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Netatmo Smart Thermostat at Maplins £104.30
LocalLocalFound 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Better deal than tado as you do not require an extension kit. Smart heating thermostat • Access and control your heating • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit • Compati… Read more

no need for me to explain, as someone else already has.


I'd quite like to be able to program different rooms to be heated at different times of the day. I work from home so want my home office warm during the day, but not the evening. I want the living room nice and warm in the evening. I want my bedroom to be reasonably warm when I go to bed and when I wake up, but can be cold the rest of the day. But the cost of smart TRVs puts me off.


I've got the thermostat but I don't see the value of smart TRVs... It's one thing being able to control the heating remotely, but I can't imagine why I'd ever want to control the temperature of a particular room remotely...


the smart valves are also down to £42, i picked up 5 of them yesterday and look about an hour to install them and set them all up. just waiting on them all updating now before they work fully


Have had the Tado for 3 years and can’t fault it. The Netatmo is a birthday present. So good deal for me.

NETATMO Thermostat for Smartphone with Installation at Currys for £129.98
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Great price for this considering that it includes installation. Installation seems to about £60 up for most other brands. Details of the unit itself here . Installation details … Read more
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Not yet! They exchanged it for a hive one but it wasnt even a thermostat it was an add on. Returned it and they received it on 2nd May but still no refund.


Did you get your money back?


Sorry, but it was a nice day to be at home! I do hope getting a refund is straightforward.


Are you me?! Installer turned up today... No thermostat. He thought I had only paid for an installation but when shown confirmation email agreed that I'd paid for both. However they are oos so I need to wait for a refund!


And today the Curry’s Know How installer turned up. He didn’t have the thermostat, told me that “I had only paid for an installation and that THEY DON’T INSTALL NETATMO THERMOSTATS”. Called Currys who said the item is not available and I should go to a store and ask for a refund. A waste of time

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve - £53.99 at Amazon sold by Maplin_Webdeals
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Great smart device to automatically control your heating at a room level. Price varies between £59-£89 so this it cheap and HOT!!! Being sold on Amazon by Maplin. Works with Apple … Read more
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I have the netatmo boiler remote stat, but I use energenie. mi-home rad stats. I am happy with the set up.


Got them, and they can be a total nuisance (noisy for bedrooms especially and not very accurate) - if you are disabled and can't bend to reach them like me they get left on one setting when I do want to vary the temperature, nor useful if you have one in an awkward location even for able bodied (got one of those too!) They are also not long lived and I have had several changes (capsules and bodies) of various brands over the years. Have tried a bluetooth valve and it was defective out of he box and poorly reviewed so it didn't inspire me to try more!


Go for a thermostatic radiator valve .... Cheap and easy to use 🤔


Bought one earlier this week and it was delivered yesterday if that eases anyones concerns.


from a few other maplin deals on here recently, it looks like they are struggling to get couriers to deliver their orders. so I'm not sure if i would risk this. i have been waiting for a price like this, but there is no guarantee that they don't close down completely before your order is fulfilled. order on credit card if you are going to order. i don't have a credit card or i would have risked it.

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Netatmo Thermostat £89.99 Amazon
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Been waiting for this to drop in price again. Usually around £120 Control your home temperature via your phone or Alexa.

Yeah, she can be a pain, I'm sick of it finding lights twice on mine... The heating is annoying too though, you can't just ask it to turn the heating on or off or to max. Hope this gets an update of some sort.


Just asked Alexa to increase heat by 2° and it did it. Every time I did a search for a new device on my Alexa app it kept saying it couldn't find any. I've been messing around a few hours and it HAD already found it. She (Alexa) can be a right lying biatch sometimes :D


I have and it won't find any device. Was hoping somebody maybe know of a step by step guide or video instruction how to do it...incase I'm missing something. Could be something simple but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can't find anything on YouTube


You just go to skills search the Netatmo Energy skill install then discover new devices...


Has anyone got a set up guide for connecting this to Alexa?

`Netatmo Weather Station. £89.99 @ Argos
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Listed at £109 most places .... Not the cheapest its ever been but is not bad



Yes, sorry, it is for most people, but there are many of these things about, so this seems expensive compared to others (just my opinion). If people particularly like 'your' one, then it'll get hot (which it is already!) So it seems good :)


It is what it is is... I thought the hot or cold was based on the price, not if you liked the item?


It doesn't include a wind speed measuring device or a rain guage, so no better than any of the other cheaper devices so voted cold. I don't think it can be called a weather satiton


This sounds similar to the - Netatmo Healthy Home Coach?

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Netatmo Smart Thermostat £109 at
LocalLocalFound 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Irish Argos €123.75 was €189.99 Take control of your home with the Thermostat for smartphones, tablets and laptops. The intelligent thermostat learns from your habits and autom… Read more

A quick Google search shows everywhere selling at 99.99 normaly

Netatmo Smart Thermostat,, works with Alexa, Google Home IFTTT etc. £99 @ Argos
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Another Smart thermostat for you to consider! The Netatmo system is a learning based thermostat similar to Nest or Tado, but lacks Nest's presence sensor and Tado's Geofencing (al… Read more
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Honestly not tried, husband just said we’ll get a Nest. Not sure if they would if we called.


As far as I've read (no firsthand experience) Hive has no 'learning' ability and some complain that it can overshoot the target temp consistently. (Google hive overshoot). I'm sure it's a minor issue as most seem very happy with it. The Nest seems to have a few more features (learning, monitoring etc.).


Why is Nest more exciting than Hive? Just starting to read up as I want a wifi controllable heating system preferabley with Alex support


Did they replace it for free? My current wireless (a drayton, so a relatively known brand) cannot talk to the receiver so I don't want a similar issue!


We have this, was installed with a brand new boiler and heating system through our house (refurb job) just under 1 year ago. Month or so ago noticed the wireless thermostat wasn’t talking to the boiler, turning it on/off etc when we pressed or changed temp. Finally had it looked at tonight and it’s basically useless and has to be replaced. So based on our experience I would not waste your money as it seems completely unreliable, which i notice another person posted above as well.

EDF 2 Year Tariff - Free latest Amazon Echo & Netatmo Thermostat plus Installation
Found 9th Nov 2017Found 9th Nov 2017
Includes a Netatmo HeatSmart® Thermostat installedand an all-new Amazon Echo, which allows you to control your heat with just your voice. 4 With the all-new Amazon Echo, you can … Read more

Yes, both The swap happened when I was away in the US for a number of weeks. They were previously BG smart meters so the readings are both on the IRESA website and are correct.


I can't find any cheaper than my current 13.333p/kwh (12.88p/kWh + VAT)! Most are 14p + and all have a daily standing charge of 18p+ per day prices have gone up folks


Out of interest was this Gas and Electric? And are both meters and their initial reads showing on their website? Cheers.


Get this!! And Watch them rip you off via live update on your phone :{


FWIW and in the intersts of a bit of balance I switched to Iresa a month or so back with no problems.

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves (TRV heads) in stock £49.99 at Maplin, and 37.5% cheaper than
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Finally in stock at Maplin, and now £30 less than the Netatmo website. Multizone your heating ! Use alongside the Netatmo Thermostat (not included) to control your radiators with y… Read more
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AFAIK there are no smart TRVs compatible with Nest. Your choice is Netatmo, Tado, Drayton Wiser and Honeywell.


Thinking of getting the Nest thermostat - are these compatible? If not, which TRVs work with Nest?


Netatmo has just updated the Alexa skill so you can now control your radiator TRVs with voice too


I saw the same question in another post so contacted support. They were quick and efficient actually and confirmed to have a TRV on the radiator in the same room as the thermostat. Have ordered the Wiser system (embarrassed)


I've gone for the Wiser system. Seems to be a much more 'complete' setup and is considerably cheaper than the honeywell. The Wiser system is still new, so there are some key features lacking (IMHO). For example - if you have multiple devices (TRVs or Wall Stats) in a single zone, the app will only show you one 'consolidated' temperature. Support have been very responsive however and evidently have a program of improvements in the pipeline.

Netatmo thermostat £98.11 at
Found 9th May 2017Found 9th May 2017
Lowest price ever. Dispatched and sold by amazon. Just got the 3 camels price alert I set up.
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Now £95.76. Just ordered one.


It's now £97.37


Yes you just take off the old wall thermostat and connect the wires of the Netatmo thermostat. There are also instructions to wire it to the boiler but that seemed more complicated for me, a lady pensioner with no experience apart from wiring a plug! As our thermostat was about 45 years old the wires were different colours but it was very easy when I knew which wires to use where. I was very pleased with myself as I have wanted a new thermostat but did not want to pay an electrician. I can see straight away on the app if my husband turns the heating down and I can turn it up again without having to get up and check the thermostat!


All instructions for wiring are with it and there are some videos. I did it myself was easy enough. Just make sure you can get a wireless internet connection where your boiler is or it wont work.


So you just wire this to the old thermostat

Drayton MiGenie Wish 1 single channel room thermostat kit £107.99 @ Plumbcenter
Found 26th Nov 2016Found 26th Nov 2016
Best in class domestic heating wireless internet programmable thermostat Forget the rest

the wish 2 is a good find, for those who don't have a combi boiler


Good price. There's the wish 2 for £100 at amazon. It controls heating and hot water.

Amazon Echo Dot + Netatmo Thermostat £124.90 @ John Lewis
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Seems like a really good price for this bundle seeing as I was going to pickup a £40 Echo Dot anyway, works out under £85 for the thermostat. The thermostat has £35 off for Black … Read more

Thanks for the clarification re HomeKit - much appreciated


Mine arrived today and it clearly states on the outside of the box that it is indeed HomeKit compatible :)


There's loads of echo dots left in store at £39.95. That's if you have one near you.


According to the JL web page for this there is a comment stating it is NOT Homekit compatible - glad I saw it as it was the HomeKit one I am after



Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone £103.98 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Cheapest I have ever seen for a smart thermostat. I guess this doesn't do hot water like nest and hive, but I heard hot water doesn't work for combi boilers. So not a deal breaker … Read more

I hope this comes back down again soon


Tried using flubit (esp since they where giving 20% off all electronics to Elite members which you can get a free trial with) However they couldn't beat the deal, *****


Looking at this for just £40 - to control combi and heating at a holiday home we're buying at moment - anone know any reason why this won't allow us to control the heating from home over winter?


I have had the netatmo now for around a year. Best thing is it keeps the house at a constant temperature and has definitely saved us money. I do forget to turn it off when I'm out but you can use it with ifttt to use geofencing.


I am currently torn between the netatmo and hive 2. I ordered both on amazon warehouse deals. Netatmo for £79 and Hive 2 heating & hot water for £92. Not sure which order to cancel. The only think I don't like about hive is the additional hub I need to connect to my router using ethernet.

Netatmo Thermostat Plus Amazon Dot Bundle £148.99 @ Amazon
Found 17th Sep 2016Found 17th Sep 2016
Very tempted by this seeing as the Thermostat on its own is £149.99 through Prime and I have already preordered a Dot and an Echo. Some blurb on the Netatmo which is highly review… Read more

​I haven't installed it yet, was reading reviews. Apparently the USA version does do more functionality so am hoping it comes this way.


Well, no, it won't 'turn it on or off' as such. But if you turn the temperature to 15, then it's not going to turn on is it? Have you set your schedules in the netatmo app?


Is it me or this package make no sense? From reading the reviews on the Netatmo skill for echo it is limited to turn up or down the heating. Not switch it on and off!


​Nice. Am hoping the Plex plugin comes out soon. Had to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius though manually via the app and settings.


So far, hugely impressed with it. After a little practise, she even understands my 4 year old with a lisp! They are having huge fun making it meow like a cat, and telling silly jokes... :) Looking forward to setting up the netatmo... Might bring forward the purchase of some Hue bulbs... Also can't wait for the release of the Netatmo radiator thermostats...

Netatmo Smart Thermostat (like Hive or Nest) only 149euro (£109.38) at + possible 30 euro cashback
Found 30th Nov 2015Found 30th Nov 2015
Price in euros is 149.00 + 6.11 postage which directly converts to £109.38. There is the same deal post from 8 months ago from and the package came with all you need for … Read more
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No reply :-(


Have you had a reply yet. It took just under a day to get a reply to my message via their facebook page.


£30 cashback in uk too and reduced to £99 on


​So presumably it means that Belgium and Luxembourg are the only overseas territories included


- Offer subject to conditions, limited to one request per household (same name, same name, same address) and reserved for individuals residing in metropolitan France (including Corsica), overseas territories, Belgium and Luxembourg. Checked t&c's on google translate

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones £139 @ Amazon £124 with cashback voucher
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Netatmo have provided a redeemable voucher which gives you £15 off a Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones from Amazon only. One of the cheapest prices out there. Please let me … Read more

Hi did you get on OK wil your cashback? They are doing this again at £30 this month and I'm thinking of getting one


Comment The Nest thermostat is the one owned by Google. They have a home automation platform called "works with Nest". You'll see items like the philips Hue bulbs and Nest Protect smoke alarm. There are more open platforms to get devices to operate slightly. Search on the net for IFTTT


Works brilliantly along with their thermostat and has helped me to identify areas within the house where I was losing heat so I can insulate/repair seals accordingly. Nest is a bit too "big brother" for my liking.


What is the NEST kit you mention....didnt know about this


Seems a bit much when the Maplin one which ranges between £60 - 90 depending on colour of offer at time does a good job and mines been uploading for the last year.

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