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E‑M10 Mark III 1442 camera with M.ZUIKO Digital 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 II R lens for £371.02 delivered using code @ Olympus Shop
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Some of these Olympus deals are superb, for example this E-M10 Mark III is £70 cheaper than anywhere else (legitimate UK-based shops) at the moment using the code HOLIDAY2020. It … Read more

This one should work because the voucher code is posted and approved on the cashback websites e.g.


In theory, you shouldn't get cashback when using a voucher code. Hope it works for you.


And cashback from Topcashback or Quidco tracking at 14.85% (new customer) or 11.55% (existing customer). Tracked for me at £55.09. Can't beat that!


Sorted now. Be sure to use code HOLIDAY2020 not the one indicated on the Olympus offer page


Tried checking one out but no discount applied and code not recognised. Page still showing deal available, but may have sold out?

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Digital Camera with 14-42mm II R lens - Black £359.10 @ cameracentreuk / eBay
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Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
£359 after applying voucher. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Silver + 14-42mm IIR bundle consists of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera and a 14-42mm IIR lens. With the compact… Read more

Welcome to the best club in the world.


Perhaps the Sony a6000, bit old now, but given your budget perhaps that’s your best shot. You can check your local Currys, there might be Nikon D3500s lurking on their clearance sections.


Just recently promoted to the 'Father' status. Looking for an APS-C camera. What can be had for around this price (400)? Sony or Canon APS-C.


Thanks for the info (y) I’ve noticed those Panasonic models, just can’t justify the cost right now. I think I’ll pick up one of these Olympus if I can get my hands on one. I’ve no brand preference really, each model has their own merits. I’d usually stick to Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, or Sony.


Olympus or Panasonic would be best in terms of stabilization and image quality at higher ISO compared to Sony RX100 Mark 1 to 5. And at this price for the Olympus0 it is the best bang for the buck. I'd go for Panasonic GX80/GX9 as they look so sexyyyy

Olympus Pen E-PL9 Mirrorless, 4k, 16mp camera with kit lens in store @ Currys Peckham
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th JulLocalLocal
Went on a bit of a trek after the Nikon deal to Peckham and saw this. The guy said it comes with the kit lens. Don't know how many they have in stock.
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UPDATE: After I was told on the phone that there was no stock anywhere I saw someone else on this thread saying they'd found one. I Facebook Messaged Currys PC World who searched the local area for me and found 2 - 1 in Gloucester and 1 in Cheltenham. I picked up the one in Gloucester this morning. It wasn't pristine stock (was open box and in display cabinet) but the box was upstairs and all accessories were unused. It was priced on the shelf/cabinet erroneously at £379.97 but went through the till at the £149.97 price expected. Absolute bargain. Try asking on Facebook quoting the stock number 231166 and your local store and you never know... or just have a look and question the price if different.


Great find, one of my favourite things about mirrorless camera's is the short flange distance meaning you can buy a cheap adapter and use some great vintage lenses such as the Olympus 50mm f/1.8 so saves you splashing out for the expensive new lenses.


I bet OP is so bored of that joke it's unreal.


IN store (as per title)


dead link

Olympus Pen E‑PL8 with 1442 II R Kit lens Camera at Olympus shop for £299 with code at Olympus Shop
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Think this has been on in the past, looks like it's up again. Can't find a better price elsewhere.

Oh I am sure there will be. All I am saying is Panasonic want to compete with Sony, Canon and Fuji on video and they had the choice between a new mount or sinking that investment in m43 and they went S1R. I am sure we will see a GH6 and more but at this point they are about as commited to m43 as Sony are to A mount. :p


But Panny FF's are targeted at a different market segment than m43's which are more consumer oriented. I shoot Sony so have no horse in this race, but I still think there will be new m43 gear for the foreseeable future, be it from Panny or someone else.


That's interesting, I didn't know that, I've got a PL9. That's got a mini hdmi connector but no external microphone socket.


If by commitment you mean the same generations old sensor wrapped up in badly aged tech then yes. The S1R and amount of resources being poured into L mount paints a different picture to their PR statements. Without Olympus guidance and R&D (unless someone steps up, won't be Panasonic ;)) it kills m43 as we've known it going forwards.


Panasonic are still committed to m43.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 III + 12-200mm Lens (Black), 5 year warranty and a free SanDisk 64GB Extreme UHS-I SDXC Memory Card - £749 @ UKDigital
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Black + 12-200mm lens is the EM10 with 12-200 long zoom lens supplied together as a kit. Sure to become a modern classic, Olympus has carefully de… Read more
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I assume the company that have bought the camera business


Who's gonna do the warranty repairs if Olympus as we know it is no more?


You're right, my mistake. Have updated the comment. Thanks for the correction.


Buy with confidence. Established for over 20 years and trade from our premises in Clitheroe, Lancashire we only sell genuine UK and EU stock.



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Olympus E‑M10 Mark III + M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12‑200MM Lens (worth £729) = £749 (£696 with Quidco) delivered @ Olympus Store
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
This is a crazy good offer. This lens retails for £729 and the cheapest you can currently get it is £654 from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Olympus-M-ZUIKO-Digital-12-200mm-F3… Read more



Forget that.. loads agree that this is good


Gutted that code is not working anymore ;( ;( ;( ;(




Depends on how thorough Olympus are with checking these things. I have used codes with Quidco and havent seen cashback rejected for about 2-3 years because of it.

Used Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Digital Camera Body (8/10 Condition) 12 month warranty £578 @ Wex Photo
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
This is not the M10 for anyone thinking about last week's deal. Cheaper than even eBay second hand prices. Also comes with 12 month warranty, so if you don't mind about some s… Read more
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Remember this could be 4 YEARS old.. you can get brand new at HDEW camera and 3 year warranty for £769....


Could be worth a punt if you can return it and it turns out not to be an overly cautious description. The other one that they have rated as a 9 for £631 has a similar list of imperfections. A few images of the actual cameras would be helpful. Jessops and MPB usually have images of their 2nd hand items. Shame Wex don’t do that too.


You have 30 days to return it (but you pay for the postage).


What is their returns policy if you get it and aren't happy with the condition?


I think they overcompensate the condition so as not to have complaints going by their other descriptions. I remember putting something on eBay once and wanted to be as explicit as possible. After I was finished, I thought to myself, 'f*** me it sounds like a piece of s*** and yet it looks fantastic'. Not saying it's the same but could be going by their extensive descriptions on other items.

Olympus M. 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R Zoom Lens (Silver) £101 via Amazon US Global Store on Amazon UK
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th JulShipping from United StatesShipping from United States
You save 50 quid using amazon USA global store ..please post if you find the prime lens reduced ..

Sorry, I’m new to forums. Any suggestion for the Olympus camera please, thanks


They offered £70 for mine as trade-in


Olympus lens works fine on a Panasonic body and the IBIS works. Panasonic lenses will be better though as they have the dual IS function which takes advantage of the lens and body IS


I bought a second hand one for £80 from mpb.com. They must have bought it for peanuts


Hello. If you guys do photography can you check my insta and give me some criticisms pls. @sushigrafye

Olympus E-M10 III Twin Kit (14-42 Ez)(40-150) Black- Free 3 Year Warranty Included £429 @ H DEW Cameras. Free delivery this weekend
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th Jul
Update 1
Price reduced from £479 to £429 - 30/07
Compact, lightweight and better-than-ever, the black OM-D E-M10 Mark III from Olympus takes its place as an extremely capable entry-level option for shooters looking to pick up an … Read more
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Free delivery this weekend


Konica-Minolta got out of the business, sold off their camera division. The cameras are called Sony now.


Even better price!


Time will tell. Wish them luck but its going to tough. Good cameras that maybe could do with a bit of updating.


Free delivery this weekend

OM-D E-M10 MK 3 (silver or black) and 14-42 lens £399 at Olympus Shop
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Great camera and will shoot 4K Video with brilliant image stabilisation. Deal ends 31st July E-M10 Mark III 1442 Kit: Only £399 with code EM10399 Go from smart phone to smart ph… Read more

That is pretty cool. Should be posted as a deal, if it hasn't already.


Olympus has image stabilization, the GX7 doesn't


New cameras and lenses are still coming out, service and repair is second two none.


Also take a look at the panasonic 15mm f1.7 lens, i chose this over the 17mm as it is slightly sharper.


IMHO the 17mm as mentioned earlier, although not a proper ultrawide lens, is the best compromise. It strikes the right balance between rendering quality, sharpness, price, size. A great versatile lens. In general m43 is not the ideal system for wide angle photography but with a bit of practice can get good results. You can always go with manual focus options such as the 12mm Rokinon but although these 5mm is a big difference in the wide angles, the 17mm is so good and versatile it's hard not to recommend it.

Olympus Binocular 10 x 50 DPS-1 - Black - £47.98 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Bringing action up close and enlarging details which might otherwise go unnoticed, the 10 x 50 DPS I from OLYMPUS provides razor-sharp images with 10x magnification. The large, cen… Read more

The Last FVF from eBay was running as the other poster was wishing for one ie there was a current FVF but they have become mostly invite only.


These are ridiculously good for the price.


Yea I’ve no idea what you’re on about. I had 3rd-6th and I think there was a business one up to 9th but that’s all.


Which one was that? Last I can find on here ran 3-6th


The last one is still running from last Monday, the next one ?

Olympus Binocular 10 x 50 DPS-1 - Black - £51.98 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Dispatched and sold by Amazon UK. Well reviewed binoculars for the price. 10 times magnification. Come with a soft case and lens caps.
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I have this. Optics are very good but not as good as my £150 Nikon Sporter. Very heavy too. Great value mind.


Before I got arrested I was the same, cant a guy go out in a raincoat and wellingtons with a pair of binoculars without being branded a perv, what is the world coming to.


Before pornhub, I swore by these.


why are the reviews so old? just wondering. Having said that, much dearer on eBay.


That is absolutely correct. My friend ended up some his own pair.

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark III Mirrorless Camera M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42 mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ & ED 40-150 mm f/4-5.6 R Lens £419.97 CurrysPCWorld
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
16.1 megapixels Four Thirds / 17.3 x 13 mm Live MOS sensor Built-in WiFi / GPS / Bluetooth 3" tiltable LCD touchscreen 8.6 fps in continuous shooting mode

Wow - £543 now!


I agree. Smaller than the big Nikon's and Canons, just right for me, and superb glass too. Manual focus and centre, matrix or spot metering - imagine! XD I backpacked the world for ten years, with two OM2s, and an OM4, never let me down, and were nicely brassed by the end of my adventures. I bitterly regret selling them when I was skint. Hope they continue in more than just name.


Why the f88k don’t they tell where there is some stock


Picked this up in May for £499 with the regular 14-42 lens, this is a steal with the pancake.


I've tried 6 towns around the country. No stock.

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 9-18 mm F4.0-5.6 Lens (MFT Lens) £294.97 @ Amazon UK
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Had my eye on this for a long time, a wide angle lens (18mm full frame equivalent). Three camels sent me an alert saying it has dropped quite a bit today. The M.Zuiko Digital ED … Read more

Very slow for a wide angle lens. I would have perferred starting at f2.8.


Anyone still looking - It's the same price at Curry's


waiting on a 17mm prime lens.


Price gone back up


I had one too - it's a disappointing lens, but if you want a cheap UWA lens for M43 then there's not much choice. EDIT: Actually the 9mm body cap lens is quite good for the money & not much worse than this.

Olympus EZ-M7530 M.Zuiko Digital 75-300 mm 1:4.8-6.7 Lens II, Suitable for All MFT Cameras at Amazon £247.97
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Product Description This M.Zuiko Digital 75-300 mm F4.8-6.7 II (150-600 mm*) Super Telephoto Lens from Olympus has a powerful zoom for all needs. Its desi… Read more

Funny how many of these "opened - never used" lenses have suddenly appeared on eBay for £300+ now... ;)


Welly cheep. Waiting for more cheep so I cancelled ..no??




I have ordered this but thinking I should cancel & wait for a price drop on the 100-300 Lumix, although I know it'll never be cheaper than this.


I have the 12-200, very handy and I'm finding that the 30mm macro is hardly used. This one is another handy lens.

Discount of most/all photographic things Olympus including accessories
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Discount of most/all photographic things Olympus including accessories . Note shipping is free for items £30 or more. May end soon I think this has expired now (1st of July) but i… Read more
Read More

Me too but bought into this system when I needed reach and didn't want Fuji 100-400.


Sod IQ then eh.....




But people nowadays (myself included) feel lost without their mobiles. A phone can be slipped into a pocket. A camera generally can't. Traditionally it was slung round you neck. Somehow that looks slighlly eccentric nowadays, unless you're a tourist :) Do people need the resolution of cameras? The first thing you're likely to do is reduce it in size, for manipulation and even more if you're going to email it. Ok, you can select an area with only a small reduction in quality. You can of course completely manually control aperture and speed and ISO, but these features are becoming available on phone cameras, as are interchangable lens.


I'm a Fuji user but I love the tiny size of the Olympus kit!

The Olympus Pen E‑PL9 Pancake Kit with ED 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 lens - £359.10 delivered using code @ Olympus Shop
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Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
A modern classic version of the Olympus Pen (as originally used by at least one famous photographer :) ) Better photographs with no fuss and a beautiful camera to take them on … Read more

Are you alright?


Drunk ??


And that's fair. IMHO, best price doesn't always equal a good deal, but I guess that's why the comment sections are there - for people to debate it :)


I do know this, if you've read one of my comments, my principle is basically to vote something hot if it is cheaper now than it was. Of course you can comment on the value, people post deals of 1 or 2%, the deal here 38% off, which is substantial and unmatched anywhere AFAICS


This is a deal site. We're literally here to vote on deals we think are good or bad, and in turn, discuss them. And give advice, or opinions. But you know this.

Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 30 mm F3.5 Macro Lens MFT Cameras - £160.97 (£155.80 via Revolut) @ Amazon Germany
332° Expired
Refreshed 30th JunRefreshed 30th Jun
EDIT Olympus M.ZUIKO 60mm 1:2.8 DIGITAL ED Lens - NOW £314.72 (£304.31 via Revolut) https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B009C742Y2 Olympus 8 mm M.ZUIKO Digital ED 1:1.8 Fisheye … Read more

G80 has IBIS.


Should do, but I don't think Panasonic has in body stabilisation, something to be aware of.


Yes it would


Would this work with the Panasonic G80 I bought because of here a month or so back?


Depending on how many lenses you normally take with you, if you take a whole bunch of M43 lenses most of time, a high res FF combo does not have to be bigger to cover the same focal length range and apertures. It is different though if you normally only carry one or two. Since you are already watching Tony, here is another piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtDotqLx6nA M43 has other benefits over other systems though, like more efficient IBIS, less rolling shutter effect, etc.

Olymlus E‑M10 Mark III 1442 Kit + 45mm 1.8 lens - £399.99 with code at Olympus Shop
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Olympus E‑M10 Mark III 1442 Kit with free 45mm 1.8 lens flash sale amazing deal includes M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14‑42MM F3.5‑5.6 II R version comes in silver and black Edit : possible … Read more

I didn't break it. It just has a few small dents in the side now. It is okay, just nothing special. You get what you pay for and all that.


You broke it so I doubt you can return it. You can easily get your money back on ebay selling it separately. Its a very good little camera get to know it better you wont be disappointed


I love it! Check out some of the photos taken with this camera: https://www.flickr.com/search/?camera=olympus%2Fe-m10_mark_iii&sort=interestingness-desc&safe_search=1 (mine are in there somewhere...).


I have mine, and been playing around with it? What are peoples thoughts? I think it is very very average so far. I think in some circumstances my phone can do better. Lots of things i dislike about the camera so far. I would return it, but i the strap came undone earlier, and it fell and now has a dent in the side, so i don't think i can return it now right? I am a bit confused as to the good reviews of this, and the free lens too, it doesn't seem particularly special to me. Maybe i am expecting too much for this price point.


I contacted them via Facebook, and to be fair they ensured at least one had dispatched today. I got the email notification as well. Good service

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