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Nintendo Land (Wii U) £7.99 Delivered (Preowned) @ Grainger Games (£8 @ CeX in-store)
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Nintendo Land (Wii U) £7.99 Delivered (Preowned) @ Grainger Games (£8 @ CeX in-store)
I'll take it this is the original cover, but there will be possibility for receiving the select version (don't be surprised). Cheaper if you've got a 10% code. Also can be had for … Read more

No I'm saying that at all. I'm just saying that I think it has been at this price for a while, I've just looked at the copy of it I bought from Grainger games two years ago and it has an £8 sticker on it. I think it's likely stayed at that price since then, I was just making a remark that's all.


IDK, are you trying to say this post is not going to help anyone at all then?


Hasn't it been this kind of price for a while though?


It's probably better than 1-2 switch to be honest, I have both


Fun game, worth the price. Nice to see retro titles get a cheeky nod. Particularly funny and enjoyable on multiplayer too

Nintendo Land Wii U £8.99 Delivered @ Base
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
Nintendo Land Wii U £8.99 Delivered @ Base
Nintendo Land is a fun and lively theme park filled with 12 different attractions, each with its own take on a Nintendo franchise. Each attraction features unique and innovative ga… Read more

The Wii U should be at this price.




One of the best party games ever made. If you own a Wii U and don't have it do yourself a favour and pick this up, invite some friends over to play and have a great time.


Funny :)


[Wii U] Nintendo Land - £8.49 - Rakuten/Base
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
[Wii U] Nintendo Land - £8.49 - Rakuten/Base
Use code: MAYDAY Nintendo Land is a fun and lively theme park filled with 12 different attractions, each with its own take on a Nintendo franchise. Each attraction features unique… Read more
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hot. ordered. thanks.


Some are single player, some are multiplayer. The multiplayer ones (Mario Chase and Haunted Mansion) are best IMO. Haven't really looked at the single player ones in to much depth.


Shame not all are single player...some are local multiplayer?


Picked this up from the £10 deal posted the other week. Probably worth it for the Mario Chase and Haunted Mansion games alone. Some good stuff, some not so good. Essentially designed to showcase the gamepad and it's functionality.


Unbelievable price, brilliant.

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Nintendo Land Wii U £9.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 14th Apr 2016Found 14th Apr 2016
Nintendo Land Wii U £9.85 Delivered @ Base
Cheapest price by a whole 14p! :) Nintendo Land is a fun and lively theme park filled with 12 different attractions, each with its own take on a Nintendo franchise. Each attractio… Read more



COLD. If it had been 15p cheaper than the previous offer, I would've been able to get 3 plastic bags from the local Co-Op. Instead, I will be able to only grab 2 and I'll have four 1 penny coins lying in the pocket waiting to get stuck in the washing machine that I will need to try and fail to repair forcing me to buy a new one that will cost me too much money making this game the most expensive game ever. I'm so stressed right now that I voted HOT instead.

Nintendo Land Wii U £9.99 @ The Game Collection
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
Nintendo Land Wii U £9.99 @ The Game Collection
Roll up! Roll up! Take a stroll around this virtual theme park and enjoy all things Nintendo! Explore 12 lively attractions, each inspired by a popular Nintendo franchise, and enjo… Read more

my son has been playing this at his cousins house, it's his birthday next week and he's asked for it! Ordered, had some points in my account which brought it back down to £10, thanks very much


Thats still a good price IMHO if anyone is coming to this late.


£11.50 now


Offline play only, bit of a shame really. Bit mystifying also as the game is full of other Wii U players Mii's and all that caper. Off the 12 games, 3 are Team games for 1-5 players, another 3 are not Team but for 1-5 players, and another 6 can be Solo which include Donkey Kongs Crash Course, Yoshis Fruit Cart. (This info is on the back of the case).


Can you play the 2+player only games with other users online or do they have to be in the same room?

Nintendo Land Wii U £10.99 Delivered @ Base
Found 5th Apr 2016Found 5th Apr 2016
Nintendo Land Wii U £10.99 Delivered @ Base
Nintendo Land is a fun and lively theme park filled with 12 different attractions, each with its own take on a Nintendo franchise. Each attraction features unique and innovative ga… Read more

I have the standard Wii U GamePad and 3x Wii U Pro controllers. Is it still worth buying Nintendo Land if I have no Wii Remotes?


It is not a perfect game by any stretch, but if this game did not exist and there was a Mario Chase and Luigis Mansion hide n seek double multiplayer game on the Eshop for £11, people would rave about it.


any good with normal wii remotes? (not the remote plus ones)


Mario Chase is hilarious with 4 of your mates and a few beers!


Ordered. Cheers 8)

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[Wii U] Nintendo Land - £11.50 - TheGameCollection
Found 4th Apr 2016Found 4th Apr 2016
[Wii U] Nintendo Land - £11.50 - TheGameCollection
Cheaper than the upcoming 'Selects' range. Slightly cheaper than the now again £11.99 at Base. Roll up! Roll up! Take a stroll around this virtual theme park and enjoy all things … Read more
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tell that to my 6 year old twins! (_;)


Wii u discs and / or the laser reader are extremely finicky. Storing most of my collection in a CD wallet rendered most of them unreadable. No visible marks on them. Cleaning them with a kit from a pound shop fixed a lot of them but I had to take a few down to GAME to get them re-surfaced. It's £3.99 per disc but they have a offer on (which may or may not still be active) of 3 disc repairs for £5. Wii U discs are very, very fragile so keep them in cases at all times I would say.


Game was under £5 at shopto around xmas 2014, deal posted on here. But sadly not at that price anymore. Personally never liked it, 20 minutes of play then placed in a drawer never to come out again.


Why is this hot? I remember buying this for less than £10 ages ago.


Create an account to get 25p off ;)

Nintendo Land (Wii U) £11.99 @
Found 2nd Apr 2016Found 2nd Apr 2016
Nintendo Land (Wii U) £11.99 @
Just found this game in the lowest price I have ever seen it. Great family game with good reviews, if people are interested!… Read more
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Now £14.39




I remember on launch I paid over £35 for this as I didn't realise it didn't come with the ZombiU console pack. Lol.




It's an under appreciated game. Great fun with a friend or two. Good deal, too.

Nintendo Land Wii U Game £19 @ Amazon UK
Found 27th Jan 2016Found 27th Jan 2016
Nintendo Land Wii U Game £19 @ Amazon UK
Been watching the price for a while now Nintendo Land is a fun and lively virtual theme park filled with attractions based on popular Nintendo game worlds. Each attraction feature… Read more
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Thats unrealistic in the current climate. You just won't get Wii U party or Nintendo Land and many other games for £10 now. There are so few retailers selling these games, options are limited and its driving the prices up. Supply is incredibly low. You'd be doing amazing if you can pick this up for £10 in decent second hand condition. I don't think think people realise that these and other Wii U games are now out of production, and whats left with the odd retailer or too is all thats left. Many of the Amiibos are now long out of production also.


This game is fun only for the Mario Chase, Donkey Kong mode and Luigi's Mansion (especially) The rest is definitely filler that's not particularly fun, but these games really do make the set worth it. In an age of online shooters being the only mainstream source of multiplayer, it's great to have a game where 4 people can sit around using controllers to have a bit of fun in the same room. This came bundled with my Wii U and I definitely had lots of fun on it with my sister and GF when I first got the Wii U, but it got shelved soon after I got proper games like Splatoon and Mario Kart. I'd definitely recommend picking it up, but I'd say more around the 10 pound mark.


Admittedly I have never played Barbies Dreamhouse, and nor will I ever, but you surely can't use the two games in question as any point of comparison? Nintendo Land is liked by a lot of people and there are some good reviews of it, like 4 or 4.5 stars. I personally rate it as a 3 star game if I am being fair and balanced, but even 3 stars, its certainly no stinker. If your going to play it with your family/friends then it is sort of a must buy game for me. Otherwise you probably not missing much.


Hey! I liked Barbie's Dreamhouse Party!


Couldn't care less if crap Wii U games go rare because said ones are also on other platforms too and well, they're.. crap. Anyone want a copy of Barbie's Dreamhouse Party? lol. Nintendo Land is nothing more than a tech-demo but very enjoyable although lacking in online multiplayer support.

Wii u console (Black) 32GB with Nintendo Land £199 @ Tesco
Found 11th Jan 2016Found 11th Jan 2016
Wii u console (Black) 32GB with Nintendo Land £199 @ Tesco
Wii u just for £199
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:D To be honest I'm surprised there is not more support in general for Nintendo-type games. Seems most people want to pretend to shoot people and see lots of blood... O.o If I ever get a PS4 it would pretty much just be for Final Fantasy and similar games, but not too many to chose from.


That never stops the genocidal XB/PS fanboys! They are quite happy to let us know our existence is a feeble one and we are not worthy of being in gamer land. Their way or the high way. I often think about what would happened if I started randomly commenting on XB/PS deal threads with stuff like, COLD you can't get Mario Kart for this over rated limited to fighting/genre games heap of junk. As intrigued as I am to wonder how that would go, I won't be venturing over to the dark side, because then I would really be no better than the genocidal fanboys.


Don't you worry your silly little head about it. I knew my comment would go over your head anyways -- to explain it on your level, your shiny box is not so shiny compared to the rest on the inside... =.=


I still find it funny a self-confessed "fanboy" making "fanboy" comments about other "fanboys" :D Maybe just my odd sense of humour. ;) But you do have a point! I'm happy to complain about the Wii U, as it's the only current gen console I own, I don't much like the sound of PS4's etc, but can't really comment there, as I don't have one :D The Wii U is a great console in my opinion, just think it's crackers that the price is higher now than a couple of years back and the new higher price is considered a "hotdeal" :D


No love for Xenoblade Chronicles X or DK:Tropical Freeze?

From Amazon Spain: Nintendo Wii U - Consola Básica + Just Dance 2014 + Nintendo Land (Edición Limitada); 199 Euros / £140 @
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
From Amazon Spain: Nintendo Wii U - Consola Básica + Just Dance 2014 + Nintendo Land (Edición Limitada); 199 Euros / £140 @
Best price I have seen recently on Wii U. Flash sale on Just under 2 hours left, but only 58% taken so far.
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That deal title.. might as well just write it all in Spanish and completely forget you're posting this in a community that's in English. Think you can figure out why it's cold.


Fair enough if your happy, am sure you will enjoy your White Wii U deals. The Wii U Premium with 2 games Mario Wii U + Luigi Wii U is not being chased so much, but I would happily buy that for £200 also.


Yes and you would also have a remote, hard drive, and 2 extra games that you don't get with a premium pack. The extra 24GB is negligible when it comes to downloading content and an external drive is a must in that case anyway. Not that it makes much difference in this instance since the deal has expired, but this is obviously the cheaper option if you don't mind white.


On the other hand though I have several unused external drives sat around (you can turn any 2.5" drive into one with a £2 caddy), the Mario Kart 8 is preinstalled so no sell-on value, and I don't want Splatoon. TBH there isn't a Wii U deal worth cr*p at the moment, it's depressing.


So if we add on to the £140 deal +£55 for MK8 & Splatoon and the external hard-drive say another +£30 that makes £225. I'd prefer to get the MK8 & Splatoon pack in that case and the more desirable Black Wii Console. And no hassle of sourcing everything. That particular premium pack will surely fall in price soon.

NintendoLand - Wii U - eBay - £7.99 inc. del
Found 6th Mar 2015Found 6th Mar 2015
NintendoLand - Wii U - eBay - £7.99 inc. del
This may go cold as it's an eBay deal, but the seller has 100% Positive feedback, and has been a member for a long time. There are only a handful left, and this seems to be the ch… Read more

Just to say, what a great set of mini-games! Only played about half of them (mainly the group ones), and this has to be the Wii U's equivalent to Wii SPorts - this is a set that I think will continue to be played by the family, and other guests. Really fun, and accessible.


Never mind, seems some people did benefit, as the deal is now OOS Looks like a great set of mini games!


don't understand the eBay hate - use your common sense, read the description and don't buy items listed with stock photos. it's not rocket science. heat from me.


A good current price, deserves a bit more heat than this! Also a few still available at The Game Collection for a similar price. ;)

Nintendoland WiiU £7.95 thegamecollection
Found 10th Feb 2015Found 10th Feb 2015
Nintendoland WiiU £7.95 thegamecollection
Nintendoland for the WiiU. It's been cheaper before but cheapest available right now that I could see. Free first class P&P. Thanks!
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Out of stock if you go direct to the game collection now


You're confusing Tesco clearance with normal sales, normal Wii U sales go for their standard prices hence why games like New Super Luigi U, Pikmin 3, One Piece: Unlimited World Red and so on never drop their price. They were made in limited quantities. Bayonetta 2 was available a while ago for £19.99 on The Game Collection but now the cheapest is £27 or so.


Only 1 game worth playing? Luigi's Mansion 5 players is fun but the rest of the games we couldn't get into.


Why is the Wii U stuff starting to be cleared out at low prices? Surely the console is not on its way out already?


Same price on Amazon as mentioned & cheaper with Flubit, just got it for £7.15. Now need some cheap deals on Bayonetta 2 & Pikmin 3

Wii-U 32Gb with Nintendo Land. £74 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 3rd Feb 2015Found 3rd Feb 2015
Wii-U 32Gb with Nintendo Land. £74 @ Tesco instore
This is the premium with Nintendo land. Just bought from Grimsby Tesco for £74! Seems Tesco are clearing Nintendo stock! So deals so far are as follows. Wii U Black Premium 32g… Read more
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Found wii u mario kart bundle in my local Tesco but still scanning at £230


None in Tesco West Bromwich or Dudley.


Would really appreciate somebody's help please. I've checked within a 59 mile radius and nothing. Anybody able to help me and my boy out at all????


Could somebody grab me one?? I have a verified paypal account! Please, my son is dying for one of these but can't afford full price


3ds deals are great for £49!!!

New Wii U Premium 32gb black with Nintendo land £149 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 19th Jan 2015Found 19th Jan 2015
New Wii U Premium 32gb black with Nintendo land £149 @ Tesco
Looks like tesco at clearing at Wii U products locally, their tesco direct site no longer lists this. Found in Great Yarmouth, check your store locally as they're probably clearing… Read more

Anyone know if there is any left at Great Yarmouth ?


couldn't agree more with you


and the mods enforce rules in such a hap hazard fashion, and will apply a rule one minute then wont apply it the next.


You've been a member as long as I have, you should have learned two things by now; Tesco in-store deals will not be widely available and forum rules are not 100% adhered to. Consider this your lesson :)


exactly, they see an item, they see a price, they go oooo goodie, thats hot, and they vote. They dont look at anything other than that.

Nintendo Land - £6.85 @ ShopTo
Found 16th Jan 2015Found 16th Jan 2015
Nintendo Land - £6.85 @ ShopTo
An essential Wii U game that every owner should own considering it has some pretty cool mini-games, like Zelda's Battle Quest, F-Zero's Twister Race, Mario Chase, Metroid Blast, Lu… Read more

This is nothing new like said its been lower too :)


Same deal was posted over a month ago -


Good price heat added!


It's been this price or cheaper on Shopto for 4 months now. My post was signifying that there has been no price drop nor did something occur overnight. This 'deal' has been a 'deal' for quite a while now.


Thanks for letting me know.

NintendoLand £2 - John Lewis Cheadle
LocalLocalFound 10th Jan 2015Found 10th Jan 2015
NintendoLand £2 - John Lewis Cheadle
Soiled apparently but still sealed. Many copies for £2 about 10. In the basement of the big store next to sainsburys. Just by the speaker section. Shared Via The HUKD App For Andro… Read more
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None at Stratford, none at Oxford Street. Got them to check the stock, saw the price as £2.95 but none in stock.. Oh well....


Cheadle.. eesh, that's really out of my reach or else I'd go for it.


Any chance this will be in a "hardly ever discounted" store in Stratford?


Don't worry, there was absolutely nothing wrong with your post the way it was. Look at the heat it's received from the general community here. Just ignore the naysayers ;)


Me posting the deal on a site like that encourages both people who want one and people who'll trade it in somewhere for an extra 2 quid (-minus petrol money, must be raking it in xD). Least this way more people have access to the deal and possibly use it. There is nothing to say the moment I left someone cleared the shelves. Regardless I removed the relevant information as maybe the traders should have to work a little harder for their £2 profit.

Wii U Basic Console + Captain Toad Treasure Tracker + New Super Mario Bros U + Nintendoland - Nintendo WII U - £184.85 @ shopto
Found 8th Jan 2015Found 8th Jan 2015
Wii U Basic Console + Captain Toad Treasure Tracker + New Super Mario Bros U + Nintendoland - Nintendo WII U - £184.85 @ shopto
£184.85ShopTo Deals
Wii U Basic Console + Captain Toad Treasure Tracker + New Super Mario Bros U + Nintendoland

Its the thing that makes me want a wii u more than anything lol


He's my robot spammer :3


Good price, with the games


There's a good chunk of Wii U games that are compatible with the Wii U Pro Controller but some of them require you (as player one) to use the GamePad, so it's either the GamePad or forget that certain game. I wish I could play Captain Toad with my Wii U Pro Controller but Nintendo didn't make it possible, though on the plus side, I can touch the screen and break the blocks so it's not that bad.


He's a spammer. :D

NintendoLand Wii U £4.85 @ Shopto
Found 24th Dec 2014Found 24th Dec 2014
NintendoLand Wii U £4.85 @ Shopto
Same price as the Black Friday Shopto deal. Get it quick if you don't have it already! Please Note: All orders placed will be dispatched week commencing Monday December 29th. £6.… Read more
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weird lol! I got the game. Order again and you get the game for under £3! :P


I purchased this game on the same day it was added, but received 2 £1 refunds in my bank!!! and no game



Just perfect timing, newly purchased Wii U so nice add-on :)


mine arrived this morning :D

Wii U Nintendo Land Black Console Pack £189.96 @ Toys R Us
Found 22nd Dec 2014Found 22nd Dec 2014
Wii U Nintendo Land Black Console Pack £189.96 @ Toys R Us
Nintendo’s latest innovation, Wii U will change the way you play. With the Premium Pack you’ll find everything you need get started, plus the incredible new game Nintendo Land. Tha… Read more

Holy **** a deal that was ACTUALLY available for me in Plymouth


none in stock even




Hot, because this dude voted cold due to geography


Cold, due the fact that its not available . And some 221 miles away is not normal!

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