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Microsoft Office - NHS Staff Only - £16.94
Found 3rd Jan 2009Found 3rd Jan 2009
NHS staff are entitled to some good deals through NHS discounts including this deal: Home User Programme Get your copy of Office 2007 or Office 2008 for Mac for under £18. Anyon… Read more
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Expiring as this is no longer available. Anyone who purchased under the scheme must uninstall See http://www.microsoft.com/UK/NHS/pages/licensing/post_ea_hup.aspx


Nice my cousin is a paramedic


Mother-in-Law's a nurse so this may be of use to her. I'll probably have to install it for her though. I'd be as well keeping a hold of the disc, you know, just for safekeeping ;-)


Does anyone know if this deal applies to employees of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission or the Department of Work and Pensions??


There is also a similar offer to Armed Forces personnel! I will try to find it for anyone interested?

Paying Too Much For Your Prescription? 12 Month NHS Prescription Charge Certificate £102.50
Found 6th Dec 2008Found 6th Dec 2008
Paying Too Much For Your Prescription? 12 Month NHS Prescription Charge Certificate £102.50
£102.50NHS Deals
Patients Who Have To Pay For More Than 4 Prescription Items In 3 Months Or 14 Items In 12 Months May Find It Cheaper To Buy A Pre-payment Certificate Works Out Much Cheaper, Espec… Read more
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This can now be paid for over 12 months by direct debit..


Fab post. Wouldnt have had a clue to be honest unless this post was here Just started taking 3 lots of tablets per month which would have cost me £21.30 per month so this has saved me a fortune. Asked about it at the pharmacy today in Boots and signed up there on the year plan. Saying that, dont think they would have mentioned it if I hadnt brought it up. Also they said not worth my while until I added up the cost for them. Nothing against pharmacists but would have thought Mathematics is a minumum requirement !!!! :santa:


Thanks For All The Extra Advice As Well Guys!


actually ...... i do believe that if you have an NHS dentist and need antibiotics (for example), you can produce your prepayment certificate at the chemist so that you do not have to pay the prescription charge :)


LOL only 6 days left!!! :?

Cheap MS Office for NHS employees
Found 4th Nov 2008Found 4th Nov 2008
Cheap MS Office for NHS employees
if you have a relative or friend who works for the NHS, they can get MSOffice 2007 when using their NHS email account, (limited to 1 machine and only valid whilst they work for the… Read more
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It is calld MS HUP - Micorsoft Home Use Program, many companies (inc government) offer this, a great deal if your company offers this mine does!


A torrent is all you need :thinking:


Correct :thumbsup: When they launched the scheme several years ago, you did have to contact your IT dept for the code but not any more..........


An NHS email address is all you need...


My company also offer this.....it is not an NHS-specific deal so maybe worth enquiring about if you work for a medium to large business using MS Office products

Orange Dolphin reduced for council workers/NHS family and friends
Found 23rd Oct 2008Found 23rd Oct 2008
Orange Dolphin reduced for council workers/NHS family and friends
Hi, this is my first post. I've been looking for a new mobile contract and thought this was quite good. I like the dolphin £35 deal, which includes a choice of new phones, 600 anyt… Read more
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Half term's started early then.


Its called Orange perk its not just got Council or NHS workers...its alot of compaines....go into Orange retial and ask for Orange perk....give the company you work for.....if they say its on the list....take a pay slip and enjoy the discount


Got this deal for £22 a month with a shiny new C902 just by telling them I wasn't paying for the phone and wanted the £20 a month online tarriff, they said the phone was only free on this tarriff and above but would see what they could do with the price, guy put me on hold and came back with £22, bargain!!!!


never said goodbye ahhh


I was with Orange for 10 years and after Hutchison sold them to France Telecom the service started slipping, prices went up, service went down, it got to the point that when I left they never tried to keep me or even said goodbye (apparently new customers are the priority).

50% Discount @ Dominos (NHS/Police/Fire/Armed Forces Only)
LocalLocalFound 4th Jul 2008Found 4th Jul 2008
My local offers 50% off everything (collection only) if you work for the NHS / Police / Fire - on production of ID cards proof of employment. Don't know if this is nationwide call … Read more
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FYI. You can get police discount at KFC too for those of you who didn't know.


Hello IBIZA, Well I must say the 2 tours of Iraq plus the 4 tours I've served in Afghanistan not to mention all the crap Before in N.ireland & also the Balkans getting my backside shot off & BLOWN UP over the last 20yrs so that people just like you can sleep safely in your lovely warm [free] council house beds before awakening at 10am to waddle off down to the DSS & draw your [free] welfare money, well forgive me for being a cynic but I kinda feel us boys n girls have earnt a few perks from civvy street! As for more free [junk] food for people who don't do much all day everyday - bad idea hombre you just gonna get FATTER. So less of the rich getting richer [yeah on a military/NHS wage, really?!] and the poor getting poorer guff - how's about concentrating on the fat not getting any fatter? Have a bit of respect dude and maybe a bit of PRIDE in your armed forces/NHS and be happy this country supports us boys n girls! (Good comments btw BELLABONKERS!)


My Mrs works for the NHS, and she just mentions the deal on the phone, they give the offer and say to bring her ID badge, (which shes always has in her bag), she has NEVER once been asked to produce it, in fact so much so that now she places the order and i go and collect WITHOUT the ID badge.


I am a Manager at my local Domino's and yes we do have the emergency services 50% (50% on collection and 30% on delivery) off just ring the store and one of the customer service reps will be happy to take your order and put the deal on for you but please be aware that you will be asked to show some ID (id card with your face or a pay slip will be fine) you can take advantage of this deal anywhere in the UK A Dominos Pizza Manager


In Warminster they only offer a 30% discount! But hey, it's still money off.

A Must have if going on holiday in Europe this year.....FREE Medical care abroad (NHS)- EHIC (European Health insurance card)
Found 21st Jun 2008Found 21st Jun 2008
A Must have if going on holiday in Europe this year.....FREE Medical care abroad (NHS)- EHIC (European Health insurance card)
I just thought i'd list this to make people aware of it if they dont already know about it, as it is important to carry one of these cards while abroad inase of an emergency, so th… Read more
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Multi-trip within EU no to all the questions/treatment for a couple annual premium = £33 not bad! thanks :thumbsup: i'll shop around ...


Still works fine for me - try again now.


Is Is Me Or Is This Finished Online I Cant Get It To Work Thanx


I always make sure I take the E111/EHIC card with me. I get panicky if I don't! It's a bit annoying though that it doesn't cover things like cancelling your holiday or coming home early because your too ill! Usually I take out another travel insurance as well as the EHIC just in case, but my friend told me about a company called ehicplus, which is like an insurance that covers you for all the things that the EHIC card doesn't cover. I am going to try that for my next holiday which is in a couple of weeks time. Ill let you know when I try it! Apparantly prices are quite good as well, but not sure till I try!


yeah, thanks mjoneill ;-)

Free NHS Eye test + 500 Nectar Point + 2000 Points when you buy glasses
Found 20th Jun 2008Found 20th Jun 2008
Free NHS Eye test + 500 Nectar Point + 2000 Points when you buy glasses
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Link fixed. :)


I think that this needs a different link. The link here is to D&A designer sunglasses.

How to get a free eye test through the NHS
Found 18th Jun 2008Found 18th Jun 2008
How to get a free eye test through the NHS
Thought this information might useful for some, my grandmother had glaucoma so I get eye tests for free and there may be other reasons for you to get it for free that people didn't… Read more
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I'm having trouble reading this thread. :whistling:


Yes the company I work for do a reimbusement scheme. So although I will have to fork out the cost, I will be able to claim it back.


If you have to work with a VDU your employer is supposed to provide free eyetests. AND probably help with glasses.


[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]D&A, are also providing free Eye Test's plus 10% of glasses... You just need to subscribe to their newsletter[/FONT]:thumbsup:


Im 60 years of age registered partially sighted and diagnosed with glaucoma. So don't ned to know my eyes are bad.

Free Chlamydia test kit from NHS
Found 24th May 2008Found 24th May 2008
Free Chlamydia test kit from NHS
Click on the link and simply put your details in the boxes, then wait for your free test to arrive, simple as that.

what packaging does it come in? i dont really want my parents knowing


If the envelope is unmarked, how does the postman know which house to deliver it to?


If you are under 25, live in Northumberland or Tyne and wear and would like to request your free chlamydia testing kit please fill out the form and hit the send button. All entry fields marked with a star (*) need to be filled in. Your test will arrive by post in an unmarked envelope with full instructions. It says you can only get on if your in those two areas. Anyone get one when they are not from there?


Where did you order it from because i cant find it. Thanks.


Yes i ordered one, recieved it and recieved the all clear!!! It comes in discreet packaging.. I am over 25 but changed D.O.B...

The New NHS Minor Ailment Service at Your Community Pharmacy
Found 23rd May 2008Found 23rd May 2008
The New NHS Minor Ailment Service at Your Community Pharmacy
Everyone can go to their pharmacist for advice or to buy a medicine for a minor illness or ailment. But this is a new NHS service for people, including children, who don't pay pre… Read more
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I am a pharmacist and negotiated this Scheme and the reimbursement in my local area! Don't be under any illusion the cost to the NHS is just the drug! The pharmacist gets paid the drug tariff price plus a dispensing fee of £3 (in our area) as low as £1 and high as £6 in other areas. This covers the paperwork and consultation. If you can afford to buy you actually save the NHS around £10. The reason for the scheme is to reduce GP appointments which cost £25 but plugging via the daily mail, money saving expert and hotukdeals which actually have the opposite effect! Don't abuse this scheme within an NHS that can ill afford to pay for it and this is coming from a pharmacist who earns revenue from the scheme.


It's not the pounds it saves, its the appts. Queues of people waiting to see GP or nurse with very minor problems that could have been helped by pharmacist. Frees up appts, thats the theory. Still get parents who only come into appt because they have ran out of Calpol...not because they have a sick child. It is called Care of the Chemist and 99% of practices allow their local pharmacies to issue ceretain items free. It is available for all kids and those who don't pay


Because if you have kids, most of us will pay stupid money to get nits sorted.... which I only wish all mums did! ( the stuff that works costs a tenner a bottle!!! If you have a kid in primary school, trust me... its a problem!) I am on income support, but wanted to kill the suckers A.S.A.P so I didnt take my daughter to the docs... I paid... every time!!! It cost A SMALL FORTUNE!!! Using this service, you dont have to feel like a time waster at the Docs, you go, tell them, get what you need and leave!! Good service IMHO!!!!!!!;-)


saveumcowboy, if you need your three types of Ventolin prescription items more than once a quarter then you can save yourself some cash with an NHS pre-payment certificate - it costs £27.85 per quarter (or £102.50 per annum), and covers all your prescription charges. You don't have to renew continuously either, so you could, for instance, get a three month certificate, and, by timing things carefully, get four months worth of prescriptions on it (i.e at the beginning, end of month one, end of month two and end of month three), then wait a month before getting another certificate - thus, you could get twelve months worth of prescriptions covered for £83.55 (if my mental arithmetic is right). More info available at: http://www.ppa.org.uk/ppa/ppc_intro.htm P.S. To the little Englanders who jump up and down about racism over policy differences between Scotland, Wales and England, that's nonsense - it's democracy. Scotland has its own Parliament now (as Wales has its assembly) to counter the fact that 85% of the UK parliament is English. Here's a little known fact for you: Every Labour government since 1997 has had a majority in England alone - we keep getting Labour governments in England because of how the English vote - so don't go blaming the Scots or the Welsh if you don't like the government in England! See the 2005 election results in England for more details: http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/vote2005/html/england.stm


I guess people who pay don't get minor ailments then. This does annoy me. We work hard as a family and don't get benefits, we do not have much money left after bills and that and when I need my asthma prescription I have to pay loads for it , I know just one prescription charge may not seem much but when you need three types of ventolin it all adds up (and yes I have done what I can to lesten it, to help myself by losing lots of weight, exercising) yet I know others that have much more 'spending money' than myself and they are able to get free prescriptions....and now they get this new free fast track service. I am fed up with hard working familes being penalised like this.

15% off at HOMEBASE April 28th/29th - for all NHS employees
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
15% off at HOMEBASE April 28th/29th - for all NHS employees
Homebase are offering NHS staff 15% off all goods for the next two days (28-29 April 2008). Simply go along to any store nationwide and provide proof that you work for the NHS (sta… Read more

Moved to deals, as this is not an actual voucher in and of itself :) Thanks

Office 2008 for Mac for NHS staff and contractors £18 FROM 1ST April
Found 30th Mar 2008Found 30th Mar 2008
Office 2008 for Mac for NHS staff and contractors £18 FROM 1ST April
Similar to the way Microsoft offer cheap software to employees of companies with licence agreements - NHS staff or contractors can get cheap Office software. The scheme has now be… Read more

A mechanic was removing the cylinder heads from the motor of a car when he spotted a famous heart surgeon in his garage, he was waiting for the service manager to come to take a look at his car. The mechanic shouted across the garage,"Hello Doctor!! Please come over here for a minute." The surgeon, a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked argumentatively, "So doctor, look at this. I also open hearts, take valves out, grind 'em, put in new parts, and when I finish this will work as a new one. So how come you get the big money, when you and me is doing basically the same work?" The doctor leaned over and whispered to the mechanic..... "Try doing it when the engine is running". Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


£17.31 for the latest Office for Mac is a great price for those of us who chose/need to use it - thanks, OP. Just ordered.


Its probably a different scheme for Scotland.....NHS Scotland and Wales are not the same organisation as the NHS England (at least not for this kind of thing)


Managed to get a code. However, I get following error message when using code: 'You have entered an email address and company name which do not match our records. Please try again. If problems persist, contact your employer's Software Assurance Benefits Administrator for assistance'. I am entering NHS or NHS Scotland or NHS Lanarkshire in 'Company' section, all with same error. Any thoughts?


MS pages have now updated - Office 2008 now showing and available to order. Just ordered mine.


they are old ones its nhs2222


I get when using nhs5 & nhs2007


well if its for family then i never knew about this many thanks there are so man exclusions or conditions on this site so why couldny this be one. for example canary wharf for sky quidco for others. beer and alcohol for the over 18's same with gambling empire direct for 1st time buyers the list is endless there shouldn't be exclusions


800 have looked at it...


50,000 members and many many more unregistered visitors!!

100 Durex Condoms £9.99, 100 Mates £11.99 + £2.50 Delivery
Found 20th Jun 2007Found 20th Jun 2007
100 Durex Condoms £9.99, 100 Mates £11.99 + £2.50 Delivery
This has got to be the cheapest way of buying condoms, and knocks the socks off (lol!) any other online store like the Durex shop who are selling packs of 12 at £19.99! Best of al… Read more

oh those days of the As/400.. you know what i mean if no one else does :)


Mine never cum .....lol sorry TAXI!


mine never came :-(


I would get some but I am a fat virgin who never leaves the house except to buy more pepsi


I wanted some, but I cocked up the order. :)

Microsoft office 2007 approx £18 delivered for NHS employees and GPs
Found 20th Apr 2007Found 20th Apr 2007
Microsoft office 2007 approx £18 delivered for NHS employees and GPs
The Office 2007 is free, you pay for Vat and delivery. Cost me £17.83 6 weeks ago Click on "Office 2007 available from March with the Home user program" If you are an NHS employe… Read more

Yet more ramblings from Talkshop.


I think this point is moot and already covered - it has been well established by every poster that the deal is a good one and should have been posted. There is nothing wrong with a bit of lively debate on the deal and the ethics of the deal - as Scribbles said.


Get this into your thick skull - since you obviously can't understand what's already been said in this thread. The HUP has absolutely nothing to do with NHS wasting tax payers money. In fact it is SAVING money. This scheme is available to any employer who has Software Assurance Volume Licensing - not just the NHS. The software doesn't cost the NHS a penny - £18 is just to cover the cost of the media, administration and shipping. The HUP orginates from the original wording of the MS corporate licence which allowed for a backup copy of the software to kept off site. That's simply been extended/formalised to allow the user to install a copy at home, based one-for-one on the license the employer has already bought for his work PC. MS marketing benefits from increased product familiarity and increased hooks into big corporates and gov.uk (which I don't necessarily agree with) - but the benefits of the HUP to the employer (including the NHS) are not to be sneezed at. By encouraging take-up of the HUP they get employees to willingly hone their Office (and other MS product) skills for free, in their own time, which makes for huge savings in training costs. This then leads to significant improvements in productivity, ingenuity and creativity when they bring those enhanced skills back to the workplace. In my book that's a win-win situation, but then I wouldn't expect you to understand that.


I think we all know about the wasted millions on NHS software paid for by UK tax payers. :whistling: It makes it more annoying that NHS staff get cheap MS software regardless of whether the tax payer is paying or not.:roll:


I take particular offence to my post being labelled as childish (sorry to be a pedant but check your spelling of greivance!). I was merely wondering out loud why this type of offer is available to some public sector workers and not others. Do you have a problem with this?? Call me jealous if you will but I don't give a damn!!!

Save on NHS Prescription Charges
Found 27th Feb 2007Found 27th Feb 2007
Save on NHS Prescription Charges
I did a search and couldn't find reference to this so apologies if it has been posted before. In any event this might be a useful reminder to those not aware. I read about this s… Read more

Prescription charges are going up again, so thought I would bump this


Actually the rates are exactly the same in Scotland it's just administered by a different system. Here is a link that explains it all ]http://www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/mels/HDL2006_33.pdf So you should be able to go ahead and make exactly the savings calculated in my last post.


Oh, B****r! Didn't realise you were in Scotland and yes, the PPC is for England only. However, I'll have a quick scan of the web and see what is on offer (if anything) in Scotland - unless, of course, other readers already know?


Many thanks for all that info Pugwash that was much appreciated and rep def left for you ! thats maybe england tho mate, is it different in scotland where we live?


Current individual prescription charges are £6.65. Three inhalers per month would be £19.95. Thirteen prescription months equals £259.35. Twelve month prepayment card costs £95.30 - savings equals £164.05. If the above fits your case then I would suggest applying for a twelve month card straight away so that you get one at the current price before it increases in April - your savings will be even greater then as the individual prescription charges go up in April and your card will remain valid until March next year.

Motorola L6 £20 Pay As You Go plus £10 Credit /Nhs staff
Found 7th Dec 2006Found 7th Dec 2006
Motorola L6 £20 Pay As You Go plus £10 Credit /Nhs staff
Hi, not sure if its in all Orange shops but in Hereford, my wife got a brand new Motorola L6 Black or Silver on Orange pay as you go for £20 plus £10 credit on the sim card.All sh… Read more
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