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o2 refresh - are they having a laugh?
Got a call from o2 recently saying as I’m a third party customer they would be willing to pay off my contract and I can upgrade early with them. Was slightly interested as still ha… Read more

That’s amazing. Well done for getting in that loop!


On a more legit note, on my 24 month o2 plan with 6 months remaining my early upgrade offer from o2 was upgrade early and they'll pay off the remaining 6 momths (£150) i therefore upgraded to a cheap nokia for like £94 and now i'm on refresh plan paying less than the original amount and able to leave anytime but staying for now as a 2nd plan i did the same, then requested a PAC online and got a £100 any phone over £100 code, now i'm in an refresh upgrade loop as i can upgrade every few days when i get my phone delivered and use the same code again therefore ended paying in full getting phone for like £15 - 30 or so. A steal, i'm feeling guilty but addicted to getting most of the affordable phones i can. I was thinking of sharing the code but wondering if its account specific?


It just seems a sly way to get you signed up to an inflated SIM card. 100gb sim is £20 with 6 months at £10. They claim you can cancel the airtime at any point but I believe you have to pay off your device first. So no one will be doing that if still a few hundred outstanding so people will be forced to stay on inflated sim price. I know I’m ranting here but a 2 year interest free phone from Apple will cost you £33 a month for 24 months. £20 sim on top and you’re on £53 a month for 24 months (£1272) Then 12 months at £20 (£1512) for 3 years instead of £2052!


By playing with the sliders it’s seems they want to tie you in to a 3 year contract as well paying full price for the phone! I can’t see any value whatsoever. The data plan is unlimited but here’s an exampl. 36 months £22 device monthly £35 airtime monthly £57 a month!! For 3 years!! £2052 for 2 years. I know the phone isn’t cheap at £800 but that’s still you tied into a 3 year airtime contract at £35 a month! Also as nice as o2 are at allowing you to pay the device off over 3 years you are still paying full price for the device and highly inflated for the airtime! So o2 get a device sale at full price, a 3 year contract and £35 a month. i literally see no value for the customer


Are you taking into account the cost of the sim plan though? Generally the company makes very little if any profit on the handset. 3 year contract whats the allowance and cost of that seperatly?

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This is a somewhat known process to many HUKD members but I thought best to provide a full rundown so more of you can reap the benefits. PlayStation Method: Click Get Deal to g… Read more

Erm, anybody else getting an error trying to top-up PSN via mobile carrier? Nothing to do with the method of the deal here, can't even get past the "select amount" screen. Been this way for a week for me. Wondering if this is over


Just don't give them your number.


So I've used this method twice and I got a call from O2 on my personal number somehow has that happened to anyone before? Didn't pick it up


Thank you, so for paying £11 i get £25 in total credit doing all this? So technically £14 free?


No, because as soon as you top up the amount on the SIM plan, they swap your credit for the allowances listed. Get the £30 card, top up £11. Get the £10 bonus via text and register the number on My O2 to get another £5.

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Update 1
We're back baby! Welcome yourselves to the brand new hotukdeals sim only thread ! With a new home, a shiny new stylish look, but most importantly... the best sim only deals to hel… Read more

EE have massively gone downhill in terms of wanting to keep customers. Offering me the same deals as new customers? Also, when did 24 month SIMO contracts become standard? So much for 'Flexibility'


Yeah the top up once every 4 months is a problem as I usually use the 200mb in the data reward sim to phone sip on freevoipdeal that's at a similar rate but never expires.,.....it's a shame my Xiaomi note 9 that I bought for 53 quid doesn't have native sip calling however my brother in law phones me back on my sipgate landline in adjacent TC for free we are talking a penny a call anyway and he rings me back for free My gold number is worth 200 quid though so I won't be going to Asda if they disconnect inside the 6 month period .......so it's Tesco pensioner tariff at 8p a minute ......as I don't want to port out of my simply 8p virgin sim or I might stick with three anyway on the 10p tariff there Sims never get turned off


Just found https://www.1pmobile.com/


I seem to remember ASDA like to disconnect sims very fast if not used regularly. As a low user this worries me somewhat.


Is Asda the new rate tart SIM 4p a minute now 321 three disappeared

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Just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I have imported a Chinese handset (Asus ROG Phone 5). The phone itself works great and I can make calls and texts fine H… Read more

Do you still have the old device to try the same with to see if it was using the same band? Afraid otherwise its not a like for like comparasion. Though in general band 20 isnt the fasted. Me for example, at home I have no choice but band 20, or no signal with any network lol. I'm getting around 5 atm, though when in work I'm getting around 160 on 5g. (O2). Ps, hide that location tab on your screenshot (click header to minimise).


Seems to be band 20 it's connecting to. But only seem to get 4 - 5mbps on speed tests compared to around 30 on my old Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite


A lot depends on the service provider. Most HUKD folks complain about Three.


You need to check if the phone supports band 20 normally. An app like below can help identify what band you are currently picking up and what the tower has available We had a discussion om another thread recently. Once I find it again I will link it for you. In some areas O2 use band 40, which that device doesnt support. But will need a network app like below to figure out your own area. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.simplyadvanced.ltediscovery Top left shows what I connected to (old screen shot in case you ponder the time!). Bottom towards the right, shows bands available from tower.

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Just read that the Merger is now approved by the authorities. I suspect prices will cartainly rise to support the "supposed" investment in infrastructure, despite the contrary cla… Read more

Its all about pampering the Egos of the CEOs and make some money for the brokers/bankers involved in the deal. There's nothing in it for the consumer. Media headlines are just as PR stunts.


If they are what's the point in the merger


As others have said doesn't really matter if they increase prices, just switch theres plenty of options these days.


No reason no to rack up the prices! Look at Threes recent increases!


Doesnt make sense. SO does it mean O2 wants to pump out entertainment and music and other media via their limited 5G spectrum & network ? Given that VirginMedia also "buys" entertainemnt and media from elsewhre (sky, Bt etc). They dont produce thier own content. O2 could easily have gone direct with those suppliers ! WIth such a limited infra, I cant fathom whats inb it for O2, then. Both are dumb internet pipes at the moment. Maybe the Spanish owners just want to wash their hands off O2 (UK) and let VM decide the future course. (which they failed with Three last time)

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I've managed to get my o2 contract renewed for a iphone 12 64gb for £40 upfront and £44 a month with 250gb data is this any good?

Only cheaper would be with three via 3rd party website.


Only if you need this much data if not this seems better for 50gb see if they can get closer to this price https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-iphone-12-64gb-on-ee-unlimited-minutes-texts-and-50gb-5g-data-for-ps35pm-ps0-upfront-using-code-24mo-ps840-at-affordable-mobiles-3714019?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3714019&utm_campaign=2021-04-28