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Updated 2nd Sep 2021Last updated 2nd Sep 2021 by legodealsmad
Google Nest Mini Second Gen Charcoal/Google Nest Mini Second Gen Chalk £49 down to £22 with Clubcard Price Offer valid 27th Aug 2021 to 14th Sep 2021 Confirmed as National offer … Read more

Free last week with Lego :) at John Lewis for £100 spend

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Updated 8th Dec 2020Last updated 8th Dec 2020 by miffyl
Had a email off Spotify offering 3 months premium for £9.99 and didn't take the offer. Then had a email sent saying to link my Spotify and Google account to claim a free google nes… Read more

Ah, you signed up before the closing date if 3/9.


i Just got an email saying otherwise, I signed up 1st sept but they were out of stock, today they sent me an email for me to claim my Google nest. All ordered. awaiting delivery for next month.

miffyl Google Nest Mini offer This offer has now closed (as of September 3rd). This offer was available only while supplies lasted, and we quickly ran out due to high demand. Did you register but not get an email? Note: Registration for this offer closed after September 3rd. If you registered while the offer was available but didn’t get an email yet, we’re very sorry. We expect to have a limited number of additional devices from Google ready between October and December. If one becomes available for you, we’ll send you an email with a link to order during that time. Unfortunately, we can't speed up this process, but we are working with Google to deliver more devices as soon as possible.



Ages ago. Was offered the 3 months for £9.99. Opened the link for the email to the 3 month deal. Didn't sign up then 40 mins later a email with the offer of a free google mini if I link my Spotify to Google account. Had the email off Google of the order.

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Updated 4th Nov 2020Last updated 4th Nov 2020 by DazLFC
Free Google Nest Mini with Spotify Subscription I received an email from Spotify that the Google Nest Mini deal is back on. I wasn't quick enough before in the first drop but hav… Read more

Me too


I'm getting message to link accounts then it says I can't redeem and need to register. When I click on register, nothing happens.. Any ideas?


no, i tried that with this offer the other week. Currys codes are excluded :(


Will it work if I sign up for premium Spotify membership now with my unused Curry's code?



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Updated 29th Oct 2020Last updated 29th Oct 2020 by cecilmcroberts
Nest Hub & Nest Mini £59/Google Nest Hub Max & FREE Nest Hub Mini £169 - Check emails from BT
Seems another round going out slightly different this time, check your emails. Time for the code begging requests (skeptical)

Yeah it was a good price, at the time someone else was doing the mini's for £15. Though others seemed to get the offer through for £39. But yeah it's still a good price.


Ahh fair enough. Nest hub and mini isn’t bad for £59 tbh.


It was one of the last BT deals they emailed to some people, though just for the Nest Hub. Got it myself.


What £29 for both. Where have you seen this.


I've been with BT now for years and they only started sending these out this year. It just sends to the email address on my account, didnt sign up for anything and had never been a customer of the BTShop before either.

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Updated 24th Jun 2020Last updated 24th Jun 2020 by deleted313317
Another Google Nest Mini or a Bluetooth Speaker
Hi, I have a Google home mini (1st Gen) and the bigger Google Home set up and I need a third device to listen to music in another room. I was going to get the Google Nest Mini (2nd… Read more

Seeing as you both have trouble connecting to Google Home and I've never had much luck with Bluetooth myself, I might just stick to the Google Nest. I've got enough agro in my life already without buying a Bluetooth speaker to fight with!


Doesn't connect to the google home minis that I have around my home, but the sound quality is far, far better

leemg3 I've had one of these for a couple of years, packs a punch for a tiny speaker and the battery lasts an age! Paid £25 for it from amazon. Mines the soundcore 2 actually


Ahh, that's not good.


Google home has a habit of cutting off my Bluetooth (annoyed)

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Updated 28th Jan 2020Last updated 28th Jan 2020 by rincewynd6
my google nest mini won'tfind real radio scotland.
hey folks my google nest mini and my google home mini will not find or play PURE RADIO SCOTLAND. Any advice how to solve this would be very much appreciated.

Still the same with the google minis. Anyone had any luck with them.


Tried yesterday on an Echo Dot - just worked no problem.


There is a paid version but the free one works just fine, I’ve just cast no problem from my iPhone to my google speaker. I think it’s ad supported but I have never paid a penny


I've tried to find a link to report this problem but the help section on google home or nest is hopeless.


Says it can be on pure radio scotland website too. You can ask google to “Play radio xxxxx on TuneIn” but doesn’t work either. Edit: tried on Amazon Echo & Alexa tries to play it & then says “it’s not currently available”. Tried again & it worked. Perhaps they’re having issues