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Nikon Coolpix A300. Reduced to clear - £80 @ Sainsbury's - Chippenham
LocalLocalFound 5th Aug 2017Found 5th Aug 2017
Grocery shopping in Chippenham Sainsbury's wandered past the technology bit and there were about 6 of these cameras, all red, reduced to £80 to clear, bought one, and it's really n… Read more

OP, sorry that you are disappointed with your purchase and are going to return it, but well done for posting that and seemingly undermining your own deal. That is the essence of HUKD, whereby the real value are the comments that follow the original post contain valuable and often hard won information. I always read the complete thread if considering a purchase, especially if it is a technical item. More than once it has changed my mind and saved me money and disappointment. FWIW I'd leave the deal as is. No doubt others will have thoughts both pro and con its value. As I say, the very essence of HUKD. (y)


Sorry if anyone has gone ahead and bought one of these, After some playing I've decided I'm going to return mine. My reasons are non standard USB cable, battery needs to be in camera to charge, plus it's tiny. Image quality isn't what I was expecting and I had low expectations, really noisy at full size, and dark, even on a sunny afternoon like today. Lovely sunset this evening, deep orange, with a few small purple/blue clouds, the pictures I took show none of that beauty, very poor colours. (poo) One day I'll learn that impulse buying tech invariably leads to returns. If anyone knows how to delete this post I'd be grateful.


Good price, around £109 elsewhere. Not my choice of colour, clearly they were only in red where you saw them, but still a good deal!

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Nikon Coolpix L340 20MP 28x Zoom Bridge Camera £30 OFF £99.99 @ Argos
Found 25th Apr 2017Found 25th Apr 2017
The 20-megapixel COOLPIX L340 puts you at the heart of the action with a 28x optical zoom lens. With Vibration Reduction, 3in LCD display and scene auto modes, it's easy to take cr… Read more

​Sony DSCH400 is 10 times the camera for twice the price. I wouldn't buy anything without an evf.


​The physical size of the sensor is the important factor, not the number of pixels. The one in this camera is more than a 6x crop on a full frame sensor, so you will get very noisy results, but at least there's an optical zoom and focal length advantage over a smart phone.


​The biggest issue with this for sports shots is the lack of a viewfinder. You'll find it almost impossible to frame an action photo successfully using the screen, particularly in bright sunlight.



Until 2nd May add something cheap to put it over £100 and get a £10 Argos voucher as well.

Nikon coolpix l340 Digital camera 20mp 20x zoom -black Argos £99.99 (Free C&C)
Found 8th Nov 2016Found 8th Nov 2016
Model number: L340. 28x optical zoom lens, extendable to 56x dynamic fine zoom. Product specification: 20.2 megapixels. 28x optical zoom. 4x digital zoom. 3in screen with TFT… Read more

AA dated technology now,most modern cameras use Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery's that last much longer and can be found cheap on Ebay. Even my old 4 year old compact uses Lithium battery's has 16x zoom and video in 1080p. Cant see the need for this camera when you can slip mine it in your pocket.


Stock very, very thin on the ground. Had a quick look and there's some in Scotland but I ain't walking 500 miles for 'em.


If they run flat at a bad time you just put more in.


720p HD recording. Batteries required: 4 x AA oO

Nikon COOLPIX A 16.2MP APS-C Sensor - Compact Digital Camera @ Amazon
Found 18th Apr 2016Found 18th Apr 2016
One of the best compact cameras you can buy. Same size sensor as a D-SLR with a 28mm f2.8 prime lens. 2 Year Nikon UK Warranty £499 elsewhere.

Custom Skins available...


Cheaper now than previous deal :p


Ricoh GR is the only real alternative if you want something RX100 size with an APS-C size sensor that fits in your pocket. Slighty better imo but a lot of people prefer the Nikon colours.


One other possible option could be Fuji X-M1/A1/A2 with 27mm prime. Costs more if both new but can get used for about £300 total. Same sensor size, good image quality and lots of lens options. Trade-off - slower auto-focus I guess?


There's a test of the two here for comparison... Nikon Coolpix A DXoMark = 22 Sony A6000 + 16-50mm DXoMark = 13

Nikon Coolpix P900 £350.99 (£339.94 after TCB) eGlobal Central - Read post
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
======================================================== £343 free delivery - MoreBeer77 Thanks, ordere… Read more

for your amusement :

Jenn101 £369 with 5***** Trust Pilot Reviews


The OneDigitals is dire - read reviews on TrustPilot......


​??? I've never had an issue. I've got a Tab S 8.4, Tab Pro 8.4, D5500, 55-200mm lens, 16-300mm lens x 2 (one for friend). All have arrived within 7-14 days generally closer to 7. No import fees at all. All brand new gear. Saved me loads. Nearly 2k spent no issue.


I agree my example is very generic, but I just want to point out that the limitation is the pixel density of the bigger sensor that doesn't allow you to crop beyond a certain point as you also mention. With a 400mm lens, cropping the image down to 2000mm equiv., on a 36mp ff body, you end up with about 1.5mp resolution(I hope my calculations are right oO ). On a 24mp APSC, you get about 2.2mp and on a 16mp micro 4/3 you get about 2.6mp. While on the p900@2000mm equiv. you get full resolution due to the 5.6x crop sensor, apparently the p900 lens is a "normal" 350mm/f6.5 on the long end. By the images in the link you mention above,its quite amazing how they control the distortion on a 4-350mm/2.8-6.5 (!) lens and the noise in such small high pixel density sensor.

Nikon CoolPix S9900 Digital Camera - Black / Silver £179 @ Currys
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
Just bought one of these. Very good for a point and shoot camera with 30x optical zoom. Also has Wi-Fi and GPS. No viewfinder but a decent and robust build with a vari-angle LCD sc… Read more

Spot on Matthahnsnail i agree with your sentiments


I had the SZ-31mr which was a great camera! ....the touch screen is a god send....


sorry i asked you to back up a claim oO this one was ten million times better image quality than your one anyway - obviously i dont need to prove this though.. :{


​cannot be bothered with your low attitude. you really are boring me


not double the size? which one were you talking about then? this one: 66 x 112 x 39.5 mm (H x W x D) 289 g your 60x zoom one = ?

Nikon Coolpix P340 Compact Digital Camera - White  £135.99  argos/ebay
Found 30th Jan 2016Found 30th Jan 2016
Great little camera, perfect as a backup for your DSLR Only 2 left..

It's not that great a camera. It produces old fashioned looking images with too much dark shadows and suffers from a very slow start up time and laggy menus.


Great price. Just been reading the reviews for this model. Seems very capable. Heat

Nikon COOLPIX S7000 camera(WiFi) £99 @ Tesco
Found 25th Jan 2016Found 25th Jan 2016
A nice little travel zoom(x 20) at a good price. Not all singing all dancing, but small(161g)neat camera with good image quality. A good option as the zoom on any camera phone will… Read more

They are all at it, but at least Tesco is a UK company.


So they could not declare it to shareholders?! ;) I know what you mean though as at least Tesco attempts to pay a reasonable amount of tax


I did see that, but would prefer Tesco got the money ;-)


Same price at Amazon


Voted hot,gets good reviews. :)

Nikon Coolpix P900 £392.99 (£381.09 with TCB) eGlobal Central
Found 2nd Jan 2015Found 2nd Jan 2015
Nikon Coolpix P900 16MP bridge camera with 83x zoom (24-2000mm 35mm equivalent) Wifi, GPS, NFC 1080 6… Read more
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thanks, i often wonder what the prices of items posted 11 months ago is


It's at £425 now


Just a final comment to say that my P900 arrived today. It wasn't the usual quick delivery but I suppose that there might have been some backlog after the Christmas and New Year breaks and they also used DPD rather than DHL (not UPS as I stated in the original post). And a couple of days after I posted this, their price went up by £27, so I was happy to have timed my purchase well.


Cold - Grey imports will always be cheaper as no UK warranty or Support from the manufacturer.


I was only referring to what was said in the linked thread. I'm very sorry to hear of your experience but mine has been quite different. I have bought two items from eGlobal Central which arrived within days via UPS with valid tracking numbers. I have also bought two items from DigitalRev which is a similar company. If you have not received your item, have you contacted PayPal or your credit card company? If you have, they should have sorted it out by now - bogus tracking number is easily proven. If not, why not? Your contract is actually with them; not eGlobal Central, it's up to them to sort it out. If I have a conversation about mobile phone companies, energy utilities, banks or car insurance companies with other people, every company will have caused somebody some horror. I recently had an issue with a high street electronics outlet which took two months to resolve - mainly because they screwed up at every level. Perhaps in three or four days, my P900 will not have turned up and I will be feeling pretty stupid but until then, I am going on my own experience.

Nikon Coolpix L330 £69.99  @ Argos
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
Seems a great deal, currently £142.00 ish at Amazon.
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That was the biggest annoyance of my old camera, needing to replace aa's all the time. So used to just plugging things in to recharge now, I don't want to have to swap batteries! First world problems!


I don't know how long its been down for upgrades for, but is an argos page that will tell you what stores it is located in, rather than clicking "more stores" and changing post codes etc..


No stock


Heat from me. Great starter camera. Just a shame there's no viewfinder.


I'd get the 2500mAh ones if I were you. I only got 70-80 shots off these on my old bridge camera. The 2500 gave me about 200-250 shots

Nikon Coolpix AW130 Tough Digital Camera £136.79 with code "W24" at Bargain Crazy
Found 15th Dec 2015Found 15th Dec 2015
With a camouflage look and a design that's cold resistant, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, the all action Nikon Coolpix AW130 Megapixels Digital Camera is an outdoor warrior … Read more

well... duh (there is a IV out as well)


Here. A fantastic point and shoot, worth spending cash on proofing if doing underwater shots. This thing can take serious pictures. There a MKIII version out, but not much difference. Proofing for it if you really need to use it You'll actually get photos you'll be proud of with this. I have a friend who uses it as her second camera when she's out exploring (she gets paid to blog) and her photos are often stunning from it.


I said super bad actually, don't be an editorialist. I think a lot of people will buy this thinking that it's a nice bonus to have weatherproofing on the camera. And it is a nice bonus. Matter of judgement isn't it really. I bought one thinking the weatherproofing would be a major need when started travelling again regularly, (we do a lot of climbing and low level mountaineering in all seasons) then quickly realised, actually no, the weather rarely rains so heavily that you need something like this apart from say the Highlands on home turf. Usually in those conditions where it's bucketing down, you have low-light too, which this camera doesn't handle well. Very gimmicky, and really anyone serious will want to proof a good camera than to buy a proofed poor one. Nice entry level cam for mucking around under-water I suppose. Zip-lock bag and an iPhone 6x/Samsung Sx is a much better travel partner if you want to point and shoot in the rain. Actually take what I said back now. Even in super bad conditions, still not a good cam because of low light performance. Image stabilisation not really good enough for use in say a kayak. So really, I guess that leaves scuba diving when there's a lot of light.


well ...why the hell would you buy one if you weren't expecting 'bad conditions' thats the whole point of them!


It's performance under water is only okay in any case, if someone was really looking for something to go scuba diving with or whatever probably they should look for something more recent with better quality. Best thing about this camera were the picture modes. The colour picker on it is fantastic. Much better than the equivalent on my A7. Anyway, if you're going exploring and spending cash on adventure trips, then it's a shame to not capture those moments in better quality. That's why I sold mine after a Norway trip, was disappointed later with the images.

Nikon Coolpix L330 20MP 26x Zoom Bridge Camera  £69.99  at Argos
Found 23rd Nov 2015Found 23rd Nov 2015
20 megapixels. 26x optical zoom. 3in screen with TFT LCD Focal length of 4.0-120mm. 22.5mm wide angle lens. Optical image stabilisation



This is now showing as £199 think it may have expired. Shame was a good price


expired? showing as £199 for me


AA batterys are the best. They don't lose their charge when you have the camera sat on a shelf doing nothing. Li-on batteries discharge even when not in use. AA battery = infinite power


No viewfinder....hopeless when you are out and about!

Nikon Coolpix L340 20MP 28x Zoom Bridge Camera - Black. £89.99 @ Argos
Found 22nd Nov 2015Found 22nd Nov 2015
Product specification: 20.2 megapixels. 28x optical zoom. 4x digital zoom. 3in screen with TFT LCD technology. 112mm wide angle lens. Optical image stabilisation. Up to 4 frames pe… Read more
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Fantastic thanks


Duplicate post


is this the same camera that was posted a couple of day's ago


Same price at Amazon

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