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128GB Professional V30 SD Card Speicherkarte für Nikon Coolpix B500 Digitalkamera £12.01 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
128GB Professional V30 SD Card Speicherkarte für Nikon Coolpix B500 Digitalkamera £12.01 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon£12.01£2552% offAmazon Deals
BrandDSP Memory Flash memory typeSDXC ColourSchwarz/blau Hardware interfaceSDHC Secure digital association speed classClass 10 Memory storage capacity128 GB Write speed80 Megabytes… Read more

It's been that way since the 32Mbytes went up (which is ages ago) (annoyed)


Showing £19.77 now

32GB Speicherkarte für Nikon Coolpix B500 £2.38 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
32GB Speicherkarte für Nikon Coolpix B500 £2.38 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon£2.38Amazon Deals
Class 10 full size sd card, £2.38 delivered with prime. Probably very limited stock.

Already gone up, its now £4.71.


No it isn’t but it’s a lot of storage for the price though. A card like that is perfect for backup purposes such as storing a set of ROMS on for example, it’s very inexpensive per GB.


It's not v30 though.


This one is even cheaper, Class 10 128gb for only £7.32


Now £3.69 (annoyed)

Nikon Coolpix A10 2.7 Inch LCD 16MP 720p HD 5x Zoom Compact Digital Camera Black - £48.75 delivered with code @ Argos / eBay
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Posted 3rd May 2020Posted 3rd May 2020
Nikon Coolpix A10 2.7 Inch LCD 16MP 720p HD 5x Zoom Compact Digital Camera Black - £48.75 delivered with code @ Argos / eBay£48.75eBay Deals
Make sure you capture all the action wherever you go with the Nikon Coolpix A10 compact camera. With 16MP you can snap incredible images and the 5x zoom will get you closer than yo… Read more

Maybe you're right, I'm not an expert by any means, but when I look at photos I took with a cheap digital zoom lens point & shoot camera, well over a decade ago, they look pretty good! I'd be surprised if this is as poor as you state, quality wise. I just reckon high end phone manufacturers are duping us, no way their cameras are worth such extortionate amounts 😏


Always worth checking CEX for s/hand cameras. You can get some pretty decent cameras for very little money and they offer a long warranty, 2 years I think. 'B' grade are normally pretty good.


There are certainly cases for a dedicated compact camera but not one like this which while cheap it's such a poor camera it's a waste of money. It's a much older design than it looks using a very dated 16MP CCD sensor, it's slow, its AF is unreliable, batterylife is poor and it has no image stabilisation at all. The 'electronic VR' is just marketing nonsense for it increasing the iso to boost the shutter which doesn't work well when the sensor is so bad at high iso. Even a cheap smartphone is likely to be able to get better results than this and at least a heck of a lot more convenient.


Is this a more versatile STILL camera than that in a thousand pounds iPhone 11? Tell the truth.... :p


In before the 'just use your phone' brigade: There are still use cases for a dedicated compact camera. This has a decent interface, logically arranged controls, and a smattering of image stabilization. That being said, 720p video is a bit blegh.

Nikon Coolpix A100 20MP 5x Zoom Compact Camera - Black - £69.99 @ Argos
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Posted 25th Jan 2020Posted 25th Jan 2020
Nikon Coolpix A100 20MP 5x Zoom Compact Camera - Black - £69.99 @ Argos£69.99Argos Deals
Amazon price is £110 so seems a good price for a cheap snapper as this applies to the Black or the Silver ones. Model number A100. Product specification: 20 megapixels. 5x op… Read more

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Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera - Black (16.0 MP CMOS sensor, 83x Zoom) 3-Inch LCD Screen £379 @
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera - Black (16.0 MP CMOS sensor, 83x Zoom) 3-Inch LCD Screen £379 @£379£529.9928% offAmazon Deals
Great price for a beast of a camera. Watch those ships come back into view after they disappear over the "curved" horizon ;-). Dispatch 1 - 3 weeks...but usually much faster with A… Read more

Back in stock


Voted hot because of price but I would rather pay the same money for a canon dslr with 2 lenses.


Agree with you, its to slow also


The new Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM is an ideal lens for professional photographers who shoot with the Canon 1D and 5D series of DSLR cameras. The inclusion of Air Sphere Coating (ASC) technology helps to reduce flaring and ghosting, and suppresses the reflection of light.


70-200mm is a very broad area and your mind went to a kit lens which no pros use. Do yourself a favour and leave

Nikon Coolpix A100 20MP 5x Zoom Compact Camera (Red/Silver/Black) £86.99 @ Argos (Free Click & Collect)
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Nikon Coolpix A100 20MP 5x Zoom Compact Camera (Red/Silver/Black) £86.99 @ Argos (Free Click & Collect)£86.99£119.9928% offArgos Deals
Looking for a digital camera that is value for money (cheapish) but still decent enough in quality/functions for my 11 year old for Christmas. Came across this one, and seems to ti… Read more

Good point, in fact children are usually not allowed to take their phones on school trips.


I do agree to a point, smartphones are more efficient, and can be better for ease of use - but are not always better depending on the situation. I am not going to let my son take a samsung galaxy s10 or a DSLR camera on school expeditions in bad weather, near lakes etc, hence the small price to pay for the digital camera. But each to their own! (flirt)


Some of what you say is true, your phone is always with you and it's undoubtedly easier to take photos on a phone if you want to share them on social media etc. But I would suspect the sensor on one of these will be superior to a phone in terms of noise levels and low-light ability, and the lens will almost certainly be superior (contrast, sharpness, edge definition, distortion), which is very hard to engineer into an almost flat optic like in a phone, despite all the trickery employed. One other factor is the significant benefits of an optical zoom, which (as far as I know) no phone has - when you zoom with a phone camera you're simply just looking at a smaller proportion of the same image blown up, and you can achieve none of the compositional benefits of a wide angle versus a telephoto etc. Image stabliisation is likely much better too. Additionally, it is likely that on most phone cameras there is a significant shutter lag (time between pressing the button and the photo actually being taken). That is probably much less noticeable in a 'real' camera like this (and better again on a DSLR). A DSLR will be a considerable level above a compact camera like this on most of these counts, and allows a further level of involvement and technical quality, but is likely to cost at least three times as much too. To be honest, if anyone is showing any real interest in photography, I'd probably recommend getting hold of a second hand DSLR (or even a film SLR) and start with that, rather than a compact. Of course, for a lot of people this stuff doesn't matter much and the phone is more than enough. But it doesn't mean the phone camera is better. It's just more convenient. So IMO something like this sits somewhere between your phone camera and a DSLR in terms of complexity and quality, and therefore does arguably serve a purpose for some people.


First of no need to carry this extra item which is heavy weight and delicate . Plus multi lenses and artificial intelligence producing better picture and 4k videos on phone , especially in low light conditions. Also fast internet already to upload on cloud if needed. Phone is always there , I don't see any need for these unless Professional Grade camera like DSLR etc .


Genuine question if you're an expert on cameras as I used to buy these standalone cameras years back but haven't bought one in ages. Would an entry level digital camera as posted here be comparable or better for still images compared to an iPhone X/Pro or Samsung S10?