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Invite Only: Sell an item for £10 or more & get a £10 coupon on eBay - Via O2 Priority
18/07/2021Expires on 18/07/2021Made hot 12th JunMade hot 12th Jun
UPDATE: Thanks @davidian84 -Link direct to eBay for all below: eBay direct link here Full details of offer on the Get Deal link, a bit of information below: About the offer … Read more

Nice mincing of words, however I did say “most” and “almost”.. Imo the disgruntled comments sound like sheer lack of tenacity, simple. Anyway, as you said you’re firmly set in your opinion regardless of any sound reassurance, so have a nice evening


Sadly your positive experiences don't cancel out our negative experiences. Nor do they reassure us in any way. I'm plenty savvy, the fact is that it doesn't matter how savvy anyone is if Ebay say one thing one day and then completely contradict it the next. When customer service agents are an unreliable source of information about their own policies and its procedures and you lose out because your followed their advice, then the only intelligent and wise thing to do is avoid that company, period.


Yes well it will depend on what the actual issue is, however for most problems if you are savvy enough, you will almost always be fine. 16 years and over 1000 transactions later, I think I can safely say that


Unfortunately in my experience it will not always be fine. The last time I spoke to Ebay on the phone I was given information that contradicted what they told me on the phone less than 24 hours earlier. Now I record my calls with Ebay, which they don't like even though they say Ebay records the same calls.


I have, it’s a pain in the a*se though, sometimes it works & sometimes not. But that’s better odds than not trying atall.

Anker PowerPort III Nano 20W USB-C charger - £12.59 Delivered @ O2 Shop
230° Expired
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
Good price for the Nano III. Less charge time, more you time Many of today's smartphones, tablets and accessories support fast charging, but aren't supplied with a charger pow… Read more





No mate, it's only fast charge with this. I've got the S20+ and only the plug I got with the phone does the super fast charge, I've still bought 2 of these Anker ones though as they still excellent & still do fast charge.


Yes i think the super fast charging started from s10 onwards i believe. So it wouldnt have shown on the s8.


Not sure either. I've got an S20 and the charger it comes with is 25w. So maybe that extra fast bit is the extra 5w. I remember when I had my s8 and that was 18w and it only said fast charging.

Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 True Wireless Earphones / Headphones - £27.50 Delivered @ O2 Shop
112° Expired
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
Bargain. £10 lower than they've been on camel With expertly-balanced sound and unmatched comfort, you won't want the music to stop. Luckily, with 100 hours of playtime, it won't… Read more

sorry folks, must've been someone's item that came back from someone's cart :S


So annoyed. Apple Pay took my payment then o2 said it didn’t go through. OOS by the time I went back to order. Now I have no earbuds and 2 days to wait on the money being deposited back into my account (lol)




It's not loading!


(lol) Cheers

Google Pixel 4a Android Mobile Phone- Black, 128GB Smartphone - £267.68 (O2 Refresh) @ O2
Made hot 5th JunMade hot 5th Jun
This is an O2 Refresh deal, where you are required to cancel your "airtime" contract as soon as the phone arrives, just either pac or stac your new O2 number out, or ring O2 up to … Read more

Seems it's an upgrade discount code, I tried it on a new refresh plan without logging in first & it didn't work. Do you have any due for cancellation? I expect it may work even if SIM only


Feel free to share with me if you like and I'll check (y)


I've recently had an amazing upgrade deal that I'm feeling guilty about, I can keep doing an upgrade and getting phones with £100 off the devices costing at least £100 so getting budget phones for like 15, 29, £31 etc and being able to upgrade again for another phone within like 2 days and the code continually gives the discount. The code came when I requested a PAC online, I wonder if it's account specific or can work for others?


Effectively O2 refresh is a monthly rolling plan based on a device plan for the phone. Pay the phone off in full and you can do whatever the hell you like, stay, leave, change or give your notice. Generally some pay in full and cancel the plan within 14 days so get the phone without having to pay even the monthly line rental. Hopefully that makes sense


Can anyone explain more about O2 refresh to me please? I've had a look at their website but still not 100%. Am I right that this deal comes from it only being a 30 day rolling contract, so you can port away after then but still have to pay off the outstanding device cost? However in my case I'm an existing SIM only O2 customer (they've got best signal where I live) so would be happy staying on O2 if it was on a reasonable deal, but the refresh tariffs don't seem cheap. Their website says that SIM only can do O2 refresh after the first 3 months, which I am. Wondering if I took this deal if I could then swap back to a better value SIM only plan after 30 days? If so would I have to pay off all the device cost then, or could I continue paying it monthly once back on SIM only? If anything in T&C's prevents going to SIM only I guess I could port out to another network after 30 days, then back to an O2 SIM only, but would have to pay off the device cost.

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O2 (5G) 12gb unlimited text and minutes- £8 per month - 12 month contract at O2 Shop
Made hot 5th JunMade hot 5th Jun
Courtesy of @Bobin_Joy O2 Unlimited minutes Unlimited Text 12gb Disney included 3 months 12 month contract

The TOTUM discount was valid on phone contracts, it didn’t work for me on sim only, it was like 3 months ago when I tried… Here a link for more details: o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/rewards/student-offer-refresh-airtime-and-accessories Let us know if you have any luck


Anyone know if 20% student discount stacks with this, cheers


Does anyone know if the 5gb for £6 deal is finished,can't find it anywhere.


Ordered two of these, thanks OP.


Thank you that's very helpful. (y)

Nintendo Switch Lite (All Colours) - £159.99 delivered with Unidays Code @ O2 Shop
Made hot 4th JunMade hot 4th Jun
Copy the O2 Accessories 20% discount code under UNiDAYS and checkout as normal on the O2 website using the code. Seems to work on the Switch Lite as it's listed under Accessories.… Read more

Looks like they’ve caught on to it - doesn’t work on Switch Lite anymore. Fun while it lasted!


Not working for me either


Yep, same for me. Think it's dead.


Hasnt let me use the code either. Keeps saying "This promo code can't be used with this order. Remove it to continue." Do I need to be a registered account holder for it to work?


I'd take it please if you haven't used it or given away. Thanks