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Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 D Telephoto Zoom Macro Lens for Nikon - £79 at Currys/PC World for Click & Collect, 3 Year Guarantee
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Sigma lens for Nikon f mount reduced to £79 at Currys. Not available for home delivery but still available for Click & Collect. Includes 3 Year Guarantee. Ideal for sports … Read more
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depending on the reach you need a nikon 55-200 is another option its a known quantity though more expensive again (but around this price 2nd hand) and shorter range


Me neither. I've had the Tamron on my wish list for a while, and saw it as the best option for my D3400 as it has AF. If this has it as well, it'd be worth considering.


i am just going by what i read, haven't used either


The only benefit I saw of the Tamron over the Sigma (other than user reviews) is that the Tamron has an AF motor built in, and the Sigma doesn't. But I think now the Sigma actually does have an AF motor built in?


I have the APO version of this lens, costs just a little bit more. But for the money it is a pretty decent lens.

Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR Lens £219 @ Jessops
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
The Nikkor 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 is an ultra wide-angle zoom lens suitable for anyone interested in Landscape Photography, Travel Photography and architecture for example. It is worth … Read more

Just a word of caution .... (y) Incompatible models: D4 series, D3 series, D2 series, D1 series, D800 series, D700, D610, D600, D300 series, D200, D100, D7000, D5100, D5000, D90, D80, D70 series, D3200, D3100, D3000, D60, D50, D40 series, film cameras. Compatible models with limited functions: D5, D810 series, Df, D750, D7200, D7100, D5200, Nikon 1 series with the FT1.


Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera, HD 1080p, 24.3MP, Wi-Fi, 3.2" Tilting LCD Screen, Black, Body Only - £1,069 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Free your photography with the fast, versatile, and agile Nikon D750. This full-frame 24.3-megapixel camera lets you capture everything in superb detail. Packed with professional i… Read more

Good deal but cheaper at Camera World - 2 year Warranty also!

Nikon D3500 + AF-P 18–55 Non VR Kit  Used - Acceptable @ Amazon Warehouse £220.50
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Great savings from new I think it's worth a try might be brand new might not buy a 35mm also a boss combo or sell 18-55 and get a 2.8 zoom (y)
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Well someone here picked it up i guess


I bought a D7200 from the warehouse a year or so ago. 'used very good'. It had a shutter count of zero. Very slight damage to the packaging.


Bit of a gamble on how these items from Amazon Warehouse turn up. I've purchased two keyboards and a DP cable, one keyboard was defective, the DP cable was covered in paint despite the items being listed 'as new'. If you're buying one, i'd advise making sure everything is OK with it before the warranty expires. Thankfully the items can be sent back FOC, but you'll be losing some time in the whole process. looks like a decent saving of £100, if it arrives how you expect it to.


Exapmle of a used one this week turning up brand new (horror)

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Nikon 16-35mm F4G ED AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor Lens Used - Very Good  £582.62 @ amazon warehouse
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Nice savings from new might turn up brand new if not happy send it back 8)
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That’s a different league in terms of price bracket


If it's for indoor work, I'd highly recommend the 14-24mm over this. (ninja) Main reason being a higher aperture of f/2.8, which means much better lighting for indoor, whereas with this f/4 you'd need a really well lit room or crank up the ISO. (y) And also the wider angle, so you're more likely to get everything in shot in tighter spaces (cheeky)


It doesn’t make sense putting this on a DX body especially as it’s not even that good even as a FX lens, it’s just ok. If I was taking serious wide angle pictures I would use a prime lens. I use a FX lens on a DX body but that is when I use my 70-300 zoom which gives me 450mm effective reach. I think that the cheapo 18-55mm kit lens does a pretty good job at wide angle shots.


Oh I get you know. Thought you meant compatibility rathe than crop factor.


On a DX camera this would be equivalent to 24-50mm. There are much cheaper options for DX. If you don’t mind splashing out on a wide zoom look at the Tokina 11-16mm zoom..

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300 mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR Lens now £424 at Jessops
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
The Nikon 18-300mm AF-S VR Lens is a compact, versatile, super-telephoto lens that's ideal for travelling. The wide-angle to long zoom range covers most situations, so it cou… Read more



Which is the best to purchase from (inc cashback etc)? Been wanting this lens for a while - John Lewis has the 2 year warranty...


John Lewis, Currys, Jessops, SRS, Wex, Castle, Dale and Harrison all selling at this price now.


Looks like also available at John Lewis for the same price!

Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens, HD 1080p, 24.2MP, Bluetooth, 3" LCD Screen - £314 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Non VR one for £294 here: Powerful, professional-style … Read more

Exactly what I thought when I read it back to myself, no need to grow up! (lol)


'Had a play with a family members 55-200mm and was very happy with the results...' That got me good. I need to grow up!


Yes, I've seen focus misfire, but I've never had any issue with that personally. The 55-200 would be too long for a solo travelling lens - unless you love snapping the seals! I'd go kit lens or the 35mm for a solo lens


Apologies if I start a never ending debate, however... Just done a little reading on the 35mm, some suggest it misfires on focus, is this just the nature of wide apertures? My other concern would be that it is a jack of all trades, master at none? Had a play with a family members 55-200mm and was very happy with the results, the portraits were stunning and enjoyed the freedom of the long focal length, I am however new to all this and will be happy to take recommendations for a better travel lens!


I guess they mean the Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8G AF-S

Nikon AF-P DX 10 – 20 mm f/4.5 – 5.6 G VR Lens £219 delivered @ Amazon
16/06/2019Expires on 16/06/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Been following for a few months and just dropped from £269. Seems like a very good price.
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I hope so. The "NITAL Card: 4 years warranty" seems to be only italian, when I go to the Nital VIP website.


Its sold by amazon who are an official dealer so it's not grey market stock. You shouldn't have any issues with warranty.


Wow, that's a great price for such a lens, almost makes me wish I had a Nikon camera to attach it to!


mine came it is Italian stock, should i have any problems?


Consider the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 if you can stretch the extra £200..

Nikon Capture NX2 Software - £99 @ Wilkinson Cameras
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Nikon editing software at Wilkinson cameras

Am I right thinking this suite used to be free until the licenceholder changed?


Absolutely agree! (popcorn) Got this free from purchasing a pro body few years back, and well at first, thought it was amazing since I didn't really play around with RAW files beforehand, then discovered other software, such as RawTherapee, which is both free and much more advanced for the possibilities with your RAW image. I found this to be EXTREMELY limited (annoyed) I now have invested into the Adobe creative cloud and will never look back (y)


As a Nikon SLR user for over 10 years, with multiple bodies, I would stay away from this. It was once good, but has not moved with the times. It does have some USPs, like being able to import the picture settings correctly from NEF (RAW) file and using control points, but otherwise Lightroom and other tools are far better, even at those at this price point.

NIKON D3500 DSLR Camera with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm VR Lens, £322.20 at Currys/ebay
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
10% OFF AT CHECKOUT Specification 2 Year guarantee included 24.2 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor 100 - 25600 ISO Full HD Video 1920 x 1080p Snapbridge & Eye Fi Compatible Vibrat… Read more

yeh the pictures you can get out of this will be exceptional for the price. Infact in terms of pure IQ this camera can trade blows with the latest mirrorless devices.




I have the D3200 I love using so at this price for the d3500 you can't go wrong, tip to get the most out of it try get off the auto modes as quickly as you can get use to using the A setting you can't go wrong and the results are impressive.


You’re not a photographer and you never will be.


I do a fair few timelapses.I have a d750 but might get this to use for my timelapses as I don’t want to ramp up the shutter count on my d750

Nikon D3500 + AF-P DX 18–55 VR Kit - Black  £349 Amazon
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Further reduction on a great camera!
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Depends on whether it’s point and shoot duty or something with a few more technical inputs behind the shot. Both are excellent. If you are a nerdy pic shooter, the 5600 has more to offer.


confused here, is your point really that the much more expensive d5600 is better?


A very good camera. Light. Sharp pics. Small. I've just borrowed a mate's 3300 and test driven it instead of going down the 4/3rds route. D5600 at £519 genuine UK refurb from Carmarthen Cameras beat this to a pulp for me. Choose carefully between the 3300, 3400 and 3500 if you are after a 3xxx model.


£334 from Currys (with 5% Quidco)


Please explain? Looking to get one but a v unfamiliar field of tech for me

Nikon A900 Coolpix Digital Camera - Black at Amazon for £214
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Powerful Nikon optics in a sleek body High performance Vibration Reduction (VR) 20.3 Megapixel backside illumination CMOS image sensor … Read more
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We love it. Very easy to use.




generally "'camera name' flickr" in google will get you some


Its 299..was 214 till midnight last night


Anyone got a link to some sample pictures?

SIGMA EF-610 DG ST Flashgun - for Nikon for £39.97 @ Currys (Free C&C)
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Reduced further to £39.97. Good flashgun available in store with free c&c Guide number: 61 Motion: swivel & tilt Coverage: 24 - 105 mm Compatible with Nikon Des… Read more
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Still some available, I just got one from Kidderminster and they reduced it further for me "nice people".


Could have a look at the neweer ones on amazon


There hasn't been available for nearly two weeks, I had the last one available, had to collect from Worcester, not too far (40 miles) from home, managed to combine some business at the same time so made it worthwhile!


I wanted one of these but sold out everywhere


None left at all

Nikon D7200 Digital SLR Camera Body £541 at Wowcamera
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Condition: 100% new and unused In the box: Nikon D7200 Digital SLR Camera Body Strap AN-DC1 Body Cap BF-1B Eyepiece Cup DK-23 DK-5 Battery EN-EL15 Battery Charger MH-25a

Don’t put it in a microwave or try and put a film in it either.


It's grey. The GPS tagging feature is likely disabled too as is with all Chinese models.


Is this a grey import? If so, no warranty.... Rather pay the extra and order from JL for £599 and get two years warranty.


its ok, tempt says he wants to use the one off his rx100m3


it doesnt come with lens.

Nikon D7200 Cheapest Ever From John Lewis & Partners - £599
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
There is £250 Discount offer currently, not sure till when the offer is valid. Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera, 24.2 MP, HD 1080p, Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, 3.2" LCD Screen, Body Only
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I don't think it would be a bad camera bud, although your going to need a really good telephoto lens depending on where your going to take the picture from.


I dismiss any consumer bridge camera for extreme environments because none of them are weather sealed or have the redundancy features to make them appropriate for these conditions. Furthermore, while the camera may give you a 'range' of focal lengths the quality of any of them is below-par and you are limited for anything remotely specialist. Most professional (i.e. they are regularly paid for their work as a primary income) rely on 400mm primes to save weight and gain access to wider apertures. Stop getting a fanny about it because not everyone would be happy with the superzoom you take to the zoo


Offer expired.


Hi would this camera be suitable for football photography? Or could someone recommend a camera that would be, for roughly the same price. Not looking for professional quality shots, just decent images; I like to groundhop (visit random mostly non-league grounds) when my team are not playing at home, so thought I'd start taking some photos that are better than phone quality. Thank you. (y)


But that wasn't what you said. Your comment dismissed it out of hand because it was a consumer bridge camera, implying that any consumer bridge camera was useless. If you bought the Nikon and enough glass to match the full range of the bridge camera then you'd be spending a lot more than the cost of the bridge camera. Although the Panasonic FX1000 that I mentioned earlier would admittedly be better for price comparison.

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