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Warriors All Stars [PS4] £10.85 @ Base
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
An absolute bargain, cheapest physical copy so far. Suitable for those into fighting games, Warriors franchise, PS4 owners or a video game collector. This is an absolute steal an… Read more
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I've used Base many'a times. Pre-order'd Spiderman from there and also where I'm pre-ordering Red Dead 2


Ōkami for £12.99. Has traditional Japanese style rather than anime, but it's a classic game. Gal*Gun: Double Peace for £10.85. Shoot anime school girls with your love weapon, until they fall to their knees. Not a great game, but it's funny for a while!


Probably Beavis.


Sold out! Dammit, I had it in my basket but by the time I got to the payment section it had gone. Which one of you buttheads got my copy? XD


Rabi Ribi is only £8.99 on the same site. It's a 2D Metroidvania / bullet hell game featuring Anime bunny girls. Doesn't get much more Japanese than that, really...

Nioh Complete Edition Digital Playstation Store UK £19.99 / £17.74 for PS+ members
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Wanted to buy the Argos version when I stumbled upon this on Playstation Store, £17.74 being a PS+ sub is a decent price in my opinion. This is a Complete edition of Nioh, and inc… Read more

I know a girl that goes by the name of Candy ...


Amazing, yet rock solid, game. Well worth the money. How many things offer you 70+ hours of enjoyment for less than 20 quid?


I've read loads of comments online of people saying the season pass isn't worth it. About 1 decent DLC out of the 3.


Even if, I highly doubt it will be the Complete edition.


Half temped to just get the season pass ready for a ps+ release.

Nioh PS4 - £16.99 @ Argos eBay
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Ready your blade – gruelling encounters await around every corner of a vast land ravaged by civil war. To triumph you’ll need patience, to learn where each foe – human or demon – … Read more

Didn't get on with this, not sure i have enough spare time to commit to it fully, which i guess it deserves if it's as good as people say! One thing i hate is repetitition...........One thing i hate is repetition......... One thing i.......etc etc, and although not as basic as most it is still effectively a glorified hack and slash game..... and i wouldn't mind if the level changed each time, i would just end up smashing pads up as i didn't find repeating stuff fun at all on this game, but a game like Rogues Legacy i can't get enough of it, despite dying plenty of times and having to starting again (when not using the architect ). i may wipe off the dust and give it another try when i get 300 hours spare


Indeed, but also raises the blood pressure somewhat!


smokin hot price, this game frustrates the crap outta me but i love it, its very dark and looks spectacular, hard af too (lol) (lol) heat added op


Think of it this way your getter better value for money


Oh no, I agree. But the sheer number of deaths is down purely to my impatience and incompetence! Anyone skilled would probably beat the game in double digit deaths! Code Veronica was/is a great game. Like a bit of classic action. Just introduced the son to Streets of Rage 2. Whether he'll play it, who knows?

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[PC] Nioh: Complete Edition £17.97 @ Green Man Gaming
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Great price for those who like souls-born games. You will receive a steam key once purchased. Deal Ends: 2nd Augest @ 16:00 BST Game Description: Ready to die? Experience the ne… Read more

Cross fingers this is the next Humble Monthly !


Hopefully they get more codes, the game is fantastic and runs quite well on PC bar a few CTD's. It's like Diablo and souls combined.


Green Man Gaming sell codes supplied by the developer, GMG have ran out and need to request more. Unfortunately I'm not sure if they will get more codes before the sale ends :\


How can they be out of stock on DIGITAL games?! (mad)


Out of stock ;(

49% off Nioh: Complete Edition @ GMG - £20.37
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
The Complete Edition contains the full game, as well as the three expansions with additional story chapters: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed's End.
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Not just talking about the framerate. The Far mod did improve things a lot but that's not the point. Developers shouldn't leave it up to modders to fix their shoddy work. The original Dark Souls pc release is another good example.


Neir bad port ? Ran perfectly for me at 4k


To be fair this is a much better port than the god awful job they did with nier.


I was just going by what I read on steam. Did a little further research on reddit, the majority say it runs fine with few frame rate drops in certain areas and the odd crash. Guess I'm just being cautious after being burned by Nier Automata. Download the Far Patch and was still getting frame drops with a GTX1080 and pentium i7.


played this for around 30 hours have not had any crashes or FPS issues, worth buying at £20

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PSN Summer Sale: GTA V £15.99, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition £20.49, Assassin's Creed Origins £24.99, Dark Souls: Remastered £21.99, Hellblade £14.99, Nioh – Complete Edition - £19.99, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection £12.99, LA Noire £15.99
Refreshed 11th AugRefreshed 11th Aug
A new sale's starting. The full lists are in the comments, courtesy of Bubaman and my redundant self :). Here are some of the juicy ones I found. The ones in bold are the cheapes… Read more
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Yeah it looks massively improved, I'm thinking of getting it at some point myself. You can set up an email alert for when it goes on sale next on It's been about £10 before so that's the price I'm waiting for.


Thanks! Pity I missed it...I might get it anyway, though, it looks like an awesome game after all the updates!


It ended on the 8th unfortunately. Those games are denoted by >< on the full lists.


Does anyone know whether the offer on No Man’s Sky has ended already? It shows full price for me on the UK store...


That’s got to be the cheapest I have seen GTA amazing how the game keeps its value

[Steam] Nioh: Complete Edition - £23.99 - Steam Store
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
It's an all time low! Beating the previous best on Steam (£27.99), Nioh: Complete Edition is now down to £23.99. I honestly don't think I've seen it cheaper (y) Ready to … Read more
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Fun game, but sieving through the mountain of loot tired me of it. There is such thing as too much loot.


I have a PSVR collecting dust, I regert getting it, and even more now since its dropped £100 in price. It's just the time it takes setting up and feeling sick doesn't help either. I have a PS4 pro and games look great in 4k and you can even notice a difference on regular games. I'm happy it has so many good exlusives, I feel justified in buying it, then I do with my Xbox one s because all the new exclusive you can get on PC.


Remember the few days this was big. ;X


This Was Hell @MrYorkshire


I remember that fight being very tense because she can stun lock you and you can be doing very well and then one combo and it’s game over! Had extra pressure as my gf was watching! (excited) Think the key with her was trying to keep as much distance between you as possible and taking the hits where the opportunity arises, trust me she was not easy! .... but the Orphan of Kos... almost snapped a controller over that one! Think I have a video of that one too and here are points where I don’t even know how I survived... literally a couple of pixels of life left haha! Think it was the game being kind because I was on my 99th attempt! I always make that mistake, have way too much to play on my PS4 and have not touched it for ages because of the PC and have now ordered a Pro so feel it’s gonna do a 180 and the PC will be out of favour for a few months!

Nioh (PS4) £15.85 at Shopto
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Nioh PS4

Thanks OP. Saw this and it stuck in my mind. Luckily my partner had an eBay account with £10 off a £20 spend so nabbed Nioh and Family Guy Season 17 (New) for the mere price of £11.35! Chuffed <3


Is this enhanced on PS4 Pro? Thanks for sharing OP (y)


Nice deal. I paid £25 for this new a few months back.

Shadow of the colossus [PS4] £15.49 / Nioh [PS4] £14.49 / Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition £24.49 @ Monster-shop
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
Uncharted 4 : A Thieves End £14.49. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition £24.49 Uncharted: The Collection £14.49 Nioh £14.49 Price drop on these games matching with upcoming … Read more

I was going to get Shadow of the colossus but no buy button so probably out of stock so will just wait and get the digital version which I prefer anyway when it goes to £15.99 tomorrow.


I managed to get in quickly so who knows. It does say "coming soon", however I just received confirmation of my order. ;)


I can't find the buy button is it oos or am I missing smth


Good deal. I bought Nioh, The Uncharted Collection and Uncharted 4. Heat added! ;)


Keep in mind if you got a Smyth's near by, you may be able to spot a copy of Nioh for £10 there. Got one earlier which was listed at a shop that was out of stock. But had a copy on the shelf...

[PS4] Nioh / Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package - £10.00 each (Limited Stock / C&C) - Smyths
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Good prices, but limited stock :( Nioh Oldbury 3 In Stock Longbridge 2 In Stock Leeds Birstall 1 In Stock Leeds Crown Point 2 In Stock Peterborough 1 In Stock Northampto… Read more
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Went into Crayford's Smyth. They had a few games on sale. Collected my dead rising 4, luckily got the last unlisted copy off Nioh for £10. They had walking dead the final frontier for £5 on the shelf but no copies unfortunately. :( But did grab this for £30 for my brother.


If it's a gift for someone you don't know really well, make sure to wrap up your big package.


Awesome deal if you could get it. Extra props to Buzz for putting in store by store stock levels!


Heat,loved dr4 on Xbox ,so think I have a play with Frank's big package on PS4


Picked up a copy of Nioh.. Have completely finished it but not done any of the DLC.

Cheap Prime Now PS4 games plus an extra £10 x 2 off for new customers - e.g. Crash N'Sane Trilogy £16.59, Nioh £14.97, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 £14.91, Okami HD £11.33 WITHOUT discount
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
This is the first actual deal I've put time into (second posted) so go easy! Noticed that several games are quite cheap on Prime Now only (at least in my area, Manchester), and ev… Read more

I did, managed to get the Scorpio with Assassin's Creed Origins and the 4K Bluray of the film for £450 on Black Friday :D I'm actually hoping they add the original Xbox Star Wars games which just went backwards compatible to the vault. Only upcoming game which might interest me is the new Dragon Age, I'm pretty cold on Anthem and not sure what else they have in the Pipeline. As for the Vault game I've enjoyed the most, gotta be Titanfall 2. Hopefully they don't balls up Titanfall 3.


We have the same consoles ;-). Did you get the Scorpio Edition? I think my EA Access runs out at some point in the summer. Like you, if they don't add any decent games to the vault I'll not bother renewing. What's been your favourite game in the Vault so far? I really got into Mass Effect Andromeda.


Mass Effect Andromida is not a bad game everyone just jumped on the badgwagon of hate.


Same for me, got the game free with my PS4 Pro, finished campaign and sold it. I'll happily play through it again on my One X when it's in the vault. 50/50 whether I'll renew Access when it expires, unless E.A announce a bunch of stuff at E.3 that interests me.


Nice one, Ted. I refuse to support them due to their sheer greed. Also, I was foolish enough to buy the season pass for the last one, only for it to be practically given away for free! Take care.

Nioh (PS4) £16.39 / Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PS4) £10.75 / Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £11.89 / RIME (PS4) £10.99 / Watch Dogs 2​ (PS4) £9.99 Delivered (All Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Nioh (PS4) £16.39 Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £11.89 RIME (PS4) £10.99 Watch Dogs 2 (PS4) £9.99 Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PS4) £10.75

It got a physical release in Japan and Asia. I think you're right that it's going to be digital only in the West though.


they have but its digital only don't think its getting a physical release


its not just ordered, don't when i will get around to it with playing god of war


I keep putting off buying Nioh because I know they'll announce a retail release of the Complete Edition as soon as I do. Finally gave up and bit the bullet, I'll just sell it on when the Complete Edition suddenly appears for sale next week.


Can explain the first one at least. Of course now we all know. Secret's out MixMixi (shock)

Nioh (PS4) £18.99 (in-store) @ Smyths
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Available in the following stores, but not many: Newport Gloucester Salisbury Bournemouth Longbridge Oldbury Reading Northampton Slough Watford Derby Staples Corner … Read more

Couldn't get into this


There is a physical release but just found out it’s in Japan only at the moment. But no EU release date yet.


Did not know about the digital version thanks but I originally thought you meant a physical copy was available (cheeky)


Yep, came out last November with a PC release and all the DLC.


There is a Complete Edition (shock) You sure :/

Final Fantasy XV (PS4/Xbox One) £9.99 / Nioh (PS4) £18.39 Delivered (Like New) @ Boomerang
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Final Fantasy XV (PS4 | Xbox One) £9.99 * Nioh (PS4) £18.39 * FF XV is same price at Grainger Games on PS4 , but you decide which retailer is best to go with. :D

Game on


I don't know tbh, I purchased dark souls for the ps3 when it first came out, but the game was too hard for me! I wasn't used to the constant 'dying' and having to start over again and again and again.... I enjoy challenges , but not to the level where the challenge becomes frustrating and makes me wanna smash my console up lol. Maybe I was a little young then and didn't appreciate it as much. However, nioh is fast paced , I love the setting and I find it to be rather smooth gameplay-wise. I also purchased bloodborne goty and didn't have the patience with that either so sold it after a couple of days. I may give it another shot because I felt the same with nioh in the opening rounds - but this time I set a goal for myself and said that I would stick with the game at least up until the 2nd level. Kinda just grew on me after that so hoping bloodborne will too. I might even go back to the souls series if I get through bloodborne. Only time will tell.


How is How is Nioh different than Dark Souls? I also didn't like the latter.


That £12.49 Argos nioh deal was one of the best purchases I made. Despite hating the souls series (not really hating - but I sucked pretty bad) , I am really enjoying nioh. I'll give bloodborne a go too when I get around to it.


How much?! (shock) They must be dilly dilly, I assume. :{

Nioh Complete Edition - Free on PSN (selected accounts)
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
I don't know if this is an error, Nioh Complete Edition is showing as free on my PSN. Sorry if this has been posted before, I wanted to post it as soon as I saw it.
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I got Knack 2 a while back the same way. Believe that was voted into freezing oblivion too.


These things do happen, I got the Uncharted standalone (the one with the girls) for free just looked though the store and it said free, so got it played it and beat it


(lol) (lol) so it is , what a 2hat


Never has the title 'Nioh' been more apt! Worth a shot though and thanks for the share.


Thank you. It's not my type of game at all. But thought I would share it.

Nioh – Complete Edition £25.49 @ PSN
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
£ 25.49 The prices aren't fully live yet (showing £44.99) but the discount will show in your basket Steel your mind and ready your blade for an intense action RPG experience set i… Read more

I think for a tenner - 3 pieces of DLC and some extra gear - that's worth it


In this edition of Nioh, discover William’s complete journey along the path of the samurai with three huge add-ons, including: • Dragon of the North. • Defiant Honour. • Bloodshed’s End. Plus, equip yourself for the adventure with five powerful Nioh weapons, the Nioh Armour set and three all-new pieces of headgear: the Visitor’s Dragon Kabuto, the Good Fox Kabuto and the Lucky Tanuki Kabuto.


Is the dlc worth the extra tenner? Not sure on getting the complete version or not. Thanks.


Love this game.... that's something coming from a person who hated the souls series and bloodborne.


Sorry, accidentally voted cold! Absolutely fantastic game.

[PS4] Nioh - The Complete Edition - £21.72/£18.10 - Store (US Account)
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Fantastic price for this, and the cheapest I've seen it. The game will need to be redeemed to your US PlayStation account. PS4: How To Buy US Digital PSN Games If you're elig… Read more
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Theresa May 4 lyf don’t fund Donalds Trumpsfeld he is bad.


HUKD not HUSD /s.


The Asian and Japanese releases do not feature dismemberment, unlike the European and North American ones. Just in case it matters to someone


Heat from me!

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration (PS4) £11.99 / Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £15.89 / WipEout (PS4) £11.99 / Nioh (PS4) £20.39 / LEGO City Undercover (PS4) £14.75 Delivered (Like New) @ Boomerang
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
How to buy from Boomerang here . Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration (PS4) £11.99 Sniper Elite 4 (PS4) £15.89 WipEout (PS4) £11.99 Nioh (PS4) £20.… Read more

Tomb Raider is back in stock


Me too, I was waiting for the GotY version but I've changed my mind and don't think we are getting it after all. Managed to plat it, good fun game. Tempted by tomb raider but I see that it is sold out.


Heated thanks, I feel I'm always checking Boomerang but tend to miss things. Thank god for HUKD (y)


tomb raider sold out


Picked up Nioh in the crazy black friday deals for £13. Am sure a GOTY version is on the way.

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