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OnePlus 3 3T 5 5T 6 Dash UK Wall Fast Charger DC0504B4GB FFP - White - £10.79 With Code @ MyMemory
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
OnePlus 3 3T 5 5T 6 Dash UK Wall Fast Charger DC0504B4GB FFP - White - £10.79 With Code @ MyMemory£10.79£11.9910% off Free P&P FreeMyMemory Deals
Good price for an original plug, no cable included Condition New Colour White Brand OnePlus Warranty 1 Year Barcode 5055335727462 Product Code TRAV OEM DC0504B4GB WHT H … Read more

Well done for remembering P = V × I from GCSE Physics. (y)


Proprietary charging for the Oppo family. I use this exact charger for my Realme which I bought from Amazon Spain a while ago.


Why? It's there a dodgy chip situation?


I didn't know.. I'm gonna look at every charger now :) cheers


You'd want the OnePlus WarpCharge 30W chargers for the newer devices up until the OP8 series and the Nord. The new OP9 ones I believe use a 60W charger so they'll be different. I think this charger is good up until the OnePlus 3 until the OnePlus 6T. I believe 30W was from the OP7 range This charger will still give some degree of faster charging to newer OP devices, but just not the full potential. I've still got an old brick lying around from my OP3, and it shows with the bolt when I charge it on my OnePlus 8 Pro. But should always aim for the correct charger for your phone's make and model imo.

Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle
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Posted 8th Nov 2018Posted 8th Nov 2018
Extra £5 when using O2 Recycle£5 offO2 Shop Promo Code
CLEGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Simply enter promo code 5RECYCLE to the checkout to get an additional £5 added to your recycle order.
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Exactly what happened twice to me...


Even cex pay more.


Got quoted £2 , lol . You can easily get more by selling on ebay


Had an awful recycling experience with these myself. They lost my phone at the local distribution centre. Slowest to respond to any queries as well. They ended up paying me out in the end as they couldn't find it even though it was tracked to their address. I'd steer well clear


WAITADD5 also works

OnePlus 3 (5.5" 1080p Amoled, Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, 64GB memory, NFC, 16MP) £144.40 Delivered with code @ Geekbuying
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
OnePlus 3 (5.5" 1080p Amoled, Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, 64GB memory, NFC, 16MP) £144.40 Delivered with code @ Geekbuying£144.40£16010% offgeekbuying Deals
Obviously not the latest and greatest OnePlus, but a great phone for your money, and one of the better android experiences out there. Use code MOAQSEOD at checkout to get the re… Read more

Did anyone actually receive their phone from Geekbuying any issues as I ordered and got this email from them ?.. Our customer care team has created a ticket on your behalf, with the following details and summary: Topic: Order status inquiry Subject: 4690467 Recently we received complaints regarding the authenticity of the OnePlus 3 featured on our site. We can assure the OnePlus 3 you have purchased is not refurbished. However, many of the OnePlus 3 models ordered in the month of August and September do not meet GeekBuying’s quality standard. Due to an incomprehensive quality control inspection on the behalf of our supplier, various defects in the OnePlus 3 have been brought to our attention. Moreover, we are taking full responsibility for these defects and would like to provide you with the proper solution to rectify this problem. your order is on the way and unfortunately it can't be hold up,Please contact our after-sale email address if there is quality problem. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. #4690467


Take a dump on a SamsDung and take a crap on a CrApple phone!!


Easy for you but the S7 Edge brings looks, wireless charging, arguably one of the best cameras of 2016/7, band 20 and waterproofing - that’s why I suffixed it with ‘depends on your needs’! If it’s raw speed, then OnePlus all day long.


Remember that's just a single data point though :) My S7E still has crazy battery life and runs like it always has. As usual it all depends on what you need and what's important. Yes the OP3 will be a hair faster, but unless you sit there doing speed tests with other people's phones, you wouldn't notice on any of these high end phones. Personally I would gone for the OP3 in a heartbeat, but the lack of wireless charging was a downside for me, and the pants camera was an absolute dealbreaker. If you're not bothered about a camera, I would probably go for OP, if you are it's hard to beat the S7E for an old phone, it's camera is still better than the latest OP6 all these years later!


I bought my OP3 the same time as a friend bought his S7E. Initially, it looked as, "You get what you pay for," as his screen and camera were miles better than my OP3. We had a little race unlocking and relocking the phone with the fingerprint reader 10 times. When the OP3 had got to 10, he was still on number 4. 2 years down the line and he is ditching the S7E, as it got Android 8, 6 months later than my OP3 and his phone is now sssslloooooowwwwww with poor battery life. My OP3 on the other hand gets quick updates and performs just like it did on day 1. Easy choice IMO.

Oneplus 3 £300.69 @ Eglobal central
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Posted 27th Dec 2017Posted 27th Dec 2017
Oneplus 3 £300.69 @ Eglobal central£300.69eGlobal Central Deals
only £300
Mister35mm In October 2017, a researcher caught OnePlus silently collecting all sorts of data from its users. Now, a new report says that there's still a OnePlus app that can grab data from the phone and send it to servers in China without a user's knowledge or express consent. BGR reports: The French security researcher hiding behind the name Elliot Alderson on Twitter detailed OnePlus's data collection practices back in October, and he has now discovered a strange file in the OnePlus clipboard app. A Badword.txt file contains various keywords, including "Chairman, Vice President, Deputy Director, Associate Professor, Deputy Heads, General, Private Message, shipping, Address, email," and others. The file is then duplicated in a zip file called pattern alongside six other .txt files. All these files are apparently used in "in an obfuscated package which seems to be an #Android library from teddymobile." Now, TeddyMobile is a Chinese company that works with plenty of smartphone makers from China. The company seems to be able to recognize words and numbers in text messages. And OnePlus is apparently sending your phone's IMEI number to a TeddyMobile server, too. It looks like the TeddyMobile package might be able to grab all sorts of data from a phone. Even bank numbers are apparently recognized. OnePlus has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Other chinese phone manufacturers are know for similar activities.


Wahay he's back!!! Missed you


Still using the one.


You haven't read the numerous recent posts on here? "Unfortunately we are unable to supply from our European Warehouse due to Inventory issues , you should receive your item from HK in a week or two " . Paraphrasing - but you get the gist . If you like a gamble by all means go for these Chinese sellers ,fair enough . Why do HUKD not put a health warning on these Chinese sellers (referral fees , perhaps ?) - :(


I only paid £309 for this phone when it launched. Cold from me. But it's a good phone.

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Dash Car Charger £25.99 - OnePlus 3 in stock!
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Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
Dash Car Charger £25.99 - OnePlus 3 in stock!£25.99OnePlus Deals
In stock. Price includes code which was included with the new phone. Charger and cable.

Did it work then?


​Braver person than me... Good luck!


Guess I did read as an idiot in that post. But you're wrong in thinking I was mistaken. I'm aware of what it is and that it is proprietary I and even said so. I also own a 3 and a 3t tyvm. People are converting qc to it currently and claiming 90% of dash speeds, as a result you can buy dash cables and chargers for very cheap. Edit: This thread put me onto them. Figured I'd they'd crack that then they'd be cloning the chargers. Chinese phone supplier sites are full of claimed Dash chargers since Feb. So figured for £2.65 it's worth a go, I'll let you know if it worked.


​Not dash charge as it is proprietary only works with the 3 and 3t not the same as qualcomm fast charge or another other...


​This is proprietary nothing else works with it apart from 3 and 3t the

OnePlus 3 - 64Gb - Unlocked - £336 at O2
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Posted 11th Nov 2016Posted 11th Nov 2016
OnePlus 3 - 64Gb - Unlocked - £336 at O2£336O2 Shop Deals
This phone once was retailing at £329 - but is now out of stock with no ETA for when it will be available at that price again I was looking for the OnePlus 3 and on most sites it'… Read more

I don't hate IPhone my wife uses one. I just believe there are other more user friendly products on sale for much less money.


Why would you not buy an iPhone? Not sure where all the hate for Apple comes from. I personally have a mixture of Apple and Android with a couple of Windows PCs for good measure. The fact is, iPhones have a huge amount of benefits -Superbly well made -It's very well supported, getting software/security updates for four years or more, far more than any Android -Apps are optimised to run on specific hardware, and with a specific, up to date OS (Android apps have to cater for the majority of devices (70%+) still running on an operating system that's at least two years old) -Customer service is second to none, any problems within warranty period and you can walk into a high street store and have your phone repaired, or normally replaced while you wait. -Huge range of accessories/cases available -Excellent ecosystem with passwords, photos etc being shared between devices (possible on Android but doesn't come close to Apple in terms of just working) -Facetime/imessage - nothing on Android is as good -Resale value is still considerably higher for second hand iphones Admittedly, this all comes at a price, and you do have to pay top money for iphones. That said, pricing is on a par with Samsung now and LG and HTC are not far behind with pricing. Fixed memory is a problem for some people, but fixed memory of 64Gb performs much better than 16Gb with an SD card. Admittedly on newer versions of Android you can format the card to be seen as part of the main phone memory but it still doesn't give the same performance. Non removable battery is something that Apple haters used to frown upon but seems to be becoming the norm across the board. At the end of the day you choose what suits you best but I would put money on the fact that a iphone 7s will still be widely used in 3-4 years time while most Oneplus 3s have been binned. That said, I have just ordered a oneplus 3 as having played with one at the weekend I was impressed. It will only be a second/backup phone for now - I still prefer a small screen so it won't be replacing my iphone SE just yet


nearly 400 for the new one. no thanks. I walked into o2 at the weekend and got one of these, didn't need to buy a SIM. shame the price has gone up. as for an apple phone, again, no thanks!


One Plus 3T is out:


I think the buggy thing was in the past with Android. My LG never had a problem either. I can't compare Android to Apple because I've never owned an Apple device. All I can say is I am very happy with Android.