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Nier:Automata - Steam Key - £14.99 @ CDKeys
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Excellent price for a great game. It has dropped £1! Just make sure you install the FAR mod that fixes most of the issues. Use Facebook code or apple pay for 5% off :)
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Gonna wait until this is in a humble bundle or something the devs should be ashamed


Expired, up to £17.99 now


people shouldnt be supporting developers who rely on the public to fix their games, why do we pay them for the game and fix it for them too? we already beta test for them, its less and less work for them as mugs keep giving them money and encouraging bad practices.


The best thing about the poor port on pc is that the price will continue to drop, even though, with the fix the game is fine. Obviously, no game should be released in such a sorry state.. shame to the developers. However, I love the support games get from the pc users community. You will always find a fix, even for old games with compatibility issues. PC is all about the freedom to tweak how you want to play the game by messing around with the settings and the hardware :) I managed to finish the game on a tablet with a weak cpu (i7 6500u) + egpu with gtx 1070 at a 1440p with a steady 60 fps. Bottom line, go for the PC version if you want to tinker a bit with fixes/resolutions/textures or the PS4 version if you just want to enjoy the game right away. Both versions are fantastic.


I bit the bullet at £20 and have no regrets, it's an amazing game. WARNING - It was 2 hours in before I realised that the PC port is broken and you have to download an un-official patch otherwise the resolution doesn't work in full screen. It looks like a PS3 game until you fix it. I was more annoyed that it took a member of the public to fix the full screen resolution issue.

[PS4] NieR: Automata - £21.85 - Base
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Quid or so cheaper than the recent eBay deal :) Nier: Automata is a brand new dream project by Square Enix in collaborations with world renowned developer Platinum Games a… Read more
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This game just increased my thirst for Devil May Cry 5 tenfold. Come on Hideaki Itsuno waiting for the reveal!


If you haven't already, buy this game!! Easily a highlight of this generation for me.


Nowadays it is either Base or no one else. Other retailers have lost interest. :D


Poor showing by TGC this week :(


Limbo-Inside for £13.85 is also a good price mate. Heat added. :)

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Nier Automata £23.99 @ Amazon
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Price matching with Argos. Works out better deal with free delivery and if you go through Vouchercodes to get £2 voucher.

Nier and Nier to me buying this for under £20. 😏


Nier, Nioh, Nihir Heat added! XD


no longer £22.08 from shop4world. now £29.99

Nier Automata PS4 - £23.99 @ Argos
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Like the title says, think this might be the cheapest I’ve seen it new. I take it, back, turns out I just wasn’t paying attention :) Still the best current price I can find though… Read more

Ok now i need to go back and carry on playing it with a comment like that.........this site loads me up with loads of games so dont get time for them all


I'm amazed that you've had it since 2016 and you haven't even seen the best part yet :O


This game looks good but I'm not sure if will be for me. Might give it a shot at this price though.


Same here (spoiler...nice to know where the bugger went off to 😁). Top game. Music is ace and the different types of gameplay incorporated into this game is a winner.


Nonsensical story line

[Steam] NieR: Automata - £16.00 - Greenman Gaming (Code: PAYDAY20)
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Drop on this again with the code PAYDAY20. Exclusions do apply on the code but I think it's pretty much site wide :) NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and… Read more
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How do you get this price game comes up as 39.99 and with 20% off will be 32 quid by my calculations?


I've got a 1070, does the game run alright regardless of graphpics? Heard its just buggy also? Want a feels game for the bank holiday weekend


I'd imagine so unless there any bugs related specifically to amd cards. I have been playing for just over an hour with my 1060 and its running 1080 with a rock solid 60fps. My settings are high apart from no aa, and lighting set to high. having a quick look the 480 only looks a little slower than the 1060 so id imagine you would get similar results. Saying that the game is obviously a terrible port it completely crashed my laptop just now which has not happened in another game. Hopefully it doesn't do that too often


Will this run at high/60fps on an rx 480 with the far mod?


far mod fixes a lot of the issues. don't be put off, its an impressive game.

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NIER: AUTOMATA - PC £16.99 / £16.09 with code @ CD keys
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
I really suggest buying it on steam first to see if it actually works and then refund it. I have a GTX 1080, i7 processor and apart from the occasional frame rate drop it runs fine… Read more
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£16.00 at Greenmangaming see

NieR: Automata Steam Key £16 @ Green Man Gaming
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Showing as £19.99, but if you log in and add to basket it goes down to £16. It's not one I've played (massive stack of games to get through) The last offer I saw on this was £17.99… Read more
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Getting £17.60 now, still a great price


you can try it then steam refund if there is any problem. iirc, my GTX970 at 1080P get sub 50 fps at high setting.


I have a standard ps4 or an alienware with a 1060, would be playing at 2k on pc if possible Thanks for the info. Quite undecided as my laptop is a lot more powerful than my standard ps4 but I don't want to deal with a bad port


I got it on steam near launch but then i refunded it and bought it on PS4 when is much better imo. I dont know if Far mod improved, but the safest bet is PS4(pro), consistence 60fps. If you have a very high end PC and/or dont have a pro, then get it on PC(its not very optimised). but you may encounter random crashing like i did with no fix.


£15.99 :) Cheapest I've ever seen it, but will it keep going down in price... like after payday :P

Nier Automata PS4 - £18.49 (Prime) £20.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Great price on amazon at the moment, even cheaper than the PSN Easter sale price of £25
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It's a favourite with my lad that game (skeptical) I've finished creed origins and DLC so it's time to move onto Dirt 4 and wreckfest.


I really like Nier. I haven't touched Mario Kart 8 since me and you played. My Switch doesn't get much use at the moment. Fortnite is my life. :|


Stick to Mario kart bud. Them games are meant for getting people angry.


Same here. I'm gutted. I'm not the only one @geebeegooner (excited)


I'm not normally into Japanese games, but I got this from Boomerang the other day and it is really good. I would pay more than £19 for it if I hadn't rented it. For anyone unsure, just go for it

Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Refer to this for full list of over 500 games/add ons sales: Ace Of S… Read more

Is Thief worth getting? I really enjoy stealth games :)


Good news then - we've known for some time that a sequel is in development. :)


Depends on how much you like the game. I preordered and paid full price last August. It's a bit of a sad end really. I do hope they make another game


Very tempted on the battlefield anniversary bundle £24.99 for 3 games all with season passes!!!


Does anyone have Monopoly Plus? Just wondered if many play online.

[Steam] NieR: Automata - £19.99 (£17.99 for Monthly Subscribers) - Humble Store
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
There's a Square Enix sale on at the Humble Store, Nier is the same price as the recent Steam price (now £39.99) but Monthly members can purchase it for £17.99 (y) NieR: Auto… Read more
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I've not tried ultrawide myself, but form what I've heard the game works in ultrawide with the FAR mod, but the HUD elements are stretched.


Does it support ultra wide rez


Apologies got posted in wrong topic lol.


Luckily there's a mod called the FAR mod which greatly improves performance, fixes a lot of the issues and allows you to tweak graphics settings to a much finer detail than the official options menu, such as changing lighting which can hugely impact peformance. Still, would be nice for Square Enix to stop being lazy and patch the game themselves.


Not on PC though.....

Nier Automata (PS4) - £19.33 @ PSN USA
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
The Sequel to Nier on the PS3. This game is an action based open world shooter with RPG elements. Price on US PSN is $29.99 or approx. £19.33. You can top up with this deal http… Read more
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Now I know Romeo and Juliet are in it. SPOILER ALERT.


Just started last week, and completely agree, the first hour was underwhelming for me too. It didn't pick up until about 90 minutes in. My favourite game of the year so far. The story, the music, the environments, Romeos and Juliets... loads of stuff to love in this game, and I haven't even reached Ending A yet.


I really want the first nier on ps3 but its the same price as this. Glad to see automata coming down in price though!


I generally give games an hour to grab my attention, this one failed miserably, I wanted to love it but I just found it mind numbingly boring, like a hack and slash button bashing shoot 'em up, I can't stand such genres, if there is really a wonderful story in this game it was lost in between chasms of repetitive gameplay, for me at least. Not really the unique experience some made out, more of a retro genre mashup with some modern twists. Beautiful game tho, very well crafted.


This game is fantastic. We'll worth £20. I just got the platinum trophy - proper Japanese action rpg. If you like platinum games earlier stuff you will undoubtedly enjoy this game and it has multiple playthroughs which are different scenarios based around the same intersecting plot (which is anime-style nonsense about androids with quotes about existentialism and Nietzsche - It's great)

Nier Automata [PS4] £19.85 at Simply Games
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
These deals seem to sell out pretty quickly.

Price back up to £24.85. That was quick.


£25 now unfortunately


They've mugged me off as well. Was meant to be arriving yesterday but then suddenly changed to waiting on stock despite it being in stock at £29.99.


Woohoo! After missing the last few deals, i finally managed to order one that's in stock. Thanks OP! (highfive)


I ordered at ShopTo for this price last week - was still waiting when I checked earlier. Got this one into the basket ready to go, ShopTo have at last dispatched. Have some heat - £20 for Nier, bargain.

Dirt 4 (PS4) £15.99 Delivered (Prime) £17.98 (Non-prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Edit: Nier is gone now, but Dirt is still available. Swapped the links. Nier Automata (PS4) £18.49

Well I think you’ve sold it to me just need to wait for another good deal on it haha


It is highly recommended. I have played it only for a few hours and that was not the main story at all. Spent all my hours wondering around only! It is beautiful. I really should get back to it, if I get a chance to spend sometime playing.


Yeah I am into RPG’s love them, just never heard of this game much till I got my PS4 recently and I feel it’s a really popular game since it’s mentioned a lot and bought a lot from deals on here


showing as £32 for me


Nier is a creative game. They mixed and matched many gaming styles in one game. Even unique in terms of trophies and how to achieve them (won't spoil it for you). It is a must, but only mabye if you are into RPGs. Also, story is very well written.

Nier Automata PS4 £18.49 Prime (£20.48 non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Price just dropped for Nier Automata PS4 - not sure who Amazon are price matching Action-Packed Battles Beautifully Desolate Open-World Masterfully Crafted Story and Characte… Read more
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Not played it, so can't comment :)


I love these posts... the second it goes oos on amazon it’s killed off, post an out of stock argos deal and it live for weeks and gets to 1000 degrees in like 5 mins (lol)


Side note... would you consider Nier Automata epic?! (nerd)


Lol :)


Fair enough, I think i'm just a bit more selective about what i call 'Epic' .... in fact, i don't think i call anything Epic any more, age does that to you :D

Square Enix Publisher and Call of Duty Sales at PlayStation PSN Store US and Canada *NieR Automata, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Sleeping Dogs, Thief, Deus EX, Just Cause 3, Life is Strange and MORE PS4, PS3 and Vita
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
PS Vita (includes some PS3 crossplay titles) Army Corps of Hell $4.99 Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy $7.49 Parasite Eve (PS1 Classic) $2.99 Parasite Eve 2 (PS1 Classic)… Read more
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Tbh that means making another account and I just can't be bothered yes I am lazy but I have a Australian Japanese US and UK accounts.... and I find it hard enough getting credit easy on my US account


Can’t see it will now, not this week anyway


Wish this sale would come to the UK store but I'm not holding my breath.


Grabbed Lara Croft go as that's the cheapest I've seen it between the US and UK stores, might get Murdered Soul Suspect for the PS3 as I enjoyed that on the PS4, but then the backlog is big enough already...


Goddamnit, I hastily skipped the end of the header and thought this was a UK sale for a second. Been waiting for a Square Enix sale so I can pick up FFX Remaster. I don't like buying games from other regions unless I can't get them anywhere else. Not all is lost though as this seems like a good time to rebuy Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve. I stupidly lost my US account a while ago and have been trying to collect all the PSone classics I originally bought for it. Thanks for the post, heat added

Nier Automata [PC] (steam code) £19.99 at Amazon
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Price matching Steam's sale, but handy for those with Amazon credit/vouchers.

Yer I knew who was exaggerating out of the two posts. I used the FAR mod and was able to play the game mostly issue free, still got occasional hitching running around the overworld but it was pretty bearable. Mind you this was on a 1080ti + 4790k. I think with the supporting thing it's a chicken and the egg situation. Publishers need to see there's an interest there for them to want to make an effort on the PC version. I feel Japanese devs are slowly realising it is worth their while to do a good PC version. There's just so many Japanese games showing up on pc now that simply wouldn't have existed 5 years ago. I will support relatively basic ports assuming they're not awful. Haven't bought chrono trigger for example but have bought Nioh, FF12.


Game doesn't run at fullscreen at correct resolutions, Constant stuttering issues, Random crashes to desktop after 20-50 mins if using intel + Nvidia Cutscenes are 1600x900 30fps No borderless windowed, when you alt tab in full screen it changes the game into window mode at 1600x900, I can go on and on. Of course you'll get one person saying get the mod to fix these problems but you shouldn't support square enix if their ports are this bad.


Just a refund. Keys are outside of their control. Did anyone get the correct key? Guessing i have a DLC key for it. Cant tell though as it doesnt activate.


Did they just refund, or offer to provide the correct product?


Yep have had nothing but good things to say up until now for their support. Supervisor finally relented and has refunded. Had to argue my case though.

Square Enix Publisher Sale - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - £3.99 / Life is Strange - £3.99 / Life is Strange: Before The Storm - £8.11 / Just Cause 3 - £4.49 - Steam Store
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Fair few SE titles on sale on Steam for their publisher sale. I'll get the ones I can in :) Life is Strange - £3.99 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - £3.99 NieR:Autom… Read more
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May be running 3 of them instead of 1 is the issue, as SLI support from Nvidia has pretty much gone down the gutter and died.


You forgotten about the 224-bit bus size (224-bit for the 3.5gb ram, the extra 32-bit bus extra is for the slow, useless 500mb ram lol)


I don't have any FF games, but do have some spare steam keys I could exchange. I tried to private message you about it but it came up with "This user doesn't allow to receive messages". Feel free to message me if you're at all interested.


I've had Final Fantasy XIII in my steam inventory for years. If anyone wants to trade for another FF game let me know.


Incase anyone hasnt seen deus ex is in this months humble monthly, just realised after buying it on steam. Straight onto support for a refund (lol)

[PS4] NieR: Automata - £19.85 - Shopto
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Update 2
Back in stock at £19.85
I think this price is OK? An extra-terrestrial invasion has left mankind exiled on the moon. Androids are sent to the deserted ruins of our home planet in order to remove t… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

I was charged 21.96 instead of 19.85. Does anyone know why? I thought shipping was free...


Back ordered yesterday morning and received today.


Yeah, discovered that the game doesn't mind if you mash the evade button!


Oh yeah..that! You need to be good enough to play through the first 30 mins without getting killed. I’ve tried this 3 times without success, it’s unforgiving, which I like. I think you need to understand the control scheme, use evade lots!


Got it from amazon for 18.49 ;)

NieR: Automata £24.85 @ Base
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
An extra-terrestrial invasion has left mankind exiled on the moon. Androids are sent to the deserted ruins of our home planet in order to remove the menacing Mechanoids. The YoRHa … Read more

I've only played about six hours so far, but it's absolutely amazing! It took me three attempts to get to the first save point! That first boss fight is astonishing!


Brilliant thematically coherent game. If you have any affinity towards spectacle fighters and/or Japanese style games you should enjoy. The soundtrack is amazing.


If you are able to play it on your PC it's currently £20 in the Steam sales.


I keeping an eye on this game and looking at gameplay I don't think I'll like the all the button bashing and samey enemies


I thought the Witcher was incredibly overrated as well...

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