest hello looking to sell? I'm after 2


Just picked mine up too, feel bad for not taking out the product insurance they were trying to sell me


Mine got cancelled !

Nest Hello Video Doorbell + free Google Nest Mini at Toolstation for £205
-230° Expired
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Nest Hello Video Doorbell + free Google Nest Mini at Toolstation for £205
£205£22910%Toolstation Deals
Not a huge saving but free Nest Mini so that helps Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. • Replaces existing wired doorbell • HD day and night vide… Read more
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Yes I usually just pull the curtains back and have a look


This is good for anti-social people (like me) who dodge people and don't want them to know they are home. Peep holes are good but some nosey folk look through letterboxes so they'd see you behind the door. (lol) Also, I've got wooden floors and some creak so folk outside might hear me going to to door. (lol) I've not got one of these doorbells though. My mate has the ring doorbell and loves it. She had an attempted break-in before and since having it, she feels more secure and can see who is at the door. :)


Is there any doorbell that works with Google nest mini to simply chime or for Google to say someone at door? Don't need video or chat. Something cheap


The idea of spending £200 on a door bell blows my mind.


I use mine as a security camera to view the drive and my motorbike. It’s got a great wide angle and it’s very reliable. Not for everyone granted, but like I give a fcuk (lol)

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell + free delivery at City Plumbing
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell + free delivery at City Plumbing
£169.88£22926%City plumbing Deals
Google Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. It replaces your existing wired doorbell, and delivers HD video and bright, crisp images, even at night. … Read more

Yes. Google will be refunding the subscription cost this month for all.


Did you get a refund?


You’re very welcome. I only have 1 nest home hub connected but my understanding is that it will work with multiple screens / hubs simultaneously. I thoroughly recommend this device and love the fact that the notifications can be set to only ping me when a person walks onto my drive. I have other security cameras that end up hassling me every time a tree blows in the wind to the point that I have to switch off the notifications. For me the security camera part of this device has ultimately become more important than the bell strangely. I have had this unit for around 3 or 4 weeks now. I’m quite impressed with it to be honest. I particularly like the low light picture quality. I have switched off the night mode (IR black & white) meaning that I can get a decent colour picture with the street lights / porch lamp that I have. Again, far superior to the security cameras that I currently have. The only issue I have had was when the Google / nest camera servers went down earlier this week meaning no access for around 24 hours. I suspect this was a one off but time will tell.


Thank you for this most informative post, I found it very useful, especially the power supply part which has been confusing me. Would you be able to tell me if the video feed will automatically come up on 2 nest home hubs simultaneously? I have one upstairs and one downstairs and that's the only question that's now holding me back hitting buy. Thank you so much.


Sounds like a patent waiting to happen

Nest Hello Doorbell NC5100GB - £139.99 + Free delivery with voucher code from Toolstation
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Nest Hello Doorbell NC5100GB - £139.99 + Free delivery with voucher code from Toolstation
On the lookout for a Nest Ring Hello.... (got doorbells on my mind.. how sad) Toolstation currently have 10 pound off code, CRTEN11W, that is working for me bring the price down… Read more

Best of luck when you come to wire it. I suggest checking out what you've got 1st, see if it's feasable (which it proly won't) then just leave it as is.


I’ve got the ring pro and my neighbour has the nest (same house type). The ring is utter crap, poor Wi-fi, slow as anything and the chime has to have internet to work. My neighbour wired his nest to a normal doorbell (I did this with the ring in the end as I was missing people) and says he’s not had any issues. Ring and Argos have been useless.


Yes like this:


Can any users confirm if there is any delay in receiving the notifications, its 4 times the price of my current bell but this does look good.


Any chance of a diagram how you wired it up?

Google Nest Hello Doorbell @ Electrical Showroom £139.99
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Google Nest Hello Doorbell @ Electrical Showroom £139.99
Nowhere near as good as yesterday's shortly lived deal at City Plumbing (who are now selling this at £145), but still the lowest out there. Hoping it gets closer to £100 today!

Best of luck wiring it...


Great price! I paid £149 a week ago, should have held out to today. I'm goign to use a simple plug for mine £15:


I have the Ring and a Canary cam. I'm going to switch as the Nest Aware sub will be good value for money and the Ring app feels a bit blunky.


one is still good enough! and with so many deals of ring on amazon you will be covered. still undecided.


I think its only covered for 1 stolen camera which i suppose is one more than Nest . Coverage of this theft protection is limited to one (1) replacement only for each Ring camera or doorbell product that you have purchased. Theft protection does not apply to any products purchased from third party sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces .

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £117.11 at City plumbing
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £117.11 at City plumbing
£117.11£14921%City plumbing Deals
Cheapest price I've seen in some time

Got mine today now to stare at it until someone installs it lol


Has anyone successfully wired it in? Looking at transformers and enclosures and how to integrate my existing chime... The transformers are huge!


Happy days Deano


Got mine delivered this morning


I got an email and text from our local branch on Saturday stating the delivery date and time slot. Maybe it depends on how good the branch who are delivering it are, as to whether you get any additional notifications. By the looks of it, everybody who managed to order has been successful. Thumbs up to City Plumbing! (y)

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £149 @ John Lewis & Partners
230° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell £149 @ John Lewis & Partners
Nest Hello Video Doorbell lets you know who's at the door, so you won't miss a visitor or parcel delivery. It can send an alert to your smart device, and can tell the difference be… Read more

Thank you very much for such detailed information. It is very useful. (y) (highfive)


Yep same reason why I haven't got it even though this is a Google household


Nah. They'd need to unlock it from the mount, and the undo the screws for the electrics too. You can't just walk up and pull it off


Just do it richie


Ah, thanks. Didn’t read the description fully, just assumed it was wireless like Ring.

Nest Hello doorbell £149 @ Screwfix
197° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Nest Hello doorbell £149 @ Screwfix
Screwfix have it matching the Google store price. Can click and collect tomorrow in most places though! Top cashback and Quidco don't pay out on Nest products. But still handy if … Read more

Yes you’re right the chime unit has the transformer built in, it’s reading about 10v so I guess that’s no good.


Yes, that seems to be the case, in order to help protect the privacy of your burglars (zombie) Nothing a little bit of black electrical tape can't solve though. I might look out for a small black sticker to cover it too.


Tempted with one of these. Am I right in saying google have removed the ability to turn the status light off on these which then also flashes when youre viewing it?


Probably on the chime unit which is likely to have an integrated transformer (or less likely a separate one) which will give its input 240v and output, possibly 8v, maybe 12v


It may say on your consumer box. If not then the best way is to disconnect the doorbell and measure the voltage (AC) across the 2 wires. Most UK ones are 12V, but you need 16-24V for the nest really.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £149 @ Currys PC World
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - £149 @ Currys PC World
£149£184.9919%Currys PC World Deals
Nest Hello. Cheapest I have seen also same price on John Lewis but won't let me post!

70 or 80 cant remember was undr 100 including transformer


How much did you pay if i may ask?


I saw this , it’s actually 124.95 but 149.94 with vat




It will. Someone I know who already has one installed used this so recommended it to me

Google Home £49 / Google Home Mini £19 / Google Nest Hub £59 / Nest Mini £29 / Google Home Max £199 /Nest Hello Doorbell £149 @ Google Store
3433° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Google Home £49 / Google Home Mini £19 / Google Nest Hub £59 / Nest Mini £29 / Google Home Max £199 /Nest Hello Doorbell £149 @ Google Store
From Friday you will be able to get some cheap prices on various Google products at their store. These include getting the Google Nest Hub for £59 and the new Google Nest Mini for … Read more
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It's 10% back in credit a month after purchase to use on Google Store, not Google Play credit


Re: Google order 10% purchase credit to Play account. Have been paying yearly for Google One (in fact it just auto renewed). Do I have to cancel the yearly sub and start up with monthly to get the credit? Looking to buy a 3a XL today and at the mo the basket doesn't show the Google Play discount at checkout. Ta.


Currently there is no work around to this pairing issues of 1st generation and the new mini nest 2. Developers are aware of this now after a 2 hour conversation with them today & yesterday , but it may be a case of a future firmware upgrade to fix this but no timescale has been given .


Note I have found an issue when using the the new mini nest 2nd generation with the first mini . You cant pair them as yet ( as supposedly led to believe ) as they are using different firmware . I tried to today and it failed so had to contact them . My 3 old minis will all pair with each other and communicate but my 2nd new mini wont . They are going to phone me back to try and provide a solution tomorrow as a i bought the 4 th mini to create two stereo pairs as it said the new mini already supported pairing , whereas the old minis had to be updated ( mine are).


See below for my nest hello installation guide

Nest Hello Doorbell - £169 @ Electrical Showroom
353° Expired
Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
Nest Hello Doorbell - £169 @ Electrical Showroom
Please note there's a £4- a month subscription if you would like to access the continuous recording for 5 days. Free 48 hour delivery for orders over £25 Description Google … Read more

What's the distance from the door before it can see the floor (obviously this will change based on mounting height).


This is what you need, notifications only if someone presses the bell. It will be always on regardless, so you can view live whenever you like, and if you have the sub it'll store recordings for at least days.


Then yes, it'll alert for that. You can select a particular area of the screen to be active though so you could draw the box down you path and only be alerted if people walk into that box


Thanks. What about if people simply walk past?


I live in a new-build and my drives are pretty open onto the street. Literally have trucks and plant driving past non-stop all day. Can set the camera to just alert if people approach and it can differentiate a person from other motion

Nest Hello Doorbell NC5100GB £176 at Toolstation
129° Expired
Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019
Nest Hello Doorbell NC5100GB £176 at Toolstation
£176£1771%Toolstation Deals
Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. • Replaces existing wired doorbell • HD day and night video • HD talk and listen • 24/7 streaming • 3 hour snaps… Read more
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One thing I do like about Ring is having the battery as well. I wonder if the device stores anything on itself before uploading to the cloud. I'm thinking in a power cut the bell would still be powered but the internet would be off so it would be a bit stuck. After using Ring for a year where half of it was mains powered then the transformer broke and since then been using battery, mains powered was much better. Not having to think about recharging it was good. Now the app doesn't even remind me when its low which is annoying. I think I'm going to hold off until Black Friday as Ring have loads of deals then so perhaps Nest will too.


This is wired only bare in mind.


Ah I see, thanks


I didn't have a wired doorbell installed previously but my distribution board is by the front door so just had an electrician put a plug socket next to it


Did you use your old wired doorbell transformer for power? I did have my Ring set up like that but the transformer was probably 30 years old and has failed. Currently just using battery power. I need to change the transformer so do you think I can just buy any old wired doorbell and use the transformer from that? I don't want to use a mains transformer as have no socket in a good location for it so better to use the existing wires which go from the doorbell area to the fuse box.

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